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17 Apr 2024 11:13:02
Change of subject but I see naby keita has been banned by bremen and given substantial fine for refusing to play at weekend. Only started one league game all season too.
Man, what trouble he is. Possibly klopps worst signing. Some people never change.

Only 2 points off winning league and City could slip up. Never give up.

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17 Apr 2024 12:15:50
He refused to play for us too. Just turned up on the pitch, had a stroll around and collexted his dosh. Awful excuse for a footballer.

17 Apr 2024 13:53:22
It's a real shame, he had the potential to be an excellent player. He was good before he joined us, joining us could've made him much better but he was a fool. Such a shame to see a player's career dismantle the way his did. Another one, only bothered about money, remember his bragging about his contract when he signed with us? That rang alarm bells. I don't get these players and their mentality these days, it really makes no sense to me.

Will he still get paid whilst been banned?

{Ed002's Note - There is a limit as to how long wages can be withheld for.}

17 Apr 2024 14:17:09
I remember ed002 calling it well before he joined and listed all the incidents to that date.
I think the club got the vetting very wrong on that one.

17 Apr 2024 14:46:08
Him and Steven Caulker were Klopp worst signings in terms of yield
Nunez has the potential to be the worst in terms of value for money especially if the clauses are executed and we cough up the £80m plus for him. He is as deadly as a teddy bear!

17 Apr 2024 15:11:49
You missed AOC @Shughes.

17 Apr 2024 15:14:34
Pretty sure Caulker was free and a panic buy, Keita has got to be his worst signing by a country mile. He cost a fortune and was absolutely dreadful when he was “fit”.

17 Apr 2024 15:49:05
And yet I had people insisting to me a couple of years back that Keita's good pre-season meant he had totally arrived.

Colossal waste of ability.

17 Apr 2024 17:26:08
Nope don’t agree AOC should not be lumped in the same pile as Keita.

17 Apr 2024 17:32:29
I think AOC had a very decent, single season with us. I also feel his failings weren't through lack of effort, just pure bad luck with injuries. Keita meanwhile obviously knew he'd hit the jackpot with Liverpool and completely gave up trying, happy to earn the thousands a week for not really doing much.

17 Apr 2024 17:41:06
Chamberlain before his ACL injury was possibly our best midfielder. He was never the same after that.

17 Apr 2024 18:12:28
Ox did have a decent first season with us. I don’t think he was ever an established starter though despite scoring some nice memorable goals for us.

In that first season he featured in 42 games for us but he only actually started 20 of those across 4 competitions.

However his stats of 5 goals and 8 assists is impressive.

17 Apr 2024 18:31:09
iirc, JK, AOC broke into the first team around January that year and started regularly until he got injured.

17 Apr 2024 18:43:16
I always wanted Naby to do well and he could have cus he had the ability. But his attitude and laziness puts him up there with Diouf and Balitelli for me in biggest wastes of oxygen that have ever wore the red shirt.
Players like Konchesky, Poulsen, etc were crap but at least they tried lol.

17 Apr 2024 19:11:13
Sr if we look at Jan to his injury there was 13 league games. He started 7 and was on the bench for 6.

Even if we just go from Feb and discount Jan then there was 10 Games and he started 5 and was on the bench 5 mate.

17 Apr 2024 19:33:36
Hmm. I remember him largely displacing Wijnaldum. Maybe if he started the majority of the CL games in that period it might have looked that way.

*Waits to be told he only started half the CL games*.

17 Apr 2024 20:42:52
Caulker was a 6m loan, hardly a panic buy as he wasn't a buy. Didn't work out, that's what loans are for.

The Ox was a great player plagued by injuries imo - I really wanted him to work out (as did he! ) What is it about Soton prodigies who then go to Arsenal, and injuries, eh?!

Ed002, can you advise about what triggers Darwin's additional fee clauses? I'm sure it was reported that he actually cost around £65m but with add ons that could go up to £80m.

He needs to start hitting the net more often relative to the chances that he gets, but he is also a million miles away from Naby - he's our committed Agent Chaos!

{Ed002's Note - The total cost is 100M euro with bonuses related to games played and the success of the club.}

17 Apr 2024 21:29:43
Was worth his wages just for the city screamers.

17 Apr 2024 22:22:41
Whatever you think about his time here it will always blow my mind that Klopp dropped him for Henderson in the CL final. They didn’t play much together but Fabinho Thiago Keita were fantastic togethe. City in the Fa Cup semi final. Benfica and Villarreal away in the CL knockouts they were brilliant as a trio.

17 Apr 2024 22:57:46
I assume you're referring to the 2022 CL Final OneKiss. For all the hype Naby had gotten that season, he'd actually only played really well 4 times at most.

Most of his other "good" performances, he actually went missing 30 minutes in after a decent start.

By the end of the season he wasn't even starting games well. Absolutely the right choice to put in Henderson. Or literally anybody for that matter. A sack of polished coal would've been a better bet as a midfielder than Naby at that point.

17 Apr 2024 23:01:48
i honestly can't think of a game that Keita was brilliant, much less being MOM
he did score ONE amazing goal, but it wasnt a game changer from what I recall and apart from that, he didn't do much in the game too
he probably had decent games i could count with one hand, then under par games mostly, and more commonly, not even in the matchday squad

AOC on the other hand like many said, had a decent season b4 his injury, he really was never the same thereafter and i can't find myself blaming him. because when he did play for us, effort us always there, some absolute screamers against City, and the way he spoke during press conferences was always great. even his injury, it was incurred not because he was unfit, but because he went in fully for a tackle that he won

the 2 shouldn't be spoken together

Caulker wasnt a great loan, just as Melo, Davis, Kabaz, but i note he was having very bad mental health struggles and did put in 1 decent cameo as a CF to help us win 5-4 against Norwich. again, while his impact was forgettable overall, i wouldn't lump him with Keita who had everything a footballer could ask for to be successful, but did nothing with it the moment he joined us.

17 Apr 2024 23:28:57
He was good against Man U in 21-22 until Pogba injured him, cos whatever useless PGMOL gnome was officiating lost control of the game by not sending off Ronaldo, Fernandes or Maguire for outright hacking people, he was good against City in the FA Cup, and a couple of other games that season.

And I think he had a good debut against Palace. That was it in 5 years. The best he did apart from that was a good 20 minutes here and there. Never a complete game, much less a run of them.

There was one game in the CL against Athletico he scored a worldie after 10 minutes, said "my work here is done", didn't bother for the rest of the half and got subbed at half time. Vintage Keita performance. Except usually he didn't score the worldie.

Astonishingly lazy.

18 Apr 2024 00:56:55
Naby worst signing EVER . For some reason Klopp loved him. one of life's mysteries.

18 Apr 2024 08:42:31
Keitas first game for us (against i think west ham), he absolutely dominated it. Tore them to shreds. Constantly wriggling past players and causing panic as he drove at the defence. I thought we might have a real player on our hands. But it was pretty much downhill from there on.

18 Apr 2024 09:43:52
i have to say Keita was a bad signing in hindsight and it looks like he has a bad attitude in general. Just happy to pick up his wages pretty much like Thiago has been doing for 2 years. But that won't go down well with some .

18 Apr 2024 10:13:44
I'm a businessman, so I always think in terms of "value received against money paid". Keita and Thiago have to be absolutely the worst value received, in my years of supporting the club. The Caulker, Sahin and Arthur Melo loans would follow after that.

18 Apr 2024 12:09:02
A bit of a left field shout, but two for worst LFC signings have to be Suarez and Diouf.

Despite his abilities on the pitch Suarez dragged the clubs name through the mud with racial and assault charges. Diouf was just as bad with his spitting and other shenanigans.

On Thiago i can totally understand why fans would think he's the worst but his wages have had zero effect on me as a fan and what i can say is I got to witness another one of my idols live on quite a few occasions.

Wish it was far more but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be.

He could have been an LFC legend but he's likely to leave underappreciated which will be very much down to his ability to stay injury free.

19 Apr 2024 00:57:24
Jk u must u must be unwell
Suarez was the most gufted player to olay fir Liverpool. never mind the politics behind him . he was a fantastic footballer.

19 Apr 2024 01:12:48
Dropping Keita for Henderson in the CL final, OneKiss? Dropping?
Henderson was captain and played far more regularly than Keita.
I don't think I'll ever forget Keita coming on as sub in that game and the volley he hit miles wide. I wish I could but I can't.
Keita was terrible for us.



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