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13 Apr 2024 14:09:55
Don't count your chickens. There's a very good chance amorim could stay at sporting.

He has more to lose than gain by coming to Liverpool, right now it's a tough sell to people on the up. That's not me saying that, it's a few agents I met at an event I was at recently. One agent suggested it would be better for Liverpool to look for someone trying to rebuild their reputation instead as it's an opportunity for them rather than a risk.

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13 Apr 2024 14:55:49

13 Apr 2024 15:26:11
I can see the point of view of the agents.
The next man in has a big job on his hands.
There is a bit of a rebuilding process to do and not a lot of money to do it with.
The knives will be out early on you can be sure of that.
Plus they have to work in a system with Edwards and Hughes so some loss of autonomy.

It’s a tough job, needs someone with some backbone.

Who knows, maybe it will be Potter?

13 Apr 2024 15:53:43
He looks nailed on to me.
Although I said the same about Alonso. Lol
But only he knows what’s going on his own head.
Liverpool will always be a tempting prospect for any manager who wants to prove himself though. Especially when the squad is quite young and in good shape, not much of a rebuilding job like usual, more tweaks.

13 Apr 2024 15:56:52
Wouldn't trust a football agent in the wild as far as I can throw him/ her.

Liverpool is an attractive job for any ambitious manager/ coach. We have record breaking revenues, good youngsters, excellent training facilities and are proactively strengthening the football structure again under someone who has a track record of success with us. Klopp is not leaving a mess behind him. And most importantly, Liverpool fans are always patient, supportive and hopeful as long as you take some time to understand the culture and avoid the Hodgson and Rogers-style "charm".

If an incoming coach is frightened of Klopp's legacy even after us not having won one of the big prizes (CL or PL) in 5 years, then they are not the right guy for Liverpool.

13 Apr 2024 16:03:46
If any, would be, manager is scared, we are better off without them. A young (ish) team, with a few tactical tweaks and sales/ purchases and they'll have an almost perfect team. I don't buy this "tough act to follow" or "tough sell" malarkey. Any decent young manager, with anything about themselves, would jump at the chance.

13 Apr 2024 16:41:11
A manager looking to rebuild their reputation should be avoided at all costs. Look at the current crop out there who meet that criteria of being sacked and having a poor reputation in need of rebuilding (or in Tuchel’s case on the verge of getting sacked and having an appalling reputation, again), Mourinho, Tuchel, Nagelsmann, Flick, Potter, Conte, Low, Lopetegui and that’s without mentioning the dregs like Gerrard, Lampard, Solsjkear et al.

Not exactly an inspiring list and not one of them is remotely good enough or competent enough for the job for multiple reasons. If we end up with one of that lot then we’d be just as well to write the next 18 months off or more. There are certain managers who don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt or patience.

13 Apr 2024 21:07:08
I don’t feel it’s a case of being scared, more of a case of timing.
Next man in is going to be compared to Klopp, who won everything except the Europa League (you still never know) .

For some managers on the rise, it’s not the right time. For the likes of Potter it’s a great chance, for Alonso and Amorim there is a lot of risk compared to waiting in the wings.

13 Apr 2024 21:11:13
Only Amorim knows what’s going on in his head. For me, and going by ITK’s, both him and Alonso are the standout candidates. Well, were because Alonso removed himself from the running - that Amorim is set to become our new manager. As for the attractiveness of our club. That would be totally subjective. What you’re saying might be true in some cases. But then on the other hand, a number of managers would relish the fact a summer clear out is looking likely. Simply because we have a number of talented players they could work around. And funds raised from sells along with a set transfer budget would ensure they get the players they want in order to execute their vision. Now, I could be totally wrong here but I see a bigger clear out then some might be expecting.

Salah turns 32 in a few months. Is still a good player but is naturally on the decline. Plus, this is the last time we could get a good transfer fee for him. In my opinion he is off to Saudi Arabia, and if we can fetch between £100 million - £150 million we have to take sentiments out of it and sell. At the end of the day all good things must come to an end. As for Diaz, his father is doing a press tour about Diaz playing for a Spanish club or a top European club for that matter, which I find strange. I’m at the stage where if a player wants to go just go, no matter who they are. If we can fetch £70 million or thereabouts then sell. So Diaz is another one I see gone this summer. One that might be going under the radar is VVD, who might want to leave this summer. It would be his last chance of a big pay day and I’m sure his agent could drum up interest from one of the top European sides to facilitate that. Plus he turns 33 in July so Edwards and Hughes will most likely sell instead of extending his contract and paying him £200k plus a week, which makes sense.

I see Kostas sold, and his ability and performances means I don’t need to elaborate on the reasons why. Kelleher might ask to leave for the sake of his career. And yes he’s played a lot of games this season but that was down to Allison having a lot of injuries which has never happened since his move from Roma. Not much needs to be said about Thiago, Adrian or Matip as their contracts expire this summer. Tyler Morton and Carvalho could be given a chance but equally they might come back after tasting first team football and ask to leave if interest from other clubs is there. Or it might not be their decisions if Edwards and Hughes feel they could get good money for both. Another thing is we keep getting linked to DM’s, which could be media rubbish. But if it is Amorim coming in and if the media noise is true then he might bring one with him. Personally I would be happy with Endo and Bajcetic but if a DM is brought in we might cash in on Endo, which will not go down well with a large number of the fanbase, although I trust them those in charge in whatever they decide to do. Edwards and Hughes might be thinking we could make some profit on him when you factor in age (31) and low fee paid to bring him in. Then lastly there is Konate. He has all the attributes to be a good defender but whenever you think he is kicking on his lapse in concentration rears it’s ugly head. Not to mention the fact you can’t rely on him as a first choice CB due to his consistent injuries. If PSG who he has spoken about decide to come in for him this summer I see him gone.

All speculation of course. But whatever happens in the summer, I’m actually very positive. Safe to say exciting times ahead with Edwards, Hughes and hopefully Amorim.

13 Apr 2024 21:22:08
FPF, record breaking revenues? Don’t Utd& City both have higher revenues in the PL alone? Pretty sure Barcelona and Real have higher too so not sure what records are being broken.

13 Apr 2024 21:33:47
In just the same vein Amorim, or any other manager on the up as you say might have a rubbish season next year, stick falls and he is never mentioned for the top jobs ever again.

Contrary to what many are saying, the fact that following Klopp will inevitably be difficult kind of gives successors and bit of a free pass. Amorim and Alonso could come here and fail and it would be out down to Klopp hangover rather than any issue on their part.

Whereas if they stay at lower clubs now they might completely screw it up next year and never get mentioned for the top clubs again. No, when the top clubs come calling you go for it. I reckon the only reason Alonso isn't is that he is waiting for Madrid but he might not get it if he gets Leverkusen relegated next year. ?.

13 Apr 2024 23:24:09
Fuser, you can break your own revenue records too.

As for City’s revenue - less said the better.

13 Apr 2024 23:28:32
Ron - sounds like another way of describing being scared :)

By the same token, these managers that are hoping to rebuild their reputations would have pretty poor judgement to take a job whereby the fanbase is split on their ability and reputation.

13 Apr 2024 18:22:29
Load of nonsense, any manager who is worth their salt will want this job. If Amorim would rather stay at sporting then he’s not a manager worth his salt, so isn’t worth the LFC job.

14 Apr 2024 01:12:04
Maybe he might be happy and settled where he and his family are.

14 Apr 2024 03:48:36
Good post, alonso1786, and ill add that the exit of some/ all of those players might provide a tempting war chest for the next manager. Salah and Diaz could possibly add as much as 200m between them which, if reinvested, would be a carrot on a stick for most managers.

14 Apr 2024 08:55:10
@Andyjh83 - so Alonso “is not worth his salt”?

Unusual take but you do you.

14 Apr 2024 09:45:58
Konate is world class, in my opinion, people forget how young he is, and that he's already played a great world cup campaign. Injuries are an issue, and yes he loves his home town club, but why on earth would anyone want to sell such a great player?

VVD-Real would likely wait until he's out of contract and it will be interesting in general, to see how Edwards manages the potential clear out that are you talking about Alonso.

Endo has been a revelation, why on earth would anyone want to sell him? He has given his heart and soul in most games. He is a legend in the making.

14 Apr 2024 19:25:32
I have a feeling we won’t get him, as people have said he has more to lose coming to us than staying in Portugal. Knowing FSG they’ll go for Gary O’Neil or Graham Potter.

14 Apr 2024 23:38:54
More to lose coming to us than staying in Portugal? ah here, either these people want to be footballing legends or they dont. Who turns down liverpool to stay in Portugal?

15 Apr 2024 07:25:53
I just keep thinking back to our former player - Alonso - turning us down to stay at Leverkussen.

Once that happened then anything is possible and nothing is certain.

There’s a reason Xabi turned us down. For CL with Leverkussen is what some people say. So he prefers that to CL with Liverpoool?
Building a team in Leverkussen - he’s only been there 1 full season.

There’s another reason we’re not being told.

15 Apr 2024 10:03:18
How about he just doesn’t want to manage Liverpool next season @Ron?

15 Apr 2024 13:19:41
Alonso just won Leverkusen's 1st ever league title at the first time of asking and has not lost a game all season - AND it's his first full season managing a senior team. There is absolutely no way you can compare that to someone like Amorim, who is in his 2nd senior management role, has previously won the league with his team, and could bow out with a league and cup double.

Alonso made the right decision for him at the time, and I completely understand why. He also came out and said "I'm staying", whereas Amorim has said "I don't want to discuss it right now".



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