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28 Jul 2017 17:24:35
i don't know why most fans think klopp is some kind of messiah. we had one of the worst defences last season

what makes you think this season is any different? . no top defenders signed, sakho exiled and klavan sitting pretty in the squad is an awful player

another window another failure from club staff responsible for transfers
don't tell me there's a month left because you know yourselves lac don't do anything simple with efficiency
its the same squad that couldn't cope last year!

you think sturridge will last 2 games? . lallana with several hamstring injuries. henderson heal. lovren an matip always get injured. you guys know it

so let's look at the centre back he will use. klavan an gomez. seriously. guys. how can you be optimistic about that.

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28 Jul 2017 17:34:57
What a bundle of joy you are 😑.

28 Jul 2017 17:45:45
Willis, a bundle of joy he might be, but what he is saying is not far off the truth. At this moment in time, with the exception of Robertson it is the same back 4 as last season, which was criticised weekly on here.

28 Jul 2017 17:48:12
Get a grip pal, we will sign a centre back. Probably VVD and have already signed a left footed left back which is key now mane is on the left. Probably won't get keita now but we have 100% improved since last year. Just need to keep Phil and bobs your uncle.

28 Jul 2017 18:00:27
Oh you rebel you! So much negativity I don't even know where to begin. Have a bit of faith/ trust that Klopp also thinks the squad needs improving - hence him telling us this.
Robertson will be a revelation down the left, klopps development of players is second to non. He takes players to that next level.
He's clearly nearly spent 140million on two players, granted their clubs don't wish to sell but we have to accept this if we plan to keep Coutinho. He won't buy for the sake of it, which has been our main problem over the years! He's already signed Salah, plus Coutinho into midfield is effectively two huge signings and changes/ improves the dynamics of the squad greatly. Our defensive liabilities last year were a combo of poor individual decisions and poor team positioning when quick counter attacks occurred - these are two things he's been addressing in pre season. I agree we need another centre back - but I'd be highly surprised if one isn't recruited either this window or January.
Chill out, Klopp is certainly no Messiah, but I 100% trust in him and his plans, including his plan Bs! Maybe have this rant in September if we're in a relegation battle, but in the meantime don't stress yourself over things you can't control!

28 Jul 2017 18:02:31
I was actually wondering today how this defence wasn't sorted out in January never mind 2 weeks away from the following season.

28 Jul 2017 18:03:38
100% improved. She's a prediction. That would mean we were at 0% last year.

28 Jul 2017 18:07:39
Wow that's 1minute of reading I'll never get back. Nice one red rebel!

28 Jul 2017 18:19:15
We conceded 12 goals from set pieces alone last season, not to mention the amount of times opposition player got goal side of our central pairing.

Anyone at the last home game of the season would have seen Middlesbrough score are least three had they been more clinical infront of goal.

28 Jul 2017 18:27:47
Actually Liverpool had the 5th best defence in the league last season, I didn't bother to read the rest of your post as it just seemed like an immature rant!

28 Jul 2017 19:10:37
Don't know where Jayden23 went to school but 100% improvement on 0% is still 0%.

28 Jul 2017 19:14:32
A lot of our woes in defence, particularly from set pieces, came from individuals errors, a lack of organisation, a lack of leadership and a lack of personal responsibility.

That doesn't need 3 world class players to address.

Obviously if we could brilliant players in them that's fine but that doesn't mean if they don't they have to have the same problems.

28 Jul 2017 19:28:32
He's not the messiah. He's a very naughty boy 😂😂.

28 Jul 2017 19:43:49
Red planet Fair play you have done me there.

28 Jul 2017 20:40:02
Only four teams had better defensive record than us last season. In 15/ 16 seven teams had better defences - and we conceded the same as Watford. We improved.

We finished 8th the season before last - did you expect us to win the league last year? Finishing in the top 4 and getting into the Champions League represents progress, obviously.

There is indeed another month left. We are still recruiting. Does your over-hyped brain just refused to accept this?

If Sturridge doesn't last two games (he played in 27 last season), we have Firmino, Origi, the returning Ings and two great young talents in Woodburn and the newly purchased Solanke - who's stock has risen immensely this summer. We play predominantly with one striker - do you seriously think we don't have enough already?

We have lots of cover for Lallana (if he's even a starter if Couts drops back) - the likes of Can, Grujic, Gini, Milner, Hendo or Ejaria can step in if need be - and again, we are still recruiting in this area.

A new centre-back would be welcome, and we are still working on it - but not giving Gomez a chance to show what he can do is short-sighted - He is highly rated. Klavan is a good pro and happy to be an experienced backup. I am glad he will be around as I am sure we'll have 5 centre-backs to choose from when the season starts. Sakho staying is not completely out of the question if need be. Perhaps he can act like a pro and learn his lesson. If sold, rest assured he will be replaced.

We also signed a promising left-back to compete with Milner and one of the best players in Serie A (for a club-record fee) to strengthen our wide options. Alexander-Arnold to battle Clyne at RB looks good. Gomez offers a versatile option at LB/ RB also if needs be -

Migsy has responded well to being challenged by Karius. Ward also offering strong competition - which is great.

Things are looking good. Ideally, I'd like us to add a central midfielder with defensive qualities to understudy to Hendo, and a CD. I'd like to see the likes of Wilson, Woodburn and Origi provide support for Mane and Salah out wide - to see how they develop - whilst Couts is also an obvious option there. Our squad is quite versatile. We'll see how Kent and Ojo get on in their loans and we could have further options going forward.

This is all fairly obvious. Calm down. You really are being overly-sensational. We need 2-3 players at most. Last year we spent shrewdly and improved greatly - beating Utd and their big-money superstars to 4th. We can improve again - that is the plan. I like what Jurgen has done so far - a refreshing change from the scatter-gun panic-splurges of the past.

You should really stop getting so carried away by tabloid transfer-hype and consider that we already have talented players that can improve.


All the best. :)

28 Jul 2017 21:40:52
Smeg Head.

So you're happy with the 5th best defence in the league?
Sorry pal, but you don't win the league, trophies etc with the 5th best defence in the league.

And what about when we play better teams in Europe?

I'm astounded by some of the comments on here regarding the defence. We couldn't keep a clean sheet against stoke let alone far superior teams we'll meet in the CL


29 Jul 2017 00:13:31
Real Madrid had the 4th best defence in La Liga last season, conceding 41 goals. Two less than Bilbao and Alaves in 5th and 6th. They are Europe's finest. Defence isn't everything.

Smeg Head was simply correcting the OP who said that "we had one of the worst defences last season". If you would read the posts - We are all aware of the need to improve the defence - but some of us actually recognise last season's marked improvement, and we hope for further improvement again this season - rather than acting like spoiled children and throwing our toys out of the pram.



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