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16 Aug 2023 20:32:14
Ed02, any truth in the Wataru Endo rumours? A name I've not heard mentioned up till now. Many thanks.


{Ed002's Note - I know nothing about it to be honest.}

1.) 16 Aug 2023 20:59:02
Hendo to endo what a mess.

2.) 16 Aug 2023 21:09:16
Oh well he’s on his way to Merseyside.

3.) 16 Aug 2023 21:53:18
Well I suppose the H was worth a few million bucks!

4.) 17 Aug 2023 08:15:29
Bet no one has seen him play? And writes him off before he’s even played
Can’t win at all.



17 Jul 2023 13:04:36
Cheick Doucoure the latest midfielder we're linked with. The list goes on.


{Ed002's Note - That would be a surprise.

Cheick Doucoure (CB) Has major language issues that need resolving in the coming months. Crystal Palace have told Monaco, who want him to replace Fofana, that he is not for sale.}

1.) 17 Jul 2023 14:02:26
there's a few people on here with 'language issues' as well. Isn't that right Ed. Glad to see its all calming down again and we can all just get along.

2.) 18 Jul 2023 21:00:46
Cheick Doucourés English language problems are well behind him. Roy Hosgeson said as much in an interview (Google it) and I’ve seen him conduct a perfectly coherent interview in English following a game towards the back end of last season.



03 Jul 2023 12:51:50
Reading that we may still be interested in Kone, not sure whether it's garbage or not.

Either way, as it stands, I'm as excited at what we've got in so far as I've been any summer since 1987. Maybe I'm forgetting other pre seasons and my memory's going.


1.) 03 Jul 2023 16:48:15
Beardsley, Barnes, Aldridge?

2.) 03 Jul 2023 18:00:48
Spot on SS, soon followed by Houghton. Our greatest ever side, in my opinion. Hope this one can emulate it.

3.) 03 Jul 2023 18:40:40
What about when Brendan Rodgers said all Liverpool fans will be VERY excited about the next signing
And it was Borini ?.

4.) 03 Jul 2023 19:03:42
Barnes is the main reason I’m a Liverpool supporter. In fact I’d go as far to say he’s one of the main reasons I like football, him and another wee guy called Diego. He was pretty good too.

5.) 03 Jul 2023 20:32:46
We also signed Mike Marsh that summer and sold John Wark and Paul Walsh. I remember the press saying Dalglish will be caught out for his lack of experience by trusting aldo, Barnes and Beardsley over Wark and Walsh. well, I guess it proves why journalists are about as good at footballing decisions as Boris Johnson is at saying no to a party invite.

6.) 03 Jul 2023 22:10:07
Diego? The Sabre Tooth in Ice Age?

7.) 03 Jul 2023 22:10:07
Diego? The Sabre Tooth in Ice Age?



30 Jun 2023 18:54:39
Release clause triggered, looks like 2nd signing in the bag. Hopefully Thuram next.


1.) 30 Jun 2023 19:46:28
Admittedly I haven’t seen Thuram play, but I would love the third midfielder to be Barella. All three provide a lot of energy in midfield.

{Ed025's Note - i think Thuram would be better than Sas jonesy..

2.) 30 Jun 2023 20:40:06
Agreed, and Thuram would fill the position of ball carrying/ dribbling midfielder that Klopp has desperately wanted and spend a fortune on but can't get it right. I know he fits the eds criteria of having played a lot as a youngster too.

3.) 30 Jun 2023 20:46:17
Most definitely Ed’s 25.

4.) 30 Jun 2023 21:00:05
?? Ed 25 only our age on that sas shout.

{Ed025's Note - i think your right john, i dont know about you mate but the Alpine man coming around a friday was the highlight of my week, cream soda was my fav..

5.) 30 Jun 2023 21:14:33
Sas ?? Nice one Ed ?.

{Ed025's Note - cheers..

6.) 30 Jun 2023 22:02:19
Me mate was the lemo man ( we still call him the lemo man) cream soda had to be green not this white stuff. Ice cream soda thems the days ed25.

{Ed025's Note - we are showing our age now john.. :)

7.) 01 Jul 2023 08:27:27
Cream soda is still my favourite!
Although I am prone to a glass of dandelion and burdock.

{Ed001's Note - omg I loved cream soda, not seen it for donkey's years! Made a great float, better than coke float. Though me ma always reckons Tizer was best for that but I can't say I have tried that .... or Tizer for that matter.}




Rome1977!'s banter posts with other poster's replies to Rome1977!'s banter posts


20 May 2024 19:34:09
I'm having trouble replying to threads. With regards to the debate on Trent moving to midfield on the basis that he'd be better than Mac Allister. Dear oh dear. Not in my opinion. To suggest a world cup winner, who is top quality in an advanced midfield role and not a number 6, can be replaced by someone who has the occasional dabble, is foolhardy. With all due respect.

And, like I've said many times on here, I don't think Elliott will ever be more than a good squad player.


1.) 20 May 2024 21:27:17
You on an older Samsung by any chance? I was having all sorts of problems replying to posts on my old J6. The text used to lag as I was typing and then jump and add in whole paragraphs. Sometimes it just completely crashed my Chrome tab. Resorted to typing my replies up in another app and then pasting them in. Not having any issues on the new iPhone using Safari though tbf.

2.) 20 May 2024 22:04:55
Good squad players got us to a title win. Hendo wasn't more than a good squad player. To imply a squad player is less than a "world class" player I think is a little naive.

3.) 21 May 2024 00:39:15
So Eddy, I’ll take it a bit further. Some squad players help keep the dressing room humming as well. Whether it’s an older player, local lad, solid player or a natural leader the most successful teams are able to maintain that over prolonged periods of time.

4.) 21 May 2024 11:38:01
In fairness to Elliott Rome, I'd imagine he's a lot further along in his career than McAllister was at that age. Not saying Elliotts as good because Macca is top class but for his age Elliott has already achieved a lot. Odegaard for example at the same age was off on loan at Sociedad not pulling up any trees. Elliotts form this season has been very good for the majority of games.

5.) 21 May 2024 14:35:40
That's a good comparison, June, with Odegaard. Listen, I hope you're right about Elliott and he starts every game next season. I love it when our players prove me wrong for the better.

6.) 21 May 2024 18:32:21
I wouldn’t say Elliott has been very good for the majority of games but he has had very good moments but you’re correct. He’s still a young lad and I certainly wouldn’t be giving up on him. Just a little more consistency needed.

7.) 21 May 2024 19:06:40
Irish Rover, I've always found that playmakers like Elliott will always be based on moments. I'm probably in the minority in thinking that. But a player like Dirk can run himself ragged for a whole game and nobody bats an eyelid but then Stevie blasts one in or plays an inch perfect pass to set up a goal while being largely anonymous all game and that's what everyone remembers. I'm not saying one thing is better than the other but it's the sum of all parts. Elliott for me is a number 10 . The greats in that position, like Baggio, Bergkamp and people of that ilk never played well for 90 mins every game. But when they came alive they where the match winners. Elliott reminds me of Baggio with his touch and control, and Baggio at his best wasn't the quickest even though he was lightening when he first arrived on the scene. Get him in regularly behind a goal scorer and I think he will be the one to unlock the defences we need.

8.) 22 May 2024 00:11:00
I like Harvey Elliot, but Baggio was on another level.



17 May 2024 12:26:17
I'm having trouble replying to posts so thought I'd post a new one, in relation to the debate surrounding Trent. As I've already posted, I personally don't think he's able to cut it as a top class midfielder. I just think we would end up with a luxury player, who on the odd occasion smashes one in from 20 yards and plays one or two Hollywood passes a game. I can't see him being any better than Mac Allister in an advanced midfield role and he definitely doesn't have the attributes to play the holding role. He may be an adequate right sided midfielder, but then where does that leave Szob, Elliott and others.

So, as I've previously said, he needs to knuckle down and fight it out with Bradley for the right back spot. I personally think if we could get a Fabinho type holding midfielder, who can get across the pitch quickly, Trent could go back to being what he once was.


1.) 17 May 2024 12:41:28
He needs to put in more of an effort and stop believing all the hype around him, Hollywood passes and strolling around the pitch is no good.

2.) 17 May 2024 12:41:46
You might be right to be fair mate. If Slot really wants to play with an inverted full back then a Trent fully applying himself defensively is as good as it get's in theory.

THe key will be getting him to apply himself. That attempted challenge on Calvert-Lewin from the corner in the Derby loss was pathetic.

3.) 17 May 2024 15:09:39
The good thing is he’s got real competition for a place, hopefully he will be made to work for it. He’s slacked off a bit and got complacent in recent years. The defence needs solidifying it’s been shocking this season at times.

4.) 17 May 2024 17:01:08
MKS, you have hit the nail on the head. Trent IMO, is a good defender and that hs been proven in his career for the most part cos the reciepts are there. I still remember us worrying about how he would hold up vs Leroy Sane in the CL vs City in 17/ 18 and he shut him down in both games. In the FZA Cup final in 21/ 22, he dropped a master class defensively putting his oppo. no. Reece James to shame. I can keep going.

Now, it is also true that he can be very sloppy, lackadaisical and non challant in his interventions at times, like the Everton play you mentioned. That's what does my head in. He lacks aggressiveness in these areas where with a bit more application, he can be even more defensively sound. hopefully, Slot can help him here cos ability wise, only KDB is at his level esp. on the ball in the PL, IMO.

5.) 17 May 2024 20:21:20
With talk of Trent being captain one day here’s vice captain and not showering himself in glory doing that, hardly charging around shouting support.
To me it’s just him doing more media.



23 Apr 2024 16:29:17
Looks like we're changing to Adidas, season after next. I've always liked their kit.


1.) 23 Apr 2024 17:56:32
Just seen that. Will they go rhetro with "Crown Paints" settings?

2.) 23 Apr 2024 18:01:16
We were never really a Nike team in my opinion. Nike is more for flashy, flair sides like Barca, PSG and Brazil.

{Ed025's Note - and Everton.. :)

3.) 23 Apr 2024 18:15:00
Ed025 - and the sporting chicken for Everton
Was that the Hafnia days?

{Ed025's Note - i used to love my Hafnia shirt Paisley, and we could play football then mate..

4.) 23 Apr 2024 18:33:44
With Everton’s money problems Ed025, they will be getting their kit from the same place the pub teams get theirs. Probably be sponsored by the local building contractor as well. ?.

{Ed025's Note - we might be going to Barnado,s for our kit the way things are going Bobby, pub teams could sue us for defamation if we use theirs mate.. :)

5.) 23 Apr 2024 18:36:19
I thought we weren't going with them ever again after it ended badly/ didn't go well with them last time around. I may have a bad memory of course.

6.) 23 Apr 2024 18:48:44
Madmax at the end of the day, money talks regardless of how things panne out in the past.

7.) 23 Apr 2024 19:33:50
We’ve been sh*te since we went Nike.

8.) 23 Apr 2024 20:26:13
I'd love us to have the trefoil on the kit. It's the only adidas logo for me.

9.) 23 Apr 2024 22:39:15
Good news. Thankfully not reebok. Those kits were awful.

10.) 23 Apr 2024 23:55:11
Hope so the Nike kits are atrocious.



28 Mar 2024 12:44:08
RIP Larry Lloyd. YNWA.


1.) 28 Mar 2024 22:16:55
Underrated in his time with us.

Sincere condolences to family and friends.



16 Aug 2023 20:06:58
Amrabat back on, according to Sly.


1.) 16 Aug 2023 20:16:11
Ffs. so we are going to try a hijack from united now are we.

2.) 16 Aug 2023 20:40:41
It’s all rather underwhelming, as much as we need players in.

3.) 16 Aug 2023 21:07:21
Amrabat wants Utd so we have moved on the some Japanese guy shocked if that’s the best we can do only last week we bid 111m for Caicedo now we are bidding 1m on a 30 year.




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29 Mar 2024 16:56:50
Klopp's already said he would have no input into our next manager.




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16 Mar 2024 16:10:42
sgynwa, as I understand it, we have reached our optimum capacity, without building a train station, in the local area and improving the infrastructure. Anyone who goes to games knows what a nightmare it is to get away after a match, so to add further capacity would just add to the problem, as things stands. Like most grounds in the country, they were built in an era when there were no cars.




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16 Feb 2024 17:42:23
Agree there, Matthews. Especially with their free kick bombardment.




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14 Feb 2024 14:55:05
Hi Ed02, I've tried searching, who are the club's remaining preferred options, if you wouldn't mind, please?


{Ed002's Note - The preferred choices are not interested



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12 Feb 2024 22:30:20
Leek, based on your logic, who would you suggest? Sam Allardyce?





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10 Jul 2024 22:45:03
Aray, but when the players weren't playing well, that was Southgate's fault? It all makes sense.




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10 Jul 2024 22:00:41
What's anything got to do with Trent? Give it a rest, it's boring.




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10 Jul 2024 21:58:56
You were saying.




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07 Jul 2024 17:51:08
I'm with you Irish Rover, I've never read so much garbage. I only cheered the Trent penalty, as it happens, cus I dreaded the stick he'd have got if he'd missed. However, regards to his place in midfield etc, Mainoo as performed far better, simple. I've said on here, repeatedly, that Trent isn't a midfielder and will always be at a loss to think why Southgate thought he was. I was hoping that he could play right wing-back, yesterday, with Saka switching to the left, but Saka was MOTM, so what do I know.




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06 Jul 2024 09:01:48
When did Arsenal try to cheat with their finances?


{Ed002's Note - They didm't, it is simply trolling.}



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