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25 Apr 2024 11:14:05
The players should hang their heads in shame, with the exception of Diaz (who I can't believe we are talking about as a possible exit) and also Alisson who can't be blamed for anything last night.

Derby match, title run in, chance to go back joint top of the table. For some of them, possibly the last chance to win a (or another) league title. And they turn up like that.

I can't absolve Klopp of blame though. How on earth he and the coaching staff could look at recent matches and performances and conclude that Nunez, Salah, Jones and Szoboszlai should play last night is beyond me.

Salah, Nunez and Szoboszlai have been awful lately, actually anonymous in Szoboszlai and Salah's cases. We made some changes for the Fulham match and brought in Gakpo, Jota and Gravenberch and it was the best performance of late, with two of them scoring. Why on earth change it back? There was no reason or justification for Salah, Nunez or Szoboslai to come back in (I know Jota was injured) . Danns could not have done worse and would likely have scored one of those chances had it fallen to him.

Looks like the end of the road for Salah. Nunez I think can still have a role but he can't be the guy we have in front of goal when the big chances fall in the crucial matches. Szoboszlai is almost back to square one. I think he can still be a brilliant player for us but early season Gerrard comparisons seem a long way away. Similar contribution level to Keita of late. Needs to reset for next season.

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25 Apr 2024 11:31:48
The only solution I foresee is new owners and not a lesser known Dutch manager.
There can be no wait and see about it, tough decisions must be made.
This is the end of an era. Tinkering will achieve nothing.

25 Apr 2024 11:42:29
Difficult to pinpoint one thing or blame the players.

I think Klopp announcing his departure mid-season, lack of defensive reinforcements in the summer and bizarre tactics are the root causes of the bottom falling out of our season.

Yes, Darwin should have scored more. Yes, Ibou shouldn't be doing a Lovren impression and Mo shouldn't be on the pitch at the moment.

The emotion has overspilled over since that United cup game. And they cannot get it under control and doubt they will from here on in.

I just hope we can squeak top 4.

25 Apr 2024 12:14:20
Maybe the players are just physically and mentally done for this season.
Klopp demands everything from the players, that’s his style. We’ve had injuries and the AFCON and Asia cup to deal with plus competing in the latter stages of 4 tournaments.

They’re not be judged on one game or even 1 month.
Over the season they’ve given their all.

{Ed025's Note - thats just making excuses for them Ron, these are finely tuned athletes mate and nearly all seasoned internationals, tiredness is when you have spent 40 hours a week on a building site then decorate and do DIY as well as keeping the wife and kids entertained, i have no sympathy for any footballer im afraid..

25 Apr 2024 12:38:08
Well this season is being filmed for a documentary.

Can’t wait for that ?.

25 Apr 2024 12:51:00
RR - Jota or Gakpo were unavailable. Klopps biggest fault is not playing Elliot more. Playing this inverted nonsense. Not given Danns more of a go to see if he can back his 2 very composed goals in the cup. He's too loyal to out of form players. Klopp looks absolutely ready to walk away from management.

Last night, he spent longer moaning at the 4th official than he did directing his team. He then made 4 defensive subs, when it was crying out for Danns to have a go. I think this is as far as he can take us.

Players also coming to realise lots of things are about to change. I genuinely believe that has impacted them.

{Ed025's Note - i cant argue with any of that Lee..

25 Apr 2024 12:57:04
The only “sympathies” I have are that tiredness at the very elite level can significantly hamper your performance when compared to your opponent. However, that is absolutely not is what is going on here. A lot of our first team have spent sizable periods of the season injured, so not playing, thus not building up minutes and physical fatigue.
Quite how our season has unraveled like this is a mystery, though I suspect it is due to any of the below:
- Our quality as a team isn’t as good as we were allowed to believe following the Carabao Cup win.
- Klopp’s change in attitude is noticeable. He’s never been the most ruthless coach, but he genuinely doesn’t care enough now. That is clear.
- The coaching has been poor for ages. I will never know how Klopp, one of the most highly-regarded managers in football, has allowed Lijnders’ unsuccessful ideas to permeate into his team like they have.
- Despite the awesome history and success LFC have created over the decades, we aren’t a club that does anything in a straightforward or efficient way. We suffer as much heartbreak as we do joy.

25 Apr 2024 13:07:12
I’ll be honest I’m at the stage where I’m beyond anger. I’m even past being resigned to this team and manager putting out the same performance and effort each week without fail. I’m at the stage of just utter confusion. I simply cannot explain it anymore. It is clearly a multitude of things but to me something is off with the players and I’m not just talking about their performances. As for Klopp, I simply cannot recognise who this man is anymore. Because this ain’t Klopp at all. It’s almost like all common sense never mind tactical sense has decided to the take that sabbatical before he actually did. He has absolutely no plan B. On the touch lines he looks like he doesn’t have a clue. A player will play well then get dropped the following game. And for the life of me, why is he swapping centre backs every week, like what top manager does that? He brings on Gomez and Kostas when we are 2-0 down to do what exactly? In fact I’ll go one step further. He brought on 3 defenders when we were losing and left Danns on the bench? And why does he keeps starting Jones? He clearly keeps instructing the team to play at a walking tempo with Hendo-esque sideways passing, and that’s despite performances and results taking a nose dive. I simply don’t get it and it’s sad to see our manager go out like this.

People point to the fact that he told us he was exhausted in January. Well, yes he told us he was exhausted and leaving in January. But the timing of that announcement and the way both Klopp and FSG handled the matter was completely wrong in my opinion. Personally he should have left in November when he first informed FSG. I understand Klopp is human and not a machine. So like most humans in normal jobs that hand in their 2 - 6 weeks notice period, they are not focused. Very few give the same effort. In fact the majority down tool’s completely. Now, take away sentiment for one second and let the fact that Klopp has been allowed to serve a 6 month notice period when he told FSG he was mentally exhausted. FSG should have thanked him for everything and told him he has to go there and then. And Klopp in all honesty should have told FSG himself that he simply cannot do it anymore and he is leaving as of immediate effect, because if he is not 100% it would be a disservice to the club for him to stay on until the end of the season. Us fans would have said you know what, at least he didn’t stay when he weren’t 100% focused. Everything starts from the manager and it filters down to the players. And we wonder why the players are walking around like they couldn’t give a toss.

And talking about not giving a toss, let’s start with Salah. Yes, his legs have gone and yes he ain’t the same Salah. But as many including myself have mentioned some weeks back - his body language is all the way off. He will miss chances and then clearly look like he isn’t bothered. For an ultra competitive athlete like Salah that is telling. And has anyone noticed he is simply not running anymore. In fact someone tell me the last time they saw him press an opponent? He is going through the motions and for me, his head is fully in Saudi Arabia. He is most likely thinking about the reported £2.5million per week tax free wages, the all year round sunshine and being the main man over there. If it looks obvious to a lot of us why is Klopp starting him? Because it’s not like he is playing badly or has poor body language but is still banging the goals in week in week out.

Diaz for all his fancy tricks and flicks is not clinical. Let’s call a spade a spade. Plus it looks like he wants a place in the sun, so he can go. No one is bigger than the club, especially someone who doesn’t exactly have a great scoring record. And as for Nunez, he is testing my patience. We have to make a decision on him in the summer. Either sell him and cut our losses or Arne Slot has to be dedicated to working with him day in day out, because I can’t take another season of forwards not finishing. Personally I’m at the point where we cut our losses and sell him. And lastly Mr Diogo Jota. Screaming Jota the Slotta and he is our best finisher is wearing thin with me. I posted his injury record the other day, which if we are having an honest conversation is quite frankly ridiculous. Just sell him in the summer. There is a case for selling literally all of our forwards bar Danns. I mean, we have forwards who either can’t finish or can’t stay fit. You seriously can’t make it up. The defence is a copy and paste of what I just said about the forwards. We have defenders who cannot defend to save their life’s. And can we talk about Robbo. The guy simply cannot cross anymore, he is not exactly been the best defensively for a few years now and he is picking up frequent injuries. So what exactly does he offer? To compound matters his back up in Kostas is ten times worse. I would sell all our backline bar Quansah and Bradley.

25 Apr 2024 13:15:23
I Like Elliot but i do believe we've built him up a bit too much.

The lad played Sunday against Fulham and came on last night and if you put a gun to my head and asked me to say anything of note that he did (or any other game he's started) then ill be hoping the person holding the gun and doing the shooting is Nunez as that's my only hope.

25 Apr 2024 13:33:58
40 hours a week on a building site? Easy work.

{Ed025's Note - you need to come and labour on me for a week then mate, at the end your new name would be Crawlon i can assure you.. :)

25 Apr 2024 13:52:22
Ed0025 labour on you sounds a bit kinky Ed.

{Ed025's Note - people do say i like to crack the whip JK.. :)

25 Apr 2024 14:27:28
JK that documentary feels like it’s going to be a self burn.

25 Apr 2024 14:50:54
New owners?
Yeah, the fans have spoken and the billionaires wanting to buy the club are forming a queue. The fans want them to invest their money with little regard for FFP rules and force Xabi Alonso into taking the manager's job that he doesn't want.

Why can't they give us what we want?

25 Apr 2024 15:12:30
They should be sent labouring for the summer ed might toughen them up a bit ?.

{Ed025's Note - i tried Curtis Jones for a while gmil...but he kept going missing mate.. :)

25 Apr 2024 15:29:25
These owners have. given us an extension to Anfield in the main stand stand and Anfield Road end making it one of the best stadiums in world football. Given us a new training facility which is one of the best in world football . Given us one of the best managers we have ever had. Given us one of the best teams we have ever had. Won every trophy there is aside from EL all whilst sticking to financial rules others have simply flaunted . But because they don't spend money like a certain Daddy Shiek or American tycoon they are bad owners? What a load of tosh. Its ok as when the rules change and we can spend what we want without fear of a points deduction and they get fed up with clueless unfreatful fans calling for them to leave they will sell up to who ever from which ever oil rich country wants the club and your wish will be granted, rest assured any trophy won on the back of reckless spending and rule breaking isn't worth the cabinet space.

25 Apr 2024 15:39:46
Viktor i might give it a wide swerve.

Rival fans are going to use it as ammunition.

25 Apr 2024 15:47:39
Ed025 I don't think I've ever done at least 40 hours a week on a building site in me whole life. Very witty retort as always though ? congratulations on last night, if it had to someone I am glad it was yourselves.

{Ed025's Note - cheers Walkon, we might not get a lot done mate but im sure it would be a grin.. :)

25 Apr 2024 16:27:51
JK23 - I'm kind of with you when it comes to Elliott. I like him and I think he's always held is own at least, and occasionally he's made a difference off the bench; good energy and work rate if the team is struggling to get going. But I'm not sure we're ever going to see much more than we've seen already.

I felt the same about Jones and, whilst he has been good at times this season, he's 23 years old now. Has he really delivered on the potential that everyone saw in him as an 18 year old, even allowing for a few injuries and set backs along the way.

25 Apr 2024 16:50:02
I said ages ago that when Klopp decided to call it a day with us that Jones and Elliott wouldn't be regular starters. They are squad players at best.
Elliott is the better of the two but he's not strong enough or quick enough to play at the highest level in midfield or up front.

25 Apr 2024 16:59:25
40 hours? Pffft, what do you do after the warm up Ed025?

{Ed025's Note - go home and collapse in a chair Ron.. :)

25 Apr 2024 17:10:44
Rr and Rigsby agree lads.

Don’t get me wrong they are both good footballers. But they aren’t the kind of player that can grab the game by the scruff of the neck and win it for you consistently.

I’ve only seen us have two truly world class midfielders in the last 30 years (this is where I get reminded of players I’ve forgot) and those are Stevie and Alonso. For me I just don’t see Trent at their level if moved into midfield but some (well within their right) seem to believe he is a world class midfielder.

25 Apr 2024 17:36:27
As a person who works in sports psychology professionally my opinion is that there is a strong lack of focus from everybody. Mistakes being made are things easily fixed on the training ground but not when people aren't focused.

Not that any club would ask me for advice on this but had I been asked on how I felt making the announcement might affect the team I would have told them to wait.

Major news (good and bad) has a powerful effect on people and you go through stages of feeling. This response is entirely predictable professionally, saving it at least until the last month would have likely meant that players wouldn't have had time for it to really sink in and would be getting a slight bump in focus and determination for a short period.

That whole thing was very Ill advised. In my opinion.

The reason sports psychologists have become such a prevalent job in football is competition is almost entirely psychological. Keeping 26 people's psychological state in one place while announcing news that would be both shocking and dismaying for most is impossible. You want that to happen off season.

25 Apr 2024 18:15:41
? fair enough Ed025 ??.

25 Apr 2024 18:47:33
I reckon keeping 26 people's psychological state in one place would be very difficult most of the time.

25 Apr 2024 19:41:26
@Rigsby you don't normally need to since it's rare everyone has issues at the same time. Usually you'll be working with two or three, mostly younger players.

I have been in a situation when an employer had similar news and every single player was asking for appointments over the next week, it's extremely difficult to manage and impossible not to affect team performance overall.

25 Apr 2024 20:18:22
This ain’t a dig at the owners but people do realise all the real estate and stadium extensions we’ve had has come from borrowed money that the club has to pay back and is a huge reason why the owners have a club they bought for a few hundred million now worth 4-7 billion.

Expanding the stadium wasn’t to get more of us into the ground as a nicety it was great business sense which makes money.

25 Apr 2024 20:32:35
Nevada, pretty sure Klopps leaving was only announced when it was as it had leaked and was about to be plastered all over the media so the club decided to get in front of it.

25 Apr 2024 20:39:30
I get what you are saying, Nevada.
I imagine players want to know where they stand.
Maybe it was done to rally the troops to finish the season well. It possibly worked short term and now we are dealing with the backlash.
What I can't ignore is that City and Arsenal are stronger teams than us and that includes being mentally stronger.

25 Apr 2024 21:53:01
There's no way our club is valued at 4-7 billion unless you mean $ not £ wasn't we valued £3 billion after the league win?

25 Apr 2024 22:07:55
Yeah Klopp should have benched Nunez and Mo for Danns and Clark.

25 Apr 2024 22:12:03
I would sell all three Salah is past his best and barely resembles a footballer nowadays. I just can’t see the other two getting better than their current level which is not good enough. Get some money in if possible and try to find a striker that can strike.

26 Apr 2024 00:16:55
So JK are you saying we should castigate the owners for wanting to increase the value of the club and increase the revenue?

I think we’d all have something to say if they allowed the stadium to rot and had us training on a paddy field.

Of course the owners want to increase the value of their investment, I’d be very worried if they didn’t.

26 Apr 2024 06:19:33
Yes Beckers when I’ve said “this isn’t a dig at the owners” that is clearly me saying everyone should castigate the owners.

What’s your thoughts on the new stands when you’ve been in them watching live games?



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