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28 Apr 2024 14:01:41
Hoping for a Spurs win. Not expecting we are going to win it now. But I think it will unbearable if Arteta wins the Title. Spurs are lining up 4-2-3-1 and it’s similar to Slot formation, also Ange style seems to be similar after reading up on Slot since he seems nailed on. Not that means much different players and Slot has a plan B. But still will pay a bit more attention then would have.

{Ed025's Note - i actually want Arsenal to win mate, i dont want them cheats along the M62 winning anything..

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28 Apr 2024 14:09:46
Ed025 I’m with you. But, we’ve all been here before. Idk why everyone is worked up about these results. City will do what city does and win every game.

{Ed025's Note - i just dont want cheats to prosper TJ, at least arsenal are a proper club mate..

28 Apr 2024 14:20:50
Me neither it’s just Arteta and his arrogance will be at an all time high. Arsenal are a big club just think they’ll blow up the hype if they win it. Also dislike Ben White. As for City they’ll be something in those 115. Not saying stripping titles or whatever. But enough to tarnish their reputation and maybe what they’ve won will be viewed as worthless almost even if not taken away. Maybe also Pep will think leave on a high ….

{Ed025's Note - im not big fan of Arteta and his antics at times either Kloppiche, but as a club they have great history and i would sooner see them lift the the title than one of the plastic clubs mate..

28 Apr 2024 14:24:23
Totally agree Ed025 if it’s not Liverpool I’d rather Arsenal won the league. Decent team.

{Ed025's Note - good team, good club and good history Tom, them all day over City mate..

28 Apr 2024 14:34:37
City have it won don't be worrying plus Spurs can catch us.

28 Apr 2024 14:37:49
We're not winning the title, I'd much rather see Arsenal win it over City.

28 Apr 2024 14:46:59
I’m a million miles away from being a Arteta fan. He’s gets away with all sorts every week! Gesturing for cards and leaving his technical area constantly. To the point if seen him in line with the 18y box.

That’s small minor stuff against the cheats in Sky blue. So if Arsenal do do it. Fair play. They will deserve it.

{Ed025's Note - im with you Gazza..

28 Apr 2024 14:49:23
At least Arsenal can fill there stadium unlike city!

28 Apr 2024 14:57:16
? Arsenal for me, great club.

28 Apr 2024 15:04:48
How will it be unbearable compared to a city win? Everyone forgets who wins it about a week later anyway, it’s only important to the winners.

28 Apr 2024 15:08:20
I can guarantee Arsenal we’re supporting Man City over Liverpool the last few years.

28 Apr 2024 15:15:01
I would prefer Arsenal to win anything over city.

However, under no circumstances do I want arteta to win anything. I can’t abide him.

It also makes piers Morgan cry and that’s a good enough reason to see Arsenal fail on its own.

28 Apr 2024 15:27:31
The celebrations against Liverpool done it for me with Arsenal. Seeing them win nothing will be brilliant.

28 Apr 2024 15:44:03
If we’re not winning it then the whole tournament ceases to exist to me.

I couldn’t care less who wins it.

28 Apr 2024 15:52:02
I want city to win purely to trigger people in football to moan about how bad cheats they are and further expose how they've ruined the game with the blatant cheating and backhanders.

I hope the get expelled from the football league and stripped of every title, and made to make there way back up the leagues without spending ridiculous amounts.

We can only dream of course they will more than likely get a 15 point deduction reduced to 10 on appeal for next season which the fa think will help silence fans.

Starting to hate them worse than the red man's lately and not because of the fans football or rivalry just the blatant cheating on a scale probably worse than juventus 20 years ago.

If arsenal win the league then all the rumours of paying refs will disappear.

28 Apr 2024 15:28:06
I’m with Ed025 on this. I don’t want to see City win another title. Plus Arsenal winning today all but guarantees us champions league football (barring them somehow catching us up on goal difference) .

28 Apr 2024 16:42:58
I remember the Arsenal fans cheering when City came back from 2-0 down at half time against Villa to win the Prem 2 years ago. What's good for the goose and all that.

28 Apr 2024 18:48:31
If City win it it will be an unprecedented four League titles in a row. Think of all the great sides of the past that never did it. Ourselves in the 70's and 80's, Ferguson's United teams etc.
And as I keep mentioning ?, it could be seven on the bounce had it not been for us. That is mental.
Come on, Arsenal!

28 Apr 2024 19:54:05
Like most people I dislike Arsenal more than City and would want Arsenal to win it. That said, and given that I’ve never actually met either of them, I have taken more of a dislike to Arteta that Guardiola.

28 Apr 2024 20:25:09
I didn't know that about the Arsenal fans, ACB; not that it bothers me. It's flattering in a way if fans don't us to win something because it shows we still matter but why City over us?
Why do you think, mate?

28 Apr 2024 21:49:51
Everyone knows City are cheats and all of their titles are tainted. I can take that more than Arteta is better than Klopp spew that the Gunners tend to regurgitate.

28 Apr 2024 21:54:16
Ed25, people did NOT have a problem with the "cheats" winning th e title when they were competing with us cos you know, they needed them to stop LFC from "ending football" so these rival fans all became City fans.

Oh, and that includes many of these Arsenal fans who in the final game of the 21/ 22 season when City pipped us to the title, many of their fans were applauding Citiy's win at the Emirates when the news came. So for me, if Arsenal don't win it then karma is a b-word. Nobody cares about the "cheats" and what they win, IMO. They won a treble and nobody cared nor batted an eye lid. Imaging LFC winning the treble. Absolute pandemonium on the streets.

{Ed025's Note - we all have our own opinions i suppose Oli, for me Arsenal are a proper club with good history, now i might not care for their manager but that does not make them a horrible club mate, and keyboard warrior supporters are hardly reflective of the general fan base, whereas city are perennial cheats who will one day be brought to task then the crap will really hit the fan, for me they are a plastic club with a plastic fan base run by a corrupt country...i will let you guess who i would want to win the league..

28 Apr 2024 22:40:23
Oh Ed25, I guess we both agree that we don't care about City. Also, I said nothing bad about their club. They are a HUGE club, bigger than whatever City can ever be.

What Im saying about certain Arsenal fans applauding City for winning the title over us in the 21/ 22 season is NOT what I read. I what I saw with my own eyes, mate. Sorry BUT for those fans alone and their manager who's so full of himself with arrogance and misplaced hubriis, City can win the title. This part of their fan base deserve nothing after that conduct, IMO.

If Arsenal want to win the title then they should go win it the way Klopp won it for us as in, "Leave NO Doubt". Peace, mate.

29 Apr 2024 01:53:42
I think you'll find many arsenal fans didn't want city to win, and preferred klopps football to Peps.
Support the cheats if you want, don't blame us for your choice.

29 Apr 2024 19:03:55
City for me, only so they can rip that title away from them when found to be guilty cheats. And relegated to the championship. Used to like arsenal but Arteta and the horrible time wasting tactics, and more so the general biased to them shown by referees is baffling. Every corner they get they are up to something and rolling around like tarts every time really winds me up sorry. But agreed they are a big club with history unlike city, see how arsenal like it losing out on title by a point. City won’t drop points. We might even make 2nd yet.



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