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28 Apr 2024 17:44:11
How can Klopp be blamed for how absolutely awful these players are performing? It is on them they should hang their heads in shame, every one of them, even Allison is not except from this. Each and every player has been terrible. Not a manager in the world could do anything with this bunch they are woeful.

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28 Apr 2024 18:18:37
Players and manager are to blame.

28 Apr 2024 18:25:23
Ridiculous, we have 75 points after 35 games, we’re the third best team in the country. We’ve hit a rough patch the past month or so where almost every player has lost form and confidence but they are not woeful.
They are not a great football team but no one thought they were 9 months ago and it’s because of these same players that a league title was even remotely possible.

28 Apr 2024 18:32:38
Think it's a mixture of both. Youngsters Diaz and Nunez carried us through injuries (unexpectedly) but it was unsustainable so we were hoping players like Salah jota robo TAA szobo comeback would Carry us in to finishing line but unfortunately it completely went opposite.

We needed luck last phase of the season which didn't smile on us. Think with players coming back from injuries upset our rhythm even Endo looks knackered loosing Bradley forced us to play TAA earlier than Klopp would like same with jota's injury put pressure on Salah to deliver which didn't happen ?.

28 Apr 2024 18:39:13
I know a manager that won a trophy and is third in the PL using boring tactics with these awful players.

28 Apr 2024 19:49:29
Just a shame that in the modern day the focus is always who is to blame.

28 Apr 2024 20:17:49
Because Klopps tactics have been awful. We look like United under Solskjaer no patterns of play poor at the back and toothless up front we just rely on moments of individual brilliance from players to win games.

28 Apr 2024 20:18:06
You're right, WDW.
It's all to do with ego and insecurity. Something or someone needs to be blamed and castigated for our dissatisfaction. In reality we create or already have a lot of our own dissatisfaction.
It's not personal, Reds.

28 Apr 2024 20:49:38
So the manager, his tactics and his players are all awful.
The third least awful team in the Premier League.
Can things get any more awful?!

28 Apr 2024 21:09:54
We are going to come up a bit short for the PL. That would tell me we need maybe a few tweaks here and there, a few fresh faces and some new ideas. I mean we didn’t finish 10th for goodness sake.

28 Apr 2024 21:18:47
Nothing wrong with analysing what went well and what went wrong. Learning from mistakes is how you improve in life.

28 Apr 2024 21:38:05
Mediocrity city here. “We didn’t finish tenth”. We’re Liverpool and anything lower than first should be a failure. Is it a better season than last, yes. Am I happy no, I feel we’ve thrown away a great chance at winning the league. Can’t see it happening any time soon.

28 Apr 2024 21:42:58
We have numerous chances in every game to win matches. That isn’t relying on moments of brilliance and if we had no pattern of play then we wouldn’t create so many chances.

28 Apr 2024 21:49:38
You must have been living under a rock for 30 years then before Klopp came. I.

28 Apr 2024 21:45:46
The CHief Scout can do one with his OTT takes trying to get a reaction from people. The whole team is to blame including the players and manager. That's how football works or did they not teach you this in "scouting" class?

Pretty sure you didn't think we would challenge for the title before the season started so if you said nothing about us challenging for the title in preseason then, say NOTHING now and stop crying that we did not achieve the very thing you yourself NEVER thought we would to beging with.

28 Apr 2024 21:50:03
Frode kippers with city and pep it's crazy to think any team is favourite including us. think we just have to accept the reality city will always be favourite with pep still managing them.

We gave it a good go unfortunately came short last phase of the season ? we just have to accept and move on onto next season. out best manager in EPL era only was able to win one league title inspite of having 97 and 92 points and yet weren't enough to win that's the level and juggernaut we up against.

28 Apr 2024 22:16:15
Adam, you're right, mate; and there's nothing wrong with analysing the analysis.
In fact, the analysis is often worse than the football and in more need of analysis.

28 Apr 2024 22:21:02
Frode, you could try to be happy that we challenged for the League even though we will not win it.
Smile because it happened, don't cry because it's over.
I should write a book or is that still a sore subject on here?

28 Apr 2024 22:34:17
Rigsby, you are asking for water to be squeezed out of a stone by asking Frode to be positive. Good luck with thay, bro cos even when things are going great, he's still moaning and whining about stuff.

29 Apr 2024 08:55:15
I know all teams are affected by bad refs decisions, and VAR, but IF we had been given the blatent penalties against Arsenal, and City we would have another 4 points, not to mention the debacle at Tottenham too.

Rub of the green could have been kinder.

So with all the problems we have faced this season, I for one think we have exceeded my pre-season expectations.

29 Apr 2024 10:37:21
@Adam, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as bad if people did actually learn from what you call ‘analysis’. I honestly don’t see much learning unless saying the same thing over and over again week in, week out is evidence of learning?



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