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14 Aug 2023 10:23:12
We've agreed a deal with saints for lavia I was hoping it was all over this madness ???.


1.) 14 Aug 2023 10:29:47
Here we go again. who will the player choose.

2.) 14 Aug 2023 10:31:13
Imagine if he rejects us too after all that happened I do not exclude that.

3.) 14 Aug 2023 10:48:05
Also seen a report where its stats we've agreed to pay £60mill. If true then what a farce.

4.) 14 Aug 2023 10:54:00
Bonkers money plus reports the player wants Chelsea. Let them have him I say TBH, he's not a magic bullet for this team at his age and experience level - huge gamble.

5.) 14 Aug 2023 10:54:48
If true, and then he does end up picking chelsea, it would be an awful look for the negotiating team.

Caicedo was worth a shot, and we would have got the go ahead from the agent (at least I expect so) to go after that deal. Imo, that's just football and you move on.

However, if you wanted a player for £45m, moved on to someone over twice as much, to move back to the oringal player for 15m more, and still don't secure the player because he prefers Chelsea. It would definitley leave a sour taste in the mouth and really put the pressure on the powers that be.

Alternativley, we get the player for £60m and still look a bit foolish for not just paying the £50m they originally asked for.

As I have said in a previous post, there is a scenario where both Liverpool and Chelsea overpay on their targets by about 15m because they each got involved in the other deal instead of just biting the bullet and accepting the selling clubs terms. I. e. 50m for lavia or 100m for Caicedo.

6.) 14 Aug 2023 10:55:02
Holy crap. just pay little more and get florentino luis only.

7.) 14 Aug 2023 11:02:04
we wanted the player
If the opportunity is still and we have the cash then we should lick our wounds and make the deal.

8.) 14 Aug 2023 11:10:17
I can't believe how few suitable, top level DCM's there are available. We can't take another Naby sized risk.
FSG's MO is going to come under pressure with the ridiculous state of the market, and Jurgen already looked and sounded a bit stressed in his presser.

9.) 14 Aug 2023 11:15:34
Indecision, poor "negotiating instincts" or whatever you want to call it, or maybe just the inability to close a deal for whatever reason is proving to be very expensive for Liverpool. I'm a fan of Lavia, but after Fabinho's departure I'm unsure he's the type of player that's a top priority right now. Definitely seems to be a reaction to Caicedo going to Chelsea. Not sure I'm keen on LFC getting into an arms race with a club that has better resources than them either. Liverpool were better off when they followed a model and stuck to it in a disciplined manner.

10.) 14 Aug 2023 11:16:05
So embarrassing.

11.) 14 Aug 2023 11:19:10
I know we don't get on to finances here, but if it's anywhere near true that we could have wrapped Lavia up for 48m/ 50m with no other offers and now he's costing 60m, someone needs reprimanding because it's farcical

Only way that's stomachable is if the payment terms are more favourable based on more money but a longer term.

12.) 14 Aug 2023 11:28:19
One of the strangest transfer windows we've seen for a while from us.

Mac and Szobo looked like shrewd additions but it's been bad, public business since.

13.) 14 Aug 2023 11:31:33
Where’s all the people defending the club and their apparent logic for not thinking he was worth £50 mill so being justified in walking away?! I repeat, we are a mess and this last few weeks has been a shambles with us aimlessly trying to get a DM in and now paying over the odds for one we could have got weeks ago with proper planning and diligence.

14.) 14 Aug 2023 11:31:38
If he's going to Chelsea to get an 8yr deal on good money like MC then let Chelsea have him. He must know he's not going to be first choice. However if he still wants a decent wage and will play regularly then surely he'll be advised to join us. I only want the latter kind of player at LFC, not just money motivated ones.

{Ed002's Note - Why would he not play regularly for Chelsea?}

15.) 14 Aug 2023 11:32:49
Feel sorry for Lavia. It's been a long saga with us chasing him and then we drop the interest overnight and go for someone else at over twice the price. Wouldn't blame Lavia for walking away from LFC now if Southampton have accepted the offer.

16.) 14 Aug 2023 11:40:09
Prices are insane. Definitely seems like an overpayment where we are paying for his potential.

However I do like the player and think he has the potential to be a top class player. Potentially world class.

I'm just going to have to ignore prices. I'm definitely hoping we get him now.

17.) 14 Aug 2023 11:49:40
If we’d bid £50m we wouldn’t have got Lavia because Chelsea have shown they also want him so would’ve bid higher.

Honestly, people are just losing their minds over nothing here it’s transfer negotiations and sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t.

Get a grip.

18.) 14 Aug 2023 12:31:19
The trolls are out in force today. Its worse than the 13th.

19.) 14 Aug 2023 12:49:19
Chill - we get someone else.

20.) 14 Aug 2023 14:45:24
Club needs a proper set up, with a director of football with a vision and authority.

Not some retired guy in Germany on 3 a month summer job. Amateur hour.

Absentee owners sitting in Boston watching baseball doesn't help.

21.) 14 Aug 2023 15:12:50
I agree with you, Red67. I always thought Mike Gordon did a really good job running the entire operation. He was able to keep JK in check. Since he's stepped back and Billy Hogan took charge things have been a bit of a mess. A club once a leader in research and analytics no longer how to put that incredible competitive advantage into practice. JK seems to have won a power struggle too and different sectors of the operation just feel out of sync. These are the fruits that weak leadership bears.

22.) 14 Aug 2023 15:49:35
I feel like I have to note too that I like JK, but I don't believe he's perfect. He's brilliant and has completely transformed Liverpool, but still needs a good boss above him. like most of us do.

23.) 14 Aug 2023 21:28:52
If teams stop including release clauses in player contracts, we will never sign a first-team level player again.



08 Jul 2023 08:11:40
Hey Ed's

I remember the name florentino luis of benfica being spoken of at times last season

Is he prem ready?
And is he still very costly as I remember that being the 2 major points he may need another year and would be expensive.



{Ed002's Note - Florentino (DM) Scouts continue to watch Benfica but they have no interest in selling Florentino Luis unless his buy out clause is met or nearly matched - they are aware MIlan see him as an option to replace Tonali but will look for a lower price but will be able to offer a player in exchange as well. Seen by Barcelona as a potential Busquets replacement., but, too expensive although they would look to include a player or two.Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool spoke with his agent last summer. Manchester City want to upgrade Kalvin Phillips and Florentino fits the bill. For Liverpool he would realistically be a Fabinho replacement but they are looking at others. PSG were interested but have moved for Ugarte. Napoli and Arsenal offer less likely options.}



30 Jun 2023 18:57:22
The annoying little sod that is fabrizio Romano
Has put his little HERE WE GO on
Szoslobai deal we've met the full release clause it has been stated .


1.) 30 Jun 2023 19:14:23
But, we've got no money!

2.) 30 Jun 2023 19:19:30
Raided the biscuit money tin, to pull this off.

{Ed025's Note - and hopefully you have got a cracker FW.. :)

3.) 30 Jun 2023 19:36:11
Don't think you really mean that ed025.

{Ed025's Note - i do port, i like to hob nob with the best of them, he might run like a penguin but he seems a real cool cookie who has scored a couple of jaffa,s, and at least your not scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one mate.. :)

4.) 30 Jun 2023 19:41:59
On form tonight ed25.

{Ed025's Note - except with the horses FW, i have got less in my account than Farhad Moshiri mate.. :)

5.) 30 Jun 2023 19:57:24
What’s annoying about it? Here we go aren’t u happy he broke some transfer news.

6.) 30 Jun 2023 20:21:59
This whole “we have no money” narrative is nonsense. We are wise with our money and have plenty of it. We don’t have oil money, I’ll grant that, but we are a huge premier league club. Of course we have money. We just aren’t stupid with it or offer what is obscene amounts of money for some dude with a fancy name that does step overs.

{Ed025's Note - spot on monty..

7.) 30 Jun 2023 20:55:47
Note to self :Remind me to not go for a bevy Monty.

8.) 30 Jun 2023 21:10:19
The right player at the right price.

As you say Monty, we don’t have money to waste and we don’t have cash to write of, say, £ 64m mistakes like Keita but that doesn’t mean to say that the club doesn’t try to get the right player at the right price.

9.) 30 Jun 2023 21:11:16
The only people saying the club has no money are the impatient ones.
Just read that the Anfield’s capacity for next season will be 61,000, that's kind of crept up on me somewhat, things moving in the right direction.
I am very much looking forward to next season.

10.) 30 Jun 2023 21:37:13
Dominik Szoboszlai, welcome to Liverpool our new No.8.

11.) 30 Jun 2023 21:50:41
The club shop’s going to have to stock up on Z’s there!

Not sure they were needed before?

Happy weekend people ?.

12.) 30 Jun 2023 22:06:44
Oops my apologies to NuneZ and DiaZ!

13.) 30 Jun 2023 22:14:58
Even before we'd made these two signings, I was already excited about next season. It was so obvious that this season was a blip, and that we were going to spend big. The anti-FSG lobby just wasn't making sense when they moaned about 'season after season of no trophies and no spending, ' and how FSG were only in it for the money.

It's simple: FSG can only make money if Liverpool are successful on the pitch. They want us to get back to the top as much as any fan. And they know how to do it, because they've done it before.

I'm not saying they're perfect owners, but I was always confident this summer would be exciting, and that next season will be a return to form.

Pretty good work so far, considering the transfer window opens tomorrow.

14.) 30 Jun 2023 22:52:58
Where was the money last summer when we desperately needed midfielders?

15.) 30 Jun 2023 23:22:36
@jay dub

Made up with the news just hate how Romano is seen as some kind of guru and he basically lends his name to other journalists / scoops and he making out as if because he says HERE WE GO
He’s the 1st to announce or he is the pinnacle of football transfer announcements.
The Ed’s give us much more than RAY ROMANO
He just gets under my skin . It’s not healthy how much he annoys me but he does
Making a living out of others is my opinion.

16.) 30 Jun 2023 23:40:12
It's like the classic what have the Romans ever dome for us skit from Monty Python ?.

17.) 01 Jul 2023 00:02:38
I actually don’t mind him @Dhfc, provided you take him for what he is.

Before he has heard definitely from his sources he is very careful not to say anything will definitely happen but once he hears actual confirmation he shares the information. From a Liverpool perspective I’m very happy to hear him say that a deal has been done.

18.) 01 Jul 2023 00:17:39
Oh by the way can every LFC fan reach back into the bowels of their couch and send their pennies found to PO Box 1952 Liverpool, as it seems Liverpool FC have no money, according to some.
Get In There Szoboszlai!

19.) 01 Jul 2023 01:50:47
@Hessle, I think we had the money to make a ‘big’ signing in midfield last summer. I’ve got no concrete evidence to back it up but I think we were after Tchouameni or Bellingham but the former wanted Real Madrid and Dortmund wanted to keep the latter. I think at that point the club thought we had enough coverage in midfield for us to challenge again in the season just gone.

Then I think two things happened that couldn’t be predicted. First we had a number of mids get injured in preseason which forced the panic loan of Melo, which didn’t actually help and actually cost us money. The second one was that when the season started out form dipped woefully particularly in the midfield. I strongly suspect that if the club had known it was going to happen they would have bought a couple of mids and tried to ship some out.

The club made mistakes but they can’t be blamed for being psychic and to say they couldn’t afford to buy anyone is just a made-up story to beat the club up.



06 Jun 2023 08:27:43
Morning Ed's

I see links to Marcus thuram have emerged but are these lazy journalists or is their anything in it?

Only way I see it being plausible is if jota was to leave

What's your take on this Ed's.


{Ed002's Note - Marcus Thuram (S/LW) Bayern Munich interest may well have gone like the interest of Spurs which went after they added Richarlison last summer. Arsenal interest went when signing Trossard. Inter are still hovering around the player and have made an offer. Atletico will look to him as a Cunha replacement and have also made an offer. Don't discount RBL or Manchester United looking to the Free Agent. Chelsea interest has gone. Juventus, PSG and Newcastle provide wildcard options.}

1.) 06 Jun 2023 10:09:40
Jota is our best goal scorer …. and hopefully will be for a long time .

2.) 06 Jun 2023 10:16:26
Jota is a lot better than Marcus Thuram IMO. Scores more goals and has done it in the Premier League.

3.) 06 Jun 2023 13:46:13
Surely our best goal scorer is the player who scores the most goals, Salah. Isn’t scoring goals the very definition of goal scorer?

4.) 06 Jun 2023 13:47:30
I was merely trying to point out that jota is the most likely to depart from our front 5 and would fetch a nice sum as his stock is still somewhat high .
Diaz gakpo and nunez going nowhere and salah is on big wages so don’t see anyone chasing him too hard .

I wouldn’t be opposed to jota leaving and thuram replacing him but equally happy with jota being a squad option think thuram gives a bit more of a presence upfront than jota and offers something a bit different.

5.) 06 Jun 2023 15:41:30
I'm not sure I see the need for a 6th attacker when we already have 5 attackers who are either world class or developing into being world class. If Thuram were to join, someone would likely need to leave.

6.) 06 Jun 2023 16:22:51
Who is world class and who is developing into world class?

7.) 06 Jun 2023 18:20:17
I was a little generous implying we have more than one world class attacker. Salah is still a world class player though, easily. Nunez has the ability but needs confidence/ consistency. Gakpo and Diaz both have shown flashes where they could reach that level. Jota is of lesser skill than the other 4, but all he does is score when healthy and he's strong on the press. Personally I like playing him ahead of the others because I think execution of the press is vital to how we play.

8.) 06 Jun 2023 18:24:54
And with that all said, Marcus Thuram isn't close to being able to take a spot away from any of those 5 players.

9.) 06 Jun 2023 19:11:57
Let’s hope one or more of the new boys really steps up next year.

10.) 06 Jun 2023 19:33:29
Haha, every time I see Navy Keith’s name pop up on this it cracks me up.

11.) 06 Jun 2023 20:34:35
@TB2, can I have your autograph please?



04 May 2023 19:34:59
Hey Ed's

Just wondering what the club is looking to do with regard of selling players, who is available for sale and who would they let leave if they received a suitable fee for that's not necessarily on the to be transferred list?

I have tried searching but I couldn't find anything



{Ed002's Note - Marcelo Pitaluga (G) Atletico are keen to take him.
Caoimhin Kelleher (G) The player needs to consider his future and could look to move on for first team football in the summer. Whilst Spurs are looking for a new GK, they have identified a first choice target they would like and I am not aware of any approach to Liverpool about CK and they will have a new coach this summer who will have his own ideas, but they have looked at him. He will have interested clubs in the summer.
Kostas Tsimikas (LB) Agent says he is being forced out to raise €20M or more. Not sure who will replace him without looking to a transfer.
Nat Phillips (CB) Benfica may try again for NP in the Summer after Klopp blocked a January move - and Hertha Berlin provide an option. I understand either would suit the player.
Joel Matip (CB) Time has come.
Rhys Williams (CB) Will need to find a new home which will likely mean dropping down a tier.
Fabinho (DM/RB) May make way in the summer if a DM player arrives.
Nobby Keita (CM) Out of contract in the summer. His agent has approached a number of sides with Inter, Milan and Lyon perhaps interested. Wages are going to be an issue so Turkey may offer a solution.
James Milner (CM) Out of contract but could get another year - but I suspect it would be largely as cover.
Thiago Alcantara (CM) His representatives have spoken to Barcelona about the player finishing his career back at the club but he would need to be very cheap and to have reduced wages. Seems unlikely.
Alex Oxlade Chamberlain (RW/AM) Out of contract. Aston Villa may offer an option.
Diogo Jota (LW) With the addition of Gakpo and Diaz performing well, Jota may be sacrificed to bring in much needed funds. I am not aware of any interest just yet but JM will be looking for suiters. I am not aware of any approach from Newcastle.
Mo Salah (RW) His agent is hawking him around for one last big payday - Real Madrid are not interested, PSG may be, Middle East certainly. With his lengthy contract expect him to stay.
Roberto Firmino (AM/F) Seen as one of three options to replace Joao Felix at Atletico Madrid. May be interest from Italy, Roma, Juventus or Inter perhaps. Anoither potential option will be the Middle East with Al Nassr declaring an interest or the MLS with St Louis City. Out of contract in the summer when he will leave Liverpool.}

1.) 05 May 2023 08:04:20
Think Chambers could replace Tsimikas personally. Also Scanlon, a leftback for the U18's has been showing plenty of promise.

2.) 05 May 2023 08:17:02
I feel a bit sorry for Tsimikas, he'd likely be a regular starter for most PL teams but Robertson has been so good over the years that he's hard to displace permanently. If we had decent LB backup then I'd let him go for the sake of his career more than wanting him to leave.

3.) 05 May 2023 09:24:39
@Jude, I suspect that Chambers will get another loan next year and replace Kostas for the 24 / 25 season.

4.) 05 May 2023 09:30:15
I would let all of those go except Jota and Salah. For the first time in living memory we are not severely weakened if we lose a forward or two to injury.

5.) 05 May 2023 09:36:06
I never understood why we didn't experiment by using Tsimikas as a right back when Trent was struggling. We used Milner and Gomez, but I think Tsimikas would have done a better job. I for one would be sad to see him leave. He's a very good backup for Robbo. I hope we don't regret letting him go. I mean, who will be Robbo's cover if he's sold?

6.) 05 May 2023 09:41:44
To be honest, Robertson hasn’t been that good recently, he had a shocker against spurs and always seems to have a a howler in him. Don’t get me wrong, for the last few years he’s been brilliant, but this season he’s been as bad as the rest of the defence. if we get rid of tsimikas, we have now cover for him. Yes, we could bring in youngster but they will need to adjust and settle in which will take time, and in this league, time is something you can afford to lose.

7.) 05 May 2023 09:57:13
If gomez could come back to form I think he could play lb if we continue with this new system. More a left sided cb than lb. Although joe would have to greatly improve his form from this season.

8.) 05 May 2023 11:19:17
Last season's Tsimikas more than likely would Johnny, this seasons has been very poor whenever he's had a chance.

9.) 05 May 2023 11:21:36
I like your thinking there Digger, all the CBs could shuffle across a little bit when TAA goes roving into midfield to give us a 3 at the back.
Horses for courses of course, I'd still give Robbo plenty of games depending on who the opposition was.

10.) 05 May 2023 11:41:13
Big mistake if we don’t sell VVD.

11.) 05 May 2023 12:08:25
Agreed Jude but I think I that's probably more to do with lack of game time plus our all round poor form. Decent player I reckon, he'll do well if he leaves for regular football, and I don't begrudge him that.

12.) 05 May 2023 12:32:37
Good to see we’re looking at selling first team players to raise much needed funds.

I’d understand needing funds if we had spunked a load on players already but needing much needed funds before the window has even opened doesn’t fill me with confidence.

13.) 05 May 2023 06:30:31
Cheers Ed
A lot of potential outgoings their most notably in defence . Big IMPORTANT summer ahead

Great detail again cheers Ed.

14.) 05 May 2023 18:54:17
Tsimikas leaving makes sense if we’re going to keep playing this setup where Trent moves into midfield and the LB becomes a LCB. Robertson and someone like Gvardiol/ N’Dicka/ Inacio/ Colwill competing for that spot sounds good to me.




Dhfc's banter posts with other poster's replies to Dhfc's banter posts


28 Jan 2024 08:32:36
So for all the people who's world is ending following the news of klopp let's just pause and realise how great of a club we are regardless of the manager .

The club was a dominant force in the 70s and 80s from shankly to Paisley to fagan and then failed to reinvest when on top leading to the poor 90s when the money poured in and egos grew but failing to realise the foundations of hard work on and off the pitch which served us so well .

All of this whilst dealing with the sporting disaster and tragedy of hillsborough which many are still dealing with and we now know the extent of the s**t show and miscarriage of justice that goes with that .

We then came in to the 00s and had some great memories houliers heroics to the miracle of Istanbul .

The least said about the hodgson era the better

Rodgers came in and we played some fantastic football at times but ultimately he was his own downfall by thinking it was all about him and not realising the magnitude of the club he was at and pushing out players so he was the main man .

Klopp came and got us back on track in what can only be described as a shankly esque style of management in making the whole red part of the city believe again the giant awoke but it was never really fully asleep

The league title evaded us for many a year yes
But throughout the decades even when we were dire we still won trophies we always have intact I think we've won the fa cup every decade since the 60s

We are Liverpool football club it's more than just 1 man it's a collective and klopp has made us realise that again to stay great everyone has to play their part

So whoever the next man in the door is ( let's hope he's more paisley than hodgson) and we all continue to do what we do under klopp have that never say die attitude get behind the team and club and can look forward and not get stuck in well klopp wouldn't of done this and that .

In the words of the king himself
No one person is bigger than Liverpool football club .

Nor should it be

We are in a really good place and a lot of that is klopps doing but the next man in can take us even further I'm sure of it because we are Liverpool football club.


1.) 28 Jan 2024 09:13:42
Totally agreed the show must go on WE ARE LIVERPOOL, if the manager says he hasn't got the energy or desire to take us forward we accept his decision we are eternally grateful for everything. But we have a club that we adore forever that needs looking after and the new man should get all of our support.

2.) 28 Jan 2024 10:01:13
Well said Hailstones. Personally, still letting the news sink in. Jurgen will be a very hard act to follow. Thanks for the joy and pride you put back into the club.

3.) 28 Jan 2024 10:15:39
Just a feeling, but obviously this may not age well
But I’ve a feeling that if Alonso takes over from Klopp, we may have a Paisley following Shankly act

Just a feeling, but of course, Alonso isn’t even our manager yet.

4.) 28 Jan 2024 10:49:03
Yes but just as much as we are sad we equally should be excited about this great group of players being passed over to someone with hunger and desire to develop and take them to the next level . Whoever it is us as fans need to BELIEVE! This is a situation like shankly passing the baton to paisley. Klopp taught us to believe so It would be stupid not to carry on this habit he installed in the players and the fans.

5.) 28 Jan 2024 12:40:11
Well said hailstones ?.

6.) 28 Jan 2024 13:09:04
We are the club everyone wants to be BUT will never admit it and I'm here for that. All you have to do is listen to all these rival fans popping Champagne at the news of Klopp stepping down. If we are as crap as they are trying to convince us of then, they should not be that happy Klopp is leaving. They are so predictable, lol.

As for us, LFC is an international footballing institution, fact. As long as we make the correct appointments moving forward, we will keep competing and winning trophies. Oh, and did I say that Klopp is not done competing with for trophies in the next 4 months or so? We will be fine. We have always been fine regardless of circumtstance. Why? Cos as the French saying goes, "Great Clubs NEVER Die". YNWA!



14 Jan 2024 07:28:12
Ed 1
Rumours of Bruno guimaraes being available 100 mill buyout
He would be unreal at the base of our midfield I know he was your choice on here a while ago that ball for isak last night was just pure filth .

Do you think the club would sanction such money for him and also are the club keeping a watching eye on him?

Surely he's the right age to bridge the gap from endo and bajetic

Be interested to hear your thoughts on him . Loved the way he kept nibbling Rodri .


{Ed001's Note - if Klopp really wanted him, I am sure the club would find the money but I don't know if we are interested at all. Great player though.}

1.) 14 Jan 2024 09:02:20
Ahh shame that I think he’s one of the top players in the league .
Ya never know though Ed I remember we wasn’t interested in caicedo either ???.

{Ed001's Note - I said I don't know mate, not that we aren't. I have no idea.}

2.) 14 Jan 2024 09:18:47
He would be a fantastic signing and under Klopp he would get even better just can’t see it happening though.

3.) 14 Jan 2024 09:48:24
The time 2 get bruno was before he went to Newcastle.

4.) 14 Jan 2024 10:53:38
Talented, effective DM no doubt. But he likes to play on the edge between what's permissible and what's not okay (in terms of tackling) . Very much like Rodri. Klopp would probably sort that out.

Worth 50-60 Million? Yes. Worth 100 Million? No way. And Thuram and Kone would still be ahead of him on my list.

{Ed002's Note - He is not moving to Liverpool.}

5.) 14 Jan 2024 10:58:16
He is great player. I think is we were able to get him in the summer that’s all we would need. Then let the youngsters fill the other spots as they are doing now.

6.) 14 Jan 2024 12:29:26
He also that magnificent ability to carry out Fernandinho level of fouls without getting booked.

A seriously underrated quality in a midfielder.

7.) 14 Jan 2024 12:43:23
Our midfield annihilated Newcastles a couple of weeks ago and he was left trying to foul our shadows. I’d stay well clear.

8.) 14 Jan 2024 14:48:44
All good players play on the edge in my opinion. They weren’t shrinking violets and if the boy from Southampton went for £50 million (circa) then a player of Bruno’s quality would certainly be heading towards £100 million.

9.) 14 Jan 2024 21:54:06
Ed01, He's a good player but he is a car crash waiting to happen. Guimaraes is a ticking time bomb, very indisciplined and will cost us in games with his reckless. On the contrary, I don't think Klopp will go anywhere near him for these reasons in spute of his ability as a pkayer which on the merits, is outstanding, IMO.

10.) 14 Jan 2024 23:10:32
Ed001 - is that what happened with Caicedo? I. e Klopp really liked him so club were going to back him with the funds?

{Ed001's Note - yes.}

11.) 15 Jan 2024 08:02:15
Endo has 5 yellow cards in less than 700 minutes of PL football, Bruno has 9 yellow cards in about 1800 minutes . I guess we should get rid of Endo then if we are talking about discipline.

12.) 15 Jan 2024 10:58:58
@IR, another pointless stat coupled with a false and dishonest comparison frankly full of intellectual dishonesty and baseless so allow me to help you for free.

What you fail to realise or conveniently omitted are the numerous red cards Bruno should have gotten whether it be vs Arsenal (blatantly clobbing Jorginho in the head for no reason) or the red card he should have gotten at Anfield for several bookable offences and that's just off the top of my head. Has Endo done any of this? Didn't think so so pointless comparison. Oh, and you can add Joelington as well. You want him too cos he plays on the edge?

Come back when you actually have valid points and arguments to support your point (or lack thereof) rather than pointless comparisons and baseless stats with NO context which make your point essentially full of it.

{Ed025's Note - dont be so condescending Oli, the guy has his views and you have yours and they are opinions like we all have mate and it does not make them wrong or right..just opinions, people need to respect other posters views even if they dont agree with them otherwise it can just end up as a slanging match..

13.) 15 Jan 2024 11:40:40
More conspiracy I see and I thought it was only Man City that got favour, now it’s Newcastle and their players too. Laughable.

14.) 15 Jan 2024 11:50:36
Joelinton is a very good player too ?.

15.) 15 Jan 2024 12:01:50
Quite frankly Oli the fact that you give your “opinion” why a player should have been red carded even tho it wasn’t at the time and no retrospective action was taken either is just ridiculous. Only to follow it up with some nonsense about valid point?‍♂️. Endo has got more yellow cards per minutes played. That’s the reality and not some made up opinion on what card a player should get during a game because that’s how you see it.
You weren’t right last week Oli about DCL’s red card either, accept it and move on ?.

16.) 15 Jan 2024 15:28:13
@IR, you're so predictable. First off, nobody mentioned Man City. Also, your post essentially boils down to who is wrong and who is right hence, you really don't have the ability to have your own opinions and analyse situations on their individual merits apart from what is actually fed to you, based on the incompetent PGMOL and their wretched officiating. You literally proved my point with DCL issue? Unlike you, I am not interested in being right when I get into a debate. That's your job, apparently. Oh and if they had rescinded his red, it would not have changed the fact that they are relentlessly incompetent. Or is that another conspiracy?

You do know that since VAR checked the elbow Bruno gave Jorginho and did not deem it a sending off offence, NO retrospective ban will happen, right? Seriously, I give up with this guy. Now whether there was retrospective ban or not, anyone that knows any thing about football know Bruno is a car crash waiting to happen and cos the refs lacked the bottle to send him off for elbowing a player does not mean that was the right decision cos everyone was miffed as to why that did not happen cos we all know the PL refs are supremely competent, right? That is not a conspiracy theory, mate. That actually happened hence, I brought it up. Again, fact.

Endo getting 5 yellows is a stat that is of NO difference to me. Why? Show me the stat where Endo has been going around recklessly crashing into tackles, diving all over the place as soon as anyone breathes on him and elbowing anything that moves? I'll wait. Or rather, I won't. Also, did you think Endo or Darwin would have gotten away with any of the recklessness stuff Bruno gets away with had they done it with this refs in charge? Mate, you're drowning here so I'll stop now.

17.) 15 Jan 2024 15:31:42
Yeah great player, that's why Newcastle are where they are now and a half fit kdb was allowed to win the game, no stamina and can't hack it in big games.

18.) 15 Jan 2024 16:20:11
“Also, did you think Endo or Darwin would have gotten away with any of the recklessness stuff Bruno gets away with had they done it with this refs in charge”

Another conspiracy theory ?. You’re tripping over your own words .
I agree you’d better stop ?.

19.) 15 Jan 2024 15:45:07
Ed25, I hear you on that. The guy made a pointless comparison that has no basis in reality when you apply context. That's it.

If he wants to debate me, he should use things that are present in reality. Not "Oh, I was right and you were wrong" crap like a kid in high school.

{Ed025's Note - we all need to be a bit more tolerant of other peoples posts Oli, yes its ok to disagree but some of the replies are getting beyond the pail mate..

20.) 15 Jan 2024 18:29:17
I think you need to look when 25 said not to be so condescending (which you are) and when I put up my “I’m right, you’re wrong” post. Maybe have a look a the correlation of the posts might help?.

Maybe you’re just having a bad day, seems so ?.



09 Jan 2024 09:03:51
Just an appreciation post about this team and club

All supporters up and down the country love their clubs but our club is special and our fan base is unwavering in its support .

The boos that rang out at the emirates at full time got me thinking About how our club and supporters are in it together and that this current team is full of hard workers for their team mates and fans alike and the fans will always stay with you if you do the dirty hard yards like we did 1st 35 mins against Arsenal on Sunday .

Not once did the away end get on the teams back if anything every missed opportunity by Arsenal was greeted by a roar of togetherness and a camaraderie of let's dig in and show these .

We are not the finished article but what we are is a team of extremely talented and hard working players no one is not helping (gravenberch has had his moments but he will get it as he won't be allowed not to )

I just love watching this team play football and we aren't blowing teams away in terms of putting them to bed with goals but we wear teams down by finding solutions throughout the game to impact it and swing the tide towards us becoming victors .

For all the talks of midfield overhauls to needing a defensive midfielder and a left footed cb I want us fans to focus on what we do have rather than what we don't

We have a collective of players working in the right direction under the leadership of the best manager in football all putting the team and club before their own needs for success and I don't think we truly appreciate how good we have got it and long may it continue .

Still in 4 competitions players returning on the horizon and some really serious football matches to be played whether you go the game or watch us on tv just appreciate how good we are at present but also appreciate this could be the start of even bigger things let's get behind the lads for the last 1/ 2 of season as nothing is off the table with this team and club and we are all part of it

Enjoy reds . Get behind them even more and focus on how we can hurt the opposition not how they can hurt us

Come on the red men ??.


1.) 09 Jan 2024 09:32:13
@Dhfc, an absolute BANGER of a post. Bravo, sir.

As for Klopp, if people want to know the way he prepares his teams before games then, I propose that they listen to his post match comments after the Arsenal game. Not just a great coach, manager and leader of men (and boys) BUT more importantly, a father figure who informs the players of the dangers they will go through within the game, letting the know what they are in for.

All while at the same time, urging them not to panic but instead to dig deep, stick together and that all will be fine in the end. It is this feeling of self belief and and calmness during a storm, is what sets us apart from Arsenal and even City who lose their heads when things aren't going their way this season. When things aren't going well, our players and coaches do not and never seem to panic. They remain cool and collected and that is credit to Klopp who soothes their anxieties by taking them and putting them upon himself. What a guy!

2.) 09 Jan 2024 09:45:01
Good one, Dhfc. I always say to cherish what we have now, even during the minor dips. We have so much going for us and the future looks good. Just enjoy.

3.) 09 Jan 2024 10:00:38
A great post that mate, very well said. We are very lucky and it's going to be a special year for us.

4.) 09 Jan 2024 11:35:35
Good post, Dhfc.

One criticism that cannot be levelled at Klopp is that he doesn't know how to build and maintain a football culture and identity. As they say culture eats strategy for breakfast.

I still believe he needs an objective set of eyes beside him in the sporting director role. The two bad seasons we had could have been avoided.

5.) 09 Jan 2024 11:50:21
Klopp is a phenom simple as the same way shankly was . There are certain people you meet in life in that just command attention and respect for just being an unbelievable character that brings the best out in people .
I’d say klopp is that kind of person . But one of his most endearing characteristics is that he always talks about the collective effort from the club . Cooks cleaners physios etc etc he never really gives himself the credit he spreads it around his co workers and players . A true people’s person
Enjoy him.

6.) 09 Jan 2024 11:52:56
Formerly_FlyPelicanFly, and yet you had some LFC fans saying Klopp should be sacked cos he had never overseen a rebuild at his former clubs. This while "conveniently" forgetting that he never had the chance to do that esp. at Dortmund cos Bayern would come steal/ cherry-pick his boss players like Gotze and Lewandowski (who was in charge of Bayern at the time? Yeah, Pep Guardiola) and then, replace them with sub-standard ones like Ciro Imobile.

Now granted, these LFC "fans" aren't numerous enuff to fill a parking space at Tesco, let alone the whole parking lot. I do agree with you that as great as Klopp is (and boy, is he? ), no one man should have all that power (says Kanye West, aptly) so he needs a strong DOF over him to set him straight, just like he had at Dortmund with Michael Zorc.

7.) 09 Jan 2024 12:07:34
That is the uniqueness of the man. All fans are guilty of getting dragged into a "win at all costs" narrative. While Klopp sticks with culture first, with winning being the by-product. Summed up nicely by the subbing on of Bradley and Clark at 0-0.

8.) 09 Jan 2024 13:40:18
Great points in that post dh. What i loved about game against arsenal was us throwing our bodies on line to protect our goal in 1st half. we weren't playing well and they where but we threw ourselves into blocks and didn't give up, gutsed it out and eventually we started playing better and last 20mins only 1 team going to win. Granted in 1st half we also had some luck but as they say sometimes u earn your luck. V good sign of a team.

9.) 09 Jan 2024 13:43:23
Indeed, Formerly_FlyPelicanFly. IMO if we were a "win at all costs" club in terms of the culture within the club, we would have 115 charges stacked up against us now cos that is where that culture can get you when it gets toxic.

10.) 09 Jan 2024 15:28:05
I was absolutely astounded when he brought those two lads on last night after 75 minutes and still 0-0 I wondered if he had given up the game which was something that used to annoy me about Benitez, but no, he had worked out a way to stop Arsenal and in turn to help us win the game. A master stroke from a master of the game.

11.) 09 Jan 2024 16:15:00
I thought Bradley and Clark were solid against Arsenal during their cameos. Great game management in what was a cauldron. Well done lads.



06 Nov 2023 17:30:53
Get a feeling the Middle East has its claws on the game here now. 2 really bad showings from the refs in our game and Arsenal's.
2 pens we should have had. Yes, the lads should have won the game in 90 mins, regardless. Tell me if that's City or Newcastle that they don't get their decisions. It's every other week now. It's not even like 1 or 2 decisions a season it's become a joke.

It's made it hard to stomach as a fan as these WRONG decisions from the refs and assistants are ruining the game. Arsenal, now seen as a direct threat to the cheats, are now seeing some awful decisions against them.

Call me bitter etc., heard it all before but it's not that I'm against city or Newcastle, but I'm against cheating and I can't see any other reasons for it because top officials in the top league in the world really can't be that bad without purposely trying to get the decisions wrong.

I have a renewed optimism for our team for this year and it's slowly getting etched away game by game, knowing we are not on a level playing field with the opposition and fellow clubs.


1.) 06 Nov 2023 18:00:28
Dhfc personally I don’t think the handball one was a pen where they broke for the goal.

What was the other incident please mate as I can’t remember one off the top of my head.

In regards to Newcastle If the officials wanted Newcastle to win there surely reducing Arsenal to 10 men by sending Havertz off would have been an easy shout.

I thought the official yesterday was ok. We were just very poor and Luton fought for every ball.

2.) 06 Nov 2023 19:20:56
Why are they wrong decisions remember law 5 in the opinion of the referee as i am one myself but not at the lofty heights of the premiership just because you don't agree why does that make them wrong.

3.) 06 Nov 2023 20:51:19
Probably easier to let the mind wander towards conspiracy. I have no idea but I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that the officials and it’s governance are incompetent.
And why would they improve? It’s the same people in that system going through the ranks.

4.) 06 Nov 2023 23:43:32
SR having your defence on the halfway line is fine if you’ve got 11 men and can put pressure on the ball and dominate possession but to be that high with 9 men and no pressure on the ball is just plain lunacy.

They were lucky they only lost 4-1 if that had been any side with better attackers they would’ve scored every couple of minutes.

The amount of times Chelsea ran offside was comical, watching Jackson trying to run along the line instead of just starting his run from deeper was infuriating.

We literally would’ve scored double figures against Spurs tonight it was the most astonishingly naive tactic I think I’ve ever witnessed in top level football.

5.) 07 Nov 2023 00:00:00
The handball was not a pen but the wrestling move on Virgil at the previous corner was stonewall. Now you see grappling in the box all the time so you can understand it not being given had City not had one given against Utd only a week earlier.

When that penalty was given to City everyone said they don’t mind as long as it’s always a penalty when it happens in other games. Now we are seeing that is not the case and it’s only City that this particular rule applies to.

Bearing in mind the ref didn’t give it on that day and it was VAR that called him to the screen to give the pen there is no reason why they can’t do that every time. So why is it a penalty when it happens to City but not anyone else?

6.) 07 Nov 2023 11:21:55
Fair point about the handball that is a 50/ 50 il take that 1 as it is hard to jump without your arms . Point taken
But virg getting hurled to the floor how is that not a pen . Look I agree we were poor against Luton but that doesn’t excuse not getting decisions that are CLEAR AND OBVIOUS .
Incompetence is an easy simplistic way to look at it but haw can incompetence be allowed week to week . I’m not saying their will never be a wrong decision in football again but you expect it from the 50/ 50 ones where their is an element of doubt . I know some people on here love the word conspiracy I am not saying this is an anti Liverpool agenda but surely coincidences when they happen regularly cease to be coincidence .

I don’t know why it offends people to talk about this
Stuff either as all I and any fans should expect and demand is consistency for every team and player up and down the country . However that is not the case and I don’t think too much to ask for .

7.) 07 Nov 2023 12:14:06
Spot on, BP. They called the same thing for City and when it was VVD, they did not. If you are going to call it in one game then do so in the other games. Don't pick and choose when you call it. That's all we are asking for.

8.) 07 Nov 2023 12:17:34
OP, If you stop looking for corruption in every decision and look at what’s actually happening it’s basically the same as it has always been (and always will be) - you get poor decisions that go against you (the disallowed goal against Spurs) and poor decisions that go for you (us rushing to take Konate off when he should have been sent off a couple of weeks ago, as examples) . Over the course of a season these things tend to level themselves out. It’s the same for all clubs.

The only difference, these days, is VAR. the idea is sound and the technology works, but if you can’t even get people to place lines correctly, the technology is actually worthless and people have lost trust in it. That’s not corruption though - it’s ineptitude.

9.) 07 Nov 2023 16:44:54
Wdw3 I think you’ll find I’m looking for
Consistency in every decision not conspiracy.

I totally agree that you get good decisions and bad decisions across the season which sounds like a poor way of saying it’s ok that they get decisions wrong because eventually you’ll get a decision that goes for you even if it shouldn’t . The reason I come to the statement I made in the op is because I find it hard to ignore how many favourable city and Newcastle get especially this season . The common denominator with these 2 teams is that they are owned by Middle East country’s .

I will gladly admit I’m wrong if I am but the more of these contentious decisions that seem to favour the same 2 teams will naturally lead me to think this way .

I hope I am wrong and we just have morons for officials .



03 Nov 2023 09:13:59
A lot of talk on max eberl Ed's

Not really someone I've heard of before I was wondering how he is perceived in the position of sporting director within the footballing world.

Seems Bayern are favourites to land him but says he would be happy to come to us if the Bayern approach comes to nothing .

Would he be the kind of quality or experience we need in that role

Many thanks.


{Ed001's Note - very highly rated, Bayern have been trying to get him in for a long time. I have to say I know little of him other than that.}

1.) 03 Nov 2023 13:00:24
So if we did bring him in then that will be seen as a major coup then . At least we are trying to get the best of the best through the door in positions. I feel like this season iis the beginning of us as a force again .

Cheers Ed.

{Ed002's Note - Bayern Munich are unable to sign him whilst he is on garden leave from Bayer Leverkusen.

2.) 03 Nov 2023 14:49:23
Do u reckon they do much gardening in that time?

3.) 03 Nov 2023 15:05:00
From what I have read, he wants to go to Bayern. He's a former Bayern youth player and his partner is based there.

We might throw our hat in the ring but it seems unlikely he would choose us over them.




Dhfc's rumour replies


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18 Feb 2024 12:16:41
Don’t see why he’s not at least given a chance pre season .




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02 Feb 2024 21:14:23




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29 Jan 2024 17:40:01
Zz is a no go for me I just don’t see him working within the structure we have and could see fall outs .




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29 Jan 2024 17:35:01
If any manager in world football comes near our club that doesn’t see the need for van dijk Trent and mo in our team then they need to be legged rapid .

Trent might be made up a word in the new managers ear I want to play midfield

Vvd might think a back 3 will prolong his status as the best having 2 others next to him

Mo might think right this is my chance to reinvent myself as a centre forward .

No one knows apart from the players themselves and I’m pretty sure they are all focused on winning every game they play for the rest of the season .

People are just jumping on it and thinking we have a mass exodus on our hands . And it’s playing to the narrative of how Utd struggled after fergie and likewise wenger at Arsenal . No one knows what will happen in the future

Chill we are in a good place and don’t see that changing overnight .




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08 Jan 2024 17:35:41
All news and info appreciated no matter how big or small minadeano ??.





Dhfc's banter replies


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24 Feb 2024 07:58:31
Obviously I know Chelsea is a tough game but I think we have enough to beat them without risking mo dom and Darwin so get them in the best shape fort city as that’s the big 1 for me . Would love to win the cup but the title is up for grabs this year and we have a great chance . So no risks taken.




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18 Feb 2024 10:23:48
We have great squad depth and this season is showing why it is needed when chasing on 4 fronts . ?? for jots and jones they are integral parts of the team.




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17 Feb 2024 21:13:27
Leek are you mad we are missing arguably 4/ 5 first team players and dispatched Brentford with relative ease . Top of the league and also managing an injury crisis
Arsenal are in great form yes but we don’t need to be blowing teams away we only need 3 points wether that’s a 1-0 win or a 5/ 6 -0 win I don’t care .

It’s in our hands . ??.




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13 Feb 2024 18:03:40
Klopp will be available for the 2026 season maybe he replaces ancelotti
And we play klopps Madrid in the 2026 European cup final.




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11 Feb 2024 18:55:52




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