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15 Apr 2017 12:31:50
Quick question for ed001, what do you think of Matip so far?

Personally think he's a quality defender, and think he brings a bit of composure to our back four and when he doesn't play more often than not or back line is a shower.

{Ed001's Note - he brings a calming influence, but his defending, especially heading, has not been that special. I remain unconvinced, though he is the best we have.}

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15 Apr 2017 12:44:42
Ed, do you think we would see the best of him if he had a better partner? I suppose the same could probably be said about every defender though.

{Ed001's Note - yes and yes it could. Even playing alongside Lovren would be better if either could stay fit long enough to build a partnership.}

15 Apr 2017 13:51:53
Or in front of a keeper that delivers genuine confidence to the back four something we haven't had since reina which about coincides with our defensive problems.
A defenders game changes drastically if they're always half trying to cover the keeper, you play a little bit deeper attempt awkward clearances instead of trusting the keeper with possibly a difficult back pass etc. The list goes on really but in general we lack confidence and cohesion in general at the back regardless of personel.

{Ed001's Note - strange people say that but our defensive record with Karius was good, with Matip looking class, until people got on the keeper's back. Since then, Matip has looked a lot less sure.}

15 Apr 2017 14:38:27
Yet to be convinced with Matip.

maybe to do with his injury but it can't make you look bad.

point is if we are so critical about goal keepers then the defenders aren't that far off.

The quality is more or less the same.


15 Apr 2017 14:42:18
Spot on, Ed. Karius conceded 4-7 in 7 BUT many focused on his 2 errors and got on his back cos he was "costing us the PL". As if we ever had a chance with the team we had. Klopp had to act cos it was getting out of hand with the online hacks bashing him.

People seem to forget that defending as per th back 4, requires being able to defend as a unit. That has NOT happened this season with our team as Matip and Lovren have been in and out of the side with NO real time to develop as a partnership. Couple that with a young GK coming in cold and needing time to adapt, the lack of a defensive patnership at CB and not being well-drilled as a defensive unit physically and a mentally, cannot help him regardless of his talent nor can it help the CB's and the defence as a whole.

Lloris has been great for Spurs cos their defence has been well drilled which helped him focus more on his game as a defensive unit was put in front of him. That has NOT happened yet so put a good defence in front of Karius (who is has better distribution, speed off his line, footwork and can play the high line) so he can focus on his job.

The boy is talented and I'll be happy for Klopp to give him a full go so he can imrpove BUT we must put a defence around him as well to protect him. It's NOT all down to the GK to improve your defence. It's the other way around.

15 Apr 2017 17:11:41
forget about the stats ed. karius had barely nothing to do in those games until he did and then he was awful. karius makes migs look good. i say we keep karius as backup and get an experienced keeper to replace migs. if no ones available then stick with migs. karius is going to have to slowly prove himself if he wants to be 1st choice as i only see him playing in cup games for now.

15 Apr 2017 18:36:45
Wise, You still don't get it do you? You said Karius did not have anything to do in those games. Could that be because the defence protected him which is what we have been asking for as our GK's are too exposed?

Also, the goals we conceded vs Bournmouth were due to a total team meltdown as we stopped doing our jobs and invited pressure. If you voluntarily invite pressure, your defence will collapse and that goes for almost any team. Had the defence did their jobs like they had been doing all game where Bmouth didn't have a shot on target, we would not have lost and that would have helped Karius' confidence as he learns the PL game. Again, defence does not start nor end with a good GK if your defence keeps inviting shots on target, he will crumble.

Karius has more upside and room for improvement than Migs and he is clearly talented and two mistakes in 10 games proves NOTHING to suggest that he is the guy or not or are you saying GK's should not make mistakes anymore? Sheesh!

15 Apr 2017 18:52:42
I read a lot of people saying "Karius is clearly talented".
Could someone who writes this possibly detail what leads them to this conclusion.

15 Apr 2017 21:16:15
N Red, karius didn't have anything to do because as a team we defended well, whether that's to do with the quality of the other teams or us just playing well, doesn't matter.

The point is when Karius is actually tested, he 9/ 10 always looks suspect. top 4 is more important than trying to embed karius into the team. karius had his chance, now he's just going to have to wait for the cup games or impress in pre season. with karius in goal, would we have won against stoke? no chance. we needed an actual keeper with some experiance to help us win those points.

15 Apr 2017 23:23:24
If he wasn't talented (good footwork, good distribution, speed off his line, and perfect for the high line defence we play), he would not have been voted 2nd best GK in Germany (the home of GK's presently) and first choice for a formidable German Olympic team that made the final last summer. I know he needs work BUT based on the blinder he had vs Saints in the Cup semi final, he IS clearly talented and his two mistakes in ten games don't change a thing. I know the kid can'rt do anything right in your eyes as you once said, "Karius will NEVER adapt to the PL" like you're some kind of Nostradamus. Do you have the winning lottery nos. as well? How about you wait and see b4 judging players.

Wise, You just made my point for me. The defence did it's job and it is not my prob if teams were not capable of causing us problems in those games. If you don't have a good defence, your keeper will struggle regardless of his talent.

Cos the stats don't help your case, they don't matter. Got it. By the way, which GK is out there that you can get cos this may be a shock to you: THEY'RE ALL TAKEN!

16 Apr 2017 11:24:02
Stop with the second best keeper thing, a bundesliga club does not sell the second best keeper in Germany with two years left on his contract to a premier league club for just 5 million. We got a cheap goalie who has yet to do anything to suggest we didn't get exactly what we paid for.

Karius wasn't just dropped because of a media witch-hunt he was dropped because he had done nothing to demonstrate he should be first choice.

I get the feeling he'll get a second chance next season and perhaps we'll see the keeper Klopp hoped for but right now he's behind Migs on merit which is an embarrassing place to be for a keeper.

16 Apr 2017 12:13:41
There was probably a context or an "if. then. " to my statement that he will never adapt to the premier league. I don't search other people's old comments or my own so I can't remember.
You're judging him on what he did in the Bundesliga and one game against Saints. That says a lot.
The premier league is unique in Europe that you can actually challenge the goalkeeper to a high ball. That's why performance in other leagues are not really relevant IMO.

16 Apr 2017 12:36:12
can't bring bundesliga here. Klavan was one of the best CBs there lol.



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