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28 Mar 2024 23:28:30
Anyone have any insights into the supposed "sources" claiming we've pulled out of any attempt to sign Xabi?

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29 Mar 2024 06:38:51
Seen it on twitter so probably nothing in it, I think it’s nagelsmann imo.

29 Mar 2024 07:39:09
It’s from Paul Joyce. I’d say that’s reliable: if we end up with Nagelsmann that would be a dreadful move for us. If I were him I’d not make much plans beyond staying in a hotel as he won’t last 18 months.

29 Mar 2024 07:49:45
We shall see but if I was Leverkusen I’d be annoyed with the amount of noise being made, they are on for winning a treble this year and being unbeaten. wouldn’t be surprised if there PR team and Alonso PR team have said something to take away the focus and leave them be.

29 Mar 2024 07:56:48
The Telegraph apparently Burkey…

Aka Phooey.

29 Mar 2024 08:07:01
In fairness it’s the same supposed sources who claimed we pulled out of the Bellingham race last year and were right.

It’s being reported more or less everywhere now.

7 weeks till Klopp leaves so time to move to plan b or c now by the looks.

29 Mar 2024 08:35:30
Next week “sources” will say he’s nailed on again.

29 Mar 2024 09:46:42
Anything could happen but all the usual reliable sources (Fabrizio Romano, David Ornstien, Paul Joyce, Chris Bascombe are claiming Alonso has decided to stay at Bayer Leverkusen for another season.

It was reported for a while that Micheal Edwards preferred Rubin Amorim due to stats. And is not swayed by emotions. Plus Fabrizio has reported not long ago that we are not waiting around and will proceed with securing Amorim.

I’ll be honest I am equally excited with Amorim. Plays a 3-4-3 formation. He is tactically exceptional and is an excellent man manager. He is also used to working with his best players being signed each season and still manages to be successful. Another great thing about him is he trusts youth players.

Looks like April is going to be crucial on the managerial front.

29 Mar 2024 09:58:59
IMO I lean towards Amorim as he has a few more seasons under his belt. The head always said amorim and the heart always said alonso. Hopefully Sporting will do business with us and he can bring over a defender or 2 from Lisbon.

29 Mar 2024 11:03:32
I think it's probably most likely correct. Ed002 has always said it was the most likely outcome when everybody said he was destined to leave and now all the major journalists ( reliable or not) are stating the same. It seems to me that he is targeting Madrid long term.

I haven't watched a Ruben Amorim team play yet but his record is fantastic and I really liked what I ve read.

What is your opinion of Ruben Amorim Ed001 and his style of play?

Having watched Leverkusen play, I was so excited to see what Alonso could bring to Liverpool. So it will be disappointing but we have to go for the guy who wants to be here with no indecision. That might be Amorim.

{Ed001's Note - it is impossible to have an opinion on Amorim, his team has Sebastian Coates starring for them, that is how crap the Portugese league level is. How do you know how that will transfer to a decent league? Yes they are attractive to watch, but he has no history of dealing with big egos as any they have are sold quickly, so he has no issue keeping them happy. I do think he is the next best option, but it is more because there are no good options out there right now. They are all a huge gamble. None have really overachieved to make them a standout.

I would say I am on the fence though, rather than against him. He could be brilliant or terrible. One thing is that the football should at least be entertaining and that at least makes it worth taking the chance.}

29 Mar 2024 11:22:20
That’s my thoughts Ed

Portugal is like German league
Porto, Benfica and Sporting between them and the rest usually roll over

However - he has done well with Braga and Sporting - and anyone who can do that with Coates starting regular has got something about him

Same as call so making Xhaka into a player.

29 Mar 2024 11:54:38
Most of the noise is being made by Bayern. They love to talk publicly about players from other teams and apparently now managers too.

29 Mar 2024 12:13:01
Ed1, is Bruno Fernandes still at Sporting when Amorim takeover? I would think that Bruno as someone who has big ego by the way he is conducting himself at Utd.

{Ed001's Note - no idea, but you are missing the point, he doesn't have to manage them as they are a selling club. They want to play well to get a big money move, so there is no need to motivate them as they know playing well is the best way to get what they want. Liverpool is an end point club. The club players aspire to go to, and once there they know there next move is almost certainly going to be a step down, so they have to be motivated to perform. While some are motivated by their own desire to win, some big egos need massaging to perform, but that is something he has never had to do.}

29 Mar 2024 12:37:52
Good point Ed1. Never thought about it that way. But there is not many managers out there that have that kind of experience. Most would probably need to be at top end clubs to have that kind of experience.

Most upcoming young managers would come out of selling clubs. Even Alonso at Leverkusen. The only options availables that would somehow has experience of dealing with big ego would be Zidane and to some degree Nagelsman.

But I would think you aren't fan of both. I would think Zidane is the best option if that is the route we want to go. But his football ain't that good. So, its kinda a tough ask I would say.

{Ed001's Note - that is exactly what I have been saying all along, the options are not good. Alonso is the best option and Amorim is probably the second best but miles behind Alonso. It is a huge gamble to go with second best in this kind of situation.}

29 Mar 2024 13:10:13
Nagelsmann’s experience of dealing with big egos was to upset them all and turn the changing room against him. He has too many red flags to consider him a suitable option, and as for Zidane, if we’re going down that route we might as well get Simeone as he does at least speak English and he’s got a track record of competing with teams who have greater resources than he has available and still getting results, while getting under the skin of his opponents and getting the crowd on his side. Zidane is a chequebook manager, who can’t speak English and is a total personality vacuum. He couldn’t have won what he did at Atletico. If it’s Anorim then it’s the best of a poor bunch, as he’s head and shoulders above the likes of De Zerbi, Nagelsmann, et al.

29 Mar 2024 13:13:09
All opinions at the end of the day but Amorim in my opinion is not miles behind Alonso. And that’s coming from someone that had Alonso as their first choice. Amorim has always been my second choice though. He has only turned 39 and won 6 trophies in 4 years, which is impressive however you chop it up. his team currently sits at the top of the league and are on course to win another league title. He took over and in his first full season (much like Alonso) and broke the strong hold of Benfica and Porto and delivered them the title. Only losing one game in all comps that season.

His team are defensively astute and concede the least amount of goals or thereabouts. Not to mention usually score the most goals. Sporting are very exciting to watch and he is brilliant at bring through, trusting and developing youth players. Another great attribute of his, much like Klopp is that he is well known as an excellent communicator and man manager. And as a result is very close to his players. Unlike managers like Nagelsmann or De Zerbi who I see mentioned. He never ever throws his players under the bus.

It is known that stats drive Edwards and emotions are a factor taken out of his decisions. And as a result, even prior to todays news it was reported that Amorim due to his stats has always been Edwards personal first choice. So if it is to be him let’s back the guy because he could, and I believe go onto to be a club legend.

29 Mar 2024 13:24:50
Alonso has confirmed it himself now in a press conference . He will be at Leverkusen next season.

The media who reported this are now reporting the two favourites in Liverpool eyes are Lisbon manager and De Zerbi.

29 Mar 2024 13:25:55
What about Gallardo ed001 if he were available? Take him over the lot or do you think he’s not ready for that kind of step yet?

{Ed001's Note - he has shown nothing to be deemed worthy of a shot. He bottled out of his chance to prove himself in Europe. No thanks.}

29 Mar 2024 13:26:43
In fairness not much club can do if he doesn't want to come, we've obviously put bit of yime into getting him but no luck. probably come a year 2 early for him.
Amorion looks next best on the 'list' by a mile but if we don't get him I don't know where we go, alternatives poor enough imo.

29 Mar 2024 13:51:23
I know Ed 2 said we are not getting michel or motta but surely they shouldve been on the list as much as amorim and de zerbi, now that alonso is out of the running my post klopp fear is kicking in over his replacement.

29 Mar 2024 14:13:23
Ed001 - Out of interest would Emery from Villa not be a good option?

{Ed001's Note - no, he has never been able to cope when the pressure is on.}

29 Mar 2024 14:27:31
Ed1, its been confirm by Alonso himself that he is staying at Leverkusen. There's nothing the club can do if the preferred option doesn't want to leave his club. My fear is that we will end up with De Zerbi and I read somewhere that Richard Hughes is big fan of him. I personally don't think his personality suits our club to be honest. He speaks too much if something doesn't go his way, be it the players or transfers.

{Ed001's Note - I know that, why are you telling me this? And if it is De Zerbi then anyone involved in appointing him should be immediately dismissed as clueless.}

29 Mar 2024 16:20:08
Ed mate, you took the words right out of my mouth re: De Zerbi. I want nothing to do with that fraud who has literally made Brighton worse than when he took over from Potter. For me, all he did was do some tweaks with Potter's system (an his players) and made them more lethal in front of goal cos we all knew Brighton played brilliant footie BUT just could not score a goal to save their lives.

Now, it's his team and sorry, getting the brakes beaten out of him and getting battered by the likes of Luton, WH, Villa etc. by 4 to 5 goals fills me with NO confidence at all. Too Jekyl and Hyde in terms of perfs. for me. You can add Naggelsmann to that boat too. Arrogant as heck.

As for us, we all knew there was a possibility that Xabi could stay at Leverkusen and to me, he has made the right move for his career short term. Where does that leave us? Amorim is someone I know nothing about and I'll give him a go for sure cos his teams play good football apparently. Also you knever know. With the right amount of funds to get better players in to play with the boss squad he will inherit, he could improve as a manager and then grow to be very good, to great. We shall see.

29 Mar 2024 16:26:22
Glad someone said it ed, amorin stinks of Marco Silva joining Everton and look where they ended up. De zerbi and nanglesman no thanks either.

Question is who do we go for now? I've no idea.

29 Mar 2024 16:51:52

{Ed077's Note - what about Graham Potter? The other two names I'd throw into the hat as complete outsiders are Roger Schmidt and Arne Slot.

My personal recommendation for next LFC manager would be Gareth Southgate?}

29 Mar 2024 16:54:30
What do you think about pep Lijnders Ed? I haven't liked his input the last few seasons but something to be said about him knowing the club, culture and personnel.

Sorry to bombard you with questions but do you rate Graham Potter as a manager?


{Ed001's Note - no thanks to Lijnders. He has already put himself on record claiming all the credit for everything and all the ideas. Ideas that he actually copied from elsewhere anyway, so not sure why he has to shout about how he thought of them when he borrowed them. Without Klopp there players would soon tire of that attitude at the top. He needs to go learn some humility, as one failed attempt at management hasn't taught him that yet.

Potter is fine in the right circumstances, but he needs a project to build up, we are not that right now.}

29 Mar 2024 18:16:24
Thanks mate appreciate your opinion on the matter.

Not too many great options out there.

29 Mar 2024 18:24:07
Yes a disgusting club all round totally unprofessional and they have been tapping up players since they signed Ballack and that Brazilian winger from Leverkusen all those years ago. Nice to see them struggling in the league a bit of karma.

29 Mar 2024 21:30:56
I mean Brendan Rodgers record in Scotland makes him look like a world beater.
Amorim has a good record in Portugal. He’s completely untested in a top league.
Alonso is out-performing his resources in Germany. If he continues to do that (only one season so far) he will get top job offers.

29 Mar 2024 21:52:35
Arne Slott may be worth a punt.

29 Mar 2024 19:34:27
Sorry, Ed77 BUT we will NOT be taking "The Waist Coat" off your hands this summer. No way that's happening. Sir Jim has annointed him as you savior so I propose you get with the program, lol.

{Ed077's Note - ???.



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