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28 Apr 2022 10:00:46
Guys, just seen that LFC and Klopp are in negotiations for a contract extension beyond 2024 Can anyone confirm this? It came from Paul Joyce apparently.


{Ed002's Note - Michael Edwards has said that the club would look to persuade Klopp not to leave at the end of his contract.}

1.) 28 Apr 2022 10:06:49
I hope it happens. Would be the biggest signing in decades.

2.) 28 Apr 2022 10:15:23
Looks true his agent was at the game last night to speak with FSG afterwards. Best signing we will make if it happens.

{Ed002's Note - FSG?}

3.) 28 Apr 2022 10:28:03
Best news possible…. It’s really the biggest piece of the jigsaw…. Really hope he does extend his contract.

Only thing left then will be to extend the Kop … I know there are infrastructure issues but surely there is some way to do it?

{Ed002's Note - There is no way around the infrastructure issues and the huge additional costs the club would face from the Council.}

4.) 28 Apr 2022 10:32:46
Assuming he meant Mike Gordon Ed he was at the game last night to maybe try and convince him to stay longer.

{Ed002's Note - That is not how contract discussions are dealt with. Whilst both may well have been at the game there would not be such discussions after the match.}

5.) 28 Apr 2022 11:57:07
This could be the fastest negotiation in history:

FSG: What do you want Jurgen?

Klopp: Lifetime contract, £500k a week and free teeth whitening.

FSG: Here you go, we have one ready prepared.

Klopp: [whilst signing] So, shall we take Mo to Pret to get his sorted next?

6.) 28 Apr 2022 12:04:47
This would the best signing ever! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼.

7.) 28 Apr 2022 12:09:39
Possibly they were just meeting up for a pint after the match Ed02?

{Ed002's Note - Seems most likely - or pehaps they met during the day?}

8.) 28 Apr 2022 13:56:32
Please God, he signs an extension. 🙏🏻
This would be the best news ever.
The thought of him leaving doesn’t even bare thinking about.

9.) 28 Apr 2022 14:13:03
This would be fantastic. I’m not sure Klopp could do elsewhere what he’s done with Liverpool. Other clubs at his elite level simply wouldn’t afford him the time to deliver what he was granted here. Hopefully he knows that and will give us an extra 2/ 3years before retiring or taking over the German national team?

{Ed0666's Note - every club in world football would give him 2 years he’s Jurgeun F’ckin Klopp!!!

10.) 28 Apr 2022 14:37:25
But where would he go Ed0666 that’s the issue? Do you see him at Barcelona or Real because surely they are the only teams at or around our level? I don’t see him at PSG and none of the Italian clubs are that great at the moment. Doubt he’d go to Bayern really.

I’m in no way questioning the man, he’s a hero, but where is a logical step up from here? May as well carry on the good work here after bringing in the likes of Konate and Diaz to make the squad a bit younger.

{Ed0666's Note - who cares mate he’s signed a 2 year extension!! I’m
So f’ckin happy 😂😂😂

11.) 28 Apr 2022 14:58:13
He and all his assistants HAVE signed 2-year extensions! Expect an announcement soon.

12.) 28 Apr 2022 15:18:50
As long as my old mate Bobby Smythe is alive and living in Skerries Road, The Kop or Kenny Dalglish stands will not be extended. He's as Blue as his language.

13.) 28 Apr 2022 16:29:47
Wants Backing on signings, wanting Mane and Salah sorting, backroom staying on, option for longer, best contract negotiation i've seen.

14.) 28 Apr 2022 17:01:50
I bet the statue company are p. ed 😂.

15.) 28 Apr 2022 18:45:02
Clearly Klopp has an affection for pit ponies, dead dogs, flat caps and smog.

Best news ever!

16.) 29 Apr 2022 03:09:32
Well, wherever they met it looks like they are on the same page Ed02 - that might have been the shortest contract negotiation in the history of the sport.

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea how long it has taken to reach agreement.}




OliRed's banter posts with other poster's replies to OliRed's banter posts


10 Jan 2024 18:05:34
Okay guys, so I learned a new one today called "Field Tilt". Hear me out.

According to a few Arsenal fans in the first half of the FA Cup game when it was goaless, went on the Tw@tter and said even tho the game was goaless, Arsenal were better based on Field Tilt.

Now can anyone tell me what this schtick means cos I have no idea what it is?

Thanks, guys.


1.) 10 Jan 2024 18:16:31
Having looked it up, it's the number of touches each team has in the final third of the pitch expressed as a percentage of the overall touches in the final third by both teams.

So for example, if Arsenal had 200 touches in our third of the pitch, and we had 100 touches in theirs, their Field Tilt is 66%.

These sort of stats aren't entirely useless for examining performances, but realistically what does Arsenal's apparently superior Field Tilt tell us when juxtaposed with the scoreline of 2-0 Liverpool? That Arsenal can't finish their dinner? I could tell that by watching the game.

{Ed002's Note - very exciting- in the good old days it was goals folks used to use as a guide.}

2.) 10 Jan 2024 18:21:21
I don't need to know what field tilt is to know that in the first half Arsenal were the better team. Anyone with eyes could see that.

3.) 10 Jan 2024 18:56:53
If a stat does not have any relevance to the final result of the game, how much use does it have? Arsenal clearly had a higher field tilt than us, but they still lost. And the only use I see for analytical purposes is to point out inefficiency and ineptitude of their players. Which will be great for the Arsenal players' confidence and morale.

And for our players, this kind of stat falsely indicates we "overachieved". Which is another "not so useful" sentiment to have in the dressing room.

Obviously, a pinball obssessed nut is responsible for this new stat.

4.) 10 Jan 2024 18:58:57
Ed02, that's what I was going for cos back in the day, it's either you scored a goal when you were in the box or you didn't. Nobody cared about all the other stuff @SR kindly explained. cos apparently now, these Arsenal fans were bragging about how they won the first half by winning the "Field Tilt" battle despite having no goals (you know, that thing that you need to win) to show for such a "win".

Thanks for the info, @SR btw.

5.) 10 Jan 2024 19:26:38
If games were won on “field tilt” Barnet would win the league, given the size of the gradient at Underhill.

6.) 10 Jan 2024 19:36:54
Just another useless stat for morons on YouTube to make shows about and for the betting companies to scam more money out of people.

7.) 10 Jan 2024 19:44:10
Again, I don't think these sort of stats are entirely useless. They're potentially useful for determining how a team is playing and how likely they are to get good results in the future or if a bad result was a fluke or unlucky.

But they can't be taken in isolation. Take xG for example. Got an xG of 3.1 whilst your opponents got an xG of 0.8 and you lost 1-0?

Okay, how many shots did you have? If it was let's say 9 or 10 shots, then you're unlucky and will likely win next time doing the same things. If you had 35 shots and an xG of 3.1, that means you basically did not get into the opposition area, kept trying to shoot from 30 yards, and need to rethink your tactics.

And ultimately, stats don't replace watching the bloody game do they? That's why scouts still exist.

{Ed001's Note - it is not unlucky necessarily though. I mean Arsenal spent big money on Jesus, despite knowing he can't finish his dinner. So if they miss lots of chances and they are falling to him, that isn't luck, that is him being poor.}

8.) 10 Jan 2024 19:46:18
Imagine using goals to decide which football team was better. What a moronic idea, it'll never catch on.

9.) 10 Jan 2024 19:47:50
Couldn't agree more. Arsenal definately have the biggest tit on the field. he's name is ArTITa.

10.) 10 Jan 2024 22:02:54
Ed01, exactly. Jesus was who Arteta, Arsenal and anyone else paying attention, thought he was YET this same people thought he was the one to fire them to a title despite being essentially a failed CF at City playing on the right. In fact, City won a title without a CF despite having this clown in their squad. Trully, they do it to themselves. Same for this wretched stat. And their fans dare compare this bum to the artist named Bobbie Firmino. Seriously?

I knew they would regret selling Balogun for this clown. He is who man of the Arsenal fans whishes Jesus was - a true CF who knows where the goal is. It is Arteta's arrogance that has got him here and they have no one else to blame but him. However, Im sure these same fans (not all of them) will find someone or something else to blame. May I suggest they blame the Anfield pitch for being wet?

11.) 10 Jan 2024 22:18:33
Really dislike Arteta as a manager and worried he’s taking Saka backwards. Not a player who will ever play for Liverpool but someone I’ve enjoyed watching play the last few years. Just didn’t look the same player on Saturday for some reason.

12.) 10 Jan 2024 22:42:30
Arteta looks like he wears mascara.

13.) 10 Jan 2024 23:21:42
I think arteta got what he expected in Jesus and Havertz. Firminio, but saka isn't Salah and martinelli isn't mane. Imo both as false nines have done their job, but arsenals failure is assuming their wingers could reproduce liverpools counterparts and Man City's 1.0 of Sterling and marhez/ sane (their goal contribution assisted by a proper 9/ 10 in aguero playing false 9/ 10 and dragging them through)



07 Jan 2024 22:18:35
Many Arsenal fans after the game at Anfield, "Wait till you come to The Emirates".

Same fans after the game tonight, "But, but, but. ".

These types of Arsenal fans can't be saved, at this point.




21 Dec 2023 09:58:00
This one is for Beckers Peckers. You said that you provided the benefits of using this inverted FB system. I may have missed it so can you please, provide them to me?


1.) 21 Dec 2023 10:25:06
Why not just look at the League Table, see our goals scored and conceded to see the benifits? Can you tell me how many times Gomez has came on at Right Back in a game we were losing or drawing and altered the result?
Do you still support Ljinders as our next manager? Or have you changed your mind?

2.) 21 Dec 2023 11:02:13
Well the games against Bournemouth and Newcastle where we went down to 10 men which forced us to ditch the inverted tactic. We were dreadful before the switch of system and then won both games.

3.) 21 Dec 2023 11:28:15
Last year we didn't have a midfield that could press well in midfield so Klopp compensated by getting an extra man in there. Less space to cover per man. Better press.

It also gets Arnold on the ball more in midfield areas. Something that works well when we are being attacked but Arnold is more dangerous wide when there's a low block. There's no doubt he can play both positions. If only we had two Arnold's ?

It also helps identify where attacks are more likely to come. Down the right where Arnold vacates and that allows you to tactically set up your defence.

Last year in particular, before the system change were playing through the centre of midfield way too much. You do not want to be attacked through the centre of the pitch as there are far too many options for the attacking team in centre positions to attack well.

The problem we are having with it now is we are losing width in our attack. And Salah is getting dragged further from the goal. There's no doubt he has lost a yard. Still quick but not as fast as before. We should be trying to get him closer to the goal.

I think with a 8 duo of any of Jones, Szobozlai, Mac Allaister, Arnold or Bajcetic with Endo behind we can now play three. I would definitely revert to the traditional 433 myself but the inverted system did have some advantages. I just think now with the new personnel, disadvantages outweigh them.

4.) 21 Dec 2023 12:38:03
Fancy calling someone out just to restart this debate. I saw Becker's response and it made as much sense as the criticism does. I suspect someone may be spending too much time on Football Manager and believing they know better than, erm, actual football managers.

Second in the league, semi-final of the League Cup, routine passage to the last 16 of the Europa League. Yeah, were having an awful season so far aren't we.

5.) 21 Dec 2023 13:11:49
Johnny you are missing the point
The supposed advantages of the inverted system was for last season when our midfielders were leggy, few were fit and couldn’t press as intended
This year, we are where we are not because of the inverted but in spite of as many has stated, we snatched quite a few games late on when we ditched the system.
For this west ham game, we didn’t employ it at all and dominated not just possession and space, but created numerous chances and pressed very well
That’s the argument being made
The system seems to need changing almost every game before we get a result, so what good does it do?

6.) 21 Dec 2023 13:18:21
I’m not typing it out again Oli it was a long post but the main points were about us denying space through the middle of the pitch. With Dom and Curtis getting on the ball and making runs ahead of the attackers we don’t have the protection of Fabs, Hendo and Gini/ Milner who were more defensive ball winners.

Plus with Nunez high through the middle we don’t have the extra man dropping in like Bobby used to as a false 9. Consequently Salah and Diaz have stay wider or they crowd Nunez’s space. This would they crowd the space that the high full backs used to have.

If we play Gakpo as a false 9 and ask Dom and Curtis/ Gravenberch to be more disciplined and closer to the DM then we can play with high fullbacks. That then detracts from their skill set and goal threat though and then you’ll be back to saying we don’t have enough goals in midfield.

Playing the inverted role means Dom and Curtis can get forward, Nunez can stay high and we can get Trent on the ball in the middle of the park in space where he can be deadly.

The issues we’ve been having is because Salah especially wants to come inside too much as he wants goals. He needs to make in to out runs instead of out to in. Same with Diaz. This will then create gaps for Dom and Curtis to run in behind and Trent and Macca can pick them out for fun.

It makes sense if done properly but we only do it properly in spells and aren’t consistent enough with it. Salah and Diaz make the wrong movements which closes space and gives the player on the ball no pass so they go sideways.

With the midfield and attack we now have though it’s the most defensively stable system as we still have 5 defenders to thwart counter attacks.

If we played a 433 with this set of players we’d be defending with 2 CBs and a DM in counter attacking situations which isn’t enough. We’d just concede too many goals as we nearly did against Utd when we reverted to that system. They hadn’t got into our half before that.

7.) 21 Dec 2023 16:07:54
The point is sgynwa if we’d played 433 from the start of the games you mention, we could have been 2 or 3 down and unable to claw it back.

Every time we’ve tried to play 433 we are way too open in midfield and teams can get at us way too easily. It happened last season too before we changed to the inverted system which sured us up at the back.

8.) 21 Dec 2023 16:16:34
Johnny you are missing the point
The supposed advantages of the inverted system was for last season when our midfielders were leggy, few were fit and couldn’t press as intended


you really believe dropping trent into the middle whole last season was to cover the lack of legs and energy in the middle. My god.
Trent today and last season was deployed as a deep lying playmaker and that has zero relevance to lack og legs or press.

9.) 21 Dec 2023 16:20:11
It’s funny Davey how you say we need Salah closer to the goal and I say we need him to be getting wider, further away from the goal. Opinions.

I just think if we have Nunez through the middle, having Salah also tucking in makes is very easy to defend as the defence can be close and block the spaces. Having Salah and Diaz on the touchline spreads out the defence and leaves space for the 2 attacking mids to exploit.

They can’t just stand out there though because the defence will stay compact and let them receive it out wide. They need to start more centrally and make runs out wide so the defenders go with them. Then Dom and Curtis can move into the space left and also Nunez gets more space centrally.

It’s tough because Salah has been so prolific but I just can’t see how he can be constantly coming inside with Nunez in the team. Perhaps the answer is Nunez on the left and Gakpo as a false 9. Then we have Diaz surplus to requirements and he’s too good for that.

Good problems to have though to be fair.

10.) 21 Dec 2023 16:20:44
Playing the inverted role means Dom and Curtis can get forward


This. Bloody this is the whole point about the Hybrid system. You see gifted central midfielders doing their job.
why did we even sign a runner in Gravenberch if all we wanted was another workhorse? could have saved millions on Mcallister and Dom.

11.) 21 Dec 2023 16:43:23
IR - Correlation is not causation, and absolutely not in this case. Liverpool are 2nd in the league because our squad is packed with outrageous technical and physical quality, well beyond what most teams in the league can handle. We have a brilliant set of players.
Liverpool in a 4–3-3 with width would win this league, I have no doubt. We have have better players than Arsenal and though City would push us all the way, they look more vulnerable this season.
The inverted system is hindering us, not helping.

12.) 21 Dec 2023 20:52:54
Does that mean the only thing stopping us winning the league this season is Klopp.

He gets the final say on formation etc.

13.) 21 Dec 2023 21:22:56
Bit of crystal ball post from yourself there Lowel mate.

14.) 21 Dec 2023 21:53:46
Exactly right Pecker. Game of opinions. Different people who both have decent knowledge of the game can differ in ideas of how to go about things.

I would definitely switch to traditional 433 from the off.

Salah must be higher up the pitch for me. Closer to the goal but still starting wide. Wide forward, not RM as he plays in the inverted system half the time.

With a traditional RB behind, he gets supported on the wing and so many more options when he gets the ball. RB can make space for Salah by making runs.

I also think we now have the new legs in midfield that can make the three in midfield work again and not be so open as we were last season with the older legs.

15.) 22 Dec 2023 10:32:31
Exactly Davey you can have differing opinions it doesn’t need to be an argument.

I do get the call for the 433 it has served us so well in the past and suits the way Salah wants to play.

The problem I see is the profile of midfield player we have is very different to the midfielders we had 2 years ago. Also the forward line is a completely different dynamic now.

We’ve always played with Bobby or Jota and latterly Mane in a false 9 allowing the wide forwards to come in. That’s not possible with Nunez through the middle as he stays too high.

If we want to play with midfielders like Dom and Jones they need protection when they get forward which they won’t get if the fullbacks are bombing on. Inverting a fullback gives them protection and licence to get forward.

The fact is, no system is fool proof but both would work if the players in it perform their roles correctly.



15 Dec 2023 10:13:20
So it just so happens that the Livepool FC delegation was lodged at the Steigenberger, the most prestigious and posh hotel in all of Brussels (if not Belgium) whch happens to be just next door to where I work.

So yesterday, one of my bosses from the UK who happens to be a huge LFC fan told me about this and then, let me know that the players were about to get on the team buses to go to the game (at the Anderlecht stadium) so like a little kid excited out of his mind, I waited a while till the players came out knowing this prolly could be my ONLY chance of ever seeing the players I love and support whenever they play.

And then, they all came out. Klopp bolted into the bus and clearly, he did not want to be there as the game meant nothing. Now apart from those who did not make the trip like TAA, VVD, Salah, Macca and the injured players, there they were. Said hi to Diaz, Konate and Jones who all responded to me (cos those around me prolly didn't now their names hence, said/ did nothing but wave lol) while the likes for Darwin, Szobo and Gomez prolly didn't here me (They suck, Lol. ) . Filmed the whole thing and took pictures as well.

It was awesome. Hopefully, I get to see them play live at Anfield one day. YNWA!

P/ S: Funny thing was that there was a self identified Utd fan next to where I was waiting for the players to come out which I found crazy. Prolly now an LFC fan that didn't want to admit it.


1.) 15 Dec 2023 11:07:57
Oli I know we have our too and fro’s on here but in all honesty that’s great to hear you got to see and meet the players yesterday.

Genuinely if you are ever planning on a trip to Liverpool in the future and you can give me enough notice I could potentially get you a ticket (would be my sons) to see a game.

2.) 15 Dec 2023 12:31:35
JK23 like you, we have our "differences" an all that BUT I genuinely feel really humbled by your offer and I may just take you up on that, "ver soon", lol. Really appreciate it. YNWA, my friend!

3.) 15 Dec 2023 12:40:29
Think we should all go to Brussels @Jk. And I have been there a few times myself. Nice one Oli. coming from a so called "City fan" lol.

4.) 15 Dec 2023 13:16:37
You guys are just so cute together! Can I come too?

Cool story Oli. I've always had you down as an older guy in my head, but reading that, you're either younger than I thought or were just REALLY excited, as it had a youthful exuberance about it!

5.) 15 Dec 2023 16:02:48
Rugby Parker, I was really excited, for sure so I guess that was palpable in my post. As you know, being old is relative, my guy. Let's just say I'm an old guy whose heart NEVER grew up you know, like Peter Pan, lol.

6.) 15 Dec 2023 16:05:03
Harry, Brussels is awesome, man. Come on down. There are a lot of City fans here (obv. the Belgian connection with KDB abd Kompany) but they are mostly little kids. Not sure if that is appropriate company for you to be around you know, with you being a "City fan" and all that, lol.

7.) 15 Dec 2023 16:43:02
Oli did you tell Klopp your thoughts on the inverted full back system? Or do you save those pearls of wisdom solely for us lucky folk?

8.) 15 Dec 2023 17:14:11
Thunderbird 2 for real, it looked like Klopp read my mind cos he came out of the hotel and bolted straight into the team bus. I kid you not, my guy. It's like he knew I was out there and that I was going to pull him up and let him have it on this inverted FB shambles sohe prolly didn't want the smoke I was coming with, lol.

9.) 15 Dec 2023 18:17:36
This just brought an old rhyme we used to sing in high school, back into my memoriesl.

"Olired, Harry and, JK23
K-i-s-s-i-n-g. "

You guys know the rest of it. ?.

{Ed025's Note - love it ArAy, sounds like the ultimate menage a trois to me mate.. :)

10.) 15 Dec 2023 18:52:18
Aray you’ll have Ed001 all to yourself then.

The battle to be teachers pet will be a one horse race if me and harry take Oli out of the running. ?.

{Ed025's Note - superb JK ?..

11.) 15 Dec 2023 20:02:26
Well I initially thought Oli is an old guy myself. (He keeps referring to the 80’s and 70’s Milan side lol) . I would die in shame if he is younger than me ???

@Oli let’s connect when I come down to Brussels mate. Bit expensive ain’t it?

12.) 15 Dec 2023 20:46:09
Yeah, Harry anytime. It's quite expensive here BUT you know, we are blessed. Oh and as for me talking about the Milan teams of the 70's and the 80's, you must have me confused with someone else cos well, I'm old BUT not that old. I do read a lot of football history so that is prolly why people think I'm an older guy, lol.

13.) 15 Dec 2023 21:38:45
Out of curiosity, what's classed as "old"?

14.) 16 Dec 2023 05:06:20
Nah, JK23. What I have going with Ed001 is a distant respect for his football acumen and knowledge. And he talks sense, although I don't always agree with him. You're actually clutching at straws, because you've obviously run out of them. ?

This "torrid, salacious" ménage a trois between you Olired and Harry on the other hand is a riveting saga that has all of us glued to our seats, watching. ?
Undoubtedly, to be remembered for ever in the annals of Liverpool rumours, for ever. ? It's somewhat sad that is has ended (as you say) ; let's see if you keep it up on the live chat. I would just advise some caution; you could end up becoming what you seem to despise the most ("teacher's pet") or even yet, start supporting ManCity and Chelsea. "Birds of a feather flock together" and all that. ?.

15.) 16 Dec 2023 05:12:55
Harry, it's probably me you're thinking about since I talk often about those Arrigo Sacchi Milan teams. They were amazing and Sacchi was genius for the time.

Not good for you to let me take up that space in your brain, Harry. ??.

16.) 16 Dec 2023 06:44:50
I’m guessing I touched a nerve there ??.

17.) 16 Dec 2023 07:51:53
You wish, JK23 ?. I'm one of the "old" ones on here. One of the things all of us have is tons of "been there, done that already" stuff going on in the head, if you know what I mean.

Enjoy the honeymoon "a trois", ? but don't forget to send me the invite. ?.

18.) 16 Dec 2023 10:26:21
Okay, ArAy1969. That's some crazy stuff you and JK23 have going on right there. Please, be advised that I want no part of it, lol.

19.) 16 Dec 2023 11:05:24
Olired, too late, bud. ?. It's you three who decided to go into a public "lovefest", and we're all watching with interest and anticipation of the next episode. ?.



14 Dec 2023 10:16:21
@WDW3 for me, my only beef is the inverted fullback issue and I have been consistent on this since last season. The rest, I can deal with cos of the rebuild and the time taken for things to click in gear In fact, it is remarkable that we are where we are in a full rebuild and hats off to Klopp and the staff and the players for doing their jobs with determination and a will to evercome the odds even tho, we are not consistent in our play overall which is understandable.

As I have said on many occasions, the inverted fullbak thingy stifles us in attack and defence and I'll keep saying it and the good thing is Im not the only one saying it cos many others see it. The stats of best defence, best attack and all that mean nothing to me cos that is asking me to ignore the shambles many of us see with this system that leaves us vulnerable at the back and allows too many chances to the opposition in transition while at the same time, constricting the pitch and allows no width for our forwards to find space. As for stats, the Spurs game last season was a great example. The stats tell you we won the game YET we could have conceded 5 and almost bottled a 3 goal lead playing this system. The stats didn't tell you that, did they?

Furthermore, I am yet to see one person make an argument as to prove me an others wrong on this issue as to why the system is so good cos if it was, we wouldn't ditch it to rescue games, would we? Instead, all I see is stats w/ o context or "We're top of the league, what's your prob? ". Sorry, those are not arguments neither will I live in denial nor in willful ignorance of the dangers I see. Others are free to make other choices.


1.) 14 Dec 2023 11:33:35
How about ‘We’ve won the league, what’s your prob? ’. Does it become a legitimate argument if we’re top in May?
For me, it’s ridiculous criticising a system that has us performing better than the rest of the country and could possibly win us the league. Its irrelevant whether we score more in a different system, or opponents score less, or TAA is caught out of position. As long as we are top of the league, the big German guy knows best.

2.) 14 Dec 2023 11:35:08
Oli I think I speak on behalf of everyone here.

Thankyou for your service ?.

3.) 14 Dec 2023 11:59:07
Sorry Darwin, but the system does not have us playing better than the rest of the country. We have only gotten results after we ditched the system mid-game to a flat back four. The only time I recall it working for us was during the Aston Villa game. So the question remains, why are we persisting with a system that we have to ditch half-way through games in order to get a result?

4.) 14 Dec 2023 12:34:38
And my point remains, Dracred: we are persisting with a system that has us top of the league. Are you suggesting that all we need to do to guarantee 3 points is to play a flat back four every game? Is that all that is needed to win the league this season?

5.) 14 Dec 2023 12:43:47
How many times have we actually gone to a flat back 4 this season and moved Trent into midfield?

6.) 14 Dec 2023 13:08:57
I’m very happy we’re top and hope to be there in may too. But I don’t like the inverted system either, for all the arguments that have been said before. It makes us to narrow down the right, pushes Salah further from the goal and gives Ali and whomever plays on the right side of central defence too much work. If we can’t have our own opinion or give, an opinion that may or may not be the same as another poster or an editor, and discuss it here, then what’s the point of this site? It’s the reason I open this page multiple times per day, to see other people’s opinions and learn about the game we all love and the team we all support.

7.) 14 Dec 2023 13:40:22
Darwin, there is no guarantee whatsoever that one single system or shape would get us 3 points so I won't get drawn into that discussion. But the fact remains that we look much better when we play a back four, be it with Trent or Gomez staying at RB. I'm not suggesting anything other than that.

8.) 14 Dec 2023 13:45:26
If we had a proper LCB bought in the summer, there wouldn't be an issue on the right as whoever plays there would cover that area. Like it or not this is what Klopp wants the team to play.
We played some nice football in the last 30 years years and won Jack all.
we are missing a special DM and a CB and that will always have an issue in the inverted system.

9.) 14 Dec 2023 16:53:31
Dracred, notice that NOBODY and not even Darwin in this thread, actually stated actual valid counter arguments based on tactics as to why this system is better than the flat back 4 with Trent or Gomez at RB that this inverted system gets ditched for each time we have to retrieve victory from the jaws of defeat? Did you catch that?

All they say is "It doesn't matter, we are top of the league" or snide remarks that lack any substance and add NO counter point to the debate. As if us being top of the league has a damn thing to do with this system. The contrary is actually true based on what's that again? Yeah, the stats showing how many times we have ditched this system to get a result. See, anyone can do stats.

So I will ask again to those who disagree with me, Ed01 and many others on here and those fans online who say they hate this system, prove us wrong and provide us with actual tactical arguments in favour of this inverted FB shambles rather than a flat back 4 is the best thing to do so we can actually have a debate on it. I'll wait.

10.) 14 Dec 2023 17:41:17
Ok Oli here we go,

The 433 system leaves us wide open through the middle. That’s ok when you have ball winners in there but not with more attacking midfielders like we have now. Trent coming inside makes teams have to attack down the flanks which is easier to defend.

We used to play a false 9 who would drop in to midfield to give us an extra man. Then Salah and Mane would use the space left in the middle. We now have Nunez who will stay high in the middle. That means Salah and Diaz have to stay wider so if we have fullbacks bombing on they be either tripping over each other or crowding Nunez’s space.

The 433 left is exposed in behind the fullbacks as beautifully illustrated by Jack Grealish in a 7-2 defeat. Again it’s ok if you have ball winning, more defensive midfielders who can fill in but not with our current midfield set up. The inverted system does also leave space down our right but at least we have 3 defenders that can shuffle over rather than just 2.

In the 433 system the midfield players don’t get forward so much as the fullbacks are so high so we lose the goal threat of Mac, Dom and Curtis in particular. It’s no coincidence that we are now getting more goals from midfield than we have in years.

Playing the inverted system means that’s what teams set up for when they play us. We can then seamlessly change asking them to do the same with inferior players and an inferior manager. This normally results in a win for us.

I think you need to open your mind mate you and see it for what it actually is. You might start to enjoy it we are top of the league after all.

11.) 14 Dec 2023 17:49:23
There's some damn righteous sounding comments in this thread. There's nothing wrong with using our current league position as a counterpoint to whether or not you like a team formation.

12.) 14 Dec 2023 19:06:47
Thank you Beckers, I really enjoyed reading your arguments, well appreciated.

13.) 14 Dec 2023 20:42:54
It’s probably got nothing to do with this argument however……. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the desired storage temperature for bananas is 56 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit.
Why on earth someone wants to eat a cold banana is honestly beyond me but because I have an open mind I’ll let it go.

14.) 14 Dec 2023 23:03:31
Last season, the majority of goals we let in were players running straight through the middle of us.

We shifted Trent inside to control games, and cover the massive donut-hole in our team.

The rebuild isn’t complete so he’s still doing the same job, it’s working. It’s not perfect. But it’s good enough and I think he’s enjoying it.

When the new DM comes in we will have the option in games to use Trent as the overlapping crossing specialist, or the Pirlo esc spraying scouser. It’s a win win for Liverpool because he can mix it up.

15.) 15 Dec 2023 01:17:36
Exactly LFC8. If you’ve got marauding fullbacks you need 3 solid midfield players who will stay tight together as a unit and stop counter attacks.

Last season with Fabs seemingly out of form, Hendo and Thiago on the treatment table and playing Elliott as a right sided midfielder we just got overrun.

Plus we’d lost the press up front because Jota and Diaz were injured and Nunez was new to the team.

Moving Trent inside plugged a hole and he was able to play the quarterback role.

We simply don’t have the players to play the way we used to anymore. We can get away with switching late in games because the opposition have less energy to exploit it as we open up.

16.) 15 Dec 2023 07:02:08
How many times has Gomez came on at RIGHT BACK this season in the PL when we have been behind or even drawing a game?

17.) 15 Dec 2023 07:41:34
Good discussion and I largely agree with BP here. My only problem is that the games just aren't that entertaining. Very possession based slow build up gameplay that allows the opposition time to get into a low block. When this happens despite the quality of our squad we don't have the ability throughout our midfield to play through it, only Trent has this ability whilst City even their defensive midfielder can do it let alone KDB, Silva etc.
When this happens we really need the width that the fullbacks provide which isn't there on both sides due to playing the 3 defenders, usually only on the left where we tend to still have a natural fullback shoehorned into a hybrid LC/ CB role.
I don't mind playing a 4 at the back or playing a 3 at the back, but there will always be some of these issues that come with not having a set way if playing or not having the right sort of players. I said in the summer we needed more creativity in midfield which has happened but that we also needed to get rid of our fullbacks as they aren't needed anymore which hasn't.
What do any of us know really. We're top so can't complain that much, I just hope if we stick to this way if playing we get better at it because it's not good to watch, IMO anyway.

18.) 15 Dec 2023 09:07:07
Westwood I get what you’re saying it’s not the swashbuckling style of the title winning season but is that down to form or the system?

We haven’t been at it since the City game but to be fair if you look at the games we’ve had they have all been tricky for one reason or another.

Even the title winning team went through bad spells when the fluidity wasn’t there and we had to grind out results.

19.) 15 Dec 2023 11:20:57
If we win the League, or more, playing with an inverted full back, what then?

20.) 15 Dec 2023 11:33:43
@Oli, stop preaching mate. You are entitled to your opinion but we are on top of the League and that’s really all that matters. Basically you disagree with what Klopp’s doing and the idea that “it doesn’t work” sounds a bit off key.

21.) 15 Dec 2023 11:56:08
at it's simplest. people want to see us dominate games, beat teams and not look like we're vulnerable.
despite being top of the table and having the joint fewest goals conceded in the league, we do look vulnerable. hence the agitation with the system

Personally, I'm letting it go and trying to think of it from the point of view of how the system is helping and how can we implement it better.

Over the years, no matter what system we've used under Klopp a few things have remained consistent :

We press as a team and from the front

The team is a symbiotic system of cogs, each reliant on each other.

We are an evolving team and are getting better at implementing this system.




OliRed's rumour replies


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29 Nov 2023 17:58:57
Ed02 and maybe you can't or you have addressed it already but can you tell us a few of the "other" options we are looking at for the CB position? Thanks, man.


{Ed002's Note - I have provided a list.}



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29 Nov 2023 18:01:57
Ed01, I think you should abort mission on this one cos the longer you keep going, the less intelligent you're going to look.




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27 Nov 2023 21:24:38
Nunez should be nowhere near any wide position except him drifting ovzer there during games.




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27 Nov 2023 21:23:28
Love Olise, Ron. One to watch.




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27 Nov 2023 21:21:58
Lee, this topic is clearly not your strong point cos it seems you are giving simplistic answers that anyone can give, to severely complex topics.

Hence, you should propbably do a lot more research on it rather than mentioning Brighton as some kind of role model whereas, they have nowhere near the type of ambition LFC have. Just a thought.





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26 Feb 2024 09:56:25
Nah, JK. Touched a nerve? Your jokes are WAY too stale to do any of that.




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26 Feb 2024 09:54:39
Guys, we won. This is not the time for recriminations and all that even tho I agree, some on this thread ("I hope he doesn't have to re- watch it". Abject nonsense) . Up Da Pool!




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26 Feb 2024 09:50:02
The Klopp Stand sounds pretty good, no?




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26 Feb 2024 09:49:22
Come on, go on. I know you're just dying break that trend, aren'tcha?




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26 Feb 2024 09:48:07
Salah, brilliant post. Re: Alonso, anyone who thinks he and his fam (LFC fans thru and thru) were not watching that final must be off their rocker. He is who we need and who I want right now. My hope is FSG approach him and that he takes it to fulfill his dream of managing the club he STILL supports till this day. Here's to hoping.




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