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16 Dec 2023 21:25:36
Thoughts and prayers with Luton's captain tonight.

May you come back stronger Lockyer.





16 Dec 2023 21:23:45
Quick conspiracy theory question.

Newcastle injury problems have been well documented lately. and given that they have played so many games over a short period of time, is anyone really surprised that Fulham had a player sent off so early in their game today?

This is a Fulham side that is scoring for fun in their last 2 games.

I hate that these conspiracy theories are even being mentioned, but where there's smoke there is fire.


1.) 16 Dec 2023 23:11:10
Probably got sent off for nearly taking the Newcastle players head off to be fair!

2.) 17 Dec 2023 01:03:13
There is no conspiracy theory unless of course someone has paid Jimenez to jump head height and smash into the oppo player with his hip.

3.) 17 Dec 2023 09:05:37
If you hate that conspiracy theories are being mentioned why bring up one of the least likely and most ludicrous of all?

4.) 17 Dec 2023 13:14:02
Yeah, it’s something you apparently believe but just want to add a layer of protection by claiming it’s a CT. If it is back it with all your will and hecklers be dammed! Ask ed 33

(15 year-or-so daily user of this and talk sense forgot my dammed log in info)

5.) 17 Dec 2023 19:07:22
Yeah hip bone on skull bone could be nasty and Jimenez should know better than anyone. If someone did that to you in the street I'm pretty sure it would be considered an assault.




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22 Feb 2024 06:49:48
Well done boys. Well done!

Was so emotional to see Klopp react the way he did after the match.

He looked so happy and proud

That image of him last night is going to stick in my mind forever. looked like he had the biggest smile on his face that I've ever seen.


1.) 22 Feb 2024 07:16:09
Well said JLC really class act from Klopp today, the fans WOW the players work ethic WOW so happy with this result
Class act to Lutons effect and the manager I personally hope they stay up
Enjoy this moment.

2.) 22 Feb 2024 08:20:59
We need Anfield like that for the rest of the season, it was incredible especially those 15-20 minutes of the second half. Got a few games before our game against city but I hope they get one of those special welcomes and Anfield is like that all game. If it is, City have no chance.

Whatever happens between now and the end of the season just enjoy the ride. Klopp is a once in a generation manager and we have been super lucky to witness it.

3.) 22 Feb 2024 08:42:31
100& WYred, was really rocking in the 2nd half, as was the performance - 12 games to go, win every game and the league is ours!

That's not too much to ask is it lol?

Maybe hope Arsenal and Man City drop a few points to make it a bit easier on our health? Jeez, this season for that lol.

4.) 22 Feb 2024 08:42:56
Anyone else on here going the City game?

Would be great to arrange a meet up for a beer before the game if anyone is ?.

5.) 22 Feb 2024 09:18:27
Nice one, @JLC. Klopp looked like a proud dad witnessing his "kids" come good right before his own eyes. Trust me, he will miss us almost as much as we will miss him.

6.) 22 Feb 2024 11:35:52
If Anfield reaches those levels bill 6 of them will be as good as done! Not done a CL night but I would imagine it's close to the levels of noise of last night. That noise/ memory will stay with me for a very long time.



24 Dec 2023 08:00:57
All I'm going to say is that some people can continue to bury their heads in the sand, whilst decisions to not give the handball penalties (Utd and Arsenal), continue to be called incompetence or poor refereeing mistakes

PGMOL will hide behind the clear and obvious rule, while we'll be left to wonder what if!

If there was a time to call these decisions disgraceful, now would be that time Mr. Arteta, but I'll take a guess that you won't be berating the officials after this match.


1.) 24 Dec 2023 08:55:06
Of course he won’t
He’s very respectful of refs unless the decision is against them or cost them.

2.) 24 Dec 2023 09:20:06
Klopp didn’t berate the officials either.
Doesn’t make a difference or make the refs any better lol.

3.) 24 Dec 2023 11:29:01
I thought the ref did rightly yesterday, didn’t blow for every petty foul, tried to let them game flow, nearly all the yellow cards were deserved. It was an evenly fought game, shots, possession, passes etc.
Off course the talking point is the handball, the player does lose his footing a bit and slips and clearly handles the ball, last season penalty every time, this season I’ve no idea what they give handball for ?‍♂️.

4.) 24 Dec 2023 12:24:39
Boly getting sent off yesterday was an embarrassing decision.

5.) 24 Dec 2023 12:41:45
Spot on, Sgynwa. Arteta is very respectful when they make incompetent decisions that favor him like all the breaks he got last night esp. on the pen call. But as soon as they make incompetent decisions that don't benefit him, they are a disgrace.

Did he come out to say that the Oedegaard pen was a pen or did he just skate thru that and gloss over it? I don't know BUT I know Saliba was honest and told the truth and many of the Arsenal fans admitted it as well.

As for the PGMOL, they are a lost cause and as long as they have allies in the media covering for them every week, this will be the norm.

6.) 24 Dec 2023 14:18:58
We just need to stand by for the new interpretation of handball on TV soon j too the next one where a similar situation is given and then we will some a high sounding nonsense of we got to look at the context and we fans we watch football like an addiction are too dumb to understand rules only trained professionals can appreciate.

{Ed014's Note - it’s not a good look to blow others candles out to make yours shine brighter.

Don’t turn into United fans!

7.) 24 Dec 2023 15:42:05
Ed14 - it was a penalty. Anyone with eyes could see that.

{Ed014's Note - if only that was what I was referring to.

8.) 24 Dec 2023 23:53:54
Ed14 for me, I'm just stating exactly what Arteta actually does, based on his own two-faced conduct on these matters. That's it. Not sure that means I am blowing out his candle to make mine shine brighter. Or maybe, I don't understand the context on your statement in this situation.



03 Dec 2023 20:21:35
My very honest opinion coming up here. but I'm struggling to enjoy this win the way it should be enjoyed.

I sat for most of the game screaming at the TV, as if the players could hear me, but that was a terrible performance all round.

The slowness of our game is our biggest enemy right now.

Emotions got the better of me, and I even called for some players out for their lack of commitment. Tsmikas, But going to leave this here. 3 points is all that counts. The sooner we put this performance behind us the better.


1.) 03 Dec 2023 21:17:41
I was in Anfield today and got to witness Trent’s free kick, Endos finish and Mac’s worldie. Those 3 goals outshine any negative for me.

As nice as it is that we’re getting to play the squad in Europa it still must be affecting our rhythm.

My meaning of this is tue and wed training must be focused on the Europa team and then it’s Back to focussing on the league team.

The beauty of the CL when we are in full flow is it’s more or less the same players playing midweek and weekends over the 9 changes we are currently seeing.

Apart from Arsenals result it’s been a good weekend for us. Onto Sheffield next and they’re probably the worst team in the league so that has banana skin written all over it.

2.) 03 Dec 2023 21:19:06
Slowness iin our game? Sorry, I don't agree. if anything, I think it was too much of a basketbll game with no or next to no control on our side, which often suits the oppisition at Anfield. Fulham are a good team with pretty good ball players esp. in midfield and good speedy fullbacks. The issue with them is that they don't score goals.

We played well in patches but we got caught sleeping in a few phases defensively esp. on set pieces that cost us. At the end of the day, winning is not abould always playing free flowing football. Sometimes, it's about believing that you will not be denied what you thing is yours and being able to go out there, lay it on the line and get it. Just ask Spurs tinight vs City. No Guts. No Glory.

3.) 03 Dec 2023 21:23:38
We scored some cracking goals which is a huge positive thing and let some stupid goals in which was terrible to witness. I have never ever rated Tsmiskas and that will always be that way.
If we had the more than £15 mill to spare we would have signed a better cover at left back. It’s that simple.

4.) 03 Dec 2023 21:48:27
Goals from outside the box is a huge bonus. You can’t low block those.

5.) 03 Dec 2023 21:55:57
You can’t play brilliantly every game but we are getting into a great knack of winning when we are not at our best.

As for a better back up than Tsimikas? He’s a back up so by definition he’s not as good as the first choice. He is however, a full international and a very good player. We are fortunate to have such a good back up who’s committed and happy to play second fiddle.

At the end of the day we won the game which is what it’s all about.

6.) 03 Dec 2023 21:59:39
Also I think our midfield scored more league goals today than our midfield did all of last season.

7.) 03 Dec 2023 22:54:00
Trent needs to play in his natural position not this inverted wing back crap it slows everything down.

8.) 04 Dec 2023 06:25:46
@Beckers, agree about getting into the habit of getting a result. Saw a stat that said we are ahead of all other teams in the league at gaining points in games we have been losing.

9.) 05 Dec 2023 18:17:38
That is not a good stat to be leading. Shows the team has fight, which is great, but why are we having to come from behind that often?

10.) 05 Dec 2023 20:40:57
@RedMob - sure ask the fans whose teams are in the bottom two or three in gaining points in the same situation. It’s about the attitude of the team and the ability of the manager, coaching staff and players to adapt and change systems mid-game.

11.) 06 Dec 2023 16:03:15
@WDW - not debating the teams attitude (pointed out they have fight) or the ability to change systems mid-game, just the fact that they have to come from behind this much. To lead this stat, you have to be behind frequently enough that you have more opportunities to gain points from losing positions. Crystal Palace led this stat last season, let's not be Crystal Palace.



28 Nov 2023 07:55:28
Another VAR masterclass last night at the Fulnam vs Wolves game

The sheer amount of times that Wolves have been on the end of "incompetence" is purely amazing.

To rub salt in the wounds, there's even talk now of VAR extending their reach in the decision making of free kicks and penalties.

Just WOW!


1.) 28 Nov 2023 08:55:34
There needs to be an investigation into the PGMOL at this point regarding Wolves, IMO. I don't know what Wolves have done to the footie establishment BUT these incidents clearly can't all be coincidences.

2.) 28 Nov 2023 09:46:58
Wolves should employ Christopher Steele the guy who provided the info to the FBI that bust fifa corruption.

3.) 28 Nov 2023 09:54:03
It clearly isn't working and yet we still persist with it, and the rumours of giving them more power are nothing short of baffling!

If the system was working I would get increasing their powers, but week after week we are talking about decisions when they have all the tools to get it right.

Either the officials aren't up to scratch or the rules are so confusing they just tie themselves up in knots.

Wolves have been done worse then us this season, and that says a lot when we got the clearest onside against us given as offside.

Their decisons don't just effect seasons, it can be the difference between titles, european qualification or relegation. There is too much at stake for them to get it this wrong so often.

It needs to change and quick. But I must caveat all this with the techncology isn't the issue. If we didn't have VAR Wolves would still of been hard done by yesterday. But the replays were there to show what we all saw. It's those that operate it that needs changing.

4.) 28 Nov 2023 09:55:38
It's a joke. Although the injustices are making me a bit of a wolves fan. Really hoping they stay up now and have a decent season.

5.) 28 Nov 2023 11:07:07
Do people prefer getting rid of VAR or getting it right?
I’d rather get rid cos can’t trust the people in charge to get it right lol so may as well go with the referee’s call!

6.) 28 Nov 2023 12:03:57
Faith, that is a loaded question so I will attempt to answer it but to do that, I got to start from the beginning. The PL and PGMOL did not want VAR to begin with and FIFA had to force it on them hence, the PL was the last of the top 5 leagues to implement it.

So for the officiating heirarchy to lash out, they knowingly implemented it in a terrible way under the guise of, "We are the best league in the world so we will do it our way cos we know best". And they implemented it on purpose to get the outcome we are seeing now. Instead of using VAR as a tool to help us get things right properly, they implement it to cover for refreeing mistakes and protect their bros., which is what we are seeing.

And when we make a stink about it, the PGMOL uses it's power to silence the dissidents and use their allies in the media to shame them like they did Klopp, Arteta etc. Notice that managers like Moyes who does way worse than Klopp and Arteta will ever do by berating refs anytime it suits him, gets no fines nor suspensions. Why? Cos he is an English manager with tenure.

So IMO @Flash, VAR works and we know it works cos we see it work IF implemented properly according to the actual FIFA rules. We don't have that here hence, the ship show we have now. This is all deliberate. Thoughts?

7.) 28 Nov 2023 12:07:44
Get it right. Change the people. Technology is here to stay.

8.) 28 Nov 2023 12:39:39
Moyes is very much Scottish Oli. don't let him hear you called him English or he’ll be berating you next?.

9.) 28 Nov 2023 12:44:47
VAR anyday over human reffereing, For every 10 VAR mistakes there would be 1500 Human errors, and we have seen that time and time again over the years.
People want to get rid of VAR and bring back the old way of assistant referees fecking up offside calls over and over again.

10.) 28 Nov 2023 13:31:13
Clearly if the people operating VAR were competent then watching football would be far less frustrating. However, one thing that wouldn’t change, is that the most enjoyable part of the game for me has been spoiled - and that’s celebrating a goal. Even if they get the decision correct and a goal stands, it’s hard to enjoy it in the moment because we’re all waiting for the check before we can be sure it’s going to stand. I remember Origi scoring the goal that sealed the Champions League win and instead of going crazy knowing we’re European Champions, all I’m thinking is, is this going to stand? By the time it’s confirmed, the moment has passed. For that reason alone, I would get rid of VAR. Decisions will even out over time but at least we could celebrate goals properly again.

11.) 28 Nov 2023 13:45:16
Semibythesea3, totally missed that. Berating me? Man, he will come afterme with a baseball bat and I'll be running for hills, really.

Moyes might as well be considered English with the way the English media treat and protect him with kids' gloves, IMO.

12.) 28 Nov 2023 14:07:46
Football is a game of skill not perfection. If the best player manager team can have an off day and get things wrong then so can refs. I prefer that to var which has proven as unreliable and relies on human judgement it’s pointless. People call it inconsistent but human judgement is that. The linesmen these days are normally spot on anyways . Get rid of var a keep goal line technology.

13.) 28 Nov 2023 15:16:58
I do think that there is a place for technology in football to mitigate black and white errors.

Offside or not, contact or not is fine but VAR is getting way too much involved in subjective decisions that are a referees job to call.

I think we need to get rid of stockley park and just have someone checking offsides on a video monitor with semi automated offside.

Other than that the on field ref should look at the screen for major decisions like red cards, penalties etc. just to be sure he saw what he thought he saw. It won’t take any longer because VAR take an age for most decisions anyway.

That way we get what we used to have with the ref making the decisions but with the benefit of another look if he needs it. Plus he won’t get his mind muddled up with other opinions getting thrown at him from stockley park.

It will never be perfect but that would be the best option for me.

14.) 28 Nov 2023 17:14:49
We need to get rid of Howard webb can you imagine VAR when he officiated the world Cup final?

15.) 28 Nov 2023 18:35:53
Get rid of VAR, it has added nothing positive to the game and has made it infinitely less enjoyable.

16.) 28 Nov 2023 23:34:38
Oli lad, one of the worst things you can do to any Scotsman is suggest that he's English.
It wouldn't be a baseball bat Moyes would chase you with, it would be a claymore.
Think "Highlander".

17.) 29 Nov 2023 03:38:10
VAR is here to stay unfortunately. The refs are incompetent but I've said this a few times on here that the diving and cheating players are making it impossible for the refs. Use VAR for offside (let's bring in the automated version that they use in the CL and stop this subjective line drawing nonsense-if it takes 3 minutes to draw lines it's onside. they have to go with the advantage to the attacking player. )

Listening to Andy Townsend last night on the Harry Wilson penalty: "he's felt the contact and he's thrown himself down and he'd be stupid not to. " Cheating is now not only expected it's accepted as a part of the game. Call it what you want but it's not something that I want to see. Sportsmanship is now no longer present in the game. Becoming hard to watch imo.

18.) 29 Nov 2023 04:07:43
Cmon guys, the incorrect VAR decisions were just a bit of ‘human error’.

19.) 29 Nov 2023 04:27:44
For me, I have very little faith that football governance can get their systems right. They need diversity of thought and that is a long ways away.
If I could choose I would want VAR only for offsides, potential defensive handball in box and checking keepers feet for penalty kicks. Just the objective stuff.
Everything else, happy that we leave it to the ref on the pitch to make a call.

20.) 29 Nov 2023 07:55:20
I think last nights PSG Newcastle showed how crazy it’s getting now. How that was a penalty I just don’t know. Definitely makes you think that there is a level of corruption in the game now.

21.) 29 Nov 2023 13:13:48
Darwins Evolution or at least, so we were told and then Spurs happened.



25 Nov 2023 20:23:47
Some serious overreactions from some of the "fans" on this site today. Even the chat was toxic, AGAIN.


1.) 25 Nov 2023 22:32:32
I was only on the last 10 mins of the chat and the discussion after but I didn't see your 'toxicity', maybe it happened before but it was all good form from what I saw.

2.) 25 Nov 2023 23:19:28
No toxicity, just a couple of trolls who just seem to constantly spout laughable inflammatory rubbish and the usual emotional, in the heat of the moment, over reaction by some of the more regular chat posters (including myself probably) I love the chat.

3.) 26 Nov 2023 07:22:37
I'm always there, and it takes some getting used to, but it's fine. You get the whole spectrum of type of "football fans". And it can actually become super funny. Some posters are unanimously ignored and yet they keep posting on there throughout the game. As I've said before, it's the refuge of the "unappreciated" for some (on the main pages) and I guess being in the live chat is the "venting release" many are looking for.

4.) 26 Nov 2023 08:34:07
“Refugee of unappreciated” ?????. You get more fans and less pundits on live chat.

5.) 26 Nov 2023 09:58:07
Harry, you also get very radical views there, but very subdued and "politically correct" views here. From the same people. Hint, hint ?.

6.) 26 Nov 2023 10:15:51
Couldn’t understand what Harry was getting at with “refugee of unappreciated “ thought he was going all political on us, until I read ArAy post. That extra E Harry, makes all the difference ?.

7.) 26 Nov 2023 10:58:01
Awk it's the same few trolls coming on a lot now, 2 at the start and one at the end and one that somehow comments to himself the whole way through it - its kinda sad but we all laugh at it now, what's the point of cracking up, that just gives the trolls what they want

The live chat usually good craic though, everybody has their own opinions and they're all welcome to share those opinions- same posters every match, kinda like meeting your mates in the pub type craic lol.

8.) 26 Nov 2023 12:15:19
Exactly, Bill. It can be, and is, a lot of fun, expecially with the regulars. What I like is some real meaningful football commentary and info is exchanged during the game and it's a lot less "stiff". And then you learn a whole lot of patience and restraint when the trolls get pathetically personal.




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16 Feb 2024 05:46:31
Dear WDW.

You should know by now that LFC are the only club who "tap up" others who are employed elsewhere.

All other football clubs are run very much down the middle and don't dabble in such thuggery

PS. please read the above post with total sarcasm and a little bit of humor. Just in case people take me the wrong way and call me an idiot and have me banned from the site and any other football forum ?.




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15 Feb 2024 06:44:55
Ashworth informed NUFC that he was approached by MU. so what makes MU so special that they can tap up Ashworth





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06 Feb 2024 05:25:46
Why can't we just let the man be. he's done an amazing job for us.

Shake his hand, build him a statue, give him the key to the city etc etc etc.

He thinks the time is right and who are we the question him?

Let's give him everything we have for the rest of the season and let's see what we can achieve.




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03 Feb 2024 22:24:55
Yo Frode
Not sure exactly what you understood by my comment, but it was directed at the fact that Carra should stop hanging around Neville. it was more of a dig at Neville

I'll draw pictures for you next time.




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03 Feb 2024 03:58:22
Carra trying to act like the unofficial representative of LFC

He's hanging around Gary Neville so much that he's actually starting to afct like him.

I thought that Carra had more class than that. clearly not!





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19 Feb 2024 06:53:50
Luton are no push overs.

They will be tough to beat and we need to play our strongest 11.

From now on in, even more so with all the injuries, it's sqeaky bum time. Next match is always the most important and that's what we must focus on.




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17 Feb 2024 19:38:45
Cmon Ed14.
Take one for your team. just this 1 ????.




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17 Feb 2024 19:37:10
Well said Aray.
But let's hope Chelsea lose next weekend ?

They are looking pretty good as well!




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17 Feb 2024 18:38:54
Go support Arsenal then Leek.


{Ed014's Note - woah, let me stop you right there, we don’t want any of your miserable lot on our page!



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16 Feb 2024 05:49:41
Whilst Bradley has been excellent at right back, I feel we shouldn't be too relaxed about TAA not being available.

We'll soon miss his world class passing ability.

I feel TAA isn't being respected enough by some fans.

It's one of those things where you'll only know what you had, after it's gone

I feel we are weaker without TAA in the team as his passing ability gives us something different.




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