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05 Oct 2017 14:49:19
Thumbs up we can improve the defence with alternative defender/ defenders if we don’t get VVD.
Thumbs down we can’t improve the defence with alternative defender/ defenders if don’t get VVD.

Interested in options.


{Ed033's Note -

Liverpool and VVD Poll

1.) 05 Oct 2017 18:37:24
Pontus Janssen is an option.

2.) 05 Oct 2017 19:49:10
Ron please and not being funny, who is this Jassen fellow, where does he play and in what position? Cheers, bro.

3.) 05 Oct 2017 20:19:44
Whose Jansen Ron?

4.) 05 Oct 2017 20:45:02
Jansson - Swedish, center back and plays for leeds.

5.) 05 Oct 2017 20:57:42
Plays CB for Leeds. From all accounts is a right head kicker (averaged yellow card every 2 matches last year although seems to be doing much better this year) but strong in the tackle and good at organising the defence. I don't know much about him so hopefully Ron can elaborate on his love fest for him:-)

6.) 05 Oct 2017 22:17:47
😁 Phil is pretty close to the mark.

Swedish international, dominant in the air, strong in the tackle, reads the game well and is rapid. Learned the game in Italy.
I think he's better than VVD. Would certainly be cheaper. But definitely an option. He's injured at the moment though, hence Leeds are on the slide.
He started the season brilliantly, Leeds didn't concede a goal when he played, then he picked up an injury and as he was getting match fitness back he's picked up another.

7.) 06 Oct 2017 01:31:34
Still sticking my neck out for Manolas. Better defender than VVD imo. Gets p****d at team mates if they do not do their jobs properly, exactly what we need in our defense now. A leader who keeps them on their toes.

8.) 06 Oct 2017 07:43:56
IB, Manolas is a walking red card as he is a hot head tho, a very capable CB. I would back away from him. We already have Lovren whose head goes at the worst of times. We don't need another CB with similar or even worse issues.

9.) 07 Oct 2017 00:09:21
Bingo that was my impresion too but last year he picked up 7 yellow cards in 32 matches (and no reds) . Pretty good for a CB so perhaps he is getting better at controlling himself.



27 Sep 2017 12:47:44
Just on Karius ( or maybe not)

Don't agree with the switching of keepers but that is not the real issue .

On last nights self destruct goal. Emre put the team completely on the back foot with a firstly poorly executed pass back to Trent, while secondly not even looking at the situation. He had eight touches in this moment so should have been aware of his surrounds . This passage results in a free kick ( justified or not they happen on the edge of the box when you are scrapping due to being under pressure, if Courts is trying to make clearances then we are scrapping) HERE IS THE IMPORTANT THING. Cann breaks the wall by jumping and twisting and leaving the hole the ball goes through . If the wall had stood still, it would have stopped that free kick . Agree that Karius should do better but the wall he lined up did not do its job . Worryingly as per all season not one player loses the plot . Not one player goes ape Shyte at stupid mistakes . They all just shrug their shoulders and walk off . It's been the same all season and it's not just down to personnel . The defenders and midfielders we have might not be the finished articles but if they are not drilled these errors will continue . Seville game we got caught out from a throw in, Champions league is always multi ball so expect quick throw ins . How much practice are we doing on this little detail as an example .
The long and short is we either have players not carrying out what they have worked on in training on to the pitch. OR we aren't working on these things to begin with . ITS ONE OR THE OTHER?


1.) 27 Sep 2017 13:21:35
How much have liverpool really trained in the last fortnight. It takes two days to recover after 90 minutes. 3/ 4 days for guys like Milner. I'm sure they are going to melwood but they can't be really working on defencive tactics practically.

2.) 27 Sep 2017 13:32:17
2 days to recover after every 90 mts of football? So what are they working at melwood, Attacking tactics?

3.) 27 Sep 2017 13:49:37
Matip and Lovren seem to always be missing from training.

4.) 27 Sep 2017 15:01:43
Spot on James. Karius gets the blame but the wall didn't do it's job. Although I thought the ball went a small height over Mane's head rather than through the wall) . Karius was a bit flat footed too, but the ball went in the wall's side of the goal. It's frustrating that to commentators and the media our keepers can do no right and our attackers can do no wrong.

5.) 27 Sep 2017 17:48:06
2 days recovery for young, fit athletes?
Not a chance they need two days off every time.

Milner is only 31, he plays 10 to 30 minutes maybe, so he certainly wouldn't need 3 or 4 days off.
Even if he completes a full match, he'll take one, maybe two days recovery and by recovery I mean they still go into Melwood and do warm down sessions, massages etc.

Obviously they'll get days off too from time to time, but certainly not what is suggested above!

6.) 27 Sep 2017 18:43:32
OIrish you have missed the point that the reason they are fit young athletes is because they are now properly managed. You've also misunderstood what recovery time actually means. It doesn't mean sitting on their butt doing a great deal of £&@" all. Active recovering is what they now do. You also have to take into account the structure of the match day (s) . For example if the squad has a 10 hour journey, a late evening kick off with a night time finish and a long return journey, then realistically those players are not expected to be doing any training the next day as it will already be taking place by the time the travelling is done. Then the following day they will be given recovery activities to take part in that help keep their physical state where it needs to be and any niggles will be looked at. That is 2 days without football drills not 2 days of doing nothing. This is standard across most clubs not an LFC thing. Also the day before a match they lighten up training. Meaning the number of sessions per week to work on specific items are limited and not every session per day is available to work on just one thing.

7.) 27 Sep 2017 19:03:52
Mate, don't worry, I have a bit of knowledge in that field and the dietary field.
I have trained professional athletes in a previous profession before my current one, I'm not a spring chicken sadly.
I did mention that they do warm down sessions/ massages, did you fail to see that in my post?
I have never said they do nothing on recovery days buddy, you need to read my post again I would suggest as I think you have missed my point entirely, as I was correcting the time of recovery that was suggested by another poster higher up the thread.
The day before matches they work on match specific tactics and perform various drills.
What kind of training are you suggesting I was on about and where did I say it?
I think you have misunderstood my post or simply not read it Freshst.



06 Jul 2017 16:30:54
Eds:- just to rest up on the transfer rumours for 30 seconds . You aware of any update on interest of a LFC buyout from China?


{Ed002's Note - Which province do the buyers come from James?}

1.) 06 Jul 2017 21:26:15
Note- Taiwan?

2.) 07 Jul 2017 01:12:07
i am currently working in Beijing and i haven't heard anything such.



10 Jun 2017 11:54:28
Left Back? Why oh why are we not going to work Gomez in this role . Was doing a great Job before the injuries . I remember a certain no 23 playing full back under GH initially who turned out to be a fair Centre half to say the least!


1.) 10 Jun 2017 12:11:27
From memory Gomez playing left back was average and ridiculously predictable. we need a left footer that can actually cross a ball from the line if needed.

2.) 10 Jun 2017 12:14:58
He was very good at left back for about 5 games until he started to be targeted then he lost his place to Moreno then he got injured.

3.) 10 Jun 2017 12:15:59
I have to agree as much as he tried and did ok, he really isn't and the answer for left back. From what I can remember he was caught out more than a few times. but honestly after our on going transfer saga. what should've been an exciting times with us spending big and bringing in established players has now got me very worried.

4.) 10 Jun 2017 12:17:12
I would agree with Smurf. I don't think Gomez was that great at the time but to be fair he was thrown into the role. It is completely possible with a pre season he could massively improve. I would not be against giving him a shot to see what he can do.

5.) 10 Jun 2017 12:25:27
just get him to challenge in his proper position, centre back. while matip has been decent, he hasn't exactly dominated his position.

6.) 10 Jun 2017 12:29:58
He was decent defensively but he's not attacking minded and very right footed, so while I'd be OK to see him drafted there in emergencies he's not a natural fit at LB. More likely RB but then we have TAA there deputising.

I'd say use him at CB or if really not ready then loan to a championship side.

7.) 10 Jun 2017 12:52:18
Yoy may aswel stil with milner if ypur not bothered about a proper lb.

We all want one who can balance the team and give somw crosses.




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04 Oct 2017 11:11:44
Ok Ed001 : “Well anyone could do better “ is not what I said.
I just don’t agree with you that with the resources we have available, we can’t strengthen/ improve in central defence if we don’t get VVD .
On another issue let’s get into strikers . 😂 joking.


{Ed001's Note - I never said we couldn't, while you clearly said that it would be impossible not to improve, however we could have bought donkeys like Maguire or Keane, who would have been worse than what we have. If the players are not there and available, then we can't buy them.}



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04 Oct 2017 10:11:00
Well anyone could do better is not anywhere in my post .
What I was trying to get across is that - if we have the funds available to invest in defensive players that are being claimed 50-70 million. Surely the people at the club responsible for recruiting players can find improvements .


{Ed001's Note - this: "In Central Defensive positions. Right now I just can’t see how it would be possible to not improve .?" so it was in there.

If they come up with better, available, defenders, then I am sure we would not be hanging round waiting on VVD.}



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04 Oct 2017 09:59:05
If we look at how long the defensive issues have been going on Ridiculous Knee Jerk reaction is hardly fair .
Sensationalism Ed100 ( Ate you Jim White in disguise) ?


{Ed001's Note - I was not talking about the issues, I was talking about the idiotic 'well anyone could do better' response. There are lots of defenders who are not better, the quality of defending in the game is appallingly bad right now.}



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04 Oct 2017 09:30:54
1: Ok if the club are set on VVD try and make it happen
2: Try to have back up options if saints won’t sell to us
3: Surely it would be unacceptable if neither of the above happen and we don’t strengthen at CB.

Note : I realise the Manager says that we won’t bring players in that do not improve what we already have.
In Central Defensive positions. Right now I just can’t see how it would be possible to not improve .?


{Ed001's Note - there are plenty out there that would not improve things, that is the problem with fans and their ridiculous knee jerk reactions.}



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01 Sep 2017 06:17:16
Need a new page
Post to the Cuckoos nest next please





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23 Oct 2017 12:54:19
Thanks Ed’s nice insight . I was referring to a coach in the Ilk of Mike Phelan . J.


{Ed001's Note - ah got you. I thought you meant someone who worked only with defenders. I am not sure having someone like Phelan involved would do anything other than confuse the players to be honest. It would need to be someone who understands the Klopp tactical plan and coach the defenders how to work within it.

Mind I do think we need someone to be telling these players how to do the basics. Don't try and dribble the ball on the edge of your own box. Do not head it back across goal. Do not play offside when the midfield is not applying pressure on the ball. Always be aware of where your partner in the backline is, you should be checking on his position every few seconds to make sure you are in tandem, when they are not in your peripheral vision. Always look to be goalside of an attacker before making a challenge. When a ball is delivered into the box attack it. Sprint first for a loose ball then slow down when you are sure no one is chasing you, rather than job towards and give an opponent hope of beating you to it. Try not to leave space in behind a press for an out ball etc etc. Those are all basic things that a professional player should know by the time they turn pro.}



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23 Oct 2017 12:02:52
Ed001 we had a disagreement on defenders recently .
Do you still think that looking elsewhere other than VVD is unrealistic . ? The CB we have are not the level we need but I don’t believe that they are as bad as we are seeing at the minute . Surely as previously stated there is a coaching/ tachctical/ organisation issue . Do you think Klopp and Liverpool would benefit from a proven premier league Defensive coach being brought in . Especially as the quality of defenders to purchase are not currently there .


{Ed001's Note - what proven Premier League defensive coach are you referring to? Does such a thing even exist?

The defenders are playing badly, there is an issue with the style of play being open, but good defenders can deal with that. Fergie at United used to leave his centre backs one on one with opposition attackers and their defensive record was excellent because they were good enough defenders and coped with it. Ours are so ridiculously inconsistent and their mentality is a problem as they fall apart under pressure, which is never a good sign.

Sadly I just don't see us getting any better defenders until we stop using stats to find them. Stats are a useful tool but they can't show you the basics of defending, even the guy who ran Midtylland's recruitment, a club that relied on stats as the owner also owned a statistics company (and Brentford), admitted that the stats do not work for recruiting defenders and you have to go watch them play. That is even more of a problem as our scouts clearly have not got a clue when it comes to finding defenders!}



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06 Jul 2017 21:26:15
Note- Taiwan?