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29 Apr 2024 20:00:54
Absolutely ridiculous to keep Salah next season he is all washed up. I hope this is not true he must be sold.

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29 Apr 2024 20:28:26
LFC isn't going to say we don't want Salah after what happened on weekend. We need to have grip before salah's contractual situation get out of hand.

29 Apr 2024 20:50:55
Let’s just see what happens. Liverpool have to put themselves in a strong negotiating position so to say ‘we don’t want Salah next season’ would just be stupid.

We have to say he’s an integral part of the team, he’s staying etc. etc. so we can demand the best compensation if someone else wants him.

I’m happy either way, the guy’s a legend. Not had his best season but most of his really poor form has been since he came back from AFCON with an injury. If you remember rightly has was awful after the last AFCON too and people were writing him off then.

If he stays I hope he gets his best form back with a new manager, if he goes I hope we get the most we can for him so we can sign a top replacement.

29 Apr 2024 20:51:55
Nice to see true Liverpool fan turn on our best player after all he's done.

Having a bad patch every player has one.

29 Apr 2024 20:53:27
Calm down, he will be evaluated by the new coaching team.

29 Apr 2024 20:54:08
Washed up is chucked about way too much nowadays you literally have no idea what it means. yes he's been poor last few months but if washed up is scoring 17 goals and 9 assists sign me up. Everyone else
Must be terrible then. And before anyone jumps on stop defending him I do believe he should be sold now for the club the rebuild the front line a bit.

29 Apr 2024 21:01:53
He’s our top scorer ain’t he? ? I’m happy either way with Salah. If he goes great if he stays great.

29 Apr 2024 21:14:52
If he's washed up what does that say about Nunez, Diaz, Gakpo and Jota?

29 Apr 2024 21:35:37
I think ideally we’d move him on but we’ve got 4 other forwards we want to keep Salah ahead of.

29 Apr 2024 21:50:06
For me Salah should have been sold seasons ago. Possibly when the last contract was improved.

29 Apr 2024 23:31:21
Reality is that Salah is in decline, he’s lost his pace, he’s struggling to beat even the slowest defenders. At his age he isn’t going to suddenly improve or get his pace back (not unless he starts taking the Lance Armstrong juice) and next season the issues we’re seeing now would continue to get worse.

Given that we work on a hand to mouth basis, the sensible and logical action is to sell now as this is the last opportunity we’ll have to get a good transfer fee. Salah will always be a club legend, that’s irrefutable fact, but times change and we can’t stand still.

30 Apr 2024 01:20:23
We can't keep a player who thinks he's bigger then the club. He showed his true colours the other day, no respect at all. For me he has to go, it's a must. I don't care how many goals you score or how many you assist, you respect your manager and that's as simple as it gets. He's got above himself and we need rid. Slot's time to cash out :) .

30 Apr 2024 07:26:09
Rising age, high wages, declining form, attitude issues, flirting with continental clubs. Plus he still has a decent value so time to trade him in. Great servant and record-breaking player but no point in being sentimental. Thanks for your time with us, Mo, best of luck.

30 Apr 2024 07:42:36
The reality of the situation is that Mo hasn't been the same since the African Cup of Nations, he's about to turn 32, is on 350 k a week and has 1 ywar left on his contract. If the rumours were true, the Saudis were prepared to pay stupid money for him last summer, and it's safe to say they'll still pay crazy money to have one of the most visible truly world class Muslim players in their league.

Mo's legacy is cemented, he'll go down as the best right winger in prem history and one of the best goal scorers. We sell and use the money to improve.

30 Apr 2024 07:47:57
Why have so many of you got a problem with Salah about the minor quarrel between him and Klopp?
Klopp seems happy enough to let it go but some of you are not.
Disrespecting the club? Come on!
And you need to remember that Salah has a contract with the club for another year and he doesn't have to go to the Saudi league just so that you can buy a new player or two.
He might even fancy playing in the CL again and Slot might like the idea of a proven goalscorer in the squad.

30 Apr 2024 08:39:35
As much as I didn’t like Fergie, he would always move players on at the right time, giving him funds to reinvest and space in the squad.

For me, one criticism is that we hold onto player for too long….

30 Apr 2024 08:49:58
I agree with that, Drogie.

30 Apr 2024 10:09:37
Would be good to get some money for him, but if not then we keep our top scorer.
Plus we don't know what happened or whether mo thinks he bigger then the club. No need to jump to conclusions, quite honestly i expect every player is fuming at the performances, so i have no issue with a bit of passion being shown. Especially as klopps coaching looks to be dying off.

30 Apr 2024 10:23:49
Drogie, recent history has proven you right. But, I am not referring to Salah and his recent situation. I wouldn't be against keeping him for another year. But then he walks off on a free. So it's a juggling and balancing act that the club management will have to do in terms of what the priorities are.

30 Apr 2024 11:35:05
Like Beckers said, let's see what happens before the name-calling and slandering of Salah gets into full gear cos I listened to a podcast and a journalist who knows Slot very well said he is absolutely in love with wingers and as @Ron said, Slot deserves a chance to evaluate the situation with Salah and if Slot wants to do that then, where's the beef?

Tone down the name-calling and slandering cos it is futile and frankly, petty.

30 Apr 2024 12:33:23
Only yesterday you were pushing the “Klopp talking to Salah disrespectfully ‘
What changed ?‍♂️.

30 Apr 2024 13:43:36
Irish, the 'disrespectfully' thing was about my hypothetical boss after Ron said that I would be looking for a new one had I said what I might say.
I said Klopp had a go at Salah. I still believe that. If it turns out to be untrue then I will no longer think that.
As it is, there's nothing in it. Two blokes, a few choice words and a bit of pointing. Nothing!
I disagreed with Ron about Salah and how he shouldn't behave how he did to the boss. Again, there's not enough in it. I think you should be able to have a go at the boss if you think he's in the wrong. They are both adults. If Klopp can't handle a mouthful back from players that he is often seen screaming at he could always sit in the stands.
It seems like Klopp can though.

30 Apr 2024 18:24:01
Salah he has to go? so should Milner the ultimate professional have gone years ago when he had a go back at klopp on the pitch years ago? this strikes of when utd got rid of keane when is suited them. Something tells me none of yis would be half as outraged at him if he was still in the height of his powers and the Saudi's weren't tready to write a huge cheque if they get the nod.

01 May 2024 02:27:05
Jesus H Christmas, Jude. Is it a point the finger at me day or what? I come home to see posts from you directed at me lol you have a right hardon for me today but I get it. Anyway, The Milner incident you mention I unfortunately don't remember (age is getting the best of me i think) but if it's anything like the Salah one yes, I would be saying the same thing. I don't care who it is, it could be VVD, Trent, hell even Alisson. You respect your manager. No ifs, buts or maybe's about it.

Fergie, love him or hate him, he'd never of had that kind of behaviour happening and he's the most successful premier league manager we've ever seen. Took no nonsense and dicipline was there, these lads today think they can do what they want when they want to do it and it's rediculous.

{Ed001's Note - sorry mate, I am not with you on this one. Your boss gets a cob on because you don't want to hug him? That is inappropriate behaviour in the workplace right there. He then gets in your ear and has a go at you, even though you are the only one who has actually got ready on time and are set to get on with your job. The lack of respect was from Klopp in this instance. I love Klopp, but no boss can act the way he does and then complain when someone reacts to it in a similar way. I keep reading about respect to a boss, and that is just bollox. He tried to placate Klopp and still Klopp was on at him. Salah never threw a punch, he never did anything other than say a few words. He is perfectly within his rights to do so. If football wasn't so soft now, no one would even notice this moment.

As for saying Fergie would never have put up with it, it is irrelevant as he wouldn't have done what Klopp did either. But Fergie did put up with much more disrespect from Cantona and lack of discipline from him than anything any Liverpool player has ever done under Klopp.}

01 May 2024 09:22:13
Of course Ed1 mate, we can't always agree mate. I always appreciate your views no matter what they are.

Regarding Fergie, I do agree and didn't think before posting that part. Thank you mate, hope your day is a good one.

{Ed001's Note - cheers Salah. I just hope the fanbase doesn't turn on either. It was such a nothing moment. Klopp is an emotional guy, he works by getting the players to invest emotionally in him, that is bound to have repercussions when he announces he is going. But no punches were thrown and I doubt either said anything as bad as I have said to any of my bosses in the past. I expect the pair of them have already moved on from it, and I think we all should as well.}

01 May 2024 14:07:13
Ed1, or should I say me? Seen as though you're one of 'us' now. Lol you know much more than I do mate and I admit defeat here. I genuinely believe you are right and I am wrong. This is one of them, I didn't like the unprofessional stuff happening on the sidelines but that goes both ways and you've made me think more about it. I've been slating salah since it but you're right, it should be brushed aside.

Well said mate and thanks again, for being honest. I love it, disagreeing with myself, I've got ed1 and aome in my head and I can't think straight, you know the feeling it's mixed lol :) .

Take care mate.

{Ed001's Note - I really don't like the idea of you equating me and aoe with head....}

02 May 2024 02:20:32
Haha Ed1, or head one? it's alright mate, we are all one so it's fine :)

{Ed001's Note - I sill feel a bit sick.}



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