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27 May 2017 17:14:37
Considering the players we are looking to bring in this season, the ones mentioned by ED001 and ED002, I would be very much satisfied by this team. I'll select a first and second team, just to show the depth we will have come next season, if all goes to plan.

First Team:


Pereira - Matip - Lovren - Mendy (If not Mendy then a player of equal ability)

Coutinho - Keita

Mane - Brandt


Second team:




Grujic - Wijnaldum


Origi - Sturridge

My reasoning behind this selection is simple. Creativity, shape, defensive base, hard working and most importantly (Except for the two centre backs) less injury prone. )

Henderson, I love the guy, in fact, I would go so far as to say that if Hendo is 100% fit for an entire season he would be the first name on the team sheet, replacing Can. But the lad has an injury which will be with him until the end of his playing days, potentially. I don't think he can play regularly, so we need to be careful with him and give him breaks when he needs it.

Also, I've noticed a lot of people leaving Can out of their first 11. Why? The man has been fantastic recently, the one player to shine when others dwindle. So, why remove him from the side when consistency is what he needs and requires to perform at his optimum level? He is, in my mind, our best centre mid (Barring Hendo) and should be given a platform to continue to improve. He is a special player, he needs to play. Take him out of the team, lose that consistency, then mistakes begin to show and he struggles to re-find the form that made him so damn good in the latter half of the season.

Also, I would expect the midfield to rotate between the first and seconds depending on the match requirements. Wijnaldum and Lallana also need playing time, after all, and have been a major reason as to why have managed to achieve Champions League football. Both are influential in their own way, Wijnaldum dictating play, covering players, he is also far more intelligent then people realise, especially his reading of the game, exceptional. Lallana, all action midfielder, has added more goals and assists, and sets the tempo for everyone in the side. Both are great quality.

Which is why I question the possible signing of Keita. Keita is a fantastic player, and has all the ability and potential to make him one of our stand out players, if he joins. But when we have such a plethora of central midfielders, why do we need to add another. We have so much quality in centre mid, why rock the boat when there are other signings that could be made in more important areas.

Matip and Lovren, both are injury prone. I do not expect them to go a season without a small niggle that turns into something more serious. Furthermore, I do not like the idea of Lovren being our starting centre back. He is very suspect, rash and struggles against pacy players which the Premier League is full of. Matip is not infallible either, he seems particularly weak against tough opponents and almost hesitant with touch at times. I believe Matip just needs to play regularly to eliminate this, however. Could be a top centre back in the Prem but still needs work.

Also, I have my fingers crossed that this season is the season when Gomez pushes himself into the first 11. The boy looked like the real deal when he joined, before his injury. Hopefully he can re-find that form and give Klopp an unexpected option early in the season.

Brandt, quality player. If he signs then we have a proper left winger with pace and delivery. Coutinho, when he plays on the left, drifts inside and we are never able to use the left side properly because of this. With Brandt, that changes, he has fantastic qualities and will be an improvement over Coutinho who is far better in the centre where his options are more plentiful. Great signing, if we can pull it off.

Sturridge, I think he and Firmino will alternate next season, if Sturridge stays. Both can be used separately or simultaneously. However, the player I think will really struggle next year is Origi. I fear the boy might leave in a year or two because he is now third choice, in a position that requires one striker. A shame but for the benefit of his career, I think he should consider leaving before he becomes forgotten.

Decent team, I think. Many of you might disagree but I believe, whatever happens, the side will look stronger. We already have depth, in my opinion, but injuries have robbed us of showing it on a regular basis. Injuries and confidence have been our biggest enemy, let's hope we can avoid both and really challenge for the title.

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27 May 2017 14:15:40

Karius/ Lovren/ Clyne/ Milner/ Can/ Wijnaldum/ Sturridge

Ward/ Klavan/ Lucas/ Wilson/ Woodburn/ Origi

Moreno/ Sakho.

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25 May 2017 05:30:51
Team I would like to see for next season






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27 May 2017 04:12:53
Firmino and 50 million Keita on the bench? WTF!

27 May 2017 08:25:05
It would all depend on opposition as we need people on the bench who are also first 11 standard but I agree if we pay 50 million for Keita there's no way he will be on the bench if he's fit.

23 May 2017 11:44:31
Ambitious team for 2017/ 2018 season:

Clyne-----Matip-------Van Dijk-----Mendy

Bench: Karius, Gomez, Lovren, Gini, Can, Lallana, Studge

Greizman - £85m
Keita - £25m
Van Dijk - £50m
Mendy - £20m
Total = £180m gross spend.

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23 May 2017 11:01:21
Cedric, Matip, Lovren, Mendy
Gini, Can, Coutinho
Mane, Firmino, Brandt

Arnold, Gomez, Klavan, Juanma
Grujic, Hendo, Lallana
Origi, Sturridge, Luan

Sessegnon on loan.

Job done?

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23 May 2017 21:28:27
I can see that being something close to our starting lineup. I personally would prefer Pereira to Cedric but it's really six of one and half a dozen of another there.

23 May 2017 10:43:29
Ousmane Dembele

Is that too much to ask? ✌.

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23 May 2017 21:29:40
Sadly I think it is too much to ask. That's a lot of money required to buy those.

23 May 2017 10:31:29
My ideal 25 man squad after summer (not saying it WILL happen) :

GK: Mignolet, Karius, Ward

RB: Clyne, TAA
CB: Matip, Sahko, Lovren, Gomez
LB: Bertrand, Sessegnon

DCM: Henderson, Can
RCM: Wijnaldum, Milner, Grujic
LCM: Coutinho, Sigurdsson

RW: Mane, Lallana
ST: Lacazette, Sturridge, Origi
LW: Firmino, Brandt

Meaning our signings would be:

Bertrand, Sessegnon, Sigurdsson, Lacazette and Brandt.

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21 May 2017 22:12:35
Clyne------Matip-----Van Dijk-----Mendy
------------------Striker? ----------------.

{Ed025's Note - hmmmm..

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22 May 2017 11:14:51
Clyne still there next season? I sincerely hope not.
Gini out wide? Klopp likes a 4-3-3 so our first team will probably look like this (with potential new signings) :

Migs/ Karius

Periera Matip Nastasic Mendy

Can/ Henderson

Wijnaldum Coutinho/ Lallana

Mane Firmino

22 May 2017 12:51:08
For me realistically:
Pereira - Matip - Gomez - Sessegnon/ Mendy
Can/ Wiji - Hendo - Couts
Mane - Firmino - Brandt.

22 May 2017 13:16:02
Can someone please explain what is wrong with clyne?

Gomez or natastic will not be a first choice CB next season.

Gini has the pace to be a LM

I believe clop may have to adapt system depending on what players are brought in.

22 May 2017 18:48:08
Have you ever seen Nastasic or Gomez play bud? Gomez has done very well for the U23s since his injury and certainly deserve some an opportunity to prove himself. Nastasic as ed says has come on a long way since joining Schalke as is completely different to the player he was in the Prem.
Wiji at LM? He's played there before but he's just had a brilliant season at centre mid and Couts had another stormer at LW so why change them around?
Clyne is just not good enough. You only have to watch our games to see that. He dithers on the ball and often hesitates, he can't cross and he's poor with the ball in general. There's no slating his work rate or his pace though but he's mid table at best I'm afraid. To improve, we need to address our weak points which are the full backs and centre back. Ed has said that we are not looking for a centre back so Gomez deserves his chance to stake a claim.
In response to your other posts, you can't make five or six changes to the starting lineup, this isn't football manager. If we did that we would go backs step or two. To go to the next step, we need to keep our current side together and look to add 1 or 2 quality additions to the starting lineup.

18 May 2017 20:53:48
As gutting as it would be to lose Coutnho replacing him with a player of the class of Meyer would go a long way to protecting our title prospects for next season. I'm not sure people realise how good Meyer is. At 21 years old he is already a very good attacking midfielder who contributes his fair share of goals and assists.

Looks like our current striker interest is prioritising Luan. I'm not massively convinced we will go through with this deal though.

Brandt remains the priority left wing signing.

Meyer would be considered as a Coutinho replacement if he was to leave.

Kessie has been watched but I rather think Can's recent form will cement his position in our midfield long term with Henderson likely to be phased out due to his unreliability with that dodgy heel.

Sessegnon is clearly the priority but I think we could easily end up up with Robertson.

Pereira is seemingly the only right back target.

Centre backs and goal keepers I am assuming now are luxury signings which we won't push too hard for. The likes of Pickford and Nastasic being examples of who we have scouted.

So we could see a team along the lines of



That would be 4 massive signings though. I can't see any of those guys coming cheap, and at 17, 20, 21 and 23 years old respectively they would all very much be long term investments as well as short term upgrades. You would be likely looking at £15m for Sessegnon, £30m for Pereira, £50m for Meyer and £30m for Brandt. Will Klopp get that kind of backing? You have to say we'd be picking up 4 of the most talented young players in Europe so it would be worth it in the long haul.

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20 May 2017 12:36:20
I'd hate for Coutinho to leave but if we had no choice and he did, that would be a decent outcome from a bad situation.

Although expensive I reckon we'd be fine considering the sales of Coutinho (60+), Sakho (15), Markovic (10), Moreno (10) and a couple of others could probably bring c.100.

20 May 2017 19:42:38
Why do people thumb suck what we will sell players for? What we receive in money for players on the out would actually not have much relevance towards the transfer budget anyway as majority of deals get paid off on payment terms. Am I correct in saying that Ed002?

It was like the sale of Suarez, his fee was only paid off this year by Barcelona so it is not like the club could just say ok there is Suarez's replacement and we will pay for that replacement in full.

We got a bit screwed over with the Benteke deal though and many other deals like Aquilani, Balotelli etc.

Just because player x gets sold for £100m does not mean the club receives the money in one payment.

{Ed002's Note - There are limitations in England and Wales about how long payment takes but often it is over a longer period. The rules were introduced to overcome the Portsmouth type scenario.}

20 May 2017 19:58:47
That is why net spend is the biggest load of tosh I have ever come across.

Total spend minus players sold = Net

So if the club paid out Total £100m for transfer in (the actual cost of players) minus the Sold £70m = Net +£30m.

Some fans have this strange idea that the club only spent £30m on players when the actual cost was £100m. let's not forget, that the £30m is not a profit either. If the £30m had a minus infront of it then only the club would have made a profit on sales.

So it would have to look like this.

TOTAL spend £70m minus SOLD £100m = -£30m = profit.

18 May 2017 16:05:01
Team for Next Year:

GK: Mignolet
RB: Clyne
CB: Lovren
CB: Van Dijk
LB: Bertrand
CDM: Romeu
CM: Lallana
CM: Coutinho
RW: Mane
ST: Gabbiandini
LW: Redmond.

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18 May 2017 17:17:04
Gabiandini and Redmond?

18 May 2017 18:52:39
Clyne still at Rb.

Oh lordy.

18 May 2017 18:59:06
I take it, that the op is mocking lfc transfer policy of buying Southampton players. Pure liverhampton.


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