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16 Apr 2024 12:46:32
It’s quite clear for a while now that Salah has fallen off a cliff with performances. I don’t think he will be with us next season. Looks ready to wind down now and get a nice payday in an easy league. Obviously will be a struggle to replace though.

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16 Apr 2024 13:05:11
I think before his hamstring injury at AFCON he was playing some of his best football since his first season with us. However since he's come back he looks really jaded. Probably a combination of aging legs, the injury lay off and returning whilst he was fasting.

Whatever the case, I think it's the right time to sell. I'm getting the same vibes that Mane was giving off in his last season. Numbers are still there but the performance is slowly declining and the pace/ power looks to be dissipating.

16 Apr 2024 13:42:54
A fantastic player but I agree, the time has come for him to leave us. I think we've all come to terms with this. A Liverpool legend in my eyes but he's not been right for a while now. I kept thinking he'd improve and somehow save us but he hasn't and more than likely won't so it's time to get what we can. It'll be best for us and for him to move on.

Next couple of years are going to be interesting but it'll be no walk in the park, huge changes are coming. We are losing our manager, top goalscorer, probably Diaz and god knows who else. We will need to be patient even though we won't be lol. After recent results I'm welcoming it though, bring it all on. Time to move forward, we have youngsters ready to shine, use them! I hope the new manager sees what quality he's got in them.

16 Apr 2024 15:53:14
MK Scouser, I thought so as well. Let's be real here and not try to act all surprised. Salah is near 32 years old. You have to be living under a record to believe he would not lose a step or even two. That said, he had been playing some of his best footie at the start of the season as he was top 2 in goalscoring in the PL in the first 3 months or so.

It seems that hamstring injury and the setback he had after he came back vs Brentford (where he had a great game) has stifled him a lot. Was he rushed too soon? I don't know BUT he does not look fit at all.

The guy is a legend and an absolute role model for young players in terms of his mentality, desire and footballing lifestyle. The absolute poster boy of how to make a great career out of one where nobody thought you would not get anywhere near one. However, it may be time to let him go. It is what it is.

16 Apr 2024 16:34:54
If I was living under any record it would be Another brick in the wall by Pink Floyd.
Salah getting badlyoutpaced when put through on Sunday was shocking to me even though its clear he had lost half a yard before this season started since the return from injury he's lost about half a dozen yards. He also doesn't seem to want to press or track back atm which is making our best player a bit of a liability currently. Need Mo back and firing for the last games. If he does leave it will be a sad day but what a player he has been for us.

16 Apr 2024 16:52:26
As soon as KnickerBollox writes one of our players off you know he'll come good.
Salah might be completely out of touch right now due to various things, but writing him off as finished is just pure knee jerk, Knickerbollox style.

16 Apr 2024 17:44:34
The scout 007 has spoken, he's finished.

16 Apr 2024 17:56:17
Maybe if you got off your high horse Flash, you’d be able to see what the rest of us are seeing, which is a player in decline. Can’t be easy watching it all the way up there.

Mo has been and is an absolute legend, the standards he has set are absolutely world class and he’s easily one of the greatest we’ve ever seen at the club.

Regrettably though time waits for no one and once the pace has gone it’s gone for good. Better to sell now and get as much as we can than to wait a year and hope that things change, because they won’t, we’d also then be left to replace without funds to adequately do it. Difficult decisions have to be made.

Salah will be difficult and expensive to replace because at his peak he was unplayable, pace, skill, goals and assists. Players like that don’t come a dime a dozen and we’ll need to sign someone around the 24 year old age bracket who is as consistent as he was in Italy when we signed him (29 goals in 65 Serie A appearances over 2 and a half seasons for Fiorentina and Roma was exceptionally good), who also has the ability to get to the next level of their development and become a world class player.

16 Apr 2024 18:10:44
VV, Time will defeat us all. It's undefeated for a reason, man.

16 Apr 2024 19:53:56
Still think Salah can have a big say in how our season ends but for sure it's time to take the money this summer.

16 Apr 2024 22:06:15
Salah will now score 4 against Atalanta now you’ve all said he’s needs to go.

16 Apr 2024 22:29:20
Kloppers you must be living under a record!

Love that saying, I’m having it ?.

17 Apr 2024 00:39:27
£65-70m and sell easy.

17 Apr 2024 06:42:41
You can’t go from playing the best football of your career at Liverpool some months ago to being on the scrap heap in the same season ?. Come on!

My record would be anything by Van the man Morrison ?.

17 Apr 2024 06:50:47
3-4 bad games ( by his standards) including 2 goals and an assist and he need selling…wow…. he’s come back from a fairly significant injury and is fasting and now he’s a busted flush. C’mon guys, he’ll be back amongst the goals this week and we’ll be raving about him. I think he’ll go this summer, purely as a financial decision from the club, considering his contract length and age, but I am far from happy about it and next year I guarantee you all will be too. The old adage you don’t know what you had till it’s gone, applies. He is mercurial genius, the beating heart of the last 5 years and he is, quite literally irreplaceable.

17 Apr 2024 07:04:03
I ain't blind Viktor, but I don't do knee jerk either. I don't need to lash out at players because we lost.
We don't see him in training every day, and we don't have any background on whether he's nursing injuries along.
Now I don't claim to be a judge of a player, but I don't see a player who was purring a few months ago suddenly needing to be got rid of because of a few ropey performances.
And I like my high horse just fine thanks!

17 Apr 2024 09:18:49
I think the increasing number of people who think now is the right time to let Salah go is at least in part a reaction to recent form and performances. No doubt he has been poor, almost anonymous, and in my opinion he shouldn't start the next match (es) . It's probably also fair to see he is no longer the player he was in the years that most people would consider his peak; when he scored goals out of nothing - be it mazy dribbles into the box or hose bending shots into the far corner. He doesn't really do either any more.

That said, he has had brief dips in form throughout his Liverpool career and always emerged and he is still, by some way, our top scorer this season even though he missed a large chunk with AFCON and injuries. I think he has developed and evolved his game to still deliver the G/ A in a different way. 23 goals + 13 assists in all comps probably puts him up there with the best in the league. Would most clubs get rid of their top scorer (granted there are a number of penalties in those stats) .

Perhaps the combination of new manager/ new approach, Salah no longer being at his absolute peak and the fact that silly money might be on the table if a move to Saudi is still possible, will mean that, on balance, the time is right for a move.

17 Apr 2024 09:28:09
So replace Salah with a young, prime Salah, Vik?
If it was that easy we'd have done the same with Mane and Firminho, too.

16 Apr 2024 09:40:33
We need serious investment this summer in replacing salah. If the right player is available spend the money.

17 Apr 2024 13:57:51
Adeyemi from BVB's worth a shout.

17 Apr 2024 22:24:19
This is said every single season without fail about Salah when he doesn’t score for a game or two and it’s proven wrong every single time.



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