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26 Apr 2024 09:33:22
i have never liked Jurgen Klopp. Could have won the league and Europa if he kept his emotions to himself, but no he wants a spectacle for everything. When your manager says he is tired and his engine is dry and he then asks his players to do more for him, its called hypocrisy.

I don't blame the players, it's all on klopp. His mind is set on a holiday and his players are a reflection of his mindset.

5 games 150+ shots and just one win. Obviously manager has zero motivation to work and change things up and the results are a reflection of that.

The best era for Liverpool since the 80s resulted in just 2 big trophies. Utterly unacceptable. Glad we won the title and the champions league so thank you, Klopp. But we deserved a better ending.

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26 Apr 2024 09:48:54
Weird take.
Ever thought the best era since the 80’s might have been because of Klopp?
Anyway, you do you.

26 Apr 2024 10:11:21
Wow just wow
Up the pool.

26 Apr 2024 10:15:16
“we deserved”

Why exactly did “we” deserve anything? We did “we” deserve anything more than any other club or any other fan base?

26 Apr 2024 10:41:39
And Klopp could have won nothing but he didn't. By your logic, Akiraold, that's all on him, too.

26 Apr 2024 10:49:29
Am not going to knock you for having an opinion but wow that is a very negative opinion of Klopp!

26 Apr 2024 10:52:20
I love Klopp and i am so thankful for the good times he has brought us during his reign.

Just because i love him as our manager it doesn't mean everyone else has too and Akiraold you're more than entitled to your opinion on him.

It is an interesting point you make here though "When your manager says he is tired and his engine is dry and he then asks his players to do more for him"

Whilst i'll blind loyalty disagree that this has happened if it was another manager at another club then maybe from a non biased view I'd say you could have a point.

I think the belief is the players would up the anti to give their manager the send off he deserves but if my work manager told me they were tired and leaving I'd imagine i'd be in cruise control whenever i possibly could get away with it.

26 Apr 2024 11:07:48
By we I’m assuming you mean “we the fans”.
Sounds like the rent of an entitled natter.

26 Apr 2024 11:19:00
I am going to go out on a limb and say, any other manager who walked in when Klopp did would not have delivered us the success he has. We were a mess and people have short memories so where we were, we have been so lucky to have him but also unlucky that City were so dominant at the same time.

Give it 2 years, you might regret that statement!

26 Apr 2024 11:27:54
Me too jk, especially knowing a new manager might come in and destroy everything that’s been such a family place to work and good friends you’ve made whilst being there. But on the other I’m looking forward to klopp leaving for a new era to start. But he’s still and always will be a legend to me.

26 Apr 2024 11:57:34
Stopped reading after the relentlessly nonsensical "i have never liked Jurgen Klopp" qui-ote.

{Ed002's Note - It is simply a troll.}

26 Apr 2024 12:16:21
“I have never liked Klopp”.

Way to soil yourself in public there.

26 Apr 2024 12:16:29
Is the FA cup not a big trophy anymore then?

26 Apr 2024 12:40:17
I couldn't agree more, Piffmunda.
The only other manager that I can think of is Guardiola but could he have done it at Liverpool? Having managed at Barca, Bayern and City it's difficult to say but we know Klopp did it at Liverpool. And Kloppwould have done a lot more were it not for the 'circumstances' at City of which he could do nothing about.

26 Apr 2024 12:52:29
To be honest, I think Klopp pre and post 2020 were not the same.

Klopp brought Liverpool out of a really dark place and gave us lots of great memories, but I do think his best Liverpool days were pre-2020.

No idea what Slot will be like. However, I suspect his tenure will somewhat resemble Benitez' - a likeable manager who will achieve and win things with Liverpool, but whose achievements may not be as lofty as Klopp's.

26 Apr 2024 13:35:32
Truth be told I never liked klopp either……. I effin love him.

26 Apr 2024 13:40:11
@Red-Will-is-1 - According to my Man Utd supporting work colleague, the only major trophies are League and European Cup. He also says Utd have more major trophies than Liverpool.

26 Apr 2024 14:43:01
Klopp has been incredible for us most of the time. I do think he was too loyal to ageing players, plus we seem
To have had injury crises. I think it’s time for a change he looks tired. A break will do him and us good.

8 trophies is a great haul. Best in 30 odd years, it would have been more if we weren’t against state sponsored clubs with one fabulous manager.

26 Apr 2024 16:05:03
Would you take the same trophy haul in the next 9 years?

26 Apr 2024 16:11:18
Yes I would. Be better if the brand of football was the same and we get to finals even if we lose them.

26 Apr 2024 16:16:41
Forget about the 80s. How were Liverpool before Klopp?

I cried when he announced he's leaving. He will always be a legend in my eyes. I hope Slot will become a Liverpool legend as well.

26 Apr 2024 20:17:32

Let me know if your work colleague needs a maths tutor ?

23 is less than 25 ?.



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