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31 Mar 2024 18:29:25
A 0-0 draw between ManCity and Arsenal; the best possible outcome for us. Back in the driver's seat and it's up to the boys. Can we win every single game from here to the end? Yes, very much possible.

The fact that ManCity could not score over 90 minutes with 75% possession on their home ground, lays credence to the opinion that they are clearly not as good as in previous years.

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31 Mar 2024 18:48:14
De bryne looks like a big lump now. Hasn't the legs to get back anymore. Still has the quality on the ball but it isn't coming off as much anymore and his lack of legs tracking back, the legends on his road out of city.

31 Mar 2024 18:48:28
I would say it gives credence (if needed) that Arsenal have progressed and no longer wilt under pressure

They are the only 1 of the top 3 to bag wins against the other two.

31 Mar 2024 19:03:09
Paisley, I agree with you. Arsenal did not wilt under pressure nor make any major mistakes, and it feels like they were playing for a draw, and got their objective.

31 Mar 2024 19:24:31
If we win at United i think it will be hard to stop us. Mentally Sundays game will be very important.

31 Mar 2024 19:28:50
Future is in their own hands. Win the games left, win the league!

31 Mar 2024 19:54:36
De Bruyne is not the great player people seem to think he is. Instead of counting his assists they should count the amount of times he loses possession. It’s a lot.

He is always trying the Hollywood pass and misses 19 times out of 20 but that 1 time it works he’s plastered all over the media as the second coming.

Can’t defend, won’t track back and loses possession way too much. Apparently that constitutes a world class player these days.

{Ed025's Note - hes a very good player by the way BP, not everyone can be perfect all the time mate but you seem to hate everyone who does not wear a liverpool shirt, its sad really..

31 Mar 2024 20:00:50
I personally thought it was a bit of both today.

Arsenal did defend well but City got in some promising positions and we just really poor in the final third.

{Ed025's Note - i just thought it was a crap game Wassa..

31 Mar 2024 20:28:12
Ed025, it felt like both teams were scared to lose, more than anything else. No big risks, no spectacular finishing. No standout player or players. A lot of games start off like chess, but this was chess for the full 90 minutes. One team hogging the ball for 90 minutes, and the other setting up a double decker bus daring them to score.

{Ed025's Note - it was abysmal to watch ArAy, supposedly 2 of the top 3 teams in the league and they put on a borefest like that, give me Liverpool to watch any day mate..

31 Mar 2024 20:22:05
BP de bruyne is one of the best players in the league. He would walk into our team. Imagine him feeding salah and nunez! As for the game, they both cancelled each other out. I'd much rather watch us vs city then that, awful game to watch.

{Ed025's Note - spot on WYred mate..

31 Mar 2024 20:33:34
Couldn’t be arsed to watch the City Arsenal game, rather watch anti climb paint dry, that said it was a fantastic results.

31 Mar 2024 20:34:48
It was Ed25 - look like they both settled for not losing. You are right about KDB too - great player would have loved to see him play for us - but his hamstrings are shot and Pep knows it.

{Ed025's Note - even with shot hamstrings he is still a top top player WDW, but my money is still on Liverpool to win the title mate, as it has been from the start..

31 Mar 2024 21:41:24
For me, this was typical Pep over analyzing and trying to "surprise" his opponent.

City had no width until Jack and Doku came on.

City tried everything down the middle in the 1st half, with Silva as a winger. such ignorant tactics from Pep.

Arteta used the dark arts to his advantage. its like he somehow knew Taylor wasn't going to book anyone. FOR ANYTHING.

Jesus, Gabriel, Odegaard, Rice could have each seen multiple yellow cards and Taylor decided to let things go. It's not like he didn't blow for the fouls, he just didn't want to brandish any cards.

This was the most boring game in the past decade, and if that's what 2 of the top 3 teams in England have to show, then from an entertainment perspective, I'd rather watch paint dry

Finally, as for Haaland. What a lump of lard that guy is.
He was bullied, at home, by the snake known as Gabriel.
In a game where the ref was literally giving the players Carte Blanche, he rolled over and had his belly tickled by that slithering piece of sh1t. Oh how happy I am that we have Nunez.

31 Mar 2024 22:54:22
ArAy1969, I cannot believe that both teams essentially "lost" today. For us, we got the points we deserved based on chances created, IMO. On to Sheffield Utd.

01 Apr 2024 00:03:51
An excellent result or should I saw an excellent two results! what a day, I was hoping they'd draw but had a feeling City would snatch it, thankfully they didn't.

Regarding de bruyne, he's an excellent player nearing the end of his time there now but wow what a player he has been. It's one of them for me, although I love Liverpool I enjoy the league and the sport so players like that are good to have part of the league, it'll be a shame when he does go which I reckon will be next transfer window. If they can bag a load of cash from the saudi's they'd be daft not to.

01 Apr 2024 01:48:53
I love De Bruyne but I agree with WDW - his hamstrings have gone and it’s been becoming more evident ever since he returned from injury in January. De Bruyne has never been just devastating quality (qualitatively, no midfielder in the world has been near him since Gerrard), he relies on top athleticism to generate space to use his quality. I’ve seen hardly any of that since he came back. It could be huge in the title race as City have far less can-crushing ability when De Bruyne is out of form.

01 Apr 2024 01:36:44
ED025, exactly my thoughts - it was a complete borefest. From Arsenal's view I can understand, as that is how they approached the home game and at times against ourselves. I think they were content with a point. City needed width and to move the ball far quicker.
Although 'quality' of football has improved over the years, the title showdowns lack the passion and excitement of 90s and 00s.

KDB is one if the best attacking midfielders ever in Premier league. 1 in 20? You really haven't watched him enough if anyone believes he plays Hollywood passes. top quality.

{Ed025's Note - but has the quality really improved over the years Ben? im not so sure mate, i find this tippy-tapppy football very boring to watch myself, passing the ball a thousand times mainly backwards and sideways to create a chance does not really excite me personally, i might be a dinosaur of course but give me blood and guts high press attacking play any day..

01 Apr 2024 10:26:45
Same here ed25, I must admit I hate to see it the passing backwards and sideways all of the time. England, it's all they do which is why I won't watch them, it's a terrible way to play football. Not for me. Id rather watch grass grow, it'd be much more entertaining (somehow) :)

Hope you are well mate, always good to see you on here.

{Ed025's Note - hi Salah, yeah i have just been saying on the Arsenal page that i thought it was the worst game in Premiership history mate, and im a bloody Evertonian so thats saying something.. :)



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