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21 Sep 2017 11:59:46
I saw a post from Kimuraking saying that Liverpool can't outscore their opponents. The fact is that over the course of the season they can and do - results prove that - winning a lot more than they lose. During the season every team draw and lose matches. Very few people expected Liverpool to get even a point from City, many fans were fearful that Sevilla would also win, and with the expected weakened team a win against Leicester would have been an even bigger miracle than Lewis Hamilton's over the weekend.

Teams like Burnley always manage to get a point at Anfield but how many of us would like to watch them every week? I watched the match last night and was disappointed but I'll be watching again on Saturday and the following matches and I'm pretty sure that we will all be cheering the team then. The only differences that I would ask for are Henderson out, Robertson in, and no Milner in the team or on the bench.

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21 Sep 2017 11:58:43
You have to hand it to Leicester, they gave us a taste of our own medicine in the second half. Not giving our guys a second to think on the ball. They were constantly harrying the midfield and they had a hard night. We were clearly the better team but it's about results of course. I'm gutted for the kids who don't know have a platform to prove themselves now but I'm kind of glad we have less games now. 3 games in one week is ridiculous and we can't keep playing that many games without dipping in form.

I'm still optimistic but worried about the teams confidence. At this point I'd rather play utd than Swansea as we really up our games against the big guys. At least the players have a few days to train together. Something we fans don't realise is when you play 3 games in 6 days you have very little time to train and work on the problems we're having.

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21 Sep 2017 10:51:44
I said last season that Henderson gave nothing to the team. Had we scored an early goal against Burnley and Leicester the result would have been a foregone conclusion. You can't attack Klopp if the players on the pitch aren't scoring but it also seems to me that at the moment we are not getting the rub of the green.

Burnley's goal fell at the feet of the one player in a position to score. At the other end the ball always seems to land at a defender's feet. The fact is that during the season Liverpool score far more goals than the opposition and will still be in with a shout for ECL next season. 1st place is nice but it's not so important that some fans rage on every week.

Let's face it - we have Coutinho, Firmino, Salah and Mane. Apart from the mancs and spurs who do the other teams have?

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21 Sep 2017 08:36:28
My team for the weekend.
Gomez. Matip. Lovren. Robertson

Wini. Can. Cout

Salah. Firmino

Solanke or sturridge or ings.

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20 Sep 2017 17:31:17
No Lovern and Matip training today. It looks might we might see Gomez at CB in the league on Saturday.

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19 Sep 2017 21:51:15
Well. what can we say about that one then lads? The fact that klopp was smiling and laughing on the side line when we were 2-0 down says it all really.

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19 Sep 2017 21:50:24
Clearly the Carabao cup was not a priority, but you have to agree it was our best chance at silverware this season, unless we get knocked out of CL and have a chance at Europa League .

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19 Sep 2017 21:54:43
A brief review of the game, players and overall feeling after todays game vs Leicester:

Ward - looked assured, commanded his box, marshalled his defence, and was let down by another stupid moment from the team. 2nd goal was a rocket. He did well despite conceding 2.

Flanagan - it is obvious he is not good enough to play at this level. i got a lot of respect for the lad but, as much as I admire heart, it is not enough.

Robertson - some decent moments going forward but some iffy moments at the back. like his career with us thus far a little inconsistent/ unpredictable.

Klavan - the guy is a bad defender, how many times did he just smash into Okazaki until getting a yellow? Okazaki ain';t even particulalry quick! Out of his depth.

Gomez - had done little wrong until he played all of there men onside for their 1st goal. Was acvtually impressed with his pace, strength and reading of the game for most of it.

Henderson - energy, willingness, but a distinct lack of quality and a real lack of leadership/ ability to inspire those around him. It was a poor game by his standards and he should be doing much, much better.

Wijnaldum - I liked his energy, thought he was one of the few players looking to make things happen and really giving everything for the cause. Don't really get the substitution to be honest.

Grujic - well I stand corrected. I have lobbyed for him to play, to start, to be given time - if this game is any sort of measure then he is nowhere near ready. Sloppy in possession, sloppy passing and a distinct lack of work rate, very very static. Also rash and prone to stupid decisions in terms of the tackles he makes. Was a chance for him to impress and, sadly, he did the opposite.

Coutinho - looked lively and, quite frankly the only player who was going to make something extraordinary happen. Why substitute him?

Oxladie-Chamberlain - probably the worst player on the pitch. Wayward passing, headless chicken runs, little by way of contribution despite his effort and the player we feared we signed. I really hope he gets better.

Solanke - a real bright spark on a dark, dark night. Full of energy, used his strenght and work rate well, looked to cause trouble and make things happen, and in my opinion has a real promising future. Really needed better support in terms of service tonight as he looked very motivated.


Woodburn - bringing him on at half time for Coutinho? Stupid decision. Coutinho had looked decent and lively - Woodburn was decent too, and is definiely a talent, but taking off Coutinho was just ridiculous.

Ings - the lad ran and ran and ran but received no serive at all. Great to see him back though I don't understand Wijinaldum going off when Grujic was by far the worst player. Also seems obvious that Solabke and Ings don't work as a pairing as they are very similar players.

Klopp: Weird substitutions, an expected team selection, another disappointing result, another game were we had chances only to be let down by defensive blunders. Pressure is building. The league cup ain't no big deal, but if the mistakes and poor results continue he is in trouble.


The ref was so weird tonight. At times he officiated like it was a Champions League game, very strict, and at others like it was a friendly letting all sorts go. Did not understand his approach nor many of his decisions and thought, in the 2nd half especially, that he allowed them to manhandle us without us being allowed the same courtesy. Overall he was bad, but not the reason we lost.


In spite of the doom and gloom I would still play Ward again. Our form is now a worry as, psychologically, we are vulnerable. We need some good results and quick - the longer this goes on for the worse it gets.

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19 Sep 2017 21:57:22
Lets not blame the defence tonight.
The attack are not scoring and goals win games, not possession or amount of ground covered stats.
Ward looked OK, Ings looked hungry and was making intelligent runs when he came on.
Why was Coutinho taken off?
Maybe a slight niggle, maybe easing him back in after not playing so much as he is a priority player.
Good experience for younger ones.
Onwards and upwards my friends.

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19 Sep 2017 21:41:29
Alex Oxlade-chamberlain, that is the worst single performance I've seen from a player in a very very very long time. I can't believe how bad he was. He gave it away about 15 times and didn't beat his man once. He is such a poor player. So so so bad.

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