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21 Jul 2023 14:40:08
Rumour is Layton Stewart is joining Preston on a permanent deal.


1.) 21 Jul 2023 19:30:37
Had great potential like Glatzel but the ACLs likely mean both won't make it at elite level.

2.) 21 Jul 2023 20:19:02
Yeah, the ACLs have probably killed their chances for us. Same happened to Samid Yesil, I remember. Signed with so much hype, tore his ACL in the first few games, if I remember correctly.

3.) 21 Jul 2023 23:23:40
Apparently young Glatzel has signed a new contract with us.

4.) 22 Jul 2023 02:51:15
Samed Yesil is a blast from the past. Can't remember the last time he was mentioned. But you're right, he was signed with so much promise but injuries hampered him greatly.

5.) 22 Jul 2023 11:02:23
The deal's been confirmed by Caoimhe O'Neill. Says a three-year contract for the lad, with a buyback option included.
Best of luck to him. Hope he tears it up!



17 Jul 2023 17:24:09
Going off the email sent out it looks like there is the potential the Anfield Road Stand might not be ready, or to full capacity come the first home game. The Ballot results have been pushed back until the end of the month after confirmation of the total stand capacity from Liverpool City Council's licencing team.


1.) 18 Jul 2023 08:17:57
The stand itself is expected to be open, the concourse and other amenities may not be finished therefore won't be available.




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14 Aug 2023 11:11:23
Does anyone on here have a strong opinion on Lavia? I know the Southampton fans seems to speak highly of him and he's got a full Belgium cap already at 19 so is clearly a good prospect but I can't say I ever noticed him in the small times I watched Southampton last season and the fee seems eye watering and all the more baffling as it seems £10m more than what was being quoted as the asking price. Do people think he is going to come in and be a top level DM this year? Or is he a work in progress?


1.) 14 Aug 2023 11:22:13
I haven't really seen him play. I'll have seen him but didn't take any real notice of him. I've seen some positive comments from Southampton fans about him and he has a good head on his young shoulders, I believe.

2.) 14 Aug 2023 11:22:51
I know last week posters who said we should just bid 50 mill for Lavia and get the deal done were told that they know nothing about negotiations and the club clearly don’t value him at 50 mill and we weren’t lowballing.

Interested to hear those posters thoughts now on our negotiations after we’ve just bid 60 mill.

3.) 14 Aug 2023 11:26:29
My sense is that he is more about future potential than what he is now with his skills. It explains the high price tag on him. I'm also assuming the club knows what they're doing and that even now at his age and skill level, he is seen as being better than what we have in the squad for that DM position. Otherwise, why bother?

4.) 14 Aug 2023 11:29:34
He’s a baller no doubt. Definitely a work in progress but has lots of potential. Expensive at £60 million but could easily turn out to be a £100 million player. Of course there is risk but he is young and has time on his side to improve. Seems to be the going rate for good young players at the moment and he will improve our team.

5.) 14 Aug 2023 11:33:12
He has higher celling then Stefan Bajčetić but atm he looses balls in dangerous areas including he's passing can be erratic in dangerous areas sometimes. If clubs go for him that would be coz of he's potential.

6.) 14 Aug 2023 11:35:36
Think the thing with lavia is we still need another dm.

A big horrible physical one, lavia is 19 so is a work in progress will need time and will have mistakes in him.

7.) 14 Aug 2023 11:36:16
From what I've seen he looks a very good player. Quick on the turn, passes the ball very nicely and gets himself out of tight spots very well. He seems quite strong too for someone so young and also seems to read the game very well.

Listen, he's 19, it's going to be a risk should we get him but we desperately need a CDM in there and I certainly think he will be a great acquisition. How he feels about us trying to sign him then going to Caicedo then going back. I'm not sure.

Hopefully, we'll get the deal done and it'll prove worthwhile!

I only want players that "WANT" to play for us. Despite how much more suited Caicedo was for our team, the minute he said he wanted Chelsea I'm glad we didn't end up with him!

8.) 14 Aug 2023 11:39:12
I rate him Cobra. We would be buying for his high ceiling.

As a player, he's very press resistant, comfortable using both feet, good anticipation and a good duel winner.

He's not a destroyer like Palhinha or Ugarte who are literally built to tackle. Lavia is more technical than that and that is probably why we are targeting him over others.

The fee is irrelevant now. We bought knives to a gunfight with Chelsea and now have to decide on whether we want to stump up the cash or walk away and look at plan D, E and F now.

9.) 14 Aug 2023 11:42:13
Lavia has the potential to be world class. He is already a very good midfielder so for me if you’re factoring in he is only 19 and his future value. Then yes, a total package of £60 million including add ons is worth it. Just get the guy up North to Liverpool and get his medical done. Cannot afford any complications on this deal. After that go and pay Sporting Lisbon the £45 million release clause for Inacio. No bidding £30 million and slowly increasing the bid… ust get it done!

10.) 14 Aug 2023 11:56:03
Were our negotiations not influenced by Chelsea's negotiations?
Southampton don't have to sell to us because we need a midfielder and forum members are becoming restless.

11.) 14 Aug 2023 12:00:39
Said all along he'll end up better than Caicedo.

12.) 14 Aug 2023 12:04:46
Mess of a window again.

Everyone’s strengthening their team around us, and we’re still struggling to sign a kid who won’t make a difference Yet.

We’re not getting top four, we needed a better summer than this.

13.) 14 Aug 2023 12:09:42
JK23- it’s been a bit of a crazy few days but in hindsight it’s looking like the best thing would have been to get the deal agreed last week (or earlier) but personally I feel we did the right thing in going for Caicedo as I think he’s a top class operator its just unfortunate the way it’s panned out.

14.) 14 Aug 2023 12:10:02
JK23, Ed002 has clearly stated that Chelsea were in for Lavia long before Liverpool and want 2 DM's, this could be why Southampton tossed our bids aside so flippantly.

Liverpool must have been aware that Chelsea were in for Lavia, so left gaps between bids to try and make Chelsea show their hand, which they did in the end at £48m. Then upping it to £55m when they had that rejected, now we know what we are playing against we have countered with a £60m bid.

Saying we never valued the player at £50m and are now paying £60m because we are desperate is a very one dimensional way of thinking. As stated before by myself and others the people negotiating at the club actually know what they're doing, negotiations is a game of cat and mouse.

The reality is Chelsea have an owner who's huge ego is only matched in size by his wallet, so unfortunately unless the player says he only wants Liverpool, we will struggle to get him.

15.) 14 Aug 2023 12:11:18
I think we’d seriously regret missing out on Lavia but I’m not sure he’s what we need right now. We need an experienced holding midfielder who is defensively minded first and foremost. There’s also no point in making signings that block Bajcetic. It’s a tricky one and I don’t have an answer.

16.) 14 Aug 2023 12:16:04
If we had 100m+ for Caicedo, we might as well try for Tchouaméni.

17.) 14 Aug 2023 12:43:06
I am sure there a more than enough Lavia, Caicedo in world, its just our scouting and transfer team not working as hard as Brighton team to unearth them.

18.) 14 Aug 2023 12:49:38
100%, raviance. Please at least try for the guy. I think Ed002 has said that RM would be open to selling Tchouameni, and they may well need even more funds for Mbappe now. Just offer the Caicedo money and a wage similar to Van Dijk’s/ Trent’s and see if it’s doable.

19.) 14 Aug 2023 12:56:58
Cobra / Sz Sz cheers for the replies gents. My comment was very much tongue in cheek.

The narrative on here was the club didn’t value him at 50 mill.

20.) 14 Aug 2023 13:34:02
I get that JK23, look forward to discussing points on here with you mate.

21.) 14 Aug 2023 13:34:37
The club still doesn't value him at £50 mill @JK. This is utter desperation.

22.) 14 Aug 2023 13:13:32
Pity Tchou has shown absolutely no public desire to come to us because I'm with you both on that wholeheartedly.

We've proven ourselves to be RM's b*t*h for a few years now. Might as well keep our friends close and our enemies closer.

Even a loan with a right to buy. I know, I'm dreaming.

23.) 14 Aug 2023 13:50:04
I agree Raviance, surely we could offer Real 80-100m for Touchemeni and see what happens?

Want Real over Liverpool last summer but not quite what he'd have hope for so far. Also, Real desperately need a striker right now so a big bid might well tempt them - they could get Mbappe now if they want, he's already told PSG he will see out his contract and leave on a free. The guy only wants Real so a big bid for Touchemeni could well tempt them.

24.) 14 Aug 2023 15:35:05
Lavia looks good from what I've seen. A prospect in that he is very young and doesn't have much experience yet but he would still clearly be straight into our first 11 and improve us.

25.) 14 Aug 2023 16:09:23
The club didn’t think Lavia was worth the dough. That is a fact based on the actual bids they made for him.
Also, many on here including myself said that we could still sign him when all is said and done as that was not out of the question either cos it’s how negotiations work at times. Not sure what all the fuss is about suddenly.



12 Aug 2023 07:50:27
As we have shown our hand with regards to what we were willing to pay for Caicedo I think it's going to have a knock on affect with the next identified target and clubs asking for huge amounts. Maybe it would be better if we could go for Adams who has a release clause and Chelsea have pulled out of signing after he complete his medical? Or maybe Zubimendi who I believe has a release clause of €60m? Although I think it could be tough to take him away from playing Champions League football with his boyhood club.
What was looking a tough market this window is even tougher now with Chelsea taking Caicedo and Lavia and although Adams might not be the ideal choice he looks a decent enough player, can cover right back and I imagine his wage demands won't be daft, he could be a stop gap and maybe a better option will be available in January or next summer to relegate Adams to a squad option.


1.) 12 Aug 2023 08:10:09
Forget about signing stop gaps, we need proper quality and Adams isn't good enough and wouldn't improve our team.

2.) 12 Aug 2023 09:29:32
We haven't shown any hands. Money is there for players end of. Lavia is not worth 50m. Caicedo is worth 100m in the current market. We need to identify more targets for me. There really can't be lavia and caicedo and that's it. What's the scouts doing.

3.) 12 Aug 2023 09:47:46
Lavia is young but the scouts might be even younger.

4.) 12 Aug 2023 09:07:16
Personally I'm really looking forward to seeing how Thiago or Bajcetic look in the 3-2-2-3 as neither has played it yet. Think it'll suit them both.

I would be happy with just a CB (maybe it's time to apologise to Sporting and try and get Inacio) . What is more crucial to getting this 3-2-2-3 to work is a suitable player to play LCB instead of Robertson.

If we push for a midfielder still then i'd prefer Gravenberch to anyone else being linked to us right now. In this system Trent tucking in makes it 2 players holding so you don't need a specialist destroyer in my opinion. Better off with a more versatile player who can win the ball back but can also get forward and hurt teams when the moment is right. Same reason i think Thiago and Bajcetic will do well with these tactics.

5.) 12 Aug 2023 10:14:35
I was actually quite surprised when I had a look at both Lavia and Caceido that there is only 16 premier league appearances difference between them.

Lavia (29) and Caceido (45) and the latter is two years older. So realistically when Lavia is 21 you would imagine that he should be far more PL experienced than what Caceido currently is.

Just seems a huge difference in price between the two.

6.) 12 Aug 2023 10:07:11
Magico- we have shown there is plenty of money available to sign a defensive midfielder and time is ticking down in the window, imo that will put the selling club at an advantage, with regards to the scouts in sure they’re doing their jobs it just seems a pretty scarce market and it’s shown in the fact that us and Chelsea will go to these lengths for Caicedo, even in this group there is hardly loads of names being spouted off as other options.

7.) 12 Aug 2023 10:18:03
Some decent observation in there @MK. Issue is when we don’t have the ball Trent needs to run back diagonally, and in that case we need a world class destroyer / Ball player alongside him. And unfortunately Gravenberch is nothing that sort of.
We definitely needs a world class LCB.
Thiago is a hopeless DM. You can pair him with whoever you want but he ain’t one. His job is to dictate the game and pick a pass and not to stop an attack!
I still don’t understand what exactly is stopping us form signing a DM?

8.) 12 Aug 2023 10:29:01
JK, both are not worth that money. But fine, it's a free market. Sellers ask what they want, buyers pay what they want. And the beat goes on.

9.) 12 Aug 2023 10:42:06
Habibi, that's why we need a LCB. So Trent doesn't have to rush back diagonally because Konate can step across knowing there is still 2 CB's in the middle. A proper back 3 with 3 CB's can shuttle across left or right to cover the wide areas but currently with Robbo it's lopsided. One weak link can bring down any system and Robbo, much as I love him, is not a CB. I posted my opinion on here last season that the reason why City and Arsenal got away with Zinchenko and Cancelo/ Stones going into midfield is because White and Akanji/ Ake were playing full back for them. It only works if you leave 3 CB's behind in my opinion. Whereas we still have Robbo caught in 2 minds as to whether he is a wing back or not.

Thiago isn't that bad at DM though mate. I think that's harsh. In his last season at Bayern he played in a DM double pivot with Kimmich and they won the treble with Thiago being voted into the UEFA team of the season. He also wins more tackles than any other midfielder for us since he signed so he does love to get stuck in, despite being rash at times. I'd personally rotate him and Bajcetic in that role this season. I can't understand why 6 months ago Bajcetic was being hailed as a future star and here we are today wanting him packed off back to the u21's or relegated to Carabao cup games. I know he missed pre-season but unless that injury was far more serious than we thought, just give the young man a chance, no? Macca can cover DM for a few weeks until Thiago and Baj are ready to play. What i want won't happen because the club are clearly trying to sign a DM. I just would prefer to prioritise a CB.



11 Aug 2023 06:15:30
Great show of ambition by the owners buying Caicedo, it's clear our hand was forced and we got backed into a corner with limited options but fair play. We've probably paid a fair bit over his value but for me we got Mac Allister well below market value and we got a lot more for Fabinho than he is worth so maybe that was factored in?


{Ed025's Note - yeah Craig it seems like Liverpool now have the greatest owners of all time, up until yesterday they were a bunch of Yankee minge bags who should be nowhere near LFC and the protests were already planned. Oh how fickle supporters are mate. They are now the best thing since sliced bread.. ?

1.) 11 Aug 2023 06:44:41
So glad klopp didn’t have his phone number, saved us from a tapping up charge.

2.) 11 Aug 2023 07:29:13
You're right, Ed025.
"We can't afford X, we won't pay the asking price for Y and don't even think about Z".
Now we're paying too much ?.

{Ed025's Note - its a funny old world Rigsby, we just need Man City fans now to be accusing Liverpool of trying to buy the league mate.. :)

3.) 11 Aug 2023 07:38:48
Hwow about it ED25, do you rate Caicedo?

{Ed025's Note - i do Mfahmee, hes a very good player mate, bit of a question mark over his personality but we will see..

4.) 11 Aug 2023 07:44:51
Is it the same people that were slating the club that are now calling out their triumphant solidity?! Just asking as I think that is important to check before calling those fans out - I don’t know myself because I will be honest I’ve tried to skip past all the rubbish questioning club, ambition, manager and even some points of tactics because friendlies are their to test things and there is a lot more time and doing in training than 3 or 4 friendlies.

My sentiments have always been wait for the season to come and give non-ranting honest personal view and analysis thereafter, including the purchases made or not made.

Even then it is view and analysis and not bemoaning because I, for one of many on here, have thoughts and views but certainly not some superior knowledge or credibility than the professionals at our club! They may get it wrong from time to time and I thing the manager in particular is honest in that regard but I will trust.

Good luck for the season guys, I hope I speak for all on here we are firmly behind you! And if Caicedo does join the ranks good luck son I hope you feel at home and that makes your quality shine.

5.) 11 Aug 2023 08:20:49
Oh well Ed25, Mane is supposed to have attitude problem before he come to Liv. But he served us well and won it all with us. don't think Klopp will allow any kind of diva attitude at the club as long as he is the manager. As long as Caicedo doesn't turn into another Keita, all is well.

{Ed025's Note - that is the worry mate, but i wish the guy well..

6.) 11 Aug 2023 08:35:26
Ed25, it is this type of bipolar behaviour that amuses me with these people. I would just ignore them for nos trust me, they’ll be back moaning about something else that FSG did not do to please them. Give it time.

{Ed025's Note - the modern day football fan im afraid Oli mate..

7.) 11 Aug 2023 09:07:42
Yankee minge bags

Ed 025 hahahahahahahahahaha.




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15 Apr 2024 10:10:27
Summerville has just got player of the season and looks a class act and only 22.




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15 Apr 2024 09:56:57
I’d want to keep both, think it’s Salah who would make more sense to get rid of due to his age and the potential for a mammoth transfer fee from Saudi.




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08 Apr 2024 08:50:20
The short term hit in getting rid of Salah could be a long term gain, we could get silly money for a player well into his thirties to invest in a younger replacement and also strengthen other position/ s, it seems a no brainer for me.




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17 Mar 2024 13:03:10
Don’t think it’s looking good for expansion anytime soon, if ever actually. I believe there are issues with infrastructure capping the capacity but the big one is there isn’t room to make the stadium much bigger. The only way I think it would be possible would be to knock the Kop down and build a multi tier stand but it’s probably not financially viable and I think they will want to keep the Kop single tier with tradition. At least with the other 2 stands that have been expanded they could do it around the current stand so as to not affect capacity as the works are being done.
It’s a shame as we could sell out 80k regularly if not more and getting tickets for 60k is still a pain in the arse but I’m glad we have stayed at Anfield and I like the fact our stadium doesn’t look like the majority of big modern stadiums.




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04 Mar 2024 15:26:28
WDW- Madrid have done really well the last 5 or so years with regards to player purchases/ sales, think they are actually in the black with net spend.





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03 Sep 2023 21:56:52
Dow-Ney Gomez is rapid and has played plenty at right back, not sure it will work with Konate and VVD but we will see. I really hope Gomez comes good, he looked a top talent a couple of years back but injuries stalled him, last season he stayed injury free but his performances greatly dropped, he could be ideal in the new system.




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03 Sep 2023 21:53:30
Utd have arguably been better in the 2 games they lose too, the 2 wins they got could/ should have been losses, Wolves battered them the first weekend.




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20 Aug 2023 09:06:00
I don’t think it was a yellow let alone a red and I have seen very few people agree with the decision.




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20 Aug 2023 09:00:31
Bar the recent blip his record was very good, didn’t he score close to 20 in a row at one point?




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18 Aug 2023 16:18:40
There is nothing stopping a woman taking charge of a man’s team but it’s going to be tough for them.
The problem with a lot of managers who haven’t played at the top level is having a much harder time to gain players respect, both consciously and unconsciously. That would be the same case for a woman manager I feel and I feel from watching women’s football it does feel a lot different from the men’s game, a lot more counter attacking with players seeming to have a bit more space and freedom, although I’m sure if she’s good enough she could adapt.




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