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30 Mar 2024 17:05:44
de Zerbi not signing a new contract, speculation he isn't, it's written in the stars perhaps he thinks, that he will manage our beloved Liverpool, god help us.

{Ed025's Note - worst case scenario sid..

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30 Mar 2024 17:15:29
Don't really want him. I just don't think he's that good.

But he deserves to be given a chance if that's what the club decide, and I will support him if he arrives.

Hope he doesn't though.

30 Mar 2024 17:51:43
It’s all very worrying. I’m not sure he’s the right man.
He might try to play a blinder tomorrow also for the audition.

30 Mar 2024 18:06:07
Not saying i want him, but this time last year he was a genius.

{Ed001's Note - no he wasn't.}

30 Mar 2024 17:43:57
Eds, is the criticism of de Zerbi that his arrogance and petty drama behind the scenes a la the brodge the reason why it's best to avoid, as opposed to the style of football?

{Ed025's Note - I just think hes an arrogant sod who thinks hes a lot better than he actually is ajb, reminds me of Mourinho when he became an arse hole and i dont think he has improved Brighton at all mate..

30 Mar 2024 18:36:53
Ed025 mate, I agree with both your posts, who would you like to see get the job, bearing in mind, it’s a bit thin on the ground for decent mangers, I’m sure all or most Liverpool supporters wanted Alonso but as we know that may not happen, of hand I can’t think of anyone.

{Ed025's Note - im the same Sid, nobody who has been mentioned seems to fit the bill mate, its a great gig for somebody but who that will be is anyones guess..

30 Mar 2024 18:52:22
Like I’ve always said, it was never fsg genius that won us stuff it was Klopps brilliance and soon as he goes we will be back to 8th.

30 Mar 2024 19:14:05
Thing about Mourinho is that he was quite entitled to that arrogance as he had the medals to back it up. De Zerbi has nothing.

{Ed025's Note - good point VV..

30 Mar 2024 19:36:23
ED025, what about Steve Bruce, Alan Pardew and Big Sam. I reckon they are your dream options for the Liverpool job.

{Ed025's Note - i really want you to get Sean Dyche Greenflash....then you would know how we feel mate.. :)

30 Mar 2024 20:36:24
What about the scotland manager then Steve Clarke could he be worth a punt then a know he was with the king but as an individual worked wonders with kilmarnock and then s outland?

30 Mar 2024 21:50:37
I’d rather we went for Rab C Nesbitt than Steve Clarke, Rabh.

30 Mar 2024 22:10:37
I’d rather have Rylan Clark VV than that man, god knows where posters pull these names from, it’ll be Benitez next or Ten Hag when Southgate gets his job.

31 Mar 2024 03:35:42
Ah he was, everyone was raving about him. he won't get our job but he will end up at a big clyb. i do think he's a talented coach. We'll get Amorim by the looks of it, seems very good! none of them are Jurgen though are they.

{Ed001's Note - no, everyone was not raving about him this time last year. It was after he had caused rifts in the Brighton squad in the January window, which led to a very public falling out with Trossard. He then spoke very publicly about things and was accused of being a liar before Trossard left to join Arsenal. If you mean some people raved about him, then yes maybe. But I certainly never did and always said he had a whiff of Silva joining Everton about him, which I still stand by. Your hyperbole is just based on a few moron pundits in the media, not on actual reality. De Zerbi is benefitting from what went on before, but he is gradually tearing it all apart with his terrible rotation policy and inability to understand how to keep his big gob shut in public.}

31 Mar 2024 03:36:14
I also, was never raving about him and haven't seen many others either. I think Ed1 is spot on, media nonsense if anything.

31 Mar 2024 03:39:30
Maybe toward devseeved it.

I’m on board with de zerbi or Amorim.
I don’t mind bit of a rough edge.
For either, they’ve both been in the game a good amount of years and with their respective clubs and budget have achieved what you would hope for imo.

Let’s go and get cracking I say. This pontificating about minor perceived indiscretions will mean we end up with no manager lol.

{Ed001's Note - maybe he deserved it? Ignorant comment that. No he did not deserve it. De Zerbi is crap, has done nothing other than take Brighton backwards and can't even pick a keeper ffs. Guy is a crackpot. I am so glad you have no say in choices at Liverpool or we would be ruined. It is not pontificating, it is called having an opinion based on understanding of a situation, rather than ignorantly making digs like you did.}

31 Mar 2024 09:11:23
DeZerbi is responsible for the shambles we are seeing on the pitch at Brighton this season. The buck stops with him, period. A genius? Who called him that? Some pundits prolly BUT that means nothing cos they called Ten Hag a genius for Utd's good season last season even after getting Seven-ed at Anfield and nearly cost them CL footie near the end. Is he still a genius now? Yeah, exactly.

I have said it before, DeZerbi benefitted from all the work Potter had done from jump. All he needed to do was make Brighton score more goals and he did do that. This season, it is now HIS team and there is no way on this earth that a manager who has NO problems getting his arse handed to him and getting battered by 3, 4 or even 5 goals is some kind of genius at any point and that he is worthy to manage at the highest level at LFC. Not in a gajillion years, mate. ALl that, is on DeZerbi, end of.

I'll keep saying it. I don't want DeZerbi anywhere near LFC and even tho I have NO clue about Amorim, he has shown that he can improve and further the careers of young players and oh yeah, WIN things with what I have gathered from those who knew him. DeZerbi is a fraud and the receipts are there, IMO.

31 Mar 2024 09:18:53
Ed 1 what do you make of fernando diniz as a coach, not saying we should go for him but he certainly has a different approach than most to coaching, do you think his ideas could catch on in the future in europe.

{Ed001's Note - no idea sorry, not got enough knowledge of him to have an opinion.}

31 Mar 2024 09:22:31
Ed002 has hinted Barcelona and Bayern want him.

So if Liverpool were in the mix his choice would be:

•Dominant German club with a huge financial advantage after a poor season
•One of the big 2 in Spain who are struggling financially and need to replace a lot of players. Also having a poor season
•Liverpool replacing a legend who won everything and has seriously competed in 4 tournaments this season.

Given those choices, I’d say we have nothing to worry about DeZerbi coming here.

31 Mar 2024 09:24:08
whats your take on Amorin Ed001?

{Ed077's Note - RTP. He's continuously answered this for the past day or 2, at least.}

31 Mar 2024 09:43:16
He believes in "relationism " rather than positional play, having his players closer to the ball for quick short passes and one two's, was managing fluminese and won the South American champions league, think the style is called joga ball, which he says is the brazilian style and brazil lost its identity by copying the european style, i wathed a couple of videos about him and i think the coach of malmo is playing that style now, would certainly make games interesting if it were to catch on.

31 Mar 2024 09:49:46
Rather Stevie G than Zerbi. I would hope the decision makers would not be foolish enough to hire him. The options are so bad what happened to good managers?

31 Mar 2024 11:54:40
What about Potter - he looked like a contender until the wheels fell off at Chelsea, although it seemed like their co-owner (or whatever he calls himself) was just going out and buying whoever was mentioned on social media. Perhaps Potter falls into the category of the right man in the wrong place at the wrong time?

I thought I’d mention him as every other living manager in the northern hemisphere seems to have been mentioned.

31 Mar 2024 12:26:12
I’ll Be l honest De Zerbi wouldn’t be my first choice to replace Klopp but what do I know and I have zero say in it.

I know as much about him as I do the other managers being linked and I’ve never seen him interviewed to see the arrogance he is accused of. In fairness though I’ve probably never heard a full interview by about 95% of premier league managers.

I’m not sure though in what world does taking a team that finished 15th twice and 9th once to 6th on their record high points Talley and to the knock outs of Europe deemed as taking them backwards.

31 Mar 2024 13:08:13
what we need is a manager who can be his own man. Not many of that kind of manager around.

31 Mar 2024 16:15:05
Potter has blown his chance of managing a top club by taking part in Todd Boehly’s flying circus and I certainly wouldn’t want him managing us as it stinks of desperation.

31 Mar 2024 20:48:07
“Stinks of desperation” - that’s a million and one times with the exaggeration thing.



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