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29 Mar 2024 18:15:59
Don't understand the hate towards nagglesman. I really rate him and think he can be special. You grow and I'm sure he has from bayern. I think he would be brilliant for us and hope we pursue him over de serbi.

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29 Mar 2024 18:31:34
Agree, my feeling it will be him.

29 Mar 2024 18:46:26
I don't know a thing about him so will reserve judgment. Whoever signs deserves a chance from fans, unfortunately whoever it is will have a tough act to follow.

29 Mar 2024 18:46:41
I hope it's him. The other two are woeful choices and I'm not the happiest with who we've hired as sporting director and chief scout. Journey men are being appointed and we could set ourselves back decades again. Fsg got klopp right but not much else. The luck will run out if we don't get the right men in.

29 Mar 2024 18:58:37
Agree 100% Mizer, Nagglesman is a solid young coach who has managed at the highest level and contrary to what some people think was a success at Bayern only being sacked for ‘other reason’ which I think he will have learnt from. His style of play is not to dissimilar to ours and is endorsed by Klopp not that this a concrete reason to hire him.

For me the sporting coach is a risk who is untested and one which can pay high dividends or flop drastically and to be honest we don’t need that risk. Nag has managed a club with high expectations, playing to win titles and compete in the champions league, he has managed big players and largely done well.

Whilst I’m not 100% confident on Nag there is a lack of unproven managers or Klopp like appointments out there at present and I’m just glad that we are looking at options like him and not Southgate!

Another name being thrown about is de zerbi and tbh I don’t get it, completely different style of play, I’m not overly impressed by Brighton this season and I just don’t rate him that high…would quickly see him being compared to ETH but interested to hear other peoples opinion.

29 Mar 2024 19:04:06
"Fsg got klopp right but not much else. " Literally stopped reading after that waffle.

As for Naggelsmann, nobody hates him so miss me with that nonsense. We are allowed to agree and disagree with the choices we want as manager and just cos some of us (me included), do not want Nagglesmann here for valid tball management reasons does not mean we hate him.

I would ask you to provide actual cogent arguments to support why you and the rest rate him so highly BUT I did not see any of that in your comments. If your ide of rating him highly is, "Oh, he must have learned a lot from his time at Bayern" (something you hourself prolly can't back up with facts) or that it is all about hatred for him (as if we are impacted with whatever tha football Naggelsmann achieves in his life) then, you ain't convincing anyone. Just saying.

29 Mar 2024 19:08:26
And I like De Zerbi, lol! But I haven't said a word about him on the forum. From the looks of things, I would be torn to shreds.

29 Mar 2024 20:00:26
I dare say that if Alonso didn’t play for Liverpool then the clamour for him to be manager wouldn’t be half as much. Clearly his kids being Liverpool fans and his wife loving the city held no sway either. Seems to me he might be holding out for the RM job, maybe the kids have got those kits too ?‍♂️

Reality is the club have to pick a manager from somewhere. The Sporting manager, Nagelsmann or Zidane (don’t even know if he’s interested)

What I do know is that if they don’t get the manager right then literally nothing else matters. It took the club The King and Brendan Rodgers before they realised that.

29 Mar 2024 20:16:28
Give Gary O’Neil a go, passionate young English manager. Was a success managing the U23sfor a while…probed himself at Wolves after being treated badly at Bournemouth!

29 Mar 2024 20:21:22
Someone has to be the Fall Guy who follows Klopp ; the “Moyes” if you like.

Rather it was this guy than Xabi.

29 Mar 2024 21:06:47
I’m game for nagglesmann if he is open to joining us. I think the fact he will cost nothing will appeal to FSG too. I’m not sold on the sporting director, Just a feeling. A curve ball tho I wouldn’t mind milly coming back and jumping on the coaching staff. 3 big clubs possibly 4 if the mancs bullet eth looking for a manager is unheard of.

29 Mar 2024 21:17:07
Someone said on here that they get Rodgers vibes from Nagelsmaan and I can't help but agree. I think he is a talented and bold coach who seems to have disappeared somewhat up his backside but could still prove to be a top, top coach.
I really don't think De Zerbi is the answer and far too soon for Gary O’neil, though I have a lot of respect for his work so far.
I had hoped for Xabi but now will leave it in the capable hands of FSG as even if getting Klopp is the only thing they’ve done right (which it clearly isnt) that worked out pretty well for all concerned.

29 Mar 2024 21:24:58
The “hate” towards Nagglesman, although I wouldn’t call it hate. Is the fact the guy is arrogant as hell and a disruptive personality. He fell out with so many players at Bayern not to mention his pillow talking with his bit on the side. Which landed him in trouble as they spilled information on the clubs inner works seeing as they were a reporter. Is that really the profile of a Liverpool manager? I would rather we be in the news for our success than our manager.

29 Mar 2024 21:48:48
The man single handedly alienated the entire Bayern squad against him with his arrogance and bizarre antics with that journalist, not to mention his tactics which are best described as somewhere between Brendan Rodgers and Tim Sherwood. He failed at Munich and was booted. He’s not done much better with the Germany team, you can imagine how delighted the Bayern players must have been to see him again. The man is vain, unnecessarily arrogant (I would understand his arrogance if he had the medals to back it up, but he doesn’t), and those comments he made about us as a club stick in my craw. He has no business at our club.

29 Mar 2024 22:08:55
Hey @ViktorVaughan and @Alonso, now you see why some of these people who love Naggelsmann have offerred no actual points as to how he would fit LFC in terms of playing style and man management acumen. Could it be that there is actually NOT much to say about him on these fronts? I wonder.

29 Mar 2024 23:08:32
To be fair Oli, I have seen no valid points as to why JN wouldn't be the right choice apart from some apparent 'disrespect' he showed LFC, his going with the journo and the assumption that he is arrogant based on absolutely no merit whatsoever. Unless JN is a personal friend, statements like that have zero substance.
From a footballing management perspective, JN has a lot more stock in the bank than Alonso who, let's be honest, has 14 months or so of professional top level experience in a pretty dire league. No doubt Alonso has shown signs of being a top manager and could certainly reach that level, but let's not pretend he is suddenly some sort of footballing Messiah who would guarantee success at LFC. He would be just as much a gamble as any other appointment.

{Ed001's Note - Nagelsmann has a worse record in the same dire league as Alonso. Not sure you are putting up a good argument for him there.}

29 Mar 2024 23:30:57
I read kimmich said nagglesmann was one of the best coaches he had. If you do your homework he ( nagglesmann) was 1 point off top spot in league and had won his 8 champions league games before getting the sack. Neuer was one of the players who wanted him out because he’d sacked the goal keeping coach who btw was best man at his ( neuer’s wedding) . He has shouldered expectations at the biggest club in Germany, done well at rbl is that enough “actual points”?

30 Mar 2024 02:14:18
Oli, you accused others of making false arguments before, now you're making them yourself.

He plays attacking, pressing football out from the back. Unlike Klopp, he tends to change formation more frequently. He often played with a back 3 and wing-backs at Leipzig while he often played a 4-2-3-1 at Bayern. But he didn't always keep it the same often changing to a 4-2-2-2. Tactical flexibility is something that could be added to our current team which is a positive. He's innovative and is known to be open to using new technologies and data to help give his teams an edge.

From a man-management point of view, people on here lazily accuse him of not being able to manage big egos but the same said big egos seem to be fine with working under him as Germany manager. If they weren't, the DFB wouldn't have given him the job. He's developed many young players like Sule, Demirbay, Schulz and Gnabry at Hoffenheim, Olmo, Konate, Upamecano, Werner, Nkunku, Laimer, Mukiele, Sabitzer at Leipzig and Musiala at Bayern.

His league positions and record in the Champions League is, on the whole, very good.

30 Mar 2024 06:00:24
He’s also 37! That is still incredibly young and he was even younger when at Bayern. People can make mistakes early in their career whatever they’re perceived to be. The best can learn from them.

I know nothing of JN’s character (and truthly nobody on this site does), I’m a big fan of his style of football and think he was one of the more sensible choices.

30 Mar 2024 06:59:15
Ed, I wasn't trying to arguing JN's case as yo be honest, I will happily admit I don't have a good enough understanding of management tactics and not did I really follow his career. My point was more that most of the current arguments against are more just character assassination attempts more than anything.
Oli mentioned about how he'd got in at LFC and from the limited info I have read, I saw he was endorsed by Klopp a while ago which if anything, is pretty high praise from someone who does know what they're doing. I also can't work out this disrespect that VV keeps going on about?
Forgetting his journo incident Ed, from a purely tactical standpoint, as this is what I think we are discussing here, I'd be interested in your thoughts on how JN would fair with the current LFC squad?

{Ed001's Note - he is too fond of tinkering and it got messy at Bayern as the players were being asked to change set up to adapt to teams they could have just rolled over. He is a small club manager in his head, he needs to realise that at a bigger club you can go out there to beat them as you are, then adapt during a game if needed. Nagelsmann for me is not ready for the step up and it showed at Bayern when it all went to his head.}

30 Mar 2024 08:59:59
Didn’t Nagelsmann not win the Bundesliga with Bayern in his first season?.

{Ed001's Note - yes with Bayern he won the league, and your point is? Was that beating expectations? No.}

30 Mar 2024 09:26:01
@Babbity Rabbity and @Scouse, you have it wrong from jump so let me explain. Accusing others of hate cos they disagree with you, is NOT an argument, just so you know. Now on the contrary, you see all the arguments you made for Naggelsmann in your post, I can actually debate those cos those are actual valid arguments. That is NOT what @MIZER and the others were doing on this thread.

All MIZER said from the off was that he could not get the "hate" Naggelsmann was getting hence, my response was that saying we disgaree with him about Naggelsmann becoming our manager does not mean we hate him. THAT was my point. Do you understand the difference, now?

30 Mar 2024 09:46:54
@Stuie, I really don't care who Klopp endorses cos from the off when he was at Hoffenhiem, Naggelsmann's arrogance and dismissive attitude was there for all to see when we played them in the CL knockout stage in 17/ 18 to get into the group stage. It was palpable at the time and I was not the only one saying it at the time, either. Imean, I read that the guy literally told everyone he was off to Bayern weeks before the season was over with RBL. Seriously, who does that? An arrogant person, that's who.

Now I knew he played the high press/ front foot footie and all that but he just rubbed me the wrong way whenever he spoke. As for his time at Bayern, they weren't that good under him either and there was WAY too much baggage for me with the whole player rows, his relationship with a journo that was leaking stuff to the press and his arrogance shone even more with his lack of tactical ability to change things up when required. All this happened in the public eye, btw.

Sorry but me speaking the truth about what happened at the club under his watch is NOT character assasination so you have that logic backwards, bro. Hence, not arsed about who endorses him or what good things players say about him. Naggelsmann's attitide has always stunk for me and has way too much baggage.

So I will NOT apologize for not wanting a manager with an ego as big as Anfield with NO trophy clout to back it up, replacing a truly humble guy with NO bagage and a big bag of trophies like Klopp. Do you understand, now?

30 Mar 2024 11:24:45
Oli, what will you do if it is Naglesmann that gets the job? You've never struck me as someone who would not support a manager of the club while they're in place, but you've pretty strongly nailed your colours to the mast as far as JN goes.

I also don't think you're the type to say "I told you so" if it goes wrong, so just wondering how you react if he gets the job.

For what it's worth, I actually said I wanted Amorim over Alonso (if Alonso turns out as good as everyone thinks he will be, we can perhaps get him at a later date, but replacing klopp with 18 months of management behind you is HUGE pressure, and I wouldn't want him failing and then never coming back) . Amorim seems highly rated, has really turned around a Sporting team who were dire before he took the job, and if it goes tits up after a year or 2, THEN we'll go pinch Alonso from Real Madrid. :)



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