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Team: Liverpool

Where from: Liverpool

Favourite player: Fernando Torres

Best team moment: Istanbul ❤



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21 Feb 2020 18:59:40
Fair play to young Daragh, seems he has a better plan of action of how to catch Liverpool than the guy at the helm :)



31 Jan 2020 23:34:13
Ighalo to United on loan! 🤣🤣 I remember when only small clubs use to loan players 😉 reminds me of the days when we were linked with players like Carlton Cole! 🤣 Thank god those days are behind us! Another 3 points tomorrow on our cruise to the title.

1.) 01 Feb 2020 00:59:40
Just wait until Igloo bangs one in against City.

2.) 01 Feb 2020 05:06:27
How the mighty have fallen! it does not matter how the utd fan base try and dress this up, it can be summed up in one word: Embarrassing.
Did they not have voronin's phone number?

{Ed025's Note - its easy to give stick when you are doing so well KK, they had a great spell as top dogs and now its your day in the sun mate and i dont begrudge you your crowing at all..

3.) 01 Feb 2020 07:22:33
Ed025, I have waited a long time to see them suffer and I intend to enjoy it mate!

{Ed025's Note - if it were me KK i would be basking in our glory rather than delighting in their demise mate. its your time...just enjoy it..

4.) 01 Feb 2020 07:33:52
I nearly peed myself when I read they’d signed Ighalo 😂😂.

5.) 01 Feb 2020 08:34:37
If you're big enough to give it out (United fans for 30 years), then you're big enough to take it.

Don't hold back boys! 😂.

6.) 01 Feb 2020 08:45:26
Ighalo may be old and unglamorous but his record shows he knows where the back of the net is. Now if they just had a team capable of getting the ball in the six yard box he could be lethal.

7.) 01 Feb 2020 09:41:45
That's just another temporary bandage. The disease within not even being addressed.

8.) 01 Feb 2020 09:55:29
It was only 6 years ago that we were loaning players like Aly Cissokho and Victor Moses. Things can change very quickly.

9.) 01 Feb 2020 09:57:12
Wouldn't be much of a banter page if we didn't laugh at the fact they went from Haaland to Josh King to Ighalo in 30 days 🤣 I can bask in our glory and also laugh at their demise perfect combination if you ask me 😂.

{Ed025's Note - its not nice to mock the afflicted UR.. :)

10.) 01 Feb 2020 10:48:21
Great way of putting it ra.

11.) 01 Feb 2020 10:51:16
My man utd mate turned around after last season and laughed at how crap man utd were, but added “imagine Man U somehow still win the premier league before you guys do-it’ll probably happen”. Of all the slagging over the years, that one got to me more than anything. It’s getting closer.

12.) 01 Feb 2020 12:43:09
Its a banter page guys, still be humble. Tides can change in a minute, United has everything to change that tide, money, fans, players all they need is a good coach and they are back in the running. Im old school and i know Karma is a Bitch that's why i stay humble and don't dish it to anyone as i know i will get it back one day and that means my love, my life Liverpool is not where we are suppose to be.

13.) 01 Feb 2020 12:47:30
I was only a lad of 7 when man u were relagated in 1973. But still remember thinking like we had won the league. Im keeping fingers and toes crossed.

14.) 01 Feb 2020 13:41:46
I actually rated Ighalo when he was at Watford. Big strong and an eye for goal. Just seems odd that Lukaku supposedly not the sort of player Ole wanted and then they sign Ighalo. United need to figure their transfer policy out it seems like they have no plan going forward at all which we as a fan base can appreciate how frustrating it is.

15.) 02 Feb 2020 02:13:12
Had to go on the utd page (for only the 3rd time) today, to see their reaction to signing ighalo. It'd be interesting to see psychiatrist's picking those answers apart. Some quite excited about it. Some people claiming the squad is better than it has been for a few years (unbelievable)



30 Jan 2020 14:54:56
Must admit guys, I love the Henderson haters who can't come to terms or admit that they were completely and utterly wrong about him. The once mocked midfielder would now walk into each and everyone of their teams 😂

He has been good all season long imo, but since Fabinho got injured towards the end of November wow! He has been our best player since the start of December I believe. His little instant slide rule pass for Firmino against wolves on his weak foot and his ball over the top to enginner the Ox goal yesterday. Not only is he fantastic at winning the ball back he has become a genuine class playmaker.

1.) 30 Jan 2020 21:11:13
well, we all know where "SidewaysHenderson" ended up.

2.) 31 Jan 2020 08:38:04
Good point! Is Harry still continuing his monologue on the Man City rumours page?! 😂.

{Ed033's Note - no, Harry isn't

3.) 01 Feb 2020 03:56:53
Just recently hendo has scored the opener vs wolves then assisted firmino's winner, against West ham his dinked pass to salah opened them up leading to OX goal. Against spurs he manufactured firmino goal by throwing his head bravely onto the ball to create the goal, only for Dr gea he would have bagged a screamer against United also while each game he's always offering energy, aggression, smart ball distribution and top class captain leadership. Huge time in his career and he's thriving.



21 Jan 2020 12:25:27
I understand it's never happening, but Mbappe you little tease you 😉 If you realise your life long dream of donning the liverbird on your chest i'm sure we could come to some arrangement and make some room on the bench for you 👀 #Mbappe2020.

1.) 23 Jan 2020 08:14:51
I reckon it is happening. I really do. I know it's delusional but we're moving into a new era, where we sign the very best players. Who is better? Mbappe at Liverpool. Why not?



20 Jan 2020 15:21:01
I've seen a lot of united fans trying to draw comparisons to the mighty reds over the course of the season, whether it be Ole to Jurgen, their front 3 goals tally compared to ours.

So I thought id draw my own comparison of our 2 great clubs. Man Uniteds most historic seasons of all time, the season you never stop hearing them banging on about, the treble winning season. At this stage of the season, that team had only amassed a grand total of 41 points. This Liverpool team are on 64 points 😍 Different levels 😉 Have a great day reds!

1.) 20 Jan 2020 15:52:25
Hard to argue with that unbearable. If we could do it for another 2 seasons this is the best team ever in england.

2.) 20 Jan 2020 16:52:27
Whoever said Wan Bissaka was better than Trent has now changed their mind. Trent is better all over the pitch. He’s always on his arse AWB conceding corners and throwings for fun. When a Liverpool player tackles the opposition, 9/ 10 we’ve got the ball on the turnover and immediately on the attack. Not last ditch sliding the ball into row Z for a corner because you was out of position.

3.) 20 Jan 2020 17:02:20
Tbh Liverpool I can't remember many players going to United in the last 7 years and improving. The persistent sliding in from AWB I would assume could easily be coached out of him with compotent coaches.

4.) 20 Jan 2020 17:58:03
In fairness to the Mancs (why am I even writing this), the team that won the 2000 Premier league did really race away with the league.

But not to the same extent as us now. We are just ridiculous.

On that note, I bought a parrot and every time we win, it sings You'll never walk alone. My mate asked me what it did when we lose, but I have no idea, i've only had it a year!

{Ed025's Note - nice one mikey..

5.) 20 Jan 2020 19:24:49
Briliant one, MikeyB.

As for Wan Bissaka, I said it at the time, him going to Utd was a big mistake cos tho the kid is talented, he was still raw and needed more good coaching. He won't get that under Ole at Utd cos Ole needs help himself. TAA has improved immensely defensively and would not have gotten ripped the same way Wan Bissaka got ripped up last night at times.

Last night, he was exposed vs Mane and Bobbie and on certain one one one cases, he was ripped by both of them which to his credit, is no big deal cos well, both do that to near everyone. Either way, TAA is a baller and to me, the whole "he is poor defensively" is not longer valid currently.

6.) 20 Jan 2020 19:42:45
TheUnbearableReds the only thing about that statement if we get a record points total in the league and not lose but that's all we win I would swap that for 94 points and a champions league any year let a lone a treble.
I would love to hear other reds views and yours ed001.

{Ed001's Note - I just want as many trophies as possible.}

7.) 20 Jan 2020 20:30:58
I agree. More than happy to win by the minimum amount of points if it meant winning another CL trophy or even a treble. The unbeaten in a season or most points is just a side attraction for me.

8.) 20 Jan 2020 20:40:04
I asked an utd fan last night to name his combined liverpool and utd team, he started off Henderson in nets (on loan to sheff utd apparently), wan right back Maguire center half. Couldn't tell u the rest of his team cause after he said Henderson I started walking away.

9.) 20 Jan 2020 20:42:16
I agree Grino. However it's not a bad feather to have in our cap if we do obtain it and highlights how good this team are right now.

10.) 20 Jan 2020 20:55:22
Hey look, it’s very unlikely we will ever be 22 games in having won 21 and drawn 1 ever again. I say go for it. 112 points is attainable so that should be a target. Why not?
It would be a record that will never ever be challenged and we have a chance of getting it.
Still a very, very small chance admittedly but like I said we’ll never be in this position ever again so let’s go and do the impossible and be revered throughout history as having the greatest top flight season anyone has ever or will ever see!

11.) 20 Jan 2020 21:18:16
One game at a time BP and see where we are come May. WOlves is the most important game and hopefully get three points.

Records would be great but the most important thing in the record books will be who is crowned champions in 2020, hopefully it being us!

12.) 21 Jan 2020 00:27:40
I was shocked to see that United 99 side only had 41 points after 22 games, in context that would have them 4th currently fighting for a champions league spot. They won an amazing treble but stole the champions league win also with 2 goals in 90th minute. Overall I see us currently as a team much more dominant in terms of winning relentlessly. They had 23 points less than us at this stage, that is a lot of dropped points for a team to be considered the best.

13.) 21 Jan 2020 04:20:48
AWB is exceptional at one on one defending but on Sunday in the second half Firmino did something weird to him which left AWB in a twist (a bit like using chop sticks to turn a noodle into a twist) . It was very naughty of Bobby. It should be illegal.




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26 Feb 2020 14:35:20
It's their claim to fame sort of speak, would be cool to say we done it to and bettered it as we've only drawn 1 game.

But the reality is you could go unbeaten in a league season and only amass 38 points 😂

Winning the league and champions league again is what puts us back on our perch not a unbeaten season imo although it's nice.



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18 Feb 2020 13:21:02
Stay strong Col. RTID is right, if you aren't participating in any exercise, or physical activity in general it can really help to put a positive spin in your mind mate and get you through the day. Small steps mate and in a few weeks or months time your world could be looking a whole lot different :)



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06 Feb 2020 12:58:14
Great Post Reynard. RIP the Busby babes.



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04 Feb 2020 23:31:53
Well done young reds! ❤⚽️.



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02 Feb 2020 19:38:42
It is ours in a matter of weeks guys. I understand the anxiety but these boys have done nothing to suggest we should doubt them in the slighest, quite the opposite. Enjoy the ride ❤.