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02 Jul 2024 20:18:34
Hi eds2
Just wondering if there’s any interested teams in Tsimikas?


{Ed002's Note - Kostas Tsimikas (LB) Agent previously said he was being forced out of the club to raise €20M or more. Since then it has been quiet and I am not aware of any approaches. Liverpool may resist a sale due to the cost of replacement.}

1.) 03 Jul 2024 13:30:26
Would a replacement be needed when Owen Beck is already better than Kostas and Gomez can also cover?



30 Jun 2024 12:27:15
Are we still interested in Archie Gray eds2?


{Ed002's Note - Archie Gray (DM/CM/RB) Leeds kiddie having had an excellent season in the Championship and showing versatility. Will not be for sale but Leeds have noted Brentford, Crystal Palace and Spurs have a declared interest with the former having had a significant offer rejected. Scouts from Manchester United, West Ham, Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea and RBL have attended games but it would be a waste of the player unless these clubs are looking to utilise him in the first team with all having preferred options. West Ham, Borussia Dortmund or Bayern Munich may provide a wildcard solution.}

1.) 30 Jun 2024 13:13:02
According to the Guardian he’ll likely go to Spurs.

2.) 30 Jun 2024 14:11:18
BBC is saying, he's off to Brentford.

3.) 30 Jun 2024 15:02:36
Apparently the Brentford deal broke down over payment structure.

4.) 30 Jun 2024 19:49:05
Great player, but not sure where he would fit in.

5.) 30 Jun 2024 20:55:26
Reminds me a bit of Declan Rice. I don’t think we need to gamble on a teenager though. We have a good academy now that is producing players. If we sign players for big money, i’d prefer they are players who improve us in the here and now. Gray probably has a big future though if he stays fit and grounded.

6.) 01 Jul 2024 07:26:35
Would be kind of funny having that misogynistic liverpool-hating neanderthal's son becoming a star for us, though, wouldn't it lol.

7.) 01 Jul 2024 08:38:59
Different Andy Gray Paddy.

8.) 01 Jul 2024 08:44:22
oh no haha, then it wouldn't be funny at all.



27 May 2024 13:45:01
Hi Ed’s 2
A few days ago you mentioned that the future of Koopmeiners mite be a bit clearer on Monday or Tuesday so I don’t suppose you have any more information on him yet do you?


{Ed002's Note - Discussions have begun with Juventus but Atralanta are not keen the the proposed "creative" solution being put forward.}



30 Jun 2023 18:39:28
Evening Eds2
I was wondering if you knew the player who cost the most ever in add on’s?
Thanks in advance.


{Ed002's Note - I can’t say but it could be Pipco.}

1.) 30 Jun 2023 21:13:18
Was it true that Barcelona had to pay us because he won the Champions league at Bayern. I remember seeing a rumour saying there was a clause that theyd owe us whatever amount if he won the CL but it never said it had to be won at Barcelona.



23 Jan 2023 15:01:37
Hi eds
Is Arthur melo still at the club or has he gone back to Italy?


{Ed002's Note - He is still at the club who would like to cut the deal short with interest in taking him from elsewhere.}

1.) 23 Jan 2023 15:35:51
Would there be any financial penalty for Liverpool, if we cut his deal short?

{Ed002's Note - Yes.}

2.) 23 Jan 2023 19:06:56
Evening ed002, out of interest, why does the club want to cut the deal short? He’s hardly kicked a ball, is the feeling mutual? We could do with another option in midfield


{Ed002's Note - The loan has not worked out well due to injury and Liverpool will not want to continue paying his wages.}

3.) 23 Jan 2023 19:25:31
Cheers ed002.

4.) 24 Jan 2023 07:24:39
A question for you Ed002, if I may.

Does a club typically take out insurance against injuries, I. e. the insurance company pays the wages while someone is injured (Like short term disability insurance if you work in a company)? Or is the entire bill footed by the club?

I ask because an injury-ridden season like ours could be horrendously costly both in terms of paying wages for players who aren’t playing and in terms of not making it into the CL…double whammy.

Many thanks!

{Ed001's Note - I can answer that - professional clubs have to have insurance against injuries. They would not get a license to operate without insuring their players against injuries. That covers treatment as well as salaries.}

5.) 24 Jan 2023 14:15:06
beggars belief why they have kept Arthor for so long and now decided they want to send him back.




Longthing76's banter posts with other poster's replies to Longthing76's banter posts


10 Jul 2024 21:15:10
Hi eds1
Just wondering if you’ve watched Sepp VDB much. I’ve never seen him play and from what I’ve heard on here he has a very bright future so it would be a massive mistake to let him go then have to buy. I’d say we all value your opinion so it would be interesting to get you view on him. ?


{Ed001's Note - I wouldn't let him go, only saw him a couple of times last season, but he was very good both times. He is very comfortable on the ball, quick, strong, it is only injuries that have held him back. I really like what I saw of him.}

1.) 11 Jul 2024 07:52:12
Also really good in the air too Ed, rarely loses the ball when he’s going for a header by all accounts, Mainz fans reckon he was a huge part of their staying up, seems to me that if we sold him to Mainz they’d be selling him on in a year or two to one of the bigger teams in Germany. Was injury free the whole of last season so I think it’s fair to say he’s fully recovered. The data backs up what you say too Ed. Personally think that it would be daft not to give him a chance.

{Ed001's Note - I would sell Konate before him personally.}

2.) 11 Jul 2024 11:39:02
E01, curious to have your opinion here re: Konate. When we signed him, you rated him very highly even tho, you mentioned his injury woes as an issue but you fully endorsed his acquisition.

Can you elaborate what has happened to him (the injury woes aside) that has made you this skeptical about him? Cheers, mate.

{Ed001's Note - nothing, he is just never fit for a sustained run in the side. Makes no difference how good he is, he can't stay fit.}

3.) 11 Jul 2024 12:09:37
I would be selling Konate, he isn't reliable and we have SVDB.

4.) 11 Jul 2024 12:24:32
It's the same story as with Matip, Keita, Thiago and Arthur (to different degrees of course) . They were all good players, but then how "good" are you if you're not available and ready to suit up and do battle on the field?

A lot of people argue that Quansah is better than Konaté. I don't agree because Konaté's experience pushes him ahead for me. But then it's a moot point if Konaté is not as available as Quansah.

5.) 11 Jul 2024 13:29:28
And Curtis Jones too ArAy?

6.) 11 Jul 2024 14:38:36
To a certain extent, yes, Mcgoveb.

7.) 11 Jul 2024 16:04:10
You're right Ed. That literally goes for every sport. Nobody cares how good you are or can be if you cannot show it where it matters. It is what it is.

8.) 11 Jul 2024 16:28:48
Availability is the best ability.



29 Jun 2024 08:38:03
Does anyone know when the first players start preseason?


1.) 29 Jun 2024 09:59:08
Monday mate i think.

2.) 29 Jun 2024 10:21:41
Does that include Gomez and TAA, JK? ?.

3.) 29 Jun 2024 10:30:06
Rigsby ? they apparently get 3 weeks off after England go out of the euros.

So they likely start 3 weeks tomorrow ?.

Although Gomez might need longer as he must shattered from the Euros.

4.) 29 Jun 2024 14:10:01
A nil nil after extra time and a loss on penalties would be the perfect ending to the weekend.

5.) 29 Jun 2024 21:15:27
He’s more likely to have fallen into a coma @JK, having to sit there watching the Waistcoat’s Wonders.

6.) 30 Jun 2024 11:23:29
WDW ?. I didn't think of that. Imagine being sat on the bench watching the games and then not being used.

International tournaments are a squad game but the likelihood is that Gomez won’t see a single minute of football.

Starting Slots day 1 pre season could have been a good opportunity for Joe.



22 Jun 2024 14:25:37
Hi eds1
Just wondering if you’ve been watching any of the euros mate and if so what do you think of the automated offsides and the reffing/ VAR in general. I like the automated offside and am praying we get the same system in the prem. I’ve not seen every game but what I have seen the VAR is either very quick or hardly ever used which I also really like. It just seems so much better any what we are used to. Just interested in yours and everyone else’s views on it?


{Ed001's Note - not watched anything other than the odd highlight people have sent me, sorry. It is not being shown here at all.}

1.) 22 Jun 2024 15:06:28
I’ve watched a fair few games Longthing and the automated offsides works very well and quickly. I think it is due in the PL this season but maybe not for the start of it. Not 100% on that tho ?.

2.) 22 Jun 2024 15:46:33
I think the automated offside being used in the euros will be different to what will be in the prem. Something to do with Adidas owning the patent for where the chip is situated in football. The prem have a sponsor with nike football.

3.) 22 Jun 2024 16:31:40
Why oh why whilst watching the euros do the oundits have to talk about England all the time.

4.) 22 Jun 2024 16:43:32
I think the reffing and the automated systems have worked quite well and certainly with a lot more speed than in the PL. Ironically the worst reffed game was Anthony Taylor during France and Netherlands. Hopefully we get something similar in the PL in regards to the automated offside.

5.) 22 Jun 2024 17:00:24
The Netherlands offside was subjective, but the English refs took the usual 5 mins to have a discussion about it. Personally I would of given it offside, but I can see why people think he didn’t interfere.

As for the semi automated offsides, they work great. I have noticed there is sometime a little delay in the viewer seeing the image though.

6.) 22 Jun 2024 17:28:32
Ashy is spot on about the Adidas patent so the prem system will be different in that the VAR will still have to use freeze frame to establish when the ball is passed. It should be quicker in that no lines will have to be drawn anymore though.

7.) 22 Jun 2024 18:41:07
Whatever the PL do will be dumb. Sorry to say, but I see no evidence of intelligence from them.

8.) 22 Jun 2024 18:45:22
All this great football and you guys still only want to talk about the referees.

9.) 22 Jun 2024 19:36:52
I’ve enjoyed it.
Turkey have been interesting
Romania looked great.

10.) 22 Jun 2024 20:01:42
I have been impressed with many of the performances I have watched and really impressed with the performances of certain players like Napoli ans Slovakia midfielder Lobotka, ours and Holland's Cody Gokpa, Slovenia's Sesko and several more. Some of the goals have been belters, as well.

The officiating has been very good as well and VAR has worked majority of the time. For the Holland vs France incident, I thought it was offside cos Dumphries is not only offside when Simmons shoots, he is right beside Megnian hence, preventing him from making a diving attempt (as he would have collided with him) hence, interfering with play. Not sure why the English pundits where slaying Talor and Atwell for it.

11.) 22 Jun 2024 20:33:02
I agree with the fact that the goal was correctly ruled out let's see what the pundits would have said had the keeper been pickford.

12.) 22 Jun 2024 20:34:56
Another point t for discussion and I'm sorry folks if it comes across as sexist bit I believe the PC brigade is going overboard as I reckon we have too many female pundits of which most of them talk garbage sorry just my opinion folks.

13.) 22 Jun 2024 21:16:01
Some (most) of the male ones speak garbage too but rather than blame their gender we just ridicule them personally.

Some of the female pundits are more insightful.

14.) 22 Jun 2024 21:39:58
I’m watching in Germany and our pundits our klinsmann, ballack, Matthaus and mustafi. All people who have played in the tournament not sure what goes on in England but I can’t complain here it’s fantastic.

15.) 22 Jun 2024 22:15:09
There have been some really good games. Turkey look strong. Germany and France too. Surprised with Belgium. Not surprised with England. ?.

16.) 23 Jun 2024 01:57:32
Haven’t even noticed “too many” female pundits.

Really think some of you need tog at over yourselves.

17.) 23 Jun 2024 06:56:23
Morning all please keep your fingers gers crossed for Andy Robertson and scotland tonite V szoboslai and Hungary should be interesting.

18.) 23 Jun 2024 06:57:21
Quick one what's the best way to obtain tickets for any home game at the start of the season please?

19.) 23 Jun 2024 08:47:36
Rabh, the male pundits in England are the absolute worst so what are we supposed to do with that?

20.) 23 Jun 2024 08:57:29
Two points. Well done to the English Refs for getting into the Euros and making it all about them. They’ve done nothing to enhance their reputation. As for the pundits, male or female, both ITV and BBC really have scraped the bottom of the barrel with the likes of Micah Richards, Danny Mills et al. Quite frankly you’d be better off turning the sound off and playing Alan Partridge’s World Cup 94 countdown on repeat as listen to them.

21.) 23 Jun 2024 10:09:24
This euros has been great. More because of the Fans.

22.) 23 Jun 2024 10:20:11
There wasn’t a single problem with these of VAR or the speed it was used until Simon Hooper and the other english boys had to use it in the Netherlands France game.

23.) 23 Jun 2024 10:45:26
When you have four female pundits and about 20 male ones there's no way anyone can call that a pro female bias or overboard in women's favour.

When you see and hear more women than men both presenting and commentating you can make that complaint right now we're miles away from that. It's more accurate Rabn to just say that you don't like female presenters and wish they weren't there. At least be honest.

I'd honestly pick any woman on earth over Michael Owen, rio, lee Dixon, Paul merson. and many others who not only have the personality of a plank of wood but the insight and intelligence of one too.

24.) 23 Jun 2024 11:08:19
Very good point mate I just don't like female pundits nor do I like wo. ens football.

25.) 23 Jun 2024 11:31:27
Do you like all the male pundits, Rabh?

26.) 23 Jun 2024 12:10:45
Alex Scott is always nice to look at. Far rather her than any of the likes of Rio, Lampard, Owen, Mills et al.

27.) 23 Jun 2024 12:51:58
I think the English refs have been fine.

28.) 23 Jun 2024 15:26:28
" It's more accurate Rabn to just say that you don't like female presenters and wish they weren't there. At least be honest. "

Nevada tbh, I wasn't going to say it BUT Im glad some else did.

29.) 23 Jun 2024 17:40:27
so it's the PC brigade's fault that women are allowed to comment on men's football? and your opinion is that they haven't any a single interesting thing to say about it by default, despite the fact that they played professionally or coached professionally, which is a million years from what you've managed to achieve in the game, unless you imagine that your sunday league is a higher level than the uppermost echelons of the women's game? another day, another astonishing post.

30.) 24 Jun 2024 00:07:51
Rabh moaning about PC going overboard but moaning about the lack of PC because men are now being marginalised ?.



31 May 2024 12:20:42
Hi eds2
Have Liverpool employed new assistant coaching/ goal keeper and fitness coaches ect yet and if so could you tell us who they are please.


{Ed002's Note - Arne Slot will be Head Coach, Sipke Hulshoff will be his assistant assuming compensation can be agreed and Ruben Peeters will be looking after the fitness of the team. Hulshoff has said that there is a Work Permit issue over Etienne Reijnen (opposition analyst) but it should be reolvable.}

1.) 31 May 2024 13:12:46
Sipke Hulshoff has tp be referred to as Spike Hasselhoff.

2.) 31 May 2024 15:06:08
Thanks for the information eds2 ??.

3.) 31 May 2024 15:27:09
They are advertising for a set piece coach on LinkedIn, any takers? Mk maybe?

4.) 31 May 2024 18:42:30
I got my coaching badges out of a cereal box mate ? think I’m under qualified!

5.) 31 May 2024 19:04:16
Severely, MKS.

6.) 31 May 2024 22:07:09
Oil, I’ve coached u11’s Judo and taught PE to 7 year olds. That’s got to get me an interview at least right?

7.) 01 Jun 2024 10:10:37
Ole managed to land the Utd job with less qualifications and experience than you, MK. So I would say you're good to go ??.

8.) 01 Jun 2024 13:57:01
Indeed, @Dracred. All Ole needed was Rio to "endorse" him the way he did and there he went, lol.

@MKS, I would have hired you of the judo experience with the kiddies alone, lol.



19 May 2024 19:23:14
Wow that was emotional! Not going to lie had to hide a tear in the pub.


{Ed025's Note - nothing wrong with that mate..

1.) 19 May 2024 19:43:28
I was cutting onions also, however once again Klopp made me smile and see the positives! Jürgen Norbert Klopp, thank you, YNWA.

2.) 19 May 2024 19:54:10
Truely blessed to have that man as our manger for 9 years.

3.) 19 May 2024 20:16:05
Klopp is a beautiful human being. I’m not going to lie I got emotional during the send off after the match. The guy literally sang the song of Arne Slot and got the fans to join in. Then urged the fans to get behind the new gaffer.

Klopp, it was a privilege to have you as a manager. Thank you for making us fans walk with our heads held high. Thank you for the Champions League. Thank you for the Premier League. Thank you for all the other trophies we won. Thank you for some unforgettable nights. And thank you for turning us from doubters to believers.

YNWA Jurgen Norbert Klopp.

4.) 19 May 2024 20:54:16
For me, I thought it would be worse with the onions BUT I think all went well.

Nice touch from Klopp to welcome Arne Slot to the club with a really good song, as well.

Again, honor, dignity and care for others till the very end!

5.) 19 May 2024 23:38:44
He delivered exactly what he had promise to all during his first interview "turn the doubters into believers"

That's a real top bloke right there.

Final season. We won only one. But I believe most of us believed we should have won more, even the league title.

I love you man!

6.) 20 May 2024 00:51:35
Incredible scenes and a great speach from Klopp, one I can only describe as, real? he spoke from the heart and always has done in my opinion. He's one of us, always was and always will be. Now get that statue up. Some people are daft enough to not appreciate a legend of the club but the vast majority of us are well aware of what he's done for us and how far he took us. Not just a great manager but a great person. He will be missed.

7.) 20 May 2024 10:54:52
I have it on good authority that Jürgen was a bad, bad man forever telling lies, tapping players up and coveting the Chelsea Academy. As a matter of fact, I read That frequently on this very site.




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15 Jul 2024 12:21:29
I actually thought that Marc Guehi was one of Englands stand out players.




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14 Jul 2024 16:30:46
Why would we lower his price that we have set. He is a very good player by all accounts and we have a contract with the player for another 2 years so If no one wants to pay what we are asking then he stays and sees out his contract it’s as simple as that!




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12 Jul 2024 23:46:52
People are allowed to change the minds June.




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09 Jul 2024 10:56:46
Great update thank you Ed’s:2 ??.




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06 Jul 2024 09:57:20
Does that mean vvd is not going to sign a new contract or not going to get offered a contract eds2?


{Ed002's Note - No. Liverpool need to make provision for the future.}




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12 Jul 2024 23:47:47
Haha love it!




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12 Jul 2024 12:50:46
Am tall as well and had growing pains a lot in my teens so I can understand what he’s going through. Am sure he will be good this season. Looking forward to seeing him a lot more.




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12 Jul 2024 09:20:48
Plus we have Sepp van den Berg who is 22. Don’t know what you’re worrying for!




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11 Jul 2024 08:32:38
Why are the families anywhere near the Colombian fans for gods sake! If anyone tried to hurt my family am go in without even thinking about it!




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08 Jul 2024 09:13:04
You make it sound like these players only ever play on the left wing. The players you have listed can play in other positions so I don’t see your problem. Gordon is good but there are better players out there like Nico Williams.




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