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18 Dec 2018 19:32:15
I was watching Neville and Carra before the match at the weekend talking about a combined 11. It got me thinking about our team at the minute and how much we've come on in the last few years. Two high profile purchases have obviously made a difference at the back, but looking at the team now there are a few players that I genuinely wouldn't swap for anyone. I've always had red specs on and can't hear a bad word about any of the lads, but I honestly think if I could pick a prem 11 I would keep the same back 5 (allison Trent Joe VVD and Robbo) . I'd also keep the front 3. I know there is quality elsewhere, but not a 3 that can play together like our 3. Midfield I reckon my eye would rove a little, but with Fabinho and Naby improving all the time, Shaq as the bargain of the season, Milner as the most reliable footy player ever and Hendo and Ginny as well, plus Ox to come back, it's not too bad af all. We've won nothing yet, but I can't remember feeling this good about the team since the days of Rush and Dalglish. I might be getting over excited but hey, it's allowed at the minute I reckon. The team are doing great. My question is, if you could bring one old red back to his prime to join our current bunch, who would you have? Stevie for me, but would like to hear other opinions. Great to be a red at the minute. Let's hope it lasts! Have a lovely Christmas everyone, and a happy new year.

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17 Dec 2018 10:21:18
What a dominant performance yesterday! It’s the result I’ve craved more than any other in Klopp premier league era.

Fabinho was class, Mane terrorised them and special mention to big Shaq.

Cannot wait to read Ed1 match review!

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17 Dec 2018 02:39:50
A few thoughts from the game

- You always expect Man Utd to be tough as this game is so important, but I was surprised at how easily we dominated them. it doesn't bode well for Mourinho
- Fabinho was fantastic, as were Robbo, VVD, Firmino and lots of others but my MOM was Mane. what a finish and he ripped their defence apart, I reckon he's played the best of the front 3 in the big matches so far this season
- Fabinho and Gini were very effective together in a 4-2-3-1, they controlled the game beautifully. this setup looks great against sides that sit back as it gives us an extra attacker upfront and Fabinho was very direct
- for all the talk of City, this race is going to the wire.

Well played lads, a gem of a match that really showed how far we've come vs 3 years ago (and how far Utd have fallen)

{Ed0333's Note - I thought Mane was a livewire and was top draw today but I can’t see past Fab for man of the match. The guy was an absolute wall, he was a complete menace to that United midfield he annoyed them all day and didn’t stop Harris get them. But who cares mate where top of the league.

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17 Dec 2018 02:37:00
Have to state the obvious, it feels great to beat UTD. And although the score line doesn't say it, it was a completely dominant performance. At 60 minutes Liverpool has 13 corners to UTDs 0. It was a pleasure to watch and I never had any doubt we would win it.

Allison made a mistake, easily forgotten after his heroics against Napoli.

The whole team was outstanding with Fab being the standout for me.

{Ed0333's Note - not to take anything away from your post fella but they were the worst 13 corners I’ve ever seen. We couldn’t take worse corners again if we tried.

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16 Dec 2018 22:49:43
Mourinho praised Liverpool. Ha, I've seen it all now 😂.

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17 Dec 2018 08:33:43
Yep recognise Jose, you don't have sh*t on us mate! Oh I really like that man it has to be said, best manager in the world right now and not only that, he knows we're unstoppable, get in fella, keep up the great work!

Let's hope he's still in charge of Utd come the 23rd February.

17 Dec 2018 10:43:26
He really will resort to anything to have a pop at his own board 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑.

16 Dec 2018 20:36:20
Thought Fab ran the midfield today, what you say Ed25?

{Ed025's Note - he did ok to be fair ace, but to be fair he was up against an absolute bag of crap there today, he was one of liverpools best players thats for sure but im still not convinced just yet mate..

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17 Dec 2018 07:28:39
I find it hilarious how many times you've been asked about Fabinho in the past 12 hours Ed25 lol!

BTW, how do you think he did? ;) lol.

{Ed025's Note - im a massive fan salah.. :)

17 Dec 2018 07:35:17
Knew it mate ;) .

17 Dec 2018 08:33:24
Love it when you are in step with the rest of us, Ed025. Never met a bluenose I liked more than you, LOL. 🤣.

{Ed025's Note - i will take that as a compliment mate..

16 Dec 2018 19:53:52
Come on then Ed025, your thoughts and write up on Fabinho today mate please? Mark out of 10?.

{Ed025's Note - i would say 7/10 virgi, great ball for the goal but not much more if im honest mate..

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16 Dec 2018 18:40:23
Quick question for ed025

I know you’re not the biggest fan of Fabinho, but there’s no denying, over the last few games, he’s probably been one of Liverpool’s stand out performers, is he not starting to sway your opinion or do you still think he’s not good enough?

{Ed025's Note - the ball he plated in for mane was excellent JK, but even a broken clock is right twice a day mate..

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16 Dec 2018 20:51:53
Any one at the match today see how much weight Lukaku has put on? Lol .

Great to see Fellaini muscled off the ball and given a taste of god own medicine towards the end.

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16 Dec 2018 21:59:48
Was Lukaku playing? 😁.

16 Dec 2018 21:44:09
You know when Stevie G came on as a sub in his last game against United then was sent off about a minute later, his heat map on the pitch had more red on it than Lukakus did.

{Ed025's Note - absolutely kk..

17 Dec 2018 00:42:52
Love it kimuraking.

16 Dec 2018 20:45:21
Maureen praised Robertson. Can someone remind him that he cost a fraction of what Pogba did. Remember when he was saying LFC were buying everybody.

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