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09 Jun 2024 12:14:56
Trent extended to 2029.

The colonel

1.) 09 Jun 2024 12:38:25
Not yet. His agent has some demands concerning the structure and amount of bonuses. These do not seem to represent a major problem and he should, as has been talked about on the internet, extend his contract until 2029.

2.) 09 Jun 2024 14:10:04
Where you seeing this lads? not on social media and can't find anything on the net.

3.) 09 Jun 2024 19:39:29
Is that THE Colonel? Unlucky fried Kitten?

4.) 09 Jun 2024 20:22:38
Reminds me of that old joke. Why’s a date with Katie Price like getting a take away from KFC? Once you’ve done with the breast and the thighs, you’re left with a greasy bucket to stick your bone in.

{Ed025's Note - love it VV..

5.) 10 Jun 2024 06:23:48
@VV please leave it for down the pub.

Disappointing misogyny. Surprised this got posted.

Maybe the eds should decide what this platform is going to be and for who. This is not why I come here.

I'm not prudish but there's a time and a place.

{Ed025's Note - fair enough if thats how you feel jay, but it does seem that you cant open your mouth these days without offending someone, the PC police dont allow jokes or humorous observations now, i can actually see your point on this one mate and i apologize for posting it as it obviously caused offence..

6.) 10 Jun 2024 08:05:15
Be offended if you want Jay that's fine but don't try and stand on a high and mighty horse and think you're better than everyone, it was a funny joke, get over yourself, massive reason for this country and world now being like it is is because of people like you having to be offended and letting everyone know about it.

7.) 10 Jun 2024 08:07:02
Why are you apologising ED25, nothing to apologise for, , you are playing exactly into what someone who does this wants, sad sad times when it comes to this, please don't go down a pub or even outside if something like demands an apology, my god.

8.) 10 Jun 2024 08:13:40
Don’t apologise for a snowflake ed these people are what’s failing with society desperate for attention and cry for a small joke you should put him back in his box. Probably wears hi vis and stands in motorways for greta or tells kids it’s ok to be gay.

9.) 10 Jun 2024 08:28:01
I see who's voting for Reform this year. There'll be a rush for the Boris Trump username.

10.) 10 Jun 2024 08:38:05
No, it’s actually cretins like you that are failing society. It is perfectly fine to be gay. Grow up.

11.) 10 Jun 2024 08:40:52
Jokes are outa order now? what is the world coming to? God help our kids.

12.) 10 Jun 2024 08:57:18
Wow. 'Tells kids it's ok to be gay. '

Eds, can I put my snowflake hat on and ask that this user be banned? Both the above users think the world is the way it is because of people like me complaining, but they aren't learning anything. Absolutely embarrassing. I completely agreee with Jay and I thought Ed25 apology was appropriate, and well said.

13.) 10 Jun 2024 09:09:13
I like the idea that you can “stand on a high and mighty horse”. You’d need good balance.

@Victor - I appreciate it was an attempt at a joke. Personally I think it is as funny as anthrax but I was wondering would you tell it if Kate Perry was in the room? Serious question.

14.) 10 Jun 2024 09:11:52
Max, when the best insult they can offer is "snowflake", I wouldn't bother with them. They'll be calling people "woke" next.

YNWA. Unless you're different. Never thought a page for Liverpool fans would get so right wing.

15.) 10 Jun 2024 09:12:50
Max on the contrary by your token you’d ban comedy and general humour. If you’d been to a comedy show you’d witness humour far more cutting. It was a joke, hardly offensive.

16.) 10 Jun 2024 09:21:27
It's ok to be and do whatever you please but it's not ok to push views on people who have differing views, be offended, that's very sad if being offended by a joke makes someone cry out for attention, be offended and move on, don't push it on others to go along with it being wrong to tell a joke, I neither laughed or was offended by the joke and simply scrolled on without care, until I saw that garbage about an apology, also the comment about reform Britain was pretty crass, I will probably make some have a melt down as I'm someone who hasn't their eyes closed to the overcrowding of this country, and thinks the boats that cross these waters should be turned straight around at British waters (so racist i bet) but that crap can be kept off a football site.

17.) 10 Jun 2024 09:27:18
Max, that is exactly the problem, ban him he doesn't agree with us, it's his view right or wrong, I have a gay step son and didn't care of his view, it is a comment I choose to ignore, do the same and save yourself some stress. This agenda push that everyone should accept everyone will never work, the world is full of very different people and no one will ever have the same views, accept it and make peace with it, sad but true.

18.) 10 Jun 2024 09:50:52
If you’re going to create culture wars by telling misogynistic jokes at least make them funny so there can be a reason to debate it. That one was lame.

19.) 10 Jun 2024 09:51:49
Homophobia isn’t something to be ignored though is it? It should be called out for what it is. Which is absolutely abhorrent.

20.) 10 Jun 2024 10:00:52
Is it too soon to tell the one about the Irishman, the black man, the transexual and the boy that identified as a toaster?

21.) 10 Jun 2024 10:08:02
Wasn’t being homophobic whatsoever I was making a point about pushing views on people which is what these people love to do oh I’m right agree with me I apologise if I offended anybody but I have no problem with gays or anybody I just don’t like people who push ideologies onto others, forcing people to apologise for making a joke I was generalising and making a joke back saying these are the type of people who do these things, obviously went over some of your brains.

22.) 10 Jun 2024 10:29:29
Neither me, Jay or Ed 25 was pushing an ideology onto anyone. It's about time and place. And yes, some people are too easily offended, but you should always listen when someone says they're offended - don't blame them for feeling that way.

I didn't mind the joke at all. If I'd heard it in the pub I wouldn't have protested even though it's not funny. My problem is that women and children probably use this forum. It was inappropriate. We're trying to get more women into football, and so telling jokes like that was not ok for a football forum. Jay could be a woman. Ed 25 was right to apologise. Next we have people ranting about snowflakes, agendas and immigrant boats that need to be turned back.

I repeat my request to ban that user - that's not me pushing my agenda on him, it's me saying this site is not an appropriate place. If we met in person we'd probably get along, but you can't be posting stuff like that, offending people, then blaming people who call it out for causing all the world's problems.

23.) 10 Jun 2024 10:56:04
so anyway. there used to be a game we talked about called football and we go t wonderfully distracted from 'the real world' by being able to talk about who was joining or who might be joining the thing that unites us here - Liverpool FC (apart from Ed2 of course, who we all know is a rep for the 'Out on Loan Chelsea Academy') maybe we could all just relax and go back to making up rumours. No.? I'll get my coat!

24.) 10 Jun 2024 11:01:35
Cant be banning the bloke for telling a joke either.

25.) 10 Jun 2024 09:43:57
It was Katie Price, WDW, not Perry and yes, I would say it to her face as she has had more “gentlemen friends” than Tanguy Nbombele has had hot meals, and I can assure you that is a very very very large number that could take the best mathematicians years to calculate.

26.) 10 Jun 2024 11:33:11
------------This thread is going to be removed--------------

27.) 10 Jun 2024 11:38:08
Am I banned? It should be max banned he’s clearly the instigator who has blown something up ten times worst than it should be. I apologised for a silly comment has that guy? He’s still adding fuel to the fire.

{Ed001's Note - you should really learn when to shut up. Talking about how your 'joke' went over everyone's brains, when it just wasn't funny. It was moronic. Give it up now and give us a break.}

28.) 10 Jun 2024 11:59:30
@The colonel

You say you “have no problem with gays”

But earlier you say you do have a problem with telling “kids it’s ok to be gay”

So which is it? ?

I agree politics should maybe be left aside of a footbal forum, however there is a line where it crosses between politics and societal issues. And homophobia should be called out for what it is!

29.) 10 Jun 2024 12:30:24
Now what I expected when I logged on this morning.

30.) 10 Jun 2024 12:32:52
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

31.) 10 Jun 2024 13:35:51
So telling kids it’s okay to be gay is pushing an agenda down their throats? Opinions such as these make me despair of humanity.

32.) 10 Jun 2024 14:12:56
It was a joke
Jokes can be offensive
Someone was offended
Ed apologised - good on him.

Why not leave it at that? No need to escalate it.

33.) 10 Jun 2024 14:23:34
What is wrong with everyone? Seriously. Let it go and move on. We all had our two minutes of attention, now let's move on back to what really matters. Trent's extension.

I've been on here for probably 15 years now and I know one thing. What anyone says here is not going to change anybody's hard held opinion on anything. So that's why I say, and always think, "let the freaking thing go". Leave the sermons and objections for Sundays at another venue.

34.) 10 Jun 2024 15:54:44
I think we're all just more tuned in to things that can be offensive if we have loved ones or friends who are sensitive to certain triggers.

My missus has an eating disorder so the worst thing on this thread for her to read would be the joke about Ndombele loving food! But I'm not going to kick off about it because most people just simply don't understand and being ignorant of certain 'triggers' does not make you a bad person.

Kiss and make up lads. No homo (unless that's your thing) ?.

35.) 10 Jun 2024 17:04:10
So…… is Trent signing a new contract or not? Lol.

36.) 10 Jun 2024 18:52:14
Yeah, I actually tried to apologise earlier but it didn't get posted. Shouldn't have asked to get someone banned. No hard feelings lads!

37.) 10 Jun 2024 19:11:03
No wonder comedy is terrible nowadays when people are so easily offended.

38.) 10 Jun 2024 19:45:08
DK97, I think he will but that does not necessarily negate a move to Real Madrid in my mind. It will just make it more expensive for Madrid to get the man they want. Real Madrid is such an overpowering suction machine of top quality football talent that very few teams or players can resist if and when they come calling.

39.) 10 Jun 2024 19:46:57
To be fair MK I feel uncomfortable with fat shaming too, I personally don’t think it’s okay with folks saying they’re only having a harmless little laugh, only certain people who conform to and perform certain norms can make jokes like that at other peoples’ expense (read: people who deviate from that norm), I mean klopp literally had that sit down talk with the founder of that queer lfc fan society discussing how hurtful certain chants are and how it made them feel ostracised by fellow Liverpool fans…would it be right to tell them to not be so sensitive and that the rent boys thing is just a bit of banter to rile up the opposition?

People can say that discussions like this have no place on a football site (and I suspect those same people are by and large straight men who feel menaced by these conversations) but examples such as the above demonstrate the fallacy of such thinking, the fact is that there are all sorts of fans and it’s not up to the majority to decide whether their concerns warrant attention, because all this ‘stop shoving your queer feminist agenda down my throat! ’ stuff just sounds like shrill paranoiac defensiveness and a refusal to engage with the fact that the way we behave can be hurtful towards other people

Is this simply preaching and sermonising? I dunno, but my own feeling is that this game isn’t some sort of escapist sanctuary cloistered from society nor should it be treated as such (I thought the politics of the game and the class cleavages between different areas were already in plain sight with the differences between ultras groups), clearly it is riddled with all the problems that we see everywhere else

And to return to the subject…yes I would love for Trent to extend of course

Sorry if this comes across as sanctimonious, virtue signalling is irritating but I think genuine attempts at debating the ethics of being a football fan are worthwhile.

40.) 10 Jun 2024 19:49:26
"Probably wears hi vis and stands in motorways for greta or tells kids it’s ok to be gay".

I was under the impression it was perfectly acceptable to be gay in this day and age, or are we going back to the 'good' old days of conversion therapy or incarceration?

Jordan Henderson was ridiculed on this site for moving to a country with oppressive laws around homo sexuality and then you read comments like the one above and realise this country itself has a pretty long way to go, quite embarrassing really.

As someone else mentioned, this is an open forum accessible by all, you have no idea who is behind each username or what their situation/ beliefs etc are.

41.) 10 Jun 2024 21:32:21
Good post PB. I’m 100% with you on freedom of expression and sadly some people believe that their freedom of speech supersedes that right for others to be who they want to be without feeling oppressed. I believe everyone has the right to practice their own beliefs in private or even amongst like minded others but sometimes they should keep them to themselves in public and on online forums.

42.) 10 Jun 2024 21:58:30
Did someone say we are in the market for a right winger?

43.) 10 Jun 2024 23:32:10
My goodness, I’ve not posted for years and looked on from afar. I thought this was meant to be about football and LFC in particular.

Far too much PC and people trying to be “correct”. Get real, stop being offended and love our club without having to be so sanctimonious. I’m happy to leave this wonderful forum if its full of gen z’s.

44.) 10 Jun 2024 23:35:42
This thread hurt my brain.

45.) 11 Jun 2024 00:47:47
My best mate is a head teacher in a secondary school and I can tell you the whole ‘you can be whatever gender or sexuality you want’ is screwing up our kids. He’s told me stories of kids regularly switching genders and sexualities because they are being conditioned by society to think that if they don’t feel comfortable or accepted they can just become the opposite gender or change sexualities and it will solve their problems. Guess what? It doesn’t.

Of course it’s ok to be gay or transsexual but we have to be very careful about what we are telling kids of a very impressionable age because it is destroying their mental health. They don’t know who they are, what they want to be or what they are supposed to be.

I really didn’t want to get involved in this but it’s something I feel extremely strongly about. You lot who want to push this agenda of being whatever you want are seriously doing more harm than good. Let the kids be kids and work out who they are before encouraging them to make these kind of life changing decisions.

Anyway I’ve said my piece, now back to football.

46.) 11 Jun 2024 02:06:12
Yeah, unfortunately the same for me hsf. My god.

47.) 11 Jun 2024 04:26:28
That’s a very interesting take concerning the disorientation that young people face and the solutions the world offers them to escape it, bp, not going to expand upon this conversation further here, but I just want to reiterate that when certain posters indicate their annoyance that this forum isn’t strictly about football…

I would like to think that football encompasses more than simply eleven men chasing and kicking a ball and transfer windows, and that the evolution of the game is not simply tactical, but human and social, asking a fan to check who they are at the door when they pull on the kit and support their team is easier said than done when they’re stigmatised every day for it, even in the stands, for some this whole notion of football being an escapist past time when everything else is horrible outside those 90 minutes is just a fantasy which is not available to them.

Is it so bad to arrive at a broader understanding of the differences between folks who support our beautiful club? I don’t think so, but that’s probably the last I’ll repeat myself in this thread.

{Ed001's Note - it is like saying we have to not talk about a player being racially abused, as that is not strictly football. Or when idiots make homophobic chants about Brighton fans, should we just ignore that because it is not really about football?}

48.) 11 Jun 2024 19:19:12
I used to live and study in Hawai’i in 2009 and I recall an awesome and enlightening convo with a professor at University of Hawai’i for cross-cultural and indigenous psychology. He was an advocate for indigenous rights and as a native Hawaiian he obviously felt strongly about lifting the voice of native Hawaiians. He used to talk about things like cultural appropriation and how it was damaging for Hawaiian culture, how native language was being butchered and mis-pronounced in mainstream media.

This thread has brought back vivid memories of his response when I asked him what drives him to be such a strong advocate today (at that time) . And this was in a time before the word woke was a thing, but applying today’s logic to his kind of advocacy I suppose you could describe his thinking and his approach as woke, that his atttiide was that of a snowflake, he is being too easily offended etc.

Anyways his response was along the lines of - “I am a strong voice today because for generations our people were forced into silence. then when we found a voice, but for generations we were marginalized and we stayed tolerant. now is a new generation, we are using our voice and after generations of suppression followed by oppression, we aren’t scared to move forward with our own revitalization. They won’t like it and they’ll call us all this and that, but we’ve literally had centuries of this so we good”

Anyways, I share this as a thought and I suppose as a reflection for the anti-PC brigade. I’m 40 so feel like our generation crossed both the old and the new wave When people say things are too PC or woke or whatever, perhaps pause and consider whether we lived in a bubble where our perspective was the dominant and suppressive perspective.

Doesn't mean ya can’t have your opinion obviously lol just suggesting that it’s not all unicorns and butterfly kisses. There is a wider context too

Food for thought

P. s. it was a dumb joke anyways. Anything that randomly objectifies anyone as a piece of sexual meat is lame imo. Could easily make the same joke about the loads of dudes who have slept with Katie and no doubt countless other women and have no less of a rep as Katie apparently, yet we joke about the woman. Food for thought x2.

49.) 11 Jun 2024 19:48:47
I can't believ that this thread has gone on for so long.
Be offended and move on, I can't be doing with all of this drama on an LFC site, that crap is wgar twitter is for,



26 May 2024 16:48:44
Is it true that Diaz represents have met Barcelona and they could buy him? I thought they was skinny?

The colonel

1.) 26 May 2024 17:14:21
Be a shame if he goes as he’s exciting to watch and far from our worst player. But if he wants the move (and his Dad has certainly made out he does) then he is probably quite easily replaceable. We’ll get a big chunk of cash for him, and there is an embarrassment of riches right now in terms of top left wingers. If he goes then Kvaratskhelia is who I think we should go for but there is plenty of options out there so the club will have plenty of choice.

2.) 26 May 2024 17:47:47
In my opinion he can be exciting but equally frustrating in that there’s plenty of energy and endeavour but lacking in end product. Sounds like he’s been pushing for a move to Barcelona for a while now. What will be will be.

3.) 26 May 2024 18:19:17
Diaz has been very good this season but with his miss rate I think the right price move him on.

4.) 26 May 2024 18:30:08
If they can find someone daft enough to take Raphinha off their hands then I can see it happening. I think we’d probably look at Summerville given that Leeds haven’t gone up.

5.) 26 May 2024 19:19:51
Rumours now saying Summerville and Archie Gray.
I’m not convinced Summerville is good enough and Gray is too young and in my opinion a player we don’t need.
What’s everyone’s thoughts on the duo?
And if possible Ed1 what’s your views on this being realistic and your opinion on how good these two are.

{Ed001's Note - both are very raw and neither look quite ready for a team challenging for the title to me.}

6.) 26 May 2024 20:03:12
I assume he has told Edwards and Slot he wants to leave and they gave him permission to talk to Barcelona? Or is this just Barcelona trying to spread enough of a rumour that it turns Diaz head. I don't like this South American attitude that Barcelona is the destination and Lfc is a step on the way. p. poor to say i want to play for Barcelona when you play for Liverpool.

7.) 26 May 2024 20:05:45
Our transfer targets cannot be guys like Gray and Yoro. We need to use our own academy to pad out the squad, and spend money on players ready to improve our starting XI.

8.) 26 May 2024 20:25:34
Watched Leeds 2day and thought summerville and gray both v poor. Neither looked near ready for jump to a champ league team. Obviously it couldve been just bad day for the pair and the team but to replace diaz with summerville at present time is putting us backwards not forwards.

9.) 26 May 2024 18:08:35
Can Barcelona even afford him ED002. I imagine he'll be 60 - 70 million.

Can they afford that?
Have I overvalued him?

Personally I'd be disappointed to see him go because if he adds better end product he is going to be one of the best on the planet. Definitely a keeper in my book.

{Ed002's Note - Sure - their issue is largely wages. They meed to make space.}

10.) 26 May 2024 22:04:58
Definitely a player I think we can do without, lots of fancy skill but not enough end product and at an age when that's unlikely to improve regardless of what Davey Sulls thinks. Take Barcelona for as much as possible and spend it well, Coutinho style!

11.) 26 May 2024 22:27:49
Diaz is the one we should build our frontline around. Always looks better when getting lots of the ball. I’d move every forward we have on before Diaz given form and injury records.

{Ed025's Note - really Brummy?, bit of a headless chicken for me mate, fast and has a bit of skill but i get the feeling he does not know what he is actually doing most of the time...but maybe thats just me..

12.) 26 May 2024 22:10:21
Summerville isn’t an upgrade he’s bang average at best and was awful today.
Just hope Arni doesn’t bring in dross like ten pints Eric has done down the east lancs.

13.) 27 May 2024 04:48:31
Can anybody answer the OP’s original question?

{Ed001's Note - his reps have met Barca yes. No idea if they could or would want to buy him, but he does want to go there. }

14.) 27 May 2024 03:10:00
Ed, tbh he do look good when he first coming to the club and when Mane move to the CF position. Don't really know what happen to that player. Maybe it was injury that happen to him after that. Now he do look like he can dribble past few players and then doesn't know what to do after that.

15.) 27 May 2024 06:17:59
I don't know if anyone not noticing it, but his dad has been yapping a lot about wanting his son to play at Barca. Diaz has been quiet about it, but his dad has talk about Barcelona a lot.

16.) 27 May 2024 07:09:03
mfahmee2 I think it's you not noticing it, his dad has been banging on for ages about playing for Barca, the Columbians even kidnapped him to shut him up because he was doing everybody's head in.

17.) 27 May 2024 08:06:32
MK Scouser-It seems to me that LFC want to position themselves similarly to a club like Dortmund or RBL, so that we can attract the very best future prospects like Bellingham.

We bought Nallo but maybe Yoro is a few steps further down the line and is ready for men's football? He could be worth 50m after only 1 season at a bigger club, but again, Real are the first choice of so many young players. Perhaps though, we could compete with them if we offer a faster route to the first team and trophies.

18.) 27 May 2024 09:23:28
Straight swap for de jong,

19.) 27 May 2024 09:37:36
Who knows what background and possible struggles a player has endured, and why they may have the dreams that they do.
If Diaz and family want to go, then make sure Barcelona are fleeced for as much as possible.

We need more clinical/ consistent goal scorers next season, and I personally would be glad to see an additional player bought in to bed in prior to Mo's possible departure in a year's time.
Ed's any ideas if FSG will allow Mo to leave on a free, and how does a club manage/ play such situations when a player wants to run a contract down whilst the club wants to get a fee?

20.) 27 May 2024 09:36:38
Get rid of him. Lots of skill like Ed says but zilch end product. Finds himself in great positions constantly and squanders a lot of opportunities. He’s light years away from the quality of Manè too. Summerville isn’t an upgrade, but would be a good addition to the squad. A quality replacement would need to be factored in. Who that is I don’t know.

21.) 27 May 2024 10:29:10
Ed1, do you think that if Diaz is to be sold, just use Gakpo to replace him? he's been very good in last few matches on the left. I just want to see what he can do if he is allow to play on the left on full time instead of moving around without a fix position.

{Ed001's Note - I would play Gakpo on the left anyway, rather than Diaz. More end product. }

22.) 27 May 2024 11:19:41
Looking at all the reports today after Leeds failed to gain promotion, it seems Summerville is very much the favourite to sign for us if Diaz does go. Apparently Slot is a big fan. At least we have Gakpo and Jota who can play LW in case there is a long bedding in period.

{Ed002's Note - Crysencio Summerville (RW/LW) Leeds have no interest in selling but his agent is looking for a step up and speaking with clubs about him - he has certainly approached Chelsea and Spurs and I suspect others. Bayer Leverkusen have spoken directly with Leeds. Agent is close to Aston Villa and the City Football Group. Any move will likely depend on promotion being gained or not and now a move seems like even though Leeds will look for a new contract. I am not aware of Liverpool making any approach yet but I understand Slot is a fan of the youngster from advice given to him by Sipke Hulshoff - who knows him well. If he were to replace Salah, there has to be an element of risk but he may become first choice.}

23.) 27 May 2024 11:02:19
Ed001 I agree. Their stats are very similar TBH in terms of games/ goals. Stick with Gakpo on the left, Nunez and Jota can also play there, but Gakpo can also do a job upfront if needed soore versatile than Diaz. If Diaz is agitating for a move then get top dollar and buy that new top class DM that we really need.

24.) 27 May 2024 11:55:03
Thank for amazing responses guys I don’t think we need to buy a replacement we have gakpo who is much better and is natural in the tactic of left winger. We can bring back carvalho and we have lots of cover then because jones jota and Nunez can play position carvalho has scored over ten games I recall which is very good returns on record so we can take money and update the defensive side of the situation.

25.) 27 May 2024 12:14:34
“we have gakpo who is much better”

Is he “much better”?

Gakpo has blown very hot and cold but did finish the season well to be fair to him. Jury still out for me on Gakpo personally

I think overall Diaz had a better season and with a slice more luck would have had at least 5 more goals (hit the woodwork a lot) .

26.) 27 May 2024 12:52:20
Yes navy I do believe gakpo to be better he has been playing at striker not his natural ability he likes left winger and is when he plays his best ball, carvalho and szob could also go out to there and alternator.

27.) 27 May 2024 13:41:04
I’d sell Diaz just because of his dad. I mean the bloke has disrespected our club! We bent over backwards to help Diaz through the terrible times and rightly so. We paid to bring his dad here to this country and the thanks we get is his dad constantly talking about his son moving else where while our season was falling apart. I just think Diaz should have told his dad to shut up at least untethered season was finished! Move him on and find someone who wants to play for our club.

28.) 27 May 2024 16:30:07
Ed 25 you must not have seen the other headless chickens we have up top then ? best of a bad bunch is Diaz imo.

{Ed025's Note - he is certainly a threat Brummy but i must say that if i was picking the side i would replace him with Darwin mate..




The colonel's banter posts with other poster's replies to The colonel's banter posts


10 Jul 2024 21:26:09
Got to love Southgate England the dominant team first half now they've been told to play for penalties.

The colonel

1.) 10 Jul 2024 21:58:56
You were saying.

2.) 10 Jul 2024 21:59:13
And yet he gets away with.


Maybe Southgate is secretly a football genius and everyone else is wrong?

3.) 10 Jul 2024 22:03:54
Remember it’s always best to post nonsense like this once the game is finished otherwise you’ll look foolish.

4.) 10 Jul 2024 22:15:03
Congrats to England ? another final for Southgate. Let's hope this time we win at last ?.

5.) 10 Jul 2024 22:23:26
Another disappointing victory.
Ah well ?.

6.) 10 Jul 2024 22:34:15
My thoughts are with The Colonel and Jaguar at this difficult time.

7.) 10 Jul 2024 22:35:59
SR, he's no genius. The players have simply been saving his hide by gradually playing closer to the level they usually play at.

8.) 10 Jul 2024 22:39:58
Personally feel he has got away with one again. Time and time again he gets figured out mid game and has no answer. The Dutch were poor tonight and a great striker's goal has seen it through.

I might be being harsh on him, but I just don’t rate him at all. But having said all that there is hope that they might just get over the line on Sunday.

9.) 10 Jul 2024 22:45:03
Aray, but when the players weren't playing well, that was Southgate's fault? It all makes sense.

10.) 10 Jul 2024 22:45:57
Aye, the players saved him. The players he picked. Were some of you expecting Southgate to play and win the game himself?

11.) 10 Jul 2024 22:50:09
Hopefully he's working his way into consideration for the Man U job when Seven Hag has them 11th mid season.

12.) 10 Jul 2024 22:52:40
My thoughts are with all those who gave Southgate dogs abuse for his attire and being the only England manager to get them into two finals ?.

13.) 10 Jul 2024 23:31:41
The squad is superb and any average manager should be getting to the final as a minimum. The problem is fans have with Southgate is that the style of play is pedestrian and unexciting. He seems paralysed when changes are clearly needed. When he does make changes and achieves a balance in the team he then reverses it back to the pedestrian style the next game. But mostly we know that a good manager such as Klopp would not only have that squad in the final, they’d be battering teams and it would be entertaining. Anyway. I wish him all the best on Sunday. If we win, I won’t care lol.

14.) 11 Jul 2024 00:28:39
Maybe Southgate is an absolute genius and nobody else can see it.

15.) 10 Jul 2024 21:47:19
Spain will rip either one to shreds! I can’t wait.

16.) 10 Jul 2024 22:56:07
Some people are just better at internattonal management. Are you saying Southgate has fluked 2 finals? While other “great” England managers couldn’t manage one between them?

17.) 10 Jul 2024 23:25:46
It can't be a good place to be when you can't give Sir Gareth or his team some credit for reaching the final. I know there is a a lot of egg on a lot of faces but it's only your pride messing with you.
Put it behind you, give Spain and England some credit and look forward to the final, whoever you want to win it.

18.) 10 Jul 2024 23:29:42
The tactics of having a “Striker” on for 70 mins doing absolutely jack that the opposition get bored to death forget they are playing a game then putting on an actual player who has been making them runs all season is genius! Imagine if he had a player on the bench who has one hell of a right peg who could pick out them runs in the final… no it’s just Kane and Walker again, ok.

19.) 11 Jul 2024 02:56:52
Sorry, I still think Southgate is a bad coach. Could he get Switzerland out the group stages, let alone get to the quarter finals? I think not. He has the benefit of having players who can change a game with moments of quality, his one redeeming quality is making England hard to score against and hard to counter attack because of his painfully slow and conservative style when on the ball, and then hoping that his players get him a result. England could well win the whole thing but can anybody say that the team played well, or that any single player played well through the tournament? Of course there will be people who say it doesn’t matter, but I’ve yet to see any proof that England getting this far is because of superior acumen on the part of Southgate.

20.) 11 Jul 2024 05:59:19
They call him southgoat now, football genius.

21.) 11 Jul 2024 07:01:58
Whatever criticisms come his way, he's made two finals now - who else has done that for England?

England played much better last night though only clicked when they got the most ridiculous penalty i've ever seen given at a major competition - that 'decision' gave England the momentum and knocked the absolute stuffing out of Holland - before that, the game was the sort of scrappy semi final you would expect

Saka played well, Foden too especially when he drifted more out to the right - who knew eh? Was wasted on the left.

Trippier awful - could Saka not have been better at lwb and maybe Trent as the rwb?

Amazing too how much more fluid England looked when Watkins came on for Kane - great finish too to be fair, right at the death.

22.) 11 Jul 2024 07:13:42
Worse penalties in the PL Bill.

23.) 11 Jul 2024 07:55:16
Come on lads, cheer up. We’ve binned off the tories and if England win the tournament then there has to be a good chance that Southgate ends up as United manager as they love that kind of thing. Win win as far as I’m concerned.

24.) 11 Jul 2024 10:25:00
If England win and Southgate doesn’t get the United job I’m holding you personally accountable, Viktor.

25.) 11 Jul 2024 12:02:52
Irish, that's a mighty high bar that you've set; just getting to the final in a tournament. Is that the highest that the English can and should aspire to? What happened to winning? Just getting to the final is enough to walk around beating your chest? ?.

{Ed025's Note - but to win anything you have to get to the final first ArAy so up to now its job done mate, if we lose its a failure and if we win its success..thats just the way it is..

26.) 11 Jul 2024 14:50:24
ArAy, the point is that all the other managers since SAR couldn't even get to a final.



08 Jul 2024 22:47:30
Does anyone else think this euros has been the worst international tournament ever? No individual ability just passing the ball really slow it's reminds me of the Simpsons joke about football when it's just being passed in circles.

I think football in general has gone this way and is extremely boring to watch compared to the peak 20 years ago. Just go And watch united arsenal when Keane started in the tunnel for instince, players flying into tackles wingers running up and down full backs running with the ball. Nowadays it's static and crap does anyone agree or am I just getting old?

The colonel

1.) 09 Jul 2024 00:40:50
Are we witnessing the begging of the end?

2.) 09 Jul 2024 04:14:05
Try watching the copa America instead. It has been very exciting.

3.) 09 Jul 2024 04:23:12
It's difficult to compare historical Euro Championships as they keep adding more and more teams every 2 decades or so. But.

From 1960-1976 there were only four teams.
1960 - 17 goals.
1964 - 13 goals.
1968 - 7 goals.
1972 - 10 goals.
1976 - 19 goals.

From 1980-1992 there were only eight teams.
1980 - 27 goals.
1984 - 41 goals.
1988 - 34 goals.
1992 - 32 goals.

From 1996 - 2012 there were 16 teams.
1996 - 64 goals.
2000 - 85 goals.
2004 - 77 goals.
2008 - 77 goals.
2012 - 76 goals.

From 2016-Present there have been 24 teams.
2016 - 108 goals.
2020 - 142 goals.
2024 - 108 goals so far (Yes, I manually counted them as google kept showing own goal stats instead. )

So as you can see 2024 is going to surpass 2016 for goals so I wouldn't say it's been the most boring ever, I mean it could have been 1968, which also included an extra match as they had to replay the final lol.

4.) 09 Jul 2024 04:26:02
Football has changed. Not for the better imo. But at its best, it's still a thrilling game. I will add this tho. the standard of reffing, with the exception of a couple of refs, has been great to see. Less rolling about and more getting on with it. Less tolerance. Hopefully the PL have taken note. They seemed to the last time the tournament was played but it didn't last beyond Christmas.

5.) 09 Jul 2024 06:51:28
I really enjoyed the Euros, but when the "smaller" teams where still playing.

They seemed to have played with more purpose and with an attacking mindset.

The "bigger" teams have all been really really boring, other than Spain.

The constant sideways and backwards passing really made for a boring game

We have all heard of "Death by Chocolate", we'll it seems the "bigger" teams played a style of "Death by Possession"

Teams like Croatia, Austria, Switzerland really played some entertaining football.

The problem is that they do not have the world class players who are able to make a difference out of nothing.

6.) 09 Jul 2024 06:56:21
I think they should increase the number of teams to 32 and get rid of this god awful “best 3rd place finishes qualify” rule. All that does is encourage teams to play for draws because 3rd can be enough. So just add another 2 groups of 4 and say only the top 2 from every group qualify.

Then you end up with a load of really defensive sides in the knock out stages who play for penalties in the last 16. Ruins the whole thing in my opinion just by having that 3rd place rule. You don’t get many good exciting games until the last 8.

Might also then see some higher scoring games as it gives the smaller football nations a better chance of qualifying. Countries like Northern Ireland, Finland, Estonia etc. Not that I want them to qualify to get battered, but it is always fun to see more goals. Also makes it less likely that decent teams like Greece and Wales would completely miss out on qualification.

That’s my opinion, anyway.

7.) 09 Jul 2024 07:23:41
It's a results business.
I've got to be honest, if I'm watching Liverpool I want us to win. I'd sooner win 1-0 than take part in a 3-3 thriller. If I'm a neutral watcher I'd prefer a 3-3 thriller.
If England win it, Sir Gareth won't be remembered as much for the boring football he played.

8.) 09 Jul 2024 08:57:25
Spot on, JLC. Teams like Albania and Georgia played some free flowing footie and went for games. That being said, that's their best chance cos the bigger teams have higher objectives (sorry, England need not apply here) hence, play with a bit more caution hence, some of the boring stuff they have served up with Spain and Germany playing some great stuff and taking risks in order to win games and entertain.

Personally, I disagree wih the OP as I have actually enjoyed the Euros. The worst Euros I have watched so far is the 2012 edition. A month I am NEVER getting back.

9.) 09 Jul 2024 09:45:08
England is of the one of the last four teams in the tournament. What do you think England's objective is, Oli?

10.) 09 Jul 2024 10:20:26
Yeah totally agree.
Death by possession seems to be the current trend.
Doesn’t make for good watching.
It’s more like watching chess.
No flair, no risks, no tricks, no passion.

11.) 09 Jul 2024 12:22:56
Rigsby, they may have wanted to win it BUT they don't play like it even tho, they are cautious. In IMO, they seem to s-house their way through games and if that is their strategy for achieving their "objective" then, good luck with to them with that.

12.) 09 Jul 2024 12:45:57
England is not the only boring team in the last four let alone the tournament. It's not good to watch but results are what really matter.
I think most top level football is the same. If you can win playing lovely attacking football, that's great, but the trend is towards safety first.

13.) 09 Jul 2024 15:01:39
20 other teams would love to be in Englands position.



06 Jun 2024 18:27:43
Sorry to offend any people but your national team manager is an idiota as we say. He gets rid of quansah who plays champions league football for the 3rd best English team for nobody players like dunk maguire and gueye. How does that guy even have a job and his tactics is dinosaur age I feel sorry for any English who think they have a chance this summer you have zero chance literally zero while that guy is with your team.

Plenty of good English managers too potter is a good manager but did poor at Chelsea Eddie Howe is very good, the wolves and Ipswich managers very good. Your national team does not scare any team this summer because of that guy. I think Portugal or France have strongest squad England have no chance. Scotland have better chances.

The colonel

1.) 06 Jun 2024 19:06:37
I mean I wasn’t calling you a “nut” until your last sentence.

2.) 06 Jun 2024 19:11:40
Quansah has never played Champions League football. Embarrassing again.

3.) 06 Jun 2024 19:18:24
Maguire wasn’t picked because of injury and did we really think Jarrel would be in the final squad. He’s a young man and will soon be a regular in the squad if he continues on his efforts of this season.
No issues with gueye who has done well for palace and bigger teams are looking at.
As much as it pains me to say, branthwaite is the one omission I would question, he has been extremely good. I’d have him in ahead of Dunk as the LCB option.

4.) 06 Jun 2024 19:33:47
I’ll be honest I’d rather our players weren’t picked for the Euros, but I’m quite happy for England to win as it means Brexit Jim will go for Southgate for United, and who would not want that?

5.) 06 Jun 2024 19:46:32
Sure quansah is Still there, Southgate Said he was and more likely a back up incase of injuries. How the fook has Shaw made the squad. Expect gomez to play left back. Grralish needs to evaluate his position at city to get back into the team.

6.) 06 Jun 2024 20:17:27
I think the defensive selections are woeful and I’m just glad I’m not a passionate International football fan.

Stones - 111 minutes played in the last 10 games after being dropped for poor form
Trippier - barely fit and started 1 game from the last 11 league games
Shaw - missed the last 13 league games with a muscle injury and still can’t even train
Gomez - started one game in the last 8 league games and couldn’t get a sniff ahead of the dropped Quansah in his primary position
Guehi - started 1 league game since knee surgery 15 games ago and he played DM in it
Dunk - currently can’t even train due to injury and had a very poor season getting battered most weeks

The only defenders he’s picked who are both fit and have been playing well regularly this calendar year are Konsa and Walker. Meanwhile Tomori, Quansah, Branthwaite and Mitchell who all ended the season in great form and are all fully fit, are left at home. I’m sorry but it simply does not make sense to anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together.

England will almost definitely go out the first time they are drawn against a team like Spain, Portugal, France, Germany or Holland because that’s the worst defence I’ve seen since Amber Heard was in court.

{Ed014's Note - Southgate is an absolute clown, to make those decisions around the defence should see him sacked the limp biscuit!

7.) 06 Jun 2024 20:24:10
I used to watch all the England games and I was fairly passionate about it but since Southgate has been in charge I just can’t stand watching it. The bloke just irritates me and the football is the most boring I’ve ever seen. I suppose his record is ok but he is clueless so I won’t be watching England until he’s gone.

8.) 06 Jun 2024 21:05:22
A team exhibits a managers personality.
Never has that been so obvious than with Jurgen Klopp.
Southgate’s personality is dull, safe, repressed.

England have some great players but an average team.

9.) 06 Jun 2024 20:52:15
Agreed Ed014. Another I forgot to mention is Ben White. Arguably the best English defender last season and not picked because Southgate is too stubborn. If he had no other options the dreadful selections might make sense but there are several significantly better alternatives readily available. You have to question if he even watches any football seeing that. It’s really confusing as well because aside from picking Toney over Solanke (which to be fair isn’t a glaring error anyway) the rest of the squad is pretty much spot on in my opinion.

{Ed014's Note - it’s just incredulous that he’s still in the job MK, I’m really hoping United snap him up after the euros!

I honestly have no idea how he got the England job in the first place, he was woeful at club level.

10.) 06 Jun 2024 21:50:13
I'm no fan of Southgate but Ben White doesn't want to play for England so how on earth can Southgate pick him? He walked out on the squad in the middle of a tournament. There are many things you can criticize Southgate about but that isn't one of them.

11.) 06 Jun 2024 22:12:38
That’s correct Thunderbird - he made himself unavailable. The one that’s baffled me is taking Luke Shaw, injured and not kicked a ball since February.

12.) 06 Jun 2024 22:27:02
The Waist Coat is as advertised, an incompetent individual of the highest level.

13.) 06 Jun 2024 23:29:44
LOL??? @ Amber Heard! Nice one @MK.

14.) 07 Jun 2024 01:26:20
MK Wally wanted White but he wasn't interested. The defense will be England's undoing.

15.) 06 Jun 2024 21:23:38
Ed014, Southgate hasn't a clue but he's very fortunate England have one of if not the best teams at the euros. I'm keeping an eye on how he uses trent. I'm guessing a sub and possibly starting in the weaker games but with the defenders available, if he starts trent in the middle against the stronger teams England could be severely punished. Rice is integral to England having a real chance, maybe also Bellingham given his workrate.

{Ed014's Note - and we’re so unfortunate that he’s in charge of them.

He’s probably top of the list of hapless ex players who somehow keep getting jobs in management like Rooney and Lampard.

16.) 07 Jun 2024 07:45:04
Thunderbird, Southgate fell out with White at the last tournament and that's why he doesn't want to play for him. I'd imagine White believes he is owed an apology and vice versa. Not sure who's at fault, but either way you have to say it's poor man management to have one of your better defenders become disenfranchised with the international set up. I don't know the full story though so maybe you're correct. Either way, White should be there.

17.) 07 Jun 2024 10:17:52
I'm looking forward to it purely to watch some football but I won't be watching much of England. I just hate the way he has them playing, it's boring and I won't be wasting my time unless we get quite far. Don't get me wrong it'd be good to see Trent and Bellingham in action because they're interesting players but I don't have enough free time so not going to waste the time I do have watching nonsense. Southgate is bloody useless.

We aren't winning this tournament. If we do I'll hold my hands up but I will never call that man a good manager.

18.) 07 Jun 2024 10:34:23
England’s back four should be Trent, Guehi/ Branthwaite (both are good players, Branthwaite is potentially top class), Stones and Gomez.
Maguire not going is a great development for England. He is slow, turns like a rhino and simply won’t cut it against the likes of France and Spain.

19.) 07 Jun 2024 10:54:26
@the colonel

Miles off it again lad.

You’re more KFC than LFC.

20.) 07 Jun 2024 10:43:53
ED14, don't jinx it, man. Utd might just fire 7-Hag and hire The Waist Coat.

The memes will be legendary, I tell ya.

{Ed014's Note - that would be a beautiful thing Oli

21.) 07 Jun 2024 11:43:34
@Ed14, you missed out our own Stevie G in your list of crap managers. Inspirational midfielder but very poor manager.

{Ed014's Note - good point wdw ?



05 Jun 2024 13:23:02
Dom has now been labelled mediocre by his international manager after his poor performance against Ireland, what has happened to the man? Is it mental
Health maybe? He's fell off a cliff or was he not as good as we think?

The colonel

1.) 05 Jun 2024 13:54:52
this is fake news- his manager simply said that his performance was average by his standads, he never said he was mediocre, dom is the talisman for his team and their tactics involve him having a free role to affect the game in dangerous spaces, they give him the ball every opportunity they have, so i don't think the coach would be putting down his most important player and captain ahead of the euros.

2.) 05 Jun 2024 14:47:33
I've never watched Szobo play for Hungary - what position does he play for them? Is he in the Peter Beardsley role just off a main striker or is he further back as an attacking midfielder?

3.) 05 Jun 2024 14:53:10
johnny, i only saw him in the 2 nations league games against England a couple of summers ago so it may be different now, but he seemed to be in a free role back then so he was just popping up everywhere.

4.) 05 Jun 2024 15:51:20
MK is right, he has a free role sort of like messi does for argentina.

5.) 05 Jun 2024 16:48:11
Pretty much how he played against Ireland too MK. We didn't provide much challenge to him despite thieving a win, mind.

6.) 05 Jun 2024 21:40:12
He certainly scores more goals for Hungary than he does for us.




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10 Jul 2024 16:34:29
Morton has been excellent in the championship but people want to sign Wharton? Give him a season at least or is he the next clarkson?

The colonel



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07 Jul 2024 09:41:16
Never going to happen.

The colonel



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02 Jul 2024 20:17:49
Maybe will be given a chance then sis slot work with him previously?

The colonel



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01 Jul 2024 17:04:52
Ifs buts and maybes.

The colonel



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01 Jul 2024 14:58:53
I’d pick

Jaros give him a go

The colonel




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10 Jul 2024 20:55:57
Softest penalty ever or they would be 1 nil up, English paying the refs now.

The colonel



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10 Jul 2024 20:28:52
It would be better for them to get to the final and then get destroyed by a 16 year old after all the English media hype them up.

The colonel



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09 Jul 2024 20:36:57
If you took the time to listen to slots press conference or read the posts on here you’d know that he’s already he said he will not be making signings until he’s evaluated the whole squad so if we do sign players don’t expect it until August at the very earliest.

The colonel



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08 Jul 2024 11:45:22
You said vvd was awful the other night harry make your mind up.

The colonel



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07 Jul 2024 21:34:03
Overhyped bloody hell ed he was bayerns best player when they won the treble and played almost every game in your favourite position the double pivot. That’s a worse take than mine or Harry’s usual

The colonel

{Ed025's Note - im only talking about his Liverpool career Colonel, so yes he was average and over -hyped mate...oh and over paid..



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