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30 Mar 2024 01:18:14
Can I just say about Alonso, what a classy move. Staying at the club that gave him a chance at a higher level. Not chasing or believing the hype. Deciding to stay at the best place for him and his family. Makes me respect him even more. Of course I would have loved him at Liverpool but coming out now and telling everyone that he's staying, pure class.

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30 Mar 2024 02:04:09
I completely agree mate.

30 Mar 2024 03:07:39
He's not waiting one more year to replace Ancelotti at Madrid? That's where I'd put my money. Can hardly come to us or Bayern for one year if his heart is at Madrid.

{Ed001's Note - personally I think people are missing the point with Madrid. They extended Ancelotti for an extra year when Klopp decided to leave Liverpool, after years of them chasing Klopp. So Klopp decides to leave Liverpool and then take a year out, and Ancelotti's deal runs out at the end of Klopp's sabbatical year. I think that is where Klopp will be.}

30 Mar 2024 04:12:42
Oh you serious Ed mate? That would be something and probably unexpected, for me at least. But now that you mentioned, it does make sense.

Do you have inside info mate or how you see things panning out, given their pursuit and prior to this.

{Ed001's Note - just that one minute they were trying to persuade Klopp to join, the next they were extending Ancelotti. A few months later Klopp admits he has decided to leave at the end of the season and take a year sabbatical, which would end at the same time as Ancelotti's deal. That was last year that Klopp made the decision, just as it was that Ancelotti had his contract extended by a year to match up. That was before any interest in Alonso from Madrid.}

30 Mar 2024 06:19:24
Personally I think he’s made a big mistake (Alonso) and I think he’s bottled it which is a black mark against him having another crack at it.
He’s totally misread it in my opinion.
What’s he going to do at Leverkusen? Win the title again? Extremely unlikely, he’s overachieved this season when Bayern have underachieved. Lightening doesn’t strike twice.
Leverkusen are the equivalent of Leicester. Had an amazing season when everyone else was struggling relatively.
Even if he did have another incredible season at BL, so what. They’ve already won the league once, it’s not exactly taking them on another level.
So what about the Champions League? See Leicester. They’ll bomb pretty early, they might get to the knock out stage but I doubt it. Experience counts in the Champions League, history shows this.

This is not like Graham Potter leaving Brighton for Chelsea. BHA had not won anything. Their next manager could conceivably take them further. Xabi has won the highest honour he could possibly win at Leverkusen. Liverpool are not like Chelsea. Except for Hodgson, Liverpool don’t switch their managers around every 1-2 seasons.

Alonso has shown he’s not up to the job by staying at Leverkusen. Take the easy decision, stay in your comfort zone. Sadly for him, the only way is down for BL. They’ll never replicate this success, football just isn’t like that anymore, money talks and Bayern have a lot more money than any German team.

Check David Bowie’s quote about being in your comfort zone.

30 Mar 2024 06:38:49
I said if at the time but was completely speculating but maybe there is something to the timing of Xavi’s resignation from Barcelona.

I don’t know how I feel about it. He won a title at Barcelona with a team/ club that is falling apart somewhat.
He also had some terrible results - but that team IS falling apart.

He’d be a big risk, but then who wouldn’t?
Alonso has only 1 full season - in Germany and ruled himself out.
Amorim - Portugal
Nagglesmann - questions about his man management
De Zerbi - bluffer
Postecoglu - possible bluffer.

There are no outstanding candidates. The next man has an almost impossible task to follow Klopp. Prising an outstanding manager from their current club to take an impossible job will be “tricky”.

Maybe Xavi, who took an impossible job at Barca, would take it on. What has he got to lose? His reputation is not soaring at the moment.

I’d have a sneaky fiver on him IF I was a betting man - which I’m definitely not.

30 Mar 2024 06:47:24
Surely Klopp is not going to Real Madrid? It should be a match made in Heaven, the world's best manager in charge of the world’s biggest club, but it just doesn’t make sense. Klopp leaving Liverpool to eventually manage Madrid would actually be a bit insulting in my opinion. I know Klopp has done so much for the club and owes nobody anything, but it would be quite difficult to take seeing him in charge of a club that get nearly everything they want while we’re scrambling around looking for what will be a highly inferior replacement.
Please say it’s just a hunch, Ed.

{Ed001's Note - it is just a hunch, but it makes sense.}

30 Mar 2024 06:51:40
Sorry to “bomb” this thread - last post I promise.

Another reason Xavi might be an option apart from “timing” is his love for Liverpool which is on record for many years.

As a player he talked about how he loved watching Liverpool in the late 80’s as a kid and how he loved John Barnes “wow, what a player”.
He talked in glowing terms about the fans when he played at Anfield in 2001. Barcelona gubbed us that night, played us off the park and won 3-1. But Xavi was left “speechless” by the Anfield support who stayed and applauded their team right until the end.

As a manager he talked of his admiration for Klopp and his Liverpool team. Their style and their intensity.

I think it could be Xavi.

I’m not making a case that it should be him, just a feeling in the absence of any obvious outstanding alternatives.

30 Mar 2024 07:02:47
Always respect your opinion Ron, but Alonso may just be showing his human side by sticking by his players for at least another season and repaying the faith the club put in him.

He’s also got a wife and kids to consider, maybe he’s also looking out for their needs.

As for staying in a comfortable place; firstly, IF he wins the league this year, I’d say retaining it is probably a bigger challenge. Secondly, feeling comfortable, valued and doing what you believe to be the right thing are important.

I quite like the way he’s handled things. I get it and it reminds me of Klopp a little.

He’s a very young manager and I think he’s showing humility and respect by not jumping at the first opportunity. He may have higher priorities and values than money or professional.

By showing some integrity he’s kind of proven he would have been a good fit.

30 Mar 2024 08:06:42
Ed1, its interesting if that come true. We can finally see what Klopp can do when he got everything going for him. He can have all the resources to get the players he wants, a squad with all the best young players in the world, no 115 charges team to go against. And compared to when at Liv, he can finally get the referee on his side. Its also interesting to see how he will get along with Perez, both with big personality.

30 Mar 2024 08:19:11
Timing wise klopp would fit in perfectly with when ancellotti leaves madrid but I just couldn't see klopp going to likes of madrid, doesn't come across as his type of club particularly at his age now. I see him taking over german national team in due course and i think that will do him, retire after that.

30 Mar 2024 08:24:54
Interesting perspective Pompey Rouge and of course Alonso doesn’t need money or a high profile having already achieved everything as a player.
Totally respect his decision and could very well be family orientated.
But, IF that is his reasoning, I’d argue he’s not really the man for the job anyway. Totally respect family first - of course - but football management is all consuming and if you want to be the best you have to take your opportunities.

Maybe it’s a bit like Dalglish’s reasoning why Hansen wasn’t cut out for management - “not enough passion”. Could be true of Alonso, maybe he doesn’t have that burning desire to be the greatest.

30 Mar 2024 08:47:01
Ron isn’t that the same as Alonso and his love for everything Liverpool? But he ain’t here?‍♂️.

30 Mar 2024 08:56:38
Ed01, it's about damn time you said this in public on this forum. Back in the day when the podcasts used to happen (Oh, what a time, lol! ), the Ed's had said that RM came in for Klopp at the end of last season BUT he had decided to stay at LFC. I was shocked out of my wits when they mentioned that (along with Ed77) in the podcast. That's how I knew Klopp still had it and the clout he had built for himself was thru the roof. Suck on that eggs, Danny Mills!

Now I have no idea where Klopp will go should he return to management BUT we will have to see. RM is indeed worth a shout. Bayern? That ship has sailed for years now, IMO.

30 Mar 2024 09:03:37
And as for Alonso, who didn't know that there was a possibility that he would stay at Leverkusen when this whole saga started? If you didn't then you don't know him as much as you think you do. Alonso is a very intelligent human being hence, very cerebral player and now, manager. He unlike the Gerrard's nd Lampard's or Rooney's of this world, Alonso is very meticulous about his approach and know never to run before he can crawl. He's prolly seen these ex players fly straight into managing bigger clubs and seen them fail cos they were't ready, me thinks.

Alonso simply was not ready to take the LFC job right now (thanks to Klop, it is a TOP job right now) andfeels that he needs more time to hone his skills and finish whatever he has to finish at Leverkusen as in win their first title, get them into the CL and see what noise they can make there. IMO, Alonso did LFC a truly great service by being honest and forthright about his decision and that can only be commended.

On another note, I find it pathetic that some of our "fans" are berating him sying he "bottled" it by not joing us. Or blaming FSG (shocking, I know) . Disgraceful behaviour BUT not surprising.

30 Mar 2024 09:12:07
To be fair it would be nice seeing Klopp with the likes of Bellingham and Mbappe etc and sticking it to Guardiola in the CL every season.

30 Mar 2024 10:00:28
If you didn't then you don't know him as much as you think you do. Alonso is a very intelligent human being hence, very cerebral player and now, manager. He unlike the Gerrard's nd Lampard's or Rooney's of this world, Alonso is very meticulous about his approach and know never to run before he can crawl”

As Oli then tells us all about Alonso . I think if you were honest Oli you would admit you know no more about Alonso than the man on the street. It really is time you came down of your pedestal fella.

30 Mar 2024 10:06:33
Very interesting that Ed1 mate, an idea that would indeed make sense. Imagine him with that team? he'd win everything and probably retire there I'd imagine.

30 Mar 2024 10:34:59
IR, no pedestal crap here, mate. There was always a possibility of him staying at Bayer and many of us mentioned it on here multiple times at the time, as well even tho we wanted him here. As ED02 would say, RTP!

30 Mar 2024 11:22:18
IR thank god someone said it.

Oli other posters don’t need you constantly telling them what they should think or how they should support the team.

In your own words “take a day off”.

30 Mar 2024 11:43:44
OliRed - Klopp is the best manager in the world and every single club in football would get rid of their current managers for him, even Manchester City.
Rival football fans mock Klopp incessantly, but all of them would give anything to have Klopp as their manager, even Evertonians.
I agree with Irish Rover - Klopp at Real Madrid would annihilate Guardiola’s City team.

30 Mar 2024 12:17:38
Stylistically, Klopp would do brilliantly at Real Madrid.

However, I am not sure he would vibe well with Florentino Perez and his mob. Klopp is pretty fussy about the environment and culture of the club, from top to bottom. Would Real want that part of Jurgen?

Having said that, perhaps Jurgen loves Tchouameni and Bellingham that much that he would do absolutely anything for them. Joke.

I am not convinced but I am often wrong. Most recently about Xabi Alonso not turning us down.

30 Mar 2024 12:28:44
Klopp reckons he packing in because of the pressure, running out of energy etc and his family life is on the receiving end of it. wouldn't managing a juggernaut like Madrid actually be more pressure energy sapping than bein at Liverpool. I thought the German national team would be ideal for him .

30 Mar 2024 13:39:29
I don’t see Klopp going to Madrid. I think he’ll take the German national team job. Less day to day aggro,

30 Mar 2024 14:15:02
I said early on when Klopp gave the news that Alonso did not have the management experiance for LFC
Winning the German league is a feather in his cap but winning the Premier league is a diffrent prospect and how long would he need to get the team playing to the standards Klopp had and how long before comparisons of Alonso and klopp . No i think Alonso has made the right choice to stay where is and good luck to him . I believe that LFC will know the best candidate for the job and will go through everything with a fine toothed comb and make the right decision on behalf of the fans the club and the players.

30 Mar 2024 15:25:57
FFPF I think Perez etc would move the heavens to get Klopp and keep him happy. Trent and Virgil down to a year. be nice to see them extended.

Oli do you think Leverkusen will attempt to sign Alonso to a longer term deal, a nice pay raise and a higher buy out clause?

Ed thanks for the perspective makes sense. I expected Klopp to take the Germany job w less day to day involvement.

{Ed001's Note - I am hoping that is what he will do.}

30 Mar 2024 15:26:45
Seems too boring for Klopp but then again he did say he is after an easier life now so could happen. I would be flat out disgusted if he joined them a year after leaving us in deep doo doo. Just can’t see it, he would lose a lot of respect and I for one would put him in the same class as so many others who have committed treason. There is literally no one worthy of taking the Liverpool job how can that be?

30 Mar 2024 15:54:22
"Deep doo doo" would be walking out no warning. He told the club in November. I'm sure they told him to sit on it for a bit before making the announcement. Squad is in a great place and ready to kick on next season. I have no fear. King is dead long live the King sort of thing.

30 Mar 2024 19:23:37
Hi IR, that’s the difference between Alonso and Xavi.

Xavi could have stayed in Saudi, winning a pub league every now and again, easy money.
But he chose to test himself at the highest level. He went to one of the toughest leagues to a club that was falling apart. He took them to a league title against all the odds in his first full season.

Alonso could stay at Leverkusen, mediocre club in a one club league. He’ll probably not get sacked, but he’ll never have tested himself.

Xavi - fearless competitor.
Alonso - bottle job.

I want a manager who is not intimidated by the challenge and I think that’s what’s happened to Alonso. Gutless.

{Ed025's Note - thats a bit harsh imo Ron..

30 Mar 2024 19:46:47
Ron, Im not sure a burning desire to be the greatest or even to be the manager of Liverpool is what we need.

I don’t even think the term manager is right. We need a leader and sometimes the right person is the most reluctant.

Leading Liverpool is one of the most emotional jobs in world football. For all Klopp’s personality, I actually think many others could have got far more carried away. Klopp has always been able to keep a lid on things in my opinion. Certainly walked the line but kept it professional.

Maybe we need someone who is a little removed from the pressure and can just focus on the work.

And I’ll counter your Xavi (quite like it actually) with James Milner ?.

31 Mar 2024 00:01:55
Ed you are spot on with your analysis. Regardless of if it’s Klopp or not, seems like RM will have their pick of coaches next year from the likes of Alonso and potentially Klopp and that paired with a fairly young talent dense RM roster does not bode well for the rest of European teams for the next 5-7 years.



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