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01 May 2024 22:58:55

Hi eds, not personal attack on anybody. But just to pick your brains on knwledge of game, and out of curiosity.

Did a bald manager ever won premier league, FA cup, UCL league, League cup last 20 yrs?

{Ed001's Note - Guardiola, have you heard of him?}

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01 May 2024 23:17:51
This is hilirious. Leek you always unlock a new level.

01 May 2024 23:25:35
Yes Pep seems to be representing the follicly challenged pretty well on that front, oh and if not for some very creative barbers Conte too.

01 May 2024 23:44:11
To be fair Ed001, the manager you suggested is pretty obscure ??.

02 May 2024 00:12:02

02 May 2024 01:58:00
Oh jesus, bloody hell Leek.

02 May 2024 03:02:34
Arsene wenger was bald too.

{Ed014's Note - maybe on his arse cheeks but not on his head

02 May 2024 07:36:02
Klopp had a hair transplant, didn't he?

02 May 2024 07:51:56

02 May 2024 08:00:13
Zidane and Di Matteo didn’t let being a slap head stop them from winning a champions league, Leek.

02 May 2024 08:33:28

02 May 2024 09:01:15
Did DiMatteo manage Chelsea to an FA Cup win over us too? Trying not to Google it but nearly sure he did.

02 May 2024 06:39:54
ed14 - oh is that right? thought we were sharing crazy.

{Ed014's Note - to be fair I’ve not looked ?

02 May 2024 10:40:19
Oh my god ?????. Brilliant.

02 May 2024 10:46:41
What’s the definition of bald now slot is bald pep
isn’t ?.

02 May 2024 11:06:44
Nah, Pep is a slaphead, Reusch. If he grew his hair out he’d have a big bald spot.

{Ed025's Note - he would look like Max Wall VV.. :)

02 May 2024 11:26:57
Ed1 Pep identifies as wavey curls.

02 May 2024 12:27:23
??? Max Wall, brilliant Ed25. One of my favourite gags of all time was a Max Wall joke … “I lost my parents when I was 5 ………. but what a game of cards”.

{Ed025's Note - love it WDW..

02 May 2024 12:36:29
Exactly Ed025. Or Donald and Davey Stott.

02 May 2024 15:16:43
What Tha Heck?

02 May 2024 16:55:29
I’d change my username and go start supporting Spurs or sumat ? post of the decade.

02 May 2024 17:38:08
What is this ucl league that you are speaking of?

02 May 2024 21:02:09
Picked his brains there Leek ?.



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