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20 Feb 2019 13:17:14
Quick question to ed25 if your about. Has your opinion changed on Fabinho, after keeping Lewandowski quiet last night. I thought he was brilliant! Would like to know.

{Ed025's Note - it changed a while back joey when he started producing the goods mate, he was very good yesterday and was MOTM for me, if players play well i will give them all the plaudits they deserve but if they are playing crap then i will tell you that, that goes for everton as well..

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20 Feb 2019 20:40:53
Hi ed025, vice versa going to alienate a lot of fellow reds but my beliefs come first, i wish we had Digne instead of Robertson far better player, good crosser, good set piece taker and also has goals to his game two against Burnley in fact he has scored more goals ( 3 in total ) than Robertson ( one ) already despite making considerably less club appearances, and also France world cup winners don't have bad full backs playing for them.
Can you clarify two things is he a good defender also besides a good attacker, and does he have a Liverpool Tattoo as the rumours have us believe. Thanks.

{Ed025's Note - the tattoo on his chest reads "i never walk alone" which he swears is nothing to do with liverpool 007...(my arse), as a defender he is sloppy at times and no where near as good as robbo, attacking wise he is better and is a threat but i think the first thing about a full back is that he can defend mate and although i like digne i would certainly swap him for robbo..

20 Feb 2019 21:25:07
Thank you Ed025, Just going to put me gum shield in, me tin hat on and me body armour on to prepare for the flak, will you be able to pick me up from the Casualty Dept? they love him more than Dalglish.

{Ed025's Note - thats because he gives 100% every game 007 and is a damn good player mate..

20 Feb 2019 21:33:18
Robertson has a couple of bad games and you went a flake like Digne instead?

Don't eat suspicious mushrooms you find growing on the side of the road mate.

{Ed025's Note - just say fungi.. :)

20 Feb 2019 10:27:43
I'm probably being over-critical but I see the game as a missed opportunity. You have to push yourself mentally up for these type of games and bring your sharpness and a certain amount of ruthlessness to the field. Maybe I miss the part of last season where the front 3 turned it on and off, at will, and scared the daylights out of everyone. And I don't buy the "5-6 World class players" bit that Bayern supposedly has. Apart from Lewandowski and Neuer, I don't see anybody else (Kimmich, Gnabry and Coman were good last night, but they're not top 5 in the World) . We have more players that are either World class or just on the fringes of becoming. Ed025 probably has it right that Salah needs a game off to revitalize. After the ManU game.

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20 Feb 2019 11:49:50
Could History be Repeated? Liverpool v Bayern (Euro semi-final in 1981 ), First Leg at Anfield ended 0-0, Second Leg ended Bayern 1-Liverpool 1 (Ray Kennedy scored, Howard Gayle ran them ragged in this game ) . Beat Real Madrid in Final let's hope that is repeated.

20 Feb 2019 13:08:11
No way Real make the final this year.

20 Feb 2019 14:49:53
Not sure why so many disagree with the post, probably because you’re supposed to say 0-0 is a good result for Liverpool at anfield and not be realistic about the tie. Definitely a missed opportunity, Bayern were there for the taking and there was at least one goal in there for us. I do expect certain players to feature in different positions and others to come back for the second leg and I hope that changes the dynamic of us going forward because yesterday we were hapless in the final third, not least because they defended well at crucial moments.

Where I disagree is Salah having a game off, maybe mentally being put on the bench for a match day changes things for him but he has had plenty of time off recently. All the players have. There’s literally no excuse in terms of being overworked or exhaustion, our last game was Saturday the weekend before. And they had a lot of time off before the Leicester game also. Certain players just need to get there head in the game again and maybe a run of fixtures will do that, it’s just a shame united away is our next game.

21 Feb 2019 10:44:06
Thanks Kman. Disagrees are fine; everyone is entitled to their opinion. I am probably more ambitious than most, when we are playing at Anfield, I guess. Everyone would have been happier with a 1-0, I simply said and wrote it. 😉. About Salah, I sense a lack of sharpness at times with him. It's probably a no-win situation for him because everyone will compare with last year's form and performance, and that's very very tough to duplicate. But still. I wasn't recommending a one game rest due to fatigue. More for him to have a look from the sidelines, perhaps get angry a bit, and want to get back out there again and slot those chances in.

20 Feb 2019 07:14:23
Hey Ed's and reds
Is it me or coincidence that every time we have 1 of these foreign training camps the 1st/ 2nd games after we are always a tad lacklustre

Fabinho back in the middle and Van Dijk in defence no kimmich for them I see a score draw 👌🏻.

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20 Feb 2019 08:04:59
I can't see them scoring. They didn't even test Alisson once and we had our right back just back from injury, our 4th choice centre back and a midfielder in defence, and our 2nd choice holding midfielder.

I had no idea that their star had fallen so far. Our finishing was dreadful. Salah should've had 1, Mané 2, and Matip 1. It's only poor finishing that we're not sat here discussing a dominant display.

20 Feb 2019 10:26:45
We're going to win it, no doubt about it. I was more concerned about last nights game because we didn't have VVD. Next game we'll be laughing, things will be more back to normal, I also don't think they'll score against us, they'll attack us, the crowd will push them and that's fine because we'll counter and rip them a new one, their defence is terrible, they have lost Kimmich as well. MK is spot on the biggest problem last night was our finishing, it was to be quite frank terrible but we'll have more creativity from the middle with Fabinho (hopefully) back in midfield.

20 Feb 2019 10:54:18
I agree, BM will attack and our counter will punish them. Some are saying that BM are happy with a draw. I disagree with that. they couldn't get a shot off with our best defender missing. When VVD is back and Fabinho is in his proper position, we'll be even stronger in the back. I don't know that we'll be laughing, but I do think many will wonder why they were so worried. They will probably have more posession, but they won't penetrate the defense much. I say 2-0 for us in Munich.

20 Feb 2019 11:31:36
You and me both Stone mate.

20 Feb 2019 07:00:04
That BT sport commentary was painful last night, particularly Jim Beglin. The whole match Bayern we’re getting praised for a great tactical game. It was a fairly even game but it ended 0-0 because we weren’t clinical enough in crucial moments with our decision making and finishing, could easily have scored 3 on another night.

I can’t understand this whole “advantage Bayern” bullsh@t either. Yes they’re playing at home but that also means that for every goal we score, they need to score 2. They will attack a lot more in this game and VVD will be back, fabs in midfield too.

0-0 wasn’t ideal but I fancy us for at least 1 goal in munich.

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20 Feb 2019 07:52:01
Completely agree. I think we’ve got an advantage in any open game. Bayern looked a tight unit last night and we caused them problems but no conversion. The game may open up in the second leg and that’s when we thrive.

20 Feb 2019 08:14:32
Not quite on the every goal we score they need 2. They just need to score 1 more than us. But a clean sheet was important they will have to play more expansive football at home which could leave them far more open.

20 Feb 2019 08:32:57
0-0 is a decent score.

Bayern now have to beat us.

Our other 3 away games this year have been poor and we got the tactics wrong in every game.

I don't think we can go to bayern and stifle them as proven miserably this year already on 3 occasions.

Which makes the nil nil score a good score imo.

We going to have to play and score which is what we are good at.

20 Feb 2019 12:08:46
A First Leg 0-0 Home Draw is the best Draw Result you can have? 1-1,2-2,3-3 etc, Would of been advantage Bayern, now we have the "Power " of the Away goal, ANY score draw in Germany means we qualify, we don't have to Win, Scoring Draw we Qualify.


20 Feb 2019 14:57:41
It is advantage Bayern though. You have to factor in our away form in Europe this season and Bayern’s Home form and that’s probably why they think 0-0 is better for them than us and they’re not wrong. We would be happy going away from the Allianz with a 0-0 for sure. I do think we still have a good chance of going through and the tie is still wide open but we just aren’t the same side we were last season. If this was last seasons front 3 I’d be confident, but it’s a totally different dynamic which could actually work in our favour and keep the score low but I just think they have the edge. Yesterday was a missed opportunity and we were better than them, regardless of what the commentators had to say, it was a good defensive performance by them but not a good offensive one at all. If some players actually had the brains (cough Keita cough) we would have have far more chances.

20 Feb 2019 16:30:51
The only advantage Bayern have now is there Home Crowd and Turf, they failed last night to take the advantage of scoring an away goal, they have to win as any draw other than 0-0, means there out, we don't have to win to qualify we have two results to qualify win/ any score draw, they only have win.
Of course another scenario occurs if its 0-0 in Germany after normal time and extra time it goes to sudden death i. e. Penalties.

20 Feb 2019 05:12:43
Also any idea why TAA is not taking corners? I don't think salah and milner are any good at them.
I think salah and robbo should take corners.
That does leave us a bit defensively short though, since both the big center backs are right in the mix. well seems like i answered my own question.
Still salah and milner are not the best at them. TAA's delivery is the best we have.

{Ed025's Note - he took some last night mate..

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20 Feb 2019 10:32:38
Shaq Attack
I completely agree with you about the BT commentary last night. It was really pathetic and Beglin puts years on me!
I’d say advantage us . so come on lads and get the business done at the Allianze

20 Feb 2019 04:17:23
Bayern didn't register a shot on target if I'm correct? Could easily have been 2-0 had Mane taken his chances. 0-0 at home isn't a bad result at all. No away goal for Bayern which means they have to come at us, plus we will have VVD back and possibly Lovren. I think we will get the result we need in Germany.

{Ed025's Note - having lovren back is hardly a plus stuie..

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20 Feb 2019 10:56:33
It is when you have Matip.

{Ed025's Note - matip done well yesterday i thought stuie..

19 Feb 2019 23:41:40
Roll on Sunday. Old Trafford. Man Utd v Liverpool. Absolutely huge game. Make no mistake, we need a big performance, make a statement. 2019 so far just hasn't really got going for the reds. Has to start, properly on Sunday. Up the ****in reds x.

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19 Feb 2019 23:26:05
Very frustraiting game, not because we were poor but because we should have scored at least 1 goal. It was almost as if we were trying to walk the ball into the net, but it was more to do with us not being able to find the final ball and them defending well in crucial moments. 2 shots on target isn’t good at anfield but we had really good oppertunities in the first half that should have been buried (namely that chance by mane) .

Both fullbacks had particularly poor games in my opinion, and Bayern’s wingers beat them pretty easily at times when they actually tried to attack. Both couldn’t seem to find any quality on the ball, whether it was passing or deliveries, they both looked rusty. Gini and Keita did well carrying the ball forward but always made the wrong decisions or played late passes that were easy to intercept on the break, if those passes fell for us we would have had far more chances on goal but they just couldn’t seem to get it right all game. Keita seems to have improved a bit but sometimes he strikes me as a player that thinks he’s on the training ground rather than a player playing in the last 16 of the champions league, he needs to up his intensity and stop being clumsy. No idea why Shaqiri wasn’t brought on, if he's injured or ill and Klopp didn’t want to risk him then fine, but if it’s not for those reasons then it’s another stupid mistake in sub making by Klopp. That game was crying out for a player like Shaqiri who’s more competent going forward than Keita or gini. Front 3 just didn’t seem to pull the trigger, they’re not as fluid as they once were but you did feel a goal was coming out of one of them, Having said that I think firmino had a good game though. Hendo and fab also had good games, hendo played his role well which some will no doubt still find a way to criticise, Matip was ok but he just never competes that well in the air for me. I think that’s his weakest area as a defender, and it’s a big one. I’m glad we have vvd back for the second leg is all I’m saying.

Not the worst result but I think it’s definitely advantage Bayern and I expect them to be a lot better going forward at home. I’m just rubbishting it for this weekend, United have had a big resurgence and always seem to do us at Old Trafford but I expect a draw there, not even sure if that’s a good result or not.

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19 Feb 2019 23:37:17
Surely no-one will criticise Hendo tonight. He played above and beyond anything expected of him. He'd be my man of the match. Otherwise it would be Serge Gnabry. Whoever at Arsenal made the decision to let him go is an absolute buffoon. Quality player.

{Ed025's Note - gnabry and fabinho for me epic, but hendo was very good mate..

20 Feb 2019 02:07:56
Nice to see Ed 25 coming round to Fabinho and Henderson.

OP, if klopp thought shaq was ill or injured, the mistake would have been having him on the bench. I do think he could have came on instead of origi though.

{Ed025's Note - i will always praise players who play well robbo, but i reserve the right to slate them if they dont.. :)

19 Feb 2019 23:13:41
You know what, so we weren’t at our best, and neither were they, but I think it says buckets that we are now a team that can play the Bayern’s and not be the underdog, we can have possession, and be disappointed not to get a result. I do think Bayern are a speck of the team they used to be, but they still have 4/ 5 players who are the top five in their position in the world. They are used to controlling the game, and maybe they are happy with a draw and held back, but we can easily beat them at their place. Also vvd and Fabinho is second choice centre halves for me. Yes we lose Fabinho in the middle, but having 3 of Hendo Milner Keita gini is fine, and better than Matip playing in behind.

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19 Feb 2019 22:44:04
Anyone else happy with the result tonight? I'd have taken a 0-0 before kick off. I think we will get a lot more space away and if we get the first goal It will be a mountain for them. Roll on the biggest game of our season on Sunday. I'd take another draw but 3 points would be just marvellous.

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19 Feb 2019 23:04:43
We could have won it, but then, so could they. Very evenly matched. All in all, happy with a clean sheet given that VVD was suspended.

{Ed025's Note - i dont think you missed VVD to be honest stoneage, fab done a great job and for me the weakness was up top, salah needs a rest and has been out of sorts for a while, and his corner taking is woeful mate..

19 Feb 2019 23:08:52
Happy with the clean sheet considering we were without Virgil but wish we were a bit more prolific in front of goal with our chances.

Looking forward to the weekend now. I think United will struggle if we press like we did today.

19 Feb 2019 23:14:48
I agree that he looks that way we, but he’s played like 3 games in 30’days with our two breaks, should be well rested!

19 Feb 2019 23:24:30
Don’t think I’ve ever seen Salah kick a good corner, complete waste of time, he should be lurking somewhere waiting for a loose ball, you want your deadliest finisher in a place where he can finish, especially if he can’t kick a corner.

{Ed025's Note - im with you mikey..

19 Feb 2019 23:56:40
Thought we played all right tonite can't really fault any player. We could have been 4 up at half time easy. Result not the best but could have been a lot worse.


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