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Favourite player: John Barnes

Best team moment: Corner taken quickly......... Origi!!!!!!


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26 Jan 2020 08:19:38
Not a transfer rumour, but a rumour nonetheless, and I bet it's a first on here.

Madame Tussauds are going to make a wax figure of Mo Salah to exhibit in their London Museum.

I bet Mo would love that, haha.


1.) 26 Jan 2020 09:56:15
If someone is getting a wax statue, It's got to be origi.

2.) 26 Jan 2020 10:29:12
That’s nothing, Man Utd have got 3 waxwork figures in their midfield 🤣😂.

3.) 26 Jan 2020 11:59:04
And an £80m one playing CB Juicer.

4.) 26 Jan 2020 12:19:14
Nowhere near enough likes for that comment Juicer 😂.

5.) 26 Jan 2020 19:21:21
That's no rumour. It was all over Mo's twitter yesterday.

6.) 27 Jan 2020 14:03:39
i hear CR7's sculptor is available if needed.



25 Jan 2020 13:29:37
Just read that we are interested in signing Benfica's 18 yr old midfielder Rafael Brito.

He has a release clause in his contract of £38m. Surely that's a lot of money for an 18 year old. Is he that highly rated? Apparently Real Madrid and Barcelona are also interested.


1.) 25 Jan 2020 16:00:41
We wouldn’t pay his release clause.

2.) 25 Jan 2020 20:08:42
I would hope not, SR, but I know very little about the lad.

I've done a little reading up on him and he hasn't even played for the first team yet, and apparently, as soon as he plays for the senior team, his release clause will go up.

I don't even know where this has originated from. I'm presuming the Portuguese media are to blame.



13 Jan 2020 17:37:48
Nat Phillips has gone back on loan to Stuttgart.

I bet it was a nice brief return for him, being part of that FA Cup win over Everton.


1.) 13 Jan 2020 20:00:06
Hello epicpotato, he has returned as you rightly say because matip, lovren and fabhino are all in contention to play against man utd sunday, jurgen said today on LFC Channel.

2.) 13 Jan 2020 21:13:26
i think we just wanted to rub it in everton's face.

{Ed025's Note - why not just enjoy liverpools success SR, instead of concentrating all your energy and bitterness on everton?

3.) 14 Jan 2020 02:20:02
Hypothetically, if we were to go on and win the FA Cup, would Phillips get a medal?

4.) 14 Jan 2020 13:18:32
Because it’s a rivalry and I can’t help myself!

5.) 14 Jan 2020 18:54:23
Ed025 not like you to bite pal.

{Ed025's Note - not really a bite dezy, i just think if i was a red everton would be the last of my worries mate..

6.) 14 Jan 2020 21:38:48
I have to agree with Ed025 only one team I care about and that's Liverpool. Sure When we are about to meet them then yes get the banter going but as soon as the game is over they are consigned to history. Its all about us lad's so enjoy it cause it's been to bloody long YNWA.

{Ed025's Note - i will have that barry mate..

7.) 17 Jan 2020 17:56:37
Everybody, and I mean everybody, looks at the rear-view mirror after having overtaken a car on a racetrack. (One by one, all the pleasures in life are being taken away, sob) .



29 Dec 2019 11:36:35
The club have confirmed that Nat Phillips return from his loan at VfB Stuttgart is only temporary.


1.) 30 Dec 2019 09:33:57
Well yes. I read somewhere that it was initially only a loan until January, so he was bound to come back home, anyways. Stuttgart have, I assume, renewed the loan. Ed002 knows best.



29 Dec 2019 10:30:03
Here's one I've never heard before.

The Sunday Express are claiming that we're interested in Lille's 20 yr old Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen.

Is there any truth to it?


{Ed002's Note - Victor Osimhen (S/F) One particular Liverpool scout is pressing for the club to sign him. Barcelona have also shown an interest but they have a financial issue to solve first - he only joined in the summer and Lille will resist any January bids - and it is hard to see why the player would consider a career on the bench. Spurs have looked at him and spoken with his agent. A senior Chelsea scout has also been watching the player who could be seen as an option to their primary striker target - but their need is for January rather than the summer. There was serious interest from Arsenal when he was much younger but he opted for Wolfsburg.}

1.) 29 Dec 2019 11:34:07
Wow, thanks so much Ed002. I really didn't expect you to have THAT much insight into him.

I suspected that the newspaper were just throwing a random name out there. I also searched for his name on here and he hadn't been mentioned once.

Do you know if that particular scout has a good track record, as in, have we signed anyone he has suggested we sign before?

{Ed002's Note - I am not going to comment on individual scouts.}

2.) 29 Dec 2019 11:47:29
I read that too. Sounds like a decent player with a bit of interest in him.

3.) 29 Dec 2019 11:49:35
I understand Ed002.

Thanks as always for your insight.




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09 Feb 2020 20:15:10
I was reading through posts two days ago and one cropped up regarding the winter break, and Ed001 pipped in and said he'd just prefer to just spread the games out a bit more and not have a break. The topic of games getting cancelled due to bad weather came up.

One poster, I'm sorry I don't recall his name, chimed in and said "When does a game get called off for bad weather? "

I can't remember who you are but you are personally responsible for Storm Ciara. I'm just saying. haha.




08 Feb 2020 18:28:25
Has anyone seen that "Greatest Game Podcast" with Michael Owen and Jamie Carragher?

Owen revealed that he feels tortured every time he goes to Anfield about the regret over the choices he made in his playing career. Both about leaving to sign for Real Madrid and also later signing for Man U.

When he's walking down the line in an interview, all he can hear is "eff off, you effing manc" and he said that he feels like crying. He said that he knows that he cannot change what he did but it absolutely kills him every time he goes to Anfield.

I'm not for once saying to go easy on him. He's reaping what he sowed.

I got too much sick pleasure hearing it as I should really admit. I'm really happy that he regrets it so much.

If you haven't seen it, there's a transcript on 90min.


1.) 08 Feb 2020 19:09:49
It’s a good interview! But I’ve no pitty for him are u telling me he didn’t think he’d get stick etc! He’s plenty of money to get over it! And I hope other players learn from it!

2.) 08 Feb 2020 19:22:21
Yeah, exactly Jay. I've no pity for him either.

To be honest, it must have taken some balls to admit it, knowing that Liverpool fans would revel in his regret. I hope he feels it every time he comes to Anfield. He could so easily have become an absolute legend, but he squandered it looking for something bigger and the season after he left, we won the Champions league.

The same is happening to Coutinho. I bet he feels a similar way in regards to how he left and that the grass isn't greener on the other side.

Both great players who now can no longer be adored as legends.

3.) 08 Feb 2020 19:52:14
I wonder if he'd be so vocal about his regret if Liverpool weren't considered one of the best teams in the world. Would he be saying it ic we were europa league hopefuls?

I don't hate him, at all. He is responsible for some of my best days in football. The brace against arsenal in the cup final! He was brilliant at Liverpool. Balon dor winner. His pace was electric but he had great movement and finishing too. He shouldn't have gone to utd, he shouldn't have gone to real for so little money. I honestly couldn't believe it was 8mil. Its a bit different for professionals though eh, it's their careers. I know Liverpool fans can't forgive him but I think it's wrong to deny he was a brilliant forward in his prime.

4.) 08 Feb 2020 20:05:15
I was Devo when Owen left but he made his bed ep!

5.) 08 Feb 2020 20:30:56
I don't care where he went after he left us he was finished anyway. the move to Utd from Newcastle who can blame him, we did not want him back so he had the chance to move to the one of the best teams in the world at the time. But we got the best out of him. Peter Schmeichel left utd and ended up at city these things happen in football. But he played a mayor part in the treble in 2001 so I thank him for that and all the good times he gave me as a Liverpool fan. And he left us for Madrid to go play with the best team on the planet at the time but it did not work out because he was a wreck by then.

6.) 08 Feb 2020 23:02:01
What happened to the word "forgiveness" guys? At least he isn't going about like Diouf, who spout crap every single opportunity he gets. True Owen blew it but he's trying to make things right, give him a chance will ya.

As for me, I have moved on and like Ed02 says, players are transient employees of clubs, they come and go. He left and we won the UCL, indicating that the club moved forward and that's enough for me. Let's not forget that he's still a human being and players just need d**ks around them to become d**KS like Berahino and Jerome Sinclair of today. Move on guys and let the man be. I was broken by that interview tbh. Just saying.

7.) 09 Feb 2020 06:59:49
What I took from the interview was the bit where Michael said "did I think I'll sign for united to spite Liverpool fans for how they reacted to me at Newcastle? Yes". He knew the reaction he would get.

Also, when carra asked him about running down his contract at Liverpool and Owen full on changed the question. He should be an MP.

8.) 09 Feb 2020 00:26:12
Perhaps Ed001 would like to re-educate some posters on Owen's toxicity within the dressing room?

Also, where did "I was only going to go to Madrid for a year and then come back" come from? That was never his plan. Madrid just went a splurge and decided they didn't need him.

{Ed001's Note - yeah I don't think people understand how much of a self-centred …… actually I am going to stop there as I don't think I can bear this fake bull from him to try and ingratiate himself with the fans.}

9.) 09 Feb 2020 08:46:27
didn't kill anyone. the time to let it go should come soon, not sure when. But I get the sense the match day goers are a different breed and not quite the forgiving bunch lol

I imagine if he did something for the city or the club over time he might get favour back.

10.) 09 Feb 2020 09:17:58
Good can't stand the little weasel. He couldn't get away from us quick enough. He has probably seen the adulation some of our ex players get and his ego can't handle not getting the same. He is not fondly remembered at any of his clubs so he is looking for a way back in with us. He can jog on.

11.) 09 Feb 2020 14:59:57
I've just listened to the podcast. And I do feel for him. He went to Madrid on the condition he could come back to Liverpool. He was gutted when Newcastle bought him. He loves Liverpool. It wasn't a dig at the fans when he joined utd, it was a dig at the club for not re signing him. He might be a big headed egotistical knob, I don't know I've never met him. But he was a great player, a brilliant forward. I don't know how we didn't win the league with him and fowler with redknapp and mcmanaman hitting balls over the top for them. I always thought he didn't give a toss about us, I know he followed Everton as a kid, but he's a Liverpool fan. I'm one fan who will cut him some slack.

{Ed025's Note - thats called unconditional love robbie, i feel as sorry for him as i do for michael barrymore and prince andrew who are another 2 who wallow in self pity mate..

12.) 09 Feb 2020 15:34:32
At least Micheal Owen sweats ed025.

Barry more is a murderer and Andrew is a pedophile. Micheal Owen played some games for football for a team that wears a different kit than the club I love.

I do feel sorry for him. He did a lot for us on the pitch yet other players who did quite little compared to Micheal are loved. He said in his interview that he wished he could change how his heart feels towards Liverpool. It was unusual to hear him talk like that, he's always been supremely confident and head strong. Being booed by the club you love must hurt.

{Ed025's Note - the point is he is wallowing in self pity robbie, he got paid very well for doing his job then through absolute avarice ran his contract down so he could rake in even more by joining real mate, save your sympathy for someone who deserves it like the homeless and people who need to use food banks...not multi millionaires who only think about themselves..

13.) 10 Feb 2020 05:16:51
Not strictly true that he was a wreck at Real. He was actually treated pretty badly and hardly ever started. He did score many times when he was brought on, and difficult to see what more he could have done. But like Couts (who should have known better) the grass wasn’t greener in Spain. Their agents just got richer.

14.) 10 Feb 2020 09:31:56
Before Klopp arrived and the present quality of this team, I've watched him on TV commenting and analyzing ManU games. Was always bullish and very much pro ManU. The same smile and positivity he now uses for LFC. Forgiveness is fine, but this guy sounds like a self-interested, lying weasel to me. And many people will believe him. The fact that he is a LFC ambassador proves it.



23 Jan 2020 19:03:06
Lineup away to Wolves.

The same team that started against Man United.

Neco Williams on the bench.


1.) 23 Jan 2020 19:32:07
Nice. I fancy the ox to score tonight, or put in an impressive performance. He was gutted when subbed against utd and he knows fab is just around the corner. An in form ox is such an asset.

2.) 23 Jan 2020 19:33:17
Once again an offensive minded team, but this time for an away game. Klopp is going for it. I raised an eyebrow when I saw Fabinho is not starting.

3.) 23 Jan 2020 22:32:38
Ox was poor. Tough game. Never seen vvd look phased but he was after traore clattered him. It was a bad foul that wasn't given but.

What a win.

Salah was so greedy it was a joke. In fact, the ox probably would've scored had salah passed to him.



21 Jan 2020 12:27:01
Apparently Burnley are trying to sign Middlesborough's centre half Dael Fry for £10m. Ed002 has often said that Liverpool could see him as a good young home-grown CB option.

Would Burnley's interest force our hand into trying to beat them to the signing, or would it be a case of monitoring while he's at Burnley and paying 3 or 4 times more for him if he's a success there?


1.) 21 Jan 2020 12:51:34
Dunk from Brighton would be a good home grown option instead.



27 Dec 2019 21:38:51
Boom. Matt Doherty, Never thought he was capable of that.


1.) 27 Dec 2019 21:47:36
Wolves will be brimming with confidence, we need to be wary of them Sunday. But the table doesn’t look half bad does it!

2.) 27 Dec 2019 21:50:27
Its beginning to feel a lot like christmas.

3.) 28 Dec 2019 10:54:52
I hope they are confident. Like Leicester who gave us too much space and underestimated our engine.

4.) 28 Dec 2019 12:31:58
Robbie, I blame BR for LC's setup cos he is the manager and in charge of the system and tactics. I mean, how do you play Maddison on the left (who can't track back for the life of him) hence, leaving Chilwell all by himself with Salah and TAA rampaging down that side with no help? BR was the one who gave us the space to work with and yet people are surprised they got a hiding for the ages. BR failed his team which shows that this guy is a bottler in big games this season and it showed again.




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22 Feb 2020 10:26:21
Or the lure of learning from some of the best senior Brazilians in football right now, in Firmino, Fabinho and Alisson.




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30 Jan 2020 23:52:00
Origi just had cramp. At least that's what he said.

Hopefully that's just the case.




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25 Jan 2020 20:08:42
I would hope not, SR, but I know very little about the lad.

I've done a little reading up on him and he hasn't even played for the first team yet, and apparently, as soon as he plays for the senior team, his release clause will go up.

I don't even know where this has originated from. I'm presuming the Portuguese media are to blame.




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19 Jan 2020 19:03:21
Riomazy. Koulibaly's very much preferred position is the left sided centre-back. The same as Van Dijk. Van Dijk is the better player. Add all these up and you'll reach an conclusion of "it won't happen".




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08 Jan 2020 20:37:00
A national newspaper has published the wages of Liverpool players, and I think most would agree that Gini is being paid quite a low figure (£3.9 million per anum according to the paper) considering that he's often a key part of the midfield.





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14 Feb 2020 19:50:07
Thanks gmil.

I came on here to ask that exact question.

If it will only be three teams, it may end up being permanent, or at least take a long time to get the 4th place back. I really hope that is not the case.




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09 Feb 2020 20:18:38
It would be so easy to come up with a chant for him though.

Hello, Hello (Werner)
I'm at a place called Vertigo

I'll get my coat.




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08 Feb 2020 19:28:49
I really really don't want him back. Hogs the ball too much. Takes too many shots from outside the box, hoping for the odd screamer. We're better with what we have now.

Don't get me wrong. He's been the best bit of transfer business that Liverpool have done in a long time. Was it 7.5mill that we signed him for? and sold him for 142mill? He's part of the reason that we are so damn good today, but I wouldn't want him back.




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08 Feb 2020 19:22:21
Yeah, exactly Jay. I've no pity for him either.

To be honest, it must have taken some balls to admit it, knowing that Liverpool fans would revel in his regret. I hope he feels it every time he comes to Anfield. He could so easily have become an absolute legend, but he squandered it looking for something bigger and the season after he left, we won the Champions league.

The same is happening to Coutinho. I bet he feels a similar way in regards to how he left and that the grass isn't greener on the other side.

Both great players who now can no longer be adored as legends.




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07 Feb 2020 18:20:27
I didn't realise how far Lewis Holtby had fallen.

I remember people on this site wanting us to try to sign him from Spurs.