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07 Apr 2024 22:33:07
I know all hands will slag me off, but Mo is losing his legs. He is well off the pace of the game i know he scored a pen but other players could have taken it I love mo but father time catching up with him time to cash in i think onwards and up wards reds YNWA.

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07 Apr 2024 23:37:33
I'm not disagreeing - he looks a yard off the pace at the moment. Could be age, could be any other reason too.

07 Apr 2024 23:38:53
Fair assessment Iwillbered. You have given an opinion without disrespecting the guy, which is fine. Salah is a legend and has been exceptional for us but I’m with you on this. Every player will decline at some stage of their career. Still a good player but the facts are he is not the same player he was some years back, which again is understandable. We saw the early signs of this a few years back. Now he has visibly lost some pace it has had an impact on the way he plays. On top of that it appears his link up play, in particular his passing level has dropped. And although he will still score he is not taking a lot of chances he used to finish with ease. Saudi Arabia are apparently looking to make a bid in the region of £150 million this summer. If true, there is no way Edwards is rejecting that. Some might not like to hear that but he is accepting that bid faster than you can blink. Great player and love the guy to bits, so I would never think of insulting him. But all good things come to an end, and this summer might be his.

If Amorim is coming then I see him bringing in an out and out striker. We create loads of chances so that clearly ain’t our problem. It’s finishing those chances which is killing us and might cost us the title. I also see him bringing in two centre backs and a left back. Three of the four positions I feel we need currently play for him. Viktor Gyökeres, Inacio and Diamonde. All three of them have release clauses which means if met in full, we don’t have to negotiate with Sporting. But importantly all of them understand the 3-4-3 system Amorim deploys. As for the left back I really like the look of Rayan Aït-Nouri.

Now, I don’t want Diaz sold but too many things pointing to him leaving. Media have been talking about a possible summer exit for a while now. Also Ed2 has said he could leave, not to mention his father’s interview (do a search on youtube) about his son wanting to play for a top European side, ideally a Spanish team. So I would have Núñez in the left inside forward position and Gyökeres who will finish chances when given as the centre striker and can rotate with Jota. Szobo rotating with Elliott can play as right inside forward with freedom and creativity which he will thrive in. Trent and Bradley will cover our right back position. Aït-Nouri and Robbo will cover the other flank. Wing backs in Amorim system keep wide and push up to form a front 5 with the 3 forwards in attacking play. Two man midfield at the base sees one as the deep lying play maker who joins in the attacks but can also create from deep when needs be. Mac Allister is tailor made for this role. He can rotate with Jones. The other two man midfielder is the DM. Bajcetic and Endo can rotate. That team would see us challenging for all major honours.

07 Apr 2024 23:55:55
I'm just as worried about his finishing as I am his pace. Stats only tell part of a story, but his XG the past few weeks must be huge.

08 Apr 2024 00:43:14
He lost them earlier this season. It was at the Fulham game I really noticed it.
Defenders were out-pacing him easily.

08 Apr 2024 00:52:06
I think Mo is building match sharpness after injuries.

08 Apr 2024 01:41:23
Salah has definitely lost pace, which is understandable given his age and injury concerns of late. And I do agree that while he is a legend at the club, his time with us may have sadly passed. I think now is a good time to sell him since he is at entering the last year of his contract.

Not sure who can replace him since there is no like for like replacement out there but I would be tempted to try Szobo at RW before dipping into the transfer market. I don't think we would buy and out-and-out goalscorer but a versatile forward seems to be who we are looking at. LCB is a priority in the summer though so we should get that sorted out first.

08 Apr 2024 01:44:56
Good post Alonso.

08 Apr 2024 03:32:15
You do know he is fasting so that will affect his performances? His sharpness will soon be back to lead the charge for the title.

08 Apr 2024 07:14:48
I personally think this is nonsense. Once again I disagree with everything you say Iwillbered.

08 Apr 2024 07:52:31
Ricky, I thought the same about his fasting.

08 Apr 2024 09:28:05
Salah was always going to lose some pace cos you may not know this, Father Time is undefeated for a reason so him getting outrun by younger players at Fulham or at Stevenage is NOT breaking news to anyone who anything about life in general. No new ground has been broken here, people.

That being said, he is getting back to finess after being out for a while and like Ricky said, the guy is fasting so it can NOT be easy for him playing at his best with those two mitigating circumstances. This ain't rocket science.

08 Apr 2024 09:29:53
All hands you have every right to disagree with me my friend i appreciate your opinion .
I would just like to point out one or two things one the premier league will find you out it is the most competive league in the world that is why ronaldo was so poor on his return to premier and why Messi did not play in the premier league . Secondly i am old enough to have seen over many years top player come to same position that Mo is finding himself in age in sport catches up with you mate. And as for ramadam i watched Arsenal the other night they have several players fasting did not affect their game mate . But as i said i respect your opinion allhands .

08 Apr 2024 10:40:21
Time has been catching up to salah for a year or so. He was getting outpaced by defenders last season too so it's not injury or Ramadan.

One of two things needed to happen in summer, replacing Salah or moving him into a traditional CF position as a poacher. You can't play on a wing when your pace has gone so usually the player gets moved closer to goal.

I think this is another example of klopp being too loyal. Personally I would have sold for the 150m (assuming the deal could be done) and replaced him. I'm surprised klopp didn't move him closer to goal. Perhaps have Nunez play on the wing instead, pace is 100% needed on wings even as inside forwards to stretch defences.

If klopp has any blind spots it's with his loyalty to players, bad as it sounds he's too human and lacks the ruthlessness that fergie and pep have of moving players on when they don't benefit the team the same.

08 Apr 2024 11:15:46
@iwillbered, please name the "several" Arsenal players that were fasting?

08 Apr 2024 11:29:42
Actually Iwillbered, that was me.

Your first line was, "I know all hands will slag me off"

Naturally being the attention seeking child that I am, I created an account called All Hands to slag you off.

08 Apr 2024 13:01:52
Salahs finished. till he scores a brace in his next game and goes on a goalscoring run! Seen it so many times over the last 7 years.

08 Apr 2024 16:28:00
Thing is Jude every time Salah goes to afcon it takes him 2 months to get back to normal, unfortunately we don't have two months to spare him, especially given he came back injured and lacking match sharpness, by the time he finds his feet again it will likely be too late.

08 Apr 2024 15:32:46
Nice one. Did you not watch the football last weekend and the weekend the games were stopped so certain players could have a drink because they were fasting? Sorry I ment to put Arsenal and Brighton players on fasting mate my mistake.

Also Mo will always score goals until he is 40 odd but for the position that Mo is playing for LFC he is struggling with his pace it kills me to say that maybe as someone stated move him into the middle maybe that may work but for how long?

I will hold up my hands if I am wrong and I hope i am wrong. It would be nothing better than seeing one of the best players ever to grace LFC.

08 Apr 2024 16:31:07
Thing is Jude every time Salah goes to afcon it takes him 2 months to get back to normal, unfortunately we don't have two months to spare him, especially given he came back injured and lacking match sharpness, by the time he finds his feet again it will likely be too late.



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