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31 Mar 2024 16:25:28
What about Graham Potter as our next manager?

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31 Mar 2024 16:38:31
I’d rather have Brian Potter.

31 Mar 2024 16:49:03
I’d rather have Harry.

31 Mar 2024 17:00:25
?? Lfc8. In fairness he managed the Phoenix nights well.

31 Mar 2024 17:19:05
His full name is Brian Chelsea Potter! May be Boehly hired the wrong Potter.

31 Mar 2024 17:21:30
Graham Potter? Based on what exactly?

31 Mar 2024 17:34:34
How about an interim manager and wait until end of next season for Alonso,
am not that impressed by Amorin, Nagelsmann or De Zerbi.

31 Mar 2024 17:46:15
@irishrover do you mean my beloved Harry on here? Love Harry he's literally my hero but I don't believe he has got the coaching badges needed.

31 Mar 2024 17:54:05
Based on the excellent work that he did at Brighton! He was not given a fair chance at Chelsea. He is an excellent manager. Atleast that is my opinion.

31 Mar 2024 17:54:08
He needs to step back to move forward.

Too much of a risk and I heard that his communication with players is really bad. Some Chelsea players were very unimpressed with his communication.

Rare inside info?.

31 Mar 2024 18:18:12
Who is not a risk though!

31 Mar 2024 18:32:18
Was it the jungle drums or the smoke signals that he was using? ?.

31 Mar 2024 18:56:23
Potter made a poor decision taking the Chelsea job, he’s also not taken a step back into management to regain his reputation, so he has to be a straight no. And as for an interim manager until Alonso has finished next season, well that’s just stupid, he won’t be joining us now or next season, it’s probably the case that he will never manage us, he is waiting for the Madrid job, accept that and move on.

31 Mar 2024 19:12:28
VV, agreed. It looks so obvious that he is waiting for the Real Madrid job, you'd have to be cross-eyed not to see it. Time to put to rest the "he loves us because he said so" chants. The Bernabeu has told him " win the Bundesliga title this year, hang around for another year and try to repeat it, then we'll clear the decks from Ancellotti for you". ?

Maybe he'll come to us if he fails at Madrid. But will we still need or want him? (Since Klopp will be back after his one year sabbatical, LOL) . ?.

31 Mar 2024 20:39:12
@VV, still waiting for you to nominate your choice of our next manager ….

31 Mar 2024 22:59:05
Potter should NEVER had taken that Chelsea job and now, that has hurt him badly. There's a reason why Alonso chose to stay at Leverkusen. You got to hone your craft and take your time to move up the ranks.

Potter took a bad job and I knew he would get hurt cos he was coming up the ranks nicely and developing Brighton. Now, he is severely damaged goods now. Sad for him, IMO.

31 Mar 2024 23:37:12
Oli, you're right, but a revival in fortune is always possible, and I'm sure you'd agree with that. Nagelsmann is going through the same thing. You need a combination of factors like, right team, right players, right tactics and a few other things to come together at the same time and more often than not you're back in the limelight.

I am in no way promoting Potter as our next manager. You made it sound like it was over for him, and I wanted to point out that it's not necessarily the case.



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