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02 Apr 2024 08:49:13
The return of Salah has brought speed back (at least in the attack), it was painful watching Elliot and MacAllister in a counter situation, usually seems everyone was in slow motion.
The match against ManU must be taken as serious as possible, and i am not talking about only the players, but the supporters must especially - yes i know we are away.

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02 Apr 2024 11:21:32
Salah is still a wonderful player but there was one stage against Brighton when he was played thru that it was obvious that the old legs don’t go as quick as they used to. Still a joy to watch tho.

02 Apr 2024 11:56:21
Was at the game on Sunday. I thought Salah had an absolute nightmare of a game. A view shared by those around me. Still came up trumps when we needed him though. We definitely need him firing on all cylinders for the run in though.

02 Apr 2024 12:32:51
What’s people’s thoughts on what we do with Salah.

Realistically we can’t afford to let him walk away on a free so do we renew his contract on big wages at the same time Vvd and Trent are after renewals or do we sell in the summer.

Personally I’d love to see Salah, Trent and Vvd all sign new contracts but it’s not me paying the wages.

02 Apr 2024 12:39:54
Rome same mate. But Salah didn’t have his best game compared to the elite standards he has set over the years.

Not many footballers in world football have set the bar of consistency As high as he has over the years.

I have no doubts he is going to be an integral part of the team for the run in.

02 Apr 2024 12:47:12
As much as I love Salah I do wish he would pass to a teammate instead of trying to score all the time.

The volley over the bar would have been spectacular but the easy option was to square it to Nunez, 2nd half there was a similar chance to pass to Diaz.

As we enter this crucial stage of the season the decision making from the strikers has to be better, when to shoot and when to pass.

We are wasting too many chances to put games to bed, its already cost us in the FA cup, we cannot allow it to cost us in the PL and EL.

The winning goal was a thing of beauty, 2 superb passes and a great finish, if ever a goal summed up the Klopp era it was that one.

02 Apr 2024 12:55:09
I love Salah. I do feel like he's on a slow decline. he's changed his game somewhat to compensate for losing some pace. His numbers are still good. However his goal scoring numbers would be rather ordinary if he wasn't on pens (i think Mac should be on pens from now on) . If the Saudis are thinking of offering crazy money and he's not wanting to sign a new contract anyway then we have to sell. Even if he was planning to sign a bumper extension I think its a risk to not take a big offer considering his age. he's not likely to get back to his best and he's just had a hamstring injury and is usually not a sufferer of those sorts of inuries. It's such a hard decision to make but i think that if the club have identified a quality replacement (not sure who) and would reinvest his transfer fee and wages back into player recruitment then selling him might be prudent.

02 Apr 2024 13:40:59
Wouldn't worry so much about salah, he kept getting in2 the positions just his final pass/ shot let him down. Knowing salah over years that will come. Worry for me would be gakpo and nunez, gakpo has been ppoor for a while and nunez poor last couple of games as well, neither look like scoring. We definitely will need both to step up if we to win league, both are good players who have showed there ability in the past and we need them 2 show it again.
Szobo 2nd half performance against brighton v encouraging hopefully he getting back to his best, he hasn't hit the form he showed at start of season for a while.

02 Apr 2024 13:50:25
He’s definitely lost some pace and that - as well as his strength on the ball - was his best attribute.

I thought he had a terrible first half and I turned to my mate and said “Salah’s playing rubbish so he’ll get the winner”.

I’d sell him this summer.
New manager, new style, will need some funds.

He’s been a superb player but time to move on.

02 Apr 2024 14:22:50
Salah’s numbers are still good despite his age starting to show. I have a feeling if Saudi Arabia offer the reported £200 million this summer, or even £150 million. Edwards is sending an email back saying offer accepted, faster than you blink. So personally I have mentally prepared myself for his departure but equally as happy if he stays.

02 Apr 2024 14:25:27
Salah is just back from a hamstring injury. he's a bit rusty and is not going to run full pelt just yet. He will come good for the final stretch, no doubt.
Having said that, i would sell in the summer while we can get a decent fee.

02 Apr 2024 15:18:15
It's the sheer timing of his runs that's brilliant and the volume of runs. It is just very very hard to defend.

Add to that a Trent or Alexis or both and it will cause every team in the world problems.

Salah is still easily a world class player at today's level.

02 Apr 2024 15:20:01
Maybe he is in decline and maybe it wasn't his best game but he still came away from it with the assist for Diaz's goal, the winning goal himself, and what would've been another assist if Diaz had held his run by a tenth of a second. He's still to my knowledge, the only player in the Premier League with more goal involvements than appearances this season! As long as he's putting the ball in the net, and goals on a plate for his team mates, I can live with him looking a little jaded at times!

02 Apr 2024 15:34:47
Some harsh comments here! He's only played about 4 games since Xmas! He's not fully fit!

02 Apr 2024 16:30:24
Salah is also fasting for Ramadan for another 8 days so maybe that's why he was about sluggish at the weekend.

02 Apr 2024 18:54:02
Great points MK and Xabibol, man is measured by absolutely crazy standards. Could win the golden boot this yearas a wide forward who basically missed 3 months of the season.

02 Apr 2024 20:37:55
It looks like it’s Amorim coming, and if that’s the case I’m more than excited. I bring that up because if we do decide to keep Salah, Amorim will play him in the same position on paper but he will be way more closer to goal. Similar to how he played against Brighton. If that’s the case we could see his numbers go up even further, which is crazy.

02 Apr 2024 21:22:36
Salah has still clocked 22.7 mph this season - same speed as Dembele and Traore and only out run by Gordon, Mudryk, Adeyemi and Rudiger and only by 0.1 to 0.5 mph.

03 Apr 2024 01:59:56
I really don't understand where some people are coming from. Who do we have to buy to get what he brings? the assists and goals, where does that come from if we were to sell him?

I'd agree he is slowly on the decline but it is just that, it's a slow one. He's not as fast as he used to be which is just natural, it's bound to happen but he is still offering so much. In my opinion as long as he's doing what he's doing we'd be daft to sell.

Look at the bigger picture, I don't know stats but I think it'd be certain without Salah's goals and assists this season we'd be out of the title race by now. This kind of player is a one off and one we should enjoy, selling him is daft talk.

Sod the saudis and sod the money, FSG has always provided for us when needed and I trust they'll do it again without having to sell our top players.

Unless we just want to go on a selling spree? Sell Salah, Alisson, VVD, Trent? come off it. You don't sell your best players.

Us fans, we don't need to think about the financial side of things, what we do need to think about is how well a player is doing for us and how well as a team we're doing. Forget Saudi and the money, think about what this lad is doing for us. When he's gone, trust me he will be missed. I'd much rather him leave when he's down and out for free then selling him when he scores as many as he currently is doing.

03 Apr 2024 07:31:23
Salah's all around game has been in decline for a while now. His numbers are incredible no doubt but his all around play is not good. Lots of people on here, some eds included used to say Jota was the weak link in the team because other than scoring he didn't offer anything to the team, slowing up play, having poor touches and being the main reason counterattacks broke down. Sorry but I never saw this and would say that is exactly what Salah is now. Absolute legend of a player and I hope he stays because like Jota and Virgil I think he can get back to a better all around standard, but I think if a decent offer comes in, like Ed002 suggests is likely, I think the club will sell.

03 Apr 2024 11:09:55
Salah is so frustrating to watch at times, but as said he had an involvement in the first (Not sure if the defender was last to touch) and he scored, but he had 11 shots ( not a great conversion rate) we have been slagging Nunez off for less. He also gave the ball away for their first goal and left Bradley exposed.
Personally Id sell him and invest in a younger model, we didn't do so bad without him when he was injured and he is only going to decline form here.
Just my opinion.



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