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26 Apr 2024 17:36:57
The constant sniping at klopp has got to stop. The man has come out and told us he is tired probably being polite. Pressure and stress. DVLA say don't drive when your tired the BMA say don't operate heavy machinery yet here's a man running one of the top 5/ 6 clubs in the world facing setback after setback with the weight of expectations of the millions of fans on his shoulders too . We all make mistakes when we're tired just we don't have 50 news outlets 100 pundits and couple of million fans judging you. He turned the club around and now some of the fans are turning on him. Sad, we call ourselves the best fans in the world " this means more" let's show it then. If we finish 3rd it won't be for the lack of trying. He could have walked out mid season but he showed loyalty and stayed on, let you lot who are having a dig show him some loyalty. He is not the first Liverpool manger to struggle with stress and pressure, shanks, king kenny, smoking joe even Rafa had a touch . I'm glad social media wasn't around in them days. YNWA eh? Unless you slip up, make mistakes then your not one of us.

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26 Apr 2024 19:33:13
Agree with you there, scouse john.

{Ed025's Note - thats a great post by John by the way..

26 Apr 2024 19:55:21
Klopps made a lot of mistakes since linders became his assistant and our build up play is non existent then 70 minutes in you can hear him screaming 442 yet we still have no build up play.

He's had a poor end to his career unfortunately and it's the right time to leave but I'm not sure how people can say they hate him, he took us to the next level and is number 3 on the all time list.

26 Apr 2024 19:43:35
Best post i've ever seen on here.

26 Apr 2024 20:01:56
It won't stop. It's human nature, John. People need someone or something to blame and lash out against when they are unhappy.
I like to think I'm not too bad but I have been known to shout at the TV ?.

{Ed025's Note - I swear a lot Rigsby...and it really helps mate.. :)

26 Apr 2024 20:39:29
If klopp isn't up to it then he should have left back in Jan. It's what Kenny did when he didn't feel he could handle it.

We all love klopp but the season has been a disaster BECAUSE of how he feels. Could have put someone in charge for the interim and it would have benefited everyone and nobody would have been angry.

26 Apr 2024 20:55:49
Because we have not won the league means the fan boys aren’t happy, probably new generation keyboard warriors. No manager wins everything but with Klopp we are very much back as being the most successful team in England. Klopp has done so much for us and regardless of how the season ends, he will get the send off he deserves and will forever be a legend at LFC.

26 Apr 2024 20:54:02
I know what you mean, Ed025 but I watch the games on TV with my lad now so any strong words have to been done under my breath. He's ok with the milder ones. For the Palace and Everton games he has disappeared to play on some device or other and can just switch off from the game.
I wish I could.

{Ed025's Note - my lads are both married with kids Rigsby and both red hot Liverpudlians mate, luckily they dont hear me so i get carte blanche in my house.. :)

26 Apr 2024 21:15:12
Could definitely see Liverpool romping to the title under Pep as interim manager from when Klopp announced he was leaving Nevada ?? or maybe Hodgson would have come back for the 2nd half of the season ??.

26 Apr 2024 21:19:03
At the start of the season no one gave us a glimmer of winning the league, with the midfield rebuild etc. And now everyone is crying that we've dropped to third with a handful of games left to play. 99% of us would of been more than happy with a 3rd place finish this season.

{Ed025's Note - your spot on ashy..

26 Apr 2024 21:57:28
Klopp has taken us back to the top. Anyone hating on him now should refresh their memory of what went before him and moreover, what he’s been up against, a club owned by an extremely wealthy nation state with allegations of cheating hanging over them. And he’s still competed. No one before him had that to play against, in those circumstances he’s done exceptionally well. Any other time in the premier league era, he’d have won three or four titles.

26 Apr 2024 21:57:59
Jurgan Klopp. Liverpool Legend. Simple as that.

26 Apr 2024 21:59:22
Well said Scouse John - brilliant post.

26 Apr 2024 22:09:37
Spot on, Scouse John. The modern day fans are just in it for the vibes and the clicks provided their team win and they can go on SM to give it the big ones. Nobody is interested in actually supporting their teams thru thick and thin, the good times and the bad times. it's all about "We are LFC and should be winning trophies". These same turncoats prolly wanted Klopp sacked after last season and didn't even think we would be where we are challeging for the title, winning a Cup the way we did eitc. Now, they are here mouthing off as if someone owes them something. Absolute rubbish.

Klopp could have gone anywhere he wanted as he was the hottest manager at the time and YET he came to us at our worst. We were NOT a club that top managers went to. He came to us and exceeded many of our expectations. He won the freaking LOT, something nobody thought he could, not even me. Klopp gave me my dignity back as an LFC fan. he gave me some of the best times of my LFC supporting life. Could he have won mre? You can say that for every manager BUT the most important thing is that he won when we needed him to win and when his moment came, he WON those moments.

Thanks for ALL you did for me and the rest of my LFC borthers and sisters, Jurgen. We will NEVER forget you. But MOST importantly, find a new purpose in your life. You deserve it. YNWA!

26 Apr 2024 22:20:11
Nevada, Klopp hasn't said he can't handle it and this season has not been a disaster. Far from it.
He has said he is tired but that doesn't mean he can't handle it. He needs a rest in the summer, that's it. You can't compare what he has said to Dalglish resigning. Dalglish had to deal with Hillsborough and the aftermath. He attended the funerals of those we lost. What effect do you think that had on him?
You're way off the mark comparing what Klopp has said and what Dalglish went through.

26 Apr 2024 22:35:50
It’s not a brilliant post. It’s all one sided. If he had been the Man U manager and then ended the season like this the same posters would have had a field day.

As a team and as a manager we were favourites for the league with 7 games to go. We even had a 2 week international break to get the players back on track. Something has gone very very wrong. Klopp gets the praise when it goas well but equally deserves criticism when it goes wrong. His team selection and subs v Everton will never ever make sense. He has been great for Liverpool but now it’s equally as important that he leaves.

26 Apr 2024 22:42:40
Putting an interim manager in could easily have led to the season completely falling apart and ending up outside the top four. And besides there was literally no one remotely suitable available.

26 Apr 2024 23:22:53
For what it's worth klopp will go down a legend but with an axtric as in could have been better.
I'll always be greatfull for what he's done but I do wish he left a few seasons ago.

26 Apr 2024 23:23:03
I think a lot of people's arrogance thinking we somehow deserve to win everything comes from the amazing years Jurgen has given us. Don't bite the hand that feeds comes to mind. The same portion of the fanbase that will be on the new gaffers back if he doesn't start his tenure blowing everyone else out the water.

26 Apr 2024 23:42:33
I think it's an achievement to be favourites for the League with 7 games to go after finishing fifth last season, starting this one with a new midfield and taking into account the seasons both City and Arsenal have had.
I've changed my mind, I think it is an overachievement.

26 Apr 2024 23:47:50
Trust you walter haha.

A great post John, I think we all love Klopp mate or the vast majority do anyway, he is a bloody legend for this club, if I had it my way he'd have a statue.

27 Apr 2024 00:01:11
Great post John, I've been getting fed up of some of the negative stuff on SM, it's not like Jurgen has caused this mini slump intentionally! Let's roar him and the team on for these last few matches and remember our great years we've had under this legend of a manager.

27 Apr 2024 00:36:47
Klopp is a legend and deserves every accolade that comes his way for what he has given to us and our beloved club. But heroics do not detract from failures. He deserves every bit of criticism as well. He turned away from the style and tactics that won him everything at Dortmund everything at Liverpool, why we wanted him in the first place, and turned to a turgid possession based nonsense approach that is reminiscent of Brendan Rodgers tenure and quite frankly horrible to watch. This isn't new because of the last few weeks either, we have been playing bad football for a couple of seasons now and it is no suprise that the two teams above us are Arsenal and City, with superior coaches to Pep Linders adopting the same style who have invested in players that suit that style. It is also no surprise that we have come from behind so often when reverting back to a more aggressive style after going a goal down. Everyone can see it but Klopp has done nothing. That is why is gets sniped at and it is quite deserved. It doesn't mean people hate him or anything, but he is responsible for the teams results. Regardless of past achievements you don't blindly follow a person's making bad calls, and unfortunately that is what Klopp has been doing recently. I do genuinely believe this team should be better positioned than how we are, and the fact that we are not is down to Klopp's poor tactical approach since he changed styles.

27 Apr 2024 00:59:11
I think some people just need to admit that they only support glory, they don’t support the club.

27 Apr 2024 01:20:31
Get some perspective - its simply a poor end to a season. Klopp has been excellent for Liverpool and with 2 months to go we were top of the league and on for the Quad. The capitulation since then has been dramatic so fans have every right to criticise.
However, there's a huge difference between moaning about our current form and slamming the whole club. there's a huge difference between saying Klopp has got tactics wrong recently and saying he is hated.
Ultimately, something has gone wrong in the last 7 or 8 games and it is a sad ending for Klopps final season but it doesn't taint his legacy as one of the best managers we have ever had.

27 Apr 2024 07:53:14
There will be no asterisk. He’s a legend.

He made us league champions, European champions and world club champions.

He’s the first to do that.

27 Apr 2024 08:16:31
Nobody should ever be above criticism.

If you're saying nobody should criticise then you're not a fan you're a cult member.

It's fine to criticise. We all celebrate the things he has given us but it doesn't make him immune. One should hope that when doing something badly someone will criticise since sometimes we can be blind to our failings and having a bunch of yes men echo chambers around you doesn't help.

I don't see people hating klopp or saying unreasonable things. Cast your mind back to houlliers final season and that's what hate looks like. This is justified criticism because of how poor we have been playing for the majority of two years now.

27 Apr 2024 08:29:04
I still think his biggest achievement is making us competitive again, year on year when previously we struggled to get top 4 . After 30 years he changed the clubs mindset. That can’t be underestimated.

It’s sad that it is ending this way, being top of the league a few games back . Let that sink in, our expectation as a fan base now. Klopp did that.

27 Apr 2024 09:55:33
"We all love klopp but the season has been a disaster BECAUSE of how he feels. Could have put someone in charge for the interim and it would have benefited everyone and nobody would have been angry. ".

Please, name the interim manager that would leave his coushy job and come over here to help us? Oh, and you cannot say Lijnders cos we all know how "loudly" he can talk yet when he got a chance to become a manager, he failed mgniificently. I'll wait.



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