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11 Apr 2024 23:50:35
Remember when we lost to Barcelona 3-0? look what happened there. I know, wishful thinking and all that but it's a nice thought atleast. We've blown it I'm afraid, we're out of that competition in my opinion. I didn't get to watch much of it, thankfully!

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12 Apr 2024 02:27:23
Oh Salah. Ye of little faith!
Never Give Up.

12 Apr 2024 03:10:59
Luckily I was only able to watch the first 20 mins. In that time it wasn't looking good. They looked big, sharp, physical, quick and very much up for it. I think we got our team selection wrong again. Needed to go for it w width pace and aggression. That for me was Slob, Robbo, Bradley, Salah. No pace across the front w Elliott and Gakpo. I have to say tho that the last couple of months the team was playing well and Gakpo was well off it. The last 3 games he's been one of our best players but unfortunately the team has not performed. Total flip flop. Nunez was guilty of two glaring misses tonight and when we win he's forgiven. The irony is our bad form has coincided w some players coming back ie salah and Szlobazai etc. Tonight was our best squad for months so i'm a little in shock.

I don't think it's over we are capable of going there and getting a couple of quick goals but long shot for sure. I think now we have to play our strongest 11 in the PL not the EL.

If we win the league all will be forgiven. Let's hope City and Arsenal are able to go through and maybe lose an eye on the PL for a couple of weeks.

12 Apr 2024 06:49:36
Against Barcelona we played the second leg at home and we could finish in those days. Also we were underdogs from the start whereas we were expected to beat Atalanta on quality.
Different story away from home and no decent finishers in the team.

Sorry, this is a longer shot than that long shot.

12 Apr 2024 07:21:50
I have to agree with both Salah and Ron here. To overcome a 3 goal deficit in the second leg where we are playing away from home is a huge ask and given how we have been performing lately, seems unlikely. Still hoping that we do though but it looks like we are going out of another competition this season.

{Ed025's Note - im not so sure Drac, get an early goal and things change mate..

12 Apr 2024 07:46:46
Jota is back. We have a better shot than previously. Klopp needs to get his selection on point and firing the moment the whistle blows.

12 Apr 2024 08:35:24
Seem to remember we played better when getting beat by Barcelona than whatever that was supposed to be last night.

12 Apr 2024 08:54:46
As long as we have 6 minutes on the clock, anything is possible for the Reds in Europe.

12 Apr 2024 08:55:50
I think that's the issue Ed. We have not looked like scoring for a while now, ever since the FA Cup tie with Utd. I know form can change very quickly in football but I can see Atalanta just shutting shop and not allowing us many goalscoring opportunities in the return leg.

12 Apr 2024 08:59:52
C’mon guys, every chance of bagging three in the return leg. Early goal, they get panicked and who knows. All this dismal talk that the season is over etc etc. We are still joint top of the league and can still win it. God help you all next season when we are in transition, if you think this is failing, enjoy the ride we might not be here again for a while.

12 Apr 2024 10:23:11
One of the differences between Barcelona (Apart from 2nd leg at home) - We played well at the Nou Camp and didn't deserve to go in to the 2nd left 3-0 down. We played really well in the first left.

Last night, we were lucky not to lose by 4 or 5.



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