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10 Apr 2024 11:09:06
When you re a little down after the weekend's result and you see Allison, Jota, Trent and Bajcetic returning to training.

Just the little boost I needed to put the fire back in the belly.

I ve felt I was being a little chicken as a fan the last few weeks going in scared into every game. What if we slip up.

Well screw that. Time to win this thing. And the Europa cup. We'll win it all.

Arsenal will draw one of their tough games.

But I do believe we will need to win all our remaining 7 games.

That point was so important to stay ahead of City who I think have a good chance of winning all their remaining games.

So simply put, I've cleaned the train, serviced it, filled my ticket gun thingy, filled the snacks bar, got a liquor licence for those that enjoy that sort of thing, and am going to pull into every darn station a Liverpool fan resides.

7 games to go till we win the league!

All Aboard!

PS. We all know how Klopps last game is going to go anyway.

Clock goes into injury time here.
They needed to just win to get the league but it looks like they'll just manage the draw.
City heading for an unprecedented 4 in a row.

Gary Neville chimes in. City are a machine. Simply unstoppable. In another era this Liverpool team could have won more trop.


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10 Apr 2024 11:28:53
That was excellent Davey Sulls. I truly hope it happens this way. ???.

10 Apr 2024 11:32:18
Oh hold on. Var is checking. Bit odd as it was a strike from 40 yards. Not clear what they are checking but will bring that to you as soon as we have it.

In the mean time Joe Gomez has been sent off. First yellow card for removing his shirt but this is now red as he has removed everything else and is running around the pitch celebrating bollock naked.

Still no idea what VAR are checking here. We hear VAR refs are in consultation with Arsenal and Man City chiefs to come up with ideas here.

Gomez showing some real pace here as he is getting chased around by security officials. He has actually just clocked the fastest speed in premier league history here. Will that count as game is still running?

VAR check ongoing.

Thankfully Gomez has gone down the tunnel now.

VAR check over. GOAL reluctantly stands.

Oh GOD, Joe Gomez has re-emerged from the tunnel, still bollock naked except for a party hat and two exploding bottles of champagne.

Why can't anybody catch him?

The pixelator is also doing a terrible job of keeping up with him.

We'd just like to apologize to families and kids at home.

Oh god, what's he doing now.

Good lord, commercial! Quick! Go to commercial!

10 Apr 2024 13:42:35
Lol love it mate how many you had? Haha we're going to do it, I'm thinking last day win will do it. I reckon it'll be out of us and city when looking at fixture lists. Bring it on! We've got this.

I was so bitter after the utd result but we have to keep believing because arsenal for sure will drop points. It's upto us to go out and win all of our games. I think we still have villa and spurs to play and even west ham? If I remember right but it makes no difference who we're playing, although they are tricky opponents, every team in the league are and we've done well so far so I'll go on that. We can win, we just have to turn up every game and personally I believe we will.

Either way though let's be honest, we've had a great season and whoever wins it deserves it. What a season, 3 teams battling it out at this stage? Fantastic, makes it exciting, it'll be even more exciting when we're lifting that trophy.

10 Apr 2024 14:06:22
Lol Davey, I can just imagine the scenes mate. Of Gomez hitting a screamer that is, not him bollock naked ?.

10 Apr 2024 14:48:57
I’ll take a Gomez 90min in off the backside after a goal line scramble to win the title. Or a Nunez scuffed shot that hit the post and trickles in.

Let’s win all our remaining games and see what happens. I do think the match up against Spurs and Chelsea may have some surprises in store for Arsenal. They may end up just like we did against Utd - dominate the game but somehow can’t win it and the opposition is on 100% clinical rate that day; 2 shots, 2 on target and 2 goals while they did have 20 shots, 10 on target and only scored 2 somehow.

10 Apr 2024 16:49:08
Gomez is becoming a pest with this scoring lark, all of a sudden against United he was capable of scoring 20 yard volleys and outside the box screamers, fans need to chill about it, he is the last player we need to encourage to have a shot, leave it until we are 3/ 4 up.

10 Apr 2024 17:07:16
Will never look at Joe Gomez the same, thanks Davey??.

10 Apr 2024 17:09:37
I merely see into the future FSGfleecingus. I do not have the power to control it. That would be ridiculous.

7 prem games to go until the Joe Gomez X rated show.

10 Apr 2024 18:09:42

10 Apr 2024 18:12:18
I played that all out in my head ? Cheers Davey. Good laugh!

10 Apr 2024 19:52:18
Yes @davey Sulls I’m buying a ticket for this train
Next stop station number 20 last stop anfield ??????.

10 Apr 2024 21:06:50
I have reserved you a personal carriage DHFC as a gold class customer.

I have taken the liberty of ordering your usual. A fully stacked complimentary minibar, a jacuzzi and cinema screen is ready to go for the big games.

Your personal live entertainment will be Dua Lipa. She is only contracted to sing but she did mention she quite fancies you so I'll put the "do not disturb" sign up just in case.

11 Apr 2024 08:05:18
That wasn't a dig at you @Davey, that was a class read with the voices becoming live in my head while reading, it comes from the games, he has started to become a problem with this shooting bit, he hasn't scored for a reason, it's a bit like ordering Coutinho from Wish HA.

11 Apr 2024 11:57:02
Love it Davey, albeit I am hoping we cruise the final game 6-0 for the sake of my heart!

11 Apr 2024 17:15:55
Oh crap, Davey! You got me hooked again. Let’s go get it!



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