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11 Apr 2024 19:08:00
A couple of reports appearing in the media that Luis Diaz has asked for a "renegotiation" of his contract. If true, then we're about to see how Hughes handles and reacts to such situations.

I, myself, don't see why it is warranted. Where is (or are) the achievements that justify re-doing a contract before it has even reached half-way? Am aware many contracts were re-done in the past, but there were achievements (as a team) that justified these types of "rewards", back then.

If someone comes in for him (PSG supposedly), I would insist on 75 million and then spend it towards bringing in Kvaratskhelia (while adding in whatever is necessary) .

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11 Apr 2024 20:28:56
I personally feel it time for Diaz to move on. Not quite done enough and don't see him getting any better.
If a decent offer comes in I'd be happy to see him go. Works well for both the player and club.

11 Apr 2024 21:28:44
Given De Laurentis and Napoli are renowned for asking for top dollar and the fact Osimhen will likely be leaving for 100-130m. They’ll have even less need to sell Kvicha so can see needing to pay at least 50m on top of whatever Diaz may fetch.

12 Apr 2024 02:57:27
We've really seen the drop off in recent weeks of converting good chances. Diaz, for all his endeavour is the least productive of all our forwards. Given that Salah is not getting any younger and if you take away his Penalty goals, he has 17 open play goals whereas Nunez has 18. We are losing goals from Salah and cannot rely on Diaz to help out.

Given that Diaz is older than Nunez and Gakpo and has been here longer, I would allow Diaz to leave. Provided we can spend on a couple of quality replacements. I would also cash in on Salah.

Lastly, I can't believe it but I actually found myself giving NegativeWalter a thumbs up!

12 Apr 2024 09:42:21
I don't want to see the back of him but I think a transfer is on the cards in the summer. Which, if true good luck to the lad, we move on.

Ed2, do you know of any interest in Diaz?

{Ed002's Note - Luis Diaz (LW) Could be surplus. His agent already has one player in the Saudi league and has been offering another high profile player he has - so he may well be looking at Diaz as well given Liverpool are well stocked in the position. Al-Hillal may offer a solution. Liverpool will likely resist a deal but could look to a deal with Barcelona if they are serious about Raphinha. Using him in part exchange for another may be possible. Thoughts that PSG want him as an Mbappe replacement seem wide of the mark to me given they have very clear targets already, but his agent has approached PSG - but no more than that. Father says he wants to move to Spain.}

12 Apr 2024 11:17:48
Many thanks Ed2. Have a good day.

12 Apr 2024 11:24:28
Sick of international breaks and family coming saying this and that, if he wants to go elsewhere go, the fee should be top dollar for him approaching his prime, very replaceable.

12 Apr 2024 12:21:07
If he is sold I would be disappointed, but it's not a disaster. He's a very good player no doubt but we have plenty of cover on the left side and there's no guarantee that that sort of player will be what the next manager wants. He is definitely one of those players I think Amorim would consider expendable based on the system he plays.

12 Apr 2024 14:43:12
Rafinha is nowhere near good enough to replace salah.

12 Apr 2024 13:01:52
Talk about throw the baby out with the bath!
Ok we got well beat last night i think it was down to pre match talk of fan club with the no flags or banners the atmosphere was very poor and it transfered on to the pitch and the players .
So let's get rid of Diaz he was the best thing since sliced bread the other week wow come on reds.

The player to cash in on is MO. He is coming to the end of time at LFC . Gomez is just not good enough his passing is so poor and last night he struggled to get back to defend sorry but not of the quality expected of LFC Timikas not good enough either and klopp made a mistake in the side he picked sorry but is a fact . Keller looked like he had concushion after he saved with his head . Maybe that is the kick up the arse that the manager his coaches and the players needed because we have been very sloppy the first fifteen mins of every game so far this season and it has not been delt with why is that? is it because it is near the time when all the coaches and manager go i don't know do you?

12 Apr 2024 18:30:17
I like Diaz, he wouldn’t be on my list to sell but if he wants to go, he goes.

12 Apr 2024 23:37:28
The new manger will form his own view but personally I don’t think he will/ can accept Diaz or Nunez lack of clinical finishing. Diaz is a tricky winger with not enough end product, loses the ball too much and does not provide enoug assists. Nunez numbers are good and I like him but as has been evident in recent games his misses have meant we don't capitalise on our game control and then let teams back in to punish us. If I was the new manager I’d be saying we need better up top.

13 Apr 2024 05:10:19
I'd move on all of our front 3 and start over if I'm being brutally honest ?.

13 Apr 2024 11:03:44
I'd sell Salah and Diaz, but keep Nunez and play him on the left. Utilise his physical attributes as a winger.

13 Apr 2024 11:31:18
Klopt agree reference Diaz as he is more a traditional wide player that Amorim doesn't tend to play in his system. Nunez though I think is tailor made for Amorims system. He plays a traditional number 9 up top and Nunez is the only one we have. Alongside getting width back in the team with wingbacks, The two supporting attacking players in Amorims system is where I am most excited because we have so many players that could thrive in those positions - Gakpo, Jota, Elliot, Jones, Szob, maybe even Carvalho coming back into the fold.

13 Apr 2024 14:16:57
Albey how comes you didn’t take your own flag into the game or improve the atmosphere with some chants?

14 Apr 2024 03:21:23
@OP, do you think it is possible that employees elsewhere have also asked for a pay rise from time to time? I’m pretty sure Luchio wouldn’t be the first to ask.



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