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14 Apr 2024 19:21:39
Well that's that then. Goodbye Klopp you absolute legend. Been great but I think he's spot on that there's nothing more that he can do for us based on how everything has fallen away the last few weeks. Hopefully Amorim can bring back some energy and good attacking football.

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14 Apr 2024 19:54:32
It's more disappointing with the players we have and squad. Allison and virg aren't go into be here forever and we should have won more than we did and especially this season. The seasons not over yet but since the United fa cup game there's just a real tiredness to us now especially mentally. The constant going behind certainly doesn't help aided with the system. Klopp said post match trent came on and structurally we were better?! If klopp had stayed for another 4 years this inverted system was never going and the lack of width was never changing either. Robbo was fantastic today, it'd amazing when quaulty players play wide and put in some terrific crosses for players who are great in the air.

14 Apr 2024 20:46:49
This inverted fullback system does nothing against teams that sit in. We should be trying to open the pitch up. Our outball right is konate when Trent plays inverted, madness.

14 Apr 2024 21:18:20
I had made a couple of posts where I hoped that we would go back to basics tactically after trying to out-tactic the opposition over the last few weeks, but frustratingly Klopp had other ideas again.

Also, it was clear Endo/ Macca were exhausted on Thu. To start them both was surprising.

As it stands, it looks like the season and Klopp era is going to go out with a whimper - even with Arsenal's defeat.

15 Apr 2024 02:17:17
We created enough chances in the last 2 prem games to win 10 games, but if we don't have a proven goalscorer anymore what are we going to do. Mo hasn't been the same since the hamstring injury and for as much chaos as he causes, Darwin isn't that guy. We need a 20+ in the league goal machine and we need a settled central defensive partnership.

15 Apr 2024 03:02:40
100% our biggest issue. Nunez is not the answer, I think he could work on the left wing if Diaz were to leave but he is no way a striker out and out.
We need an injury free forward that can take his chances when they are presented.
I like Osmihen but probably beyond our budget.
Isla is also an upgrade.

{Ed001's Note - Osimhen misses as many as Nunez, so does Haaland. All strikers miss sitters, I can remember Rush kneeing one over from inside the 6 yard box with an open goal. That is not our biggest issue, it is the quality of chances we are creating that is the problem. Every single shot the box is full of opposition players, we no longer get in behind, we don't drag their defenders out of position, so they can get bodies in the way. While that happens, the chances of a shot finding the back of the net are massively reduced. How many 1-on-1s did we get against Palace? I think it was 1 if I remember correctly. And that fell for Jones. We are getting off lots of shots, but rarely are we getting open space to aim at.}

15 Apr 2024 06:44:13
I think it was V V in the chat who said ‘Nunez has the touch of an axe murderer’. Hard to argue with that observation.
For a £90m striker his technique is poor. It feel like he’s always snatching at chances, head down and smash it as hard as he can - the knock down from the corner being an example. 5 yards out, smash it at the keepers knee. He didn’t have a lot of time but take a second and try and miss the keeper.
He doesn’t time his runs well either, there are a lot of offsides.
For me, he’s not good enough technically but I completely appreciate his good points - pace, strength, tenacity, work rate. I get it why people appreciate him, this is no slight on them, he just needs to be better.
His transfer fee does him no favours.

15 Apr 2024 07:07:21
Who's great in the air?

15 Apr 2024 07:14:26
I'm with Ed001. I think Nunez has been incredibly unlucky to not score more than he has this season. Yes he 'smashes' the ball slot but most of the time in football those go in. No Nunez is not the problem. He's a 24 YO striker who has everything in his locker and will this year and ongoing be a 20 goal a season striker minimum. The tactics and lack of width when teams sit deep is what does us. So sick of watching us play short passes around the 30 years mark from oppos goals, all within the width of the 18 yard box. So easy to defend, press and counter against.
Klopp has been amazing but as I said 2 years ago the persistence of backing Peps style with this slow possession based inverted system is woeful. Feels like he has betrayed the original version of him to be frank. It's the right time to leave and let someone else (Amorim fingers crossed) have a crack.

15 Apr 2024 07:39:44
At some point during the international break we decided to try and become Brighton.

Neil from Anfield Wrap asked why does it seem like we continuously use the first half as a fact finding mission. Are we not doing our opposition analysis anymore? Or are we being arrogant and choosing to start with a handicap?

Ed001, is right about the chance types for the forwards. Crowded boxes, scrambles or difficult angles.

15 Apr 2024 09:00:50
I disagree with the quality of the chances.

Look at the goals we concede. They are not always clear 1-1 chances. There are a lot of crowded penalty areas (yesterday) .
I think of some of the Atalanta goals, some of the Man U goals.
How much easier does it get than 5 yards out with just the keeper in front of you?

I don’t need a striker who can score open goals, I expect them to be able to score other types of goals. Like the ones we concede.

{Ed001's Note - but we do not have bodies in the way, everyone is just stood off, no one is closing down. Our opposition are throwing themselves into the challenge, getting their bodies in the way, rather than standing off and waiting.}

15 Apr 2024 09:49:21
Well that is certainly true Ed, we have bodies all around them but they aren’t trying as hard to block the shots.

{Ed001's Note - that is a problem all over the pitch, the press is non-existent and no one is closing down and getting in people's faces. Most of the time the only one trying is Endo and it is easy to bypass one player. It is so sad to see the season petering out this way.}

15 Apr 2024 09:54:02
Robbo was our best player yesterday and terrific the first half. I don't believe if i remember he did the same second half which was a great option for us. Very poor decisions from the staff.

15 Apr 2024 17:12:39
Ed, is it the exhaustion of a long season that is now showing it's ugly face, or specifically how we have set the team up which is making is turgid?

{Ed001's Note - we have gone back to the way the team was being set up to play this season. It is nothing to do with exhaustion.}

15 Apr 2024 20:37:57
thanks Ed, so it's back to the inverted RB schtick that basically nullifies any width in play and focusses on possession?

{Ed001's Note - yes.}



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