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04 Apr 2024 12:31:25
Who do you think are realistic summer signings for us?

I’m becoming of the opinion Amorim may be the best candidate out there for us at the moment in relation to manager.

It’s clear we are sorted now for right back, and most of the forward positions apart from RW if Salah leaves which seems to be likely.

We also need at least one CB though Quansah is an effective Matip replacement. Also LB needs looking at, and DM as well despite Endo’s excellent season.

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04 Apr 2024 13:09:10
Left sided centre back should be priority, Salah replacement and back up keeper (depending on which academy lads are ready or if Kelleher goes) .

We need a DM. Endo, Bajetic and Trent (in some games) can play there.

We have an excellent array of academy lads as well, so 2 senior players max needed (and a number 2 keeper if needed)

04 Apr 2024 13:25:35
I think we go big on 3 players:

LCB - Inacio eg

DM - have no preference on this but ideally and established one who can hit the ground running. Koopermeirs maybe?

RW - we need either Salah replacement or someone who is understudy for a year and ready to replace when he goes. I know Sane has been mooted, there’s concerns around his attitude but it was similar when Mane joined, he knows the league and is a good player.

04 Apr 2024 13:39:29
Matip and Thiago will probably go but Quansah has effectively replaced Matip already and Bajcetic, McConnell and Clark can surely compete to replace Thiago and between them, one of them should be good enough to pick up the 20 minutes he's played this season!

Everything else depends on what system the new manager wants to play, no?

I think we defintely need to do something at left back regardless of who comes in as Robbo is in a sharp physical decline, Gomez isn't natural there and Tsimikas is only back up standard. Other than that you can only speculate until you know who the manager will be and who is leaving. For example:

Amorim, 3-4-3, you probably need 2 more centre backs and a specialist left wing back.

de Zerbi, 4-2-3-1, you probably need a left back and a right winger.

Then also replacing any body else who leaves (rumours circulating about Salah, Diaz, Kelleher, Trent, Virgil etc)

04 Apr 2024 13:51:33
We can't sign anyone until a new manager comes in and tbh I don't see us signing many. We have the perfect team, any manager can make this team work. Who do we sign to improve? I'm talking be realistic not stupid, who do we sign? We sell Salah, who replaces him? Thiago doesn't need to be replaced, he's done bugger all. Same goes for matip.

Endo is unreal, he doesn't need replacing, having Trent as well, Bradley has took the RB position in my opinion. Trent has to battle it out in midfield but it all goes on who comes in. Tactics etc, I'm going on our current formation which is likely going to change.

As things stand we don't need anybody to come in. Our squad has youngsters ready to step up. Bugger the big transfer fees of whoever the hell, focus on the youngsters, we have talent right there!

04 Apr 2024 14:01:15
We started the season with 4 CBs - VVD, Matip, Konate and Gomez.

We have been fortunate that Quansah stepped up when Matip had the season ending injury. Gomez is now turning into a very good utility defender.

In effect we are ending the season with 4 CBs.

We need cover for next season - maybe another academy break through or maybe a signing. We may even look at two CBs as VVD is 33 before next season starts and Ibou tends to pick up an injury or two.

We might need a (back-up) keeper depending upon CK’s decision and Adrian probably leaving.

Not sure we need a LB just yet, Robbo and Tsimi aren’t done yet and hopefully Beck or Chambers kicks on into the first team squad.

It seems quite a number of people think Salah will go at the end of the season which I’m not convinced about. If he does I’m sure there’ll be a clamour to buy a replacement. I don’t think we can replace him ‘like for like’ and it might just depend on who the new manager is and how they want to set the team up that influences who we might go after.

04 Apr 2024 14:56:59
Agree with others. If the new manager wants 3 CBS then CB should be the focus. One or two needed there.

I think we are well stocked in midfield/ DM. Till the year after anyway.

If Salah goes, massive responsibilty and priority to replace him. That's going to be incredibly difficult job to do.

04 Apr 2024 15:49:51
WDW, I disagree on Robbo. Think we have to move him down the pecking order to be the back up, and I don't think Tsimikas is good enough to start in a title challenging team so I'd move him on entirely. I do however agree with you on Beck and Chambers, as I'd love them to kick on and make it with us. Beck plays as a wing back anyway so potentially could benefit if Amorim was the new manager, and Chambers can play in a back 3 off the left so he could even stake a claim there. I've not seen anything of their loans though so not sure how well they're performing. It would be unbelievable if the academy could produce the goods again!

04 Apr 2024 16:23:40
Just wondering about signing an extra centre back, which we definitely need, even after the emergence of Quansah, who has been great fair play to him.
Obviously it all depends on who the new manager is, but if it is Amorim, who at the moment plays a 3 at the back (not sure if that is his style or due to players available) but would that mean a less injured Konate? Not sure if playing a back four and covering right back is too much for his hamstrings and size to keep up match after match. Not sure if it's growing pains, but going back to the three he used to play before would suit his fitness.
Again, if we went to 3 at the back, are we signing someone for the lcb position with virgil playing centre of the 3, or does virgil play the left side, which I don't think uses him to the best of his abilities.

04 Apr 2024 16:58:40
Am I the only person that thinks Alonso is still a possibility to come in the summer?

I just think that he had to say what he said with all the speculation surrounding him as he’s trying to win a treble. He had to keep everyone’s head in the game.

Come the summer things can change fast in football as we all know.

I seem to remember Ed2, who has the best inside knowledge of anyone saying ‘Klopp won’t be coming to Liverpool’ on more than one occasion and then look what happened.

I take anything that said in or to the media with a hefty pinch of salt and just see how things pan out.

04 Apr 2024 16:59:49
How's that tall (Dutch I think) centre back getting on with his loan.
Miss the carragher bloke who used to do loan updates.

04 Apr 2024 18:13:54
I’d imagine We will have a few sales and loans this summer as if not the squad will be close to bursting.

04 Apr 2024 19:07:49
Beckers Pecker, you are the only one who thinks that. Alonso has literally said he has no interest in moving anywhere in the summer. Just let it go, he’s not going to manage us next season. He’ll be at Madrid when Ancelotti goes.

And changingofthegvardiol, Koopmeiners wouldn’t hit the ground running if he tried, he’s slow, overweight, immobile and not all that good, he’s certainly no upgrade on Endo, which does beg the question whether we need a defensive midfielder if Endo is good for another year (which he will be) and Bajcetic is fit next season, so we have two good options available.

04 Apr 2024 19:08:07
It makes sense to move on from Salah I’m afraid. Time catches up on everyone. This is the season to do it, inevitable transition period. Change in tactics, change manager and coaches. Sell Salah whilst his stock is highest.

I agree we don’t need huge changes in personnel. I think lots of transfers need time to bed in and will put more pressure on the new management regime.

04 Apr 2024 20:36:37
We don't need any more midfielders note even a DM. We need q salah replacement and a top class CB to also eventually replace virg.

04 Apr 2024 21:54:31
@MK, fair point about Robbo. I don’t see him as an automatic starter these days but he would be great in the squad - still very good on his day and - like Millie - he has an air of authority and can contribute to the setting of the tone for the squad.

05 Apr 2024 00:06:05
Exactly that WDW. Look what he did tonight when only asked to give us 30 minutes. He still has the quality, it's just his body that's failing. Injuries creeping in and losing his recovery pace. But that left foot, still a wand! And his leadership is worth his weight in gold.

05 Apr 2024 01:15:06
What is the point of signing a top class left sided centre back. VVD is there for at least 2 more seasons, the man is back to his best n the captains armband has made him more determined than ever .

05 Apr 2024 01:17:32
Yeah I agree with you beckers, I'm not going to say he'll come but the thought has also crossed my mind, will he? who knows, none of us do but I have a weird feeling about it. It's like a contract isn't it, not worth a thing nowadays, same goes as somebodys word. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if he joined us in the summer.

Mind games to the maximum level and one day when we least expect it he's our manager, press conference time and all that. It's a nice thought atleast lol :) .



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