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15 Aug 2021 18:28:07
Not just after this weeks games, but I’m double wounded for our injuries last season I reckon we’d have trounced this league.

Sailor jerry

1.) 16 Aug 2021 09:19:37
We will do it this season.



18 Sep 2019 22:15:52
I was on twitter searching the be honest fella there wasn’t anything I could find, I think the lad just wants some head space, you always get a few morons saying ‘bad game’ etc but this seems like BS paper stuff more than anything.

Sailor jerry

1.) 19 Sep 2019 19:30:51
social media is poison and is designed to bring out the worst in people by rewarding nasty engagement. who cares if there was a moment that pushed him over the edge or not. i was just happy to see andy join the rest of us in adulthood. he's going to really like it here.



03 Jun 2019 20:58:37
Rumours fekir is in Liverpool? I don’t know anything I’m not in the know just passing on what I’ve read. Anyways fellas have a great day all! 6times. Ps thabk you Ed’s for everything.

Sailor jerry

1.) 03 Jun 2019 21:27:13
He came to see the parade to see what could have been.

2.) 03 Jun 2019 21:31:59
Lol. Wondered how long it would take for these old rumours to return.

3.) 03 Jun 2019 23:35:22
To be fair I love these rumours!

4.) 04 Jun 2019 09:55:14
He was sharing a taxi with Arda Turan and Simao. We have finally got them.

5.) 04 Jun 2019 10:29:10
Was they in the fake taxi?

6.) 04 Jun 2019 10:51:58
And Ed002 said it's a possibility so it must be true!

7.) 04 Jun 2019 15:09:41
He was spotted with Ken aguero in nandos Liverpool one half an hour ago im led to believe.

8.) 04 Jun 2019 15:20:52
Fekir arrived in the babblecopter.




Sailor jerry's banter posts with other poster's replies to Sailor jerry's banter posts


24 Jan 2022 00:54:57
On various social media jota tackle wasn’t a wealthy and he ran into the keeper. My take is, he took it past the keeper and he had to take that stride towards the keeper to change his body direction, past the keeper. Annoyed me, as a lad who played football (granted I was rubbish) but you can’t change he your direction without that Stepduring a full speed run.

Sailor jerry

1.) 24 Jan 2022 01:10:02
Wh took it past the keeper and anybody who’s played football will know you can’t change direction on a dime, lads took a step towards the keeper to force the change of direction. Either way it’s. A penalty keeper clatters him.

2.) 24 Jan 2022 01:53:11
It wasn’t a penalty full stop. Have we had terrible var decisions go against us? - Definitely. Does that change that this decision was softer than the softest soft stuff ever created? - No. But on motd for Richard’s to say it was the worst decision he’s seen all year was total bs, to name just 1 the penalty Man City got for hand ball v wolves was easily a worse call. Also for jenas to say that kane didn’t foul silva (“it was only a little push”) but Liverpool definitely shouldn’t have been given that penalty either raises serious questions about his analysis and non bias. But that doesn’t change the fact that it was never ever a penalty. If it’s given against us we’re all calling foul play and going ballistic about the injustice that was done to us. I’d focus more on thanking god that we scraped through and for the fact that Allison saved us on so many occasions.

3.) 24 Jan 2022 03:05:09
The standard of refereeing is the biggest issue. For me soft also. But the inconsistencies of the refs is the big problem. Then it's the players conning the refs. They seemed to draw the line on soft fouls this season following the higher standards of reffing at the Euros and the higher bar for fouls. But after about the 15th game in early Dec, the bar seemed to drop again in favour of the cheats and the refs rubber stamp it with their differing standards from game to game. It's a contact sport and it's fast becoming a non contact sport. The players get frustrated and feel as tho they are hard done by, but they go up the other end of the pitch and do the same thing. So for me the players are equally culpable as the refs. Thiago Silva shoved the Spurts defender much harder today for his goal than he was shoved by Kane; one stands one doesn't. Today the pen didn't change the outcome, but the Jota "pen" against Spurts certainly did, so for me we're not even. Fouls need to go back to being black and white. Then the job gets easier for the refs.

4.) 24 Jan 2022 07:35:45
Wasn't a penalty for me as it looks like Jota wasn't able to get to the ball after he prodded it past the keeper anyway.
But we've been shafted enough with VAR in the last couple of seasons so it's nice to get one for a change.

5.) 24 Jan 2022 07:36:41
The keeper didn't touch the ball and clattered Jota. In what world is it not a penalty? If Jota hadnt changed direction the keeper would have clattered him half a second later. In what scenario can a player legitimately bulldoze another player without a ball?

6.) 24 Jan 2022 07:42:12
The only thing worse than the standard of the refs in this country is generally the standards of the pundits.

7.) 24 Jan 2022 07:45:03
I’ve watched the match twice now and watched the hullabaloo over the penalty and for the life of me I still don’t know why the ref’s original call of no penalty was overturned.

I understand there are plausible arguments for the use of technology but for me there is one referee and they should be trained to do the job to the required standard. There is an old joke along the lines of ‘ask a committee to design a horse and you get a camel’. It seems to me that’s what we’ve got with VAR.

I also love Bobby - brilliant link man, magic feet snd a great football talent but I honestly think his legs have gone and Jota isn’t the replacement. He is nowhere near good enough to play the position.

Other than that I think we are going ok snd it will be interesting to see the starting line up for the next League game when, in theory we have the three returning from AFCON, Thiago and Elliot ready to play.

8.) 24 Jan 2022 08:23:24
Defo a peno, the challenge by the last defender Ward I think his name is is a high boot and a clumsy challenge which knocks Dio off his stride which then leads up to the goal keeping challenge which was also clumsy add to that the fact that if the ref or var can't say that there isn't a probability that Dio can or can't get to the ball after contact and if on looking at it could anyone say that Dio wouldn't have got to the ball, whether he would of scored from that angle is irrelevant I said peno from the first challenge by the way because if Dio goes down its not only a peno but a straight red.

{Ed001's Note - can people stop talking about what the ball was doing, that is nothing to do with it. So long as it is in play, a foul in the box by a defensive player on an offensive one should result in a penalty. Though I am not convinced at all that it was one yesterday. Looked like Jota ran into Guaita to me.}

9.) 24 Jan 2022 08:42:07
I agree, WDW.
There is a role for Jota to play but it's not the Firmino role. And I don't think Firmino is up to the Firmino role anymore.

10.) 24 Jan 2022 09:55:22
I can see why the pen w.

{Ed077's Note - why? Because the referees are blind idiots? Not only was that a soft penalty, it sure as hell wasn't a clear and obvious error worthy of being overturned.

11.) 24 Jan 2022 09:59:40
Pressed send too soon. I can see why the pen was given cos it looked like Goaitha clumsily clattered into Jota and Ed01 is right, no one cares what the ball was doing or whether it had already gone cos we have seen pens given for players getting their ankles raked on by flying challenges after they crossed the ball into the stands.

On another day, it's not a pen and nobody complains while on this day, I can see why it was given. As for Bobbie, I thought he was very good along with the team in the First 35 mins before the team decided to take the game off so not sure why he is being singled out here.

12.) 24 Jan 2022 11:50:01
A few weeks back Newcastle were playing City. Early on in the game, Calum Wilson was running onto the ball in the box. The City defender however had the ball and was going about clearing it. In the meantime, Ederson comes wrecklessly sliding out of his goals and takes Wilson out of it, off the ball. Ref, and VARs decision, is no penalty.
I think the incident yesterday was similar. Jota not going to get the ball but the goalie clatters into him. Anywhere else on the pitch, in my opinion, that would be a foul.

Anyway, my point is in relation is the inconsistencies with the media and how they contradict themselves constantly. I remember when the Calum Wilson incident happened everyone on SKY, MOTD etc had a proper go at the ref for not giving a penalty. It was a blatant off the ball foul. Yet yesterday's incident is the biggest mistake of the season because the peno was awarded.

I have started watching games with the sound off lately! And as soon as the final whistle is blown the tv goes. Really don't need to listen to Micah and Roy's crap!



12 Jan 2022 20:49:52
I know it’s not really a Liverpool post, but if west ham can get barbosa on an 18 month loan with an option to buy for 25 million we should be swooping in there.

Sailor jerry

1.) 12 Jan 2022 21:46:06
I posted something similar last week, I’d say he’s worth a gamble. He did flop at Inter but he’s still young.

2.) 12 Jan 2022 22:50:22
Can ya kinda stop and think about this for a bit. Our attacking Our attacking is 6 deep. West ham are playing guys out of position to make a strike force.

3.) 13 Jan 2022 01:08:42
Thought about it before I posted 🤷🏼‍♂️.

4.) 13 Jan 2022 02:39:48
ok, fair enough then if you want to add barbosa in as a 7th player to the attacking group.

5.) 13 Jan 2022 08:06:36
If he's better than what we have and younger, then yes it's worth a thought.

6.) 13 Jan 2022 09:20:07
Which Barbosa is this? It's not Gabriel "Gabygol" Barbosa, I hope.

7.) 13 Jan 2022 11:50:27
Yes, and still only 25.

8.) 13 Jan 2022 12:16:19
Couts kind of flopped at inter Milan when young but did alright for us.

9.) 13 Jan 2022 12:45:40
Thanks, Jone Red. Don't rate the guy BUT good luck to him.



06 Aug 2021 13:54:03
Random question for ed002, sorry if it’s ‘personal’ I’m just curious, do you enjoy the sport itself and discussion or is it more a case of doing Gods work for you? I appreciate it may sometimes become tedious constantly spreading the information only to get abused so was genuinely curious as to why you do so much? Not complaining mind you.

Sailor jerry

{Ed002's Note - I go to occasional games for the occasion rather than the football - and it depends who else will be there.}

1.) 06 Aug 2021 14:23:31
Ah, so that explains why I never see you at the games I attend.

2.) 06 Aug 2021 16:34:15
I guess this shows how far removed the game has become, that people go for the occasion and not the football, which is a shame really. Not remotely trying to be offensive No2, just more of an observation.



31 Jul 2021 23:21:44
I’m getting proper tired of our ‘fans’ on every platform complaining non stop about signings or lack thereof, it’s embarrassing, I don’t mind transfer talk but it’s starting to look like a spoiled child crying. If transfers are all you’re interested in support somebody with more money 🤷🏼‍♂️. There’s still plenty of time in the transfer window and if spending £100 million on a player is what you’re after then maybe look elsewhere to support, getting tired looking at forums and such and it being full of negativity.

Sailor jerry

1.) 01 Aug 2021 04:13:40
I have been continuously saying its the next summer window that matters most. I don't really see fans in stadium this season for long time either. So yet again for us it has to be about securing the top4 this season

This season is all about trimming the existing squad. I don't want us to sign for sake of it.
Next year a decision will have to be made on likes of hendo salah mane bobby vvd and keita.

Also i have been told by a birdie that we are preparing a offer for an attacker in serie A. Its considerable money but player representatives are flocking him around and it is p. ing us off.

2.) 01 Aug 2021 04:58:32
I always thought our outgoings and contract renewals would take precedent this year. the latter takes up a lot of finance then depending on the exits we would see some movements later on. I didn't expect much in the way of superstar forwards being signed unless we lost salah or mane.

I can understand some frustration, people will see united strengthening and be a bit envious but it's the way it is . lack of revenue means you have to cut your cloth accordingly. If we hadn't have finished third we may have even had to sell more players .

3.) 01 Aug 2021 07:07:30
Don’t let other people’s opinions effect you. If they want to talk transfers it creates debate. I’d much rather read someone’s opinion I disagree with and see others comment than read comments where people try and force their opinion on others.

4.) 01 Aug 2021 07:30:37
I agree JK, nobody knows at this stage whose opinions are right or wrong. It’s fine to disagree with peoples opinions as well. Debate and banter are what this site is about.

5.) 01 Aug 2021 07:52:52
100% JK and Mark.

6.) 01 Aug 2021 09:08:17
If we all thought the same it'd be a pretty boring world. Some of the tantrums over potential signings are funny to read though. Keep the debates going and as long as it doesn't get personal wheres the harm.

7.) 01 Aug 2021 09:58:58
I’ll hold my hands up and admit that am impatient at the minute but this has nothing to do with the amount of money we spend. Yes I’d absolutely love Saul for two reasons. firstly and most importantly he would be the perfect player for our midfield. Secondly it would stop him going to Man U and making them stronger. Yes I know it all if and buts.
If we signed a player for 5 mill or a kid from our academy that was just as perfect for our team I would be just as happy. OP to say go and support another team is your opinion I don’t agree with that statement but it ok it yours. We all have opinions mine would be to get the very best midfielder for our team NOT about how much he cost.

8.) 01 Aug 2021 10:05:03
OP, I feel your pain and frustration. The constant whinging and the typical “Oh, look at this or that club and what they are doing” crap can be tedious, as if those clubs care about what we do cos safe to say that they don’t and the feeling is mutual.

I propose to not be too worn down about it. We have our priorities and we are going thru them one by one as in trimming the squad to lower the wage bill, extend the contracts of those that deserve it and bring in the players we need. The Ed’s have graciously told us who we are interested in and that is good enuff for me. All the other stuff? Just white noise.



02 Jun 2019 11:04:15
I’ve heard spurs fans spouting ‘Liverpool were there for the taking’ am I the only one who saw the game as a controlled calm game? No we have the best defence in the world al we had to do was no concede after the first 3 minutes, we didn’t have to attack gung ho. Spurs were dreadful and offered nothing, would have been a different Liverpool if we didn’t score within the first few minutes.

Sailor jerry

{Ed025's Note - your idea of a controlled cam game was to the rest of the footballing world a boring tedious chore to watch jerry mate..

1.) 02 Jun 2019 11:22:11
I said at the pub it was a terrible game for the neutral, and if we weren't involved I wouldn't of continued watching it. Our man of the match was either vvd or Alisson so I wouldn't say we controlled them but we definitely limited their chances and they lacked that bit extra in the final third.
Three weeks between games helped no one but less of this and let's talk about SIX!

2.) 02 Jun 2019 11:28:11
The hints were there before the game when Klopp said (in the pre-game conference) that he had "changed all the preparation completely", and I guess that included game tactics too. It was a typical "Jose Mourinho" style of game full of practical, pragmatic play based on absorbing pressure and hoping to attack with swift counter-attacks. In fact, we have seen this in prolonged periods in games throughout the season. We've actually seen this team "graduate", over time. From a situation of "let's just outscore the opponent (because we have a weak defense) to one of "how do we score against these parked buses? " to one of "bring it on, we have the answer to any style of play against us".

For me, the game against Barcelona (at Anfield) was the true final, and the game I will remember from this Champions League campaign. This team at its best.

{Ed001's Note - to be fair, in the heat there is not much else that can be done. As Spurs showed, they were struggling to get going in the heat and clearly 5, maybe even 6, of their players were simply not fit enough to play a higher tempo. High temperatures are not conducive to high-tempo football.}

3.) 02 Jun 2019 11:39:43
Imo, we controlled the game especially seeing their biggest chance didn't come till the 75th min. It was a pragmatic approach but recall Klopp said before the match that our prep for this final is different from the other ones so I suspected it wasn't going to be the Gung ho attack attack attack. If I'm honest, I swore at my TV in the first half till the missus handed me a glass of chilled water to calm down. But we controlled the game. Not pretty but was effective and eh. We're CHAMPIONS of Europe!

4.) 02 Jun 2019 11:40:56
Spurs were there for the taking as much as Liverpool were there for the taking, neither team showed up so Spurs' fans can't really say that.

It was a brilliant Champions League campaign in terms of entertainment with an anticlimactic end. Do we care though? No of course we don't!

5.) 02 Jun 2019 11:49:46
You're very right Ed001. I could tell Wijnaldum was barely staying upright, and it could have affected Firmino too (aside from lack of match fitness) . I'm sure adrenaline kept the players going into the 90 minutes and the final euphoria of victory celebrations.

6.) 02 Jun 2019 11:51:14
I wouldn't say we had complete control, . I think spurs fans might feel like they missed a chance simply cos they didn't perform well enough to break us down, and also the fact we weren't cutting them to pieces with our attacks. We never had such little possession and passes made. The only place we had control was in and around our box. We limited them to half chances mostly and our back 5 were solid.

Wijnaldum was a passenger and hendo and fabinho had to do a lot of chasing and would have rathered more control of possession. If I was a spurs fan I'd be annoyed that moura didn't start ahead of Kane, they would have offered a different threat with him as Kane looked far from sharp. We were ruthless and clinical, that was the only difference. 3 on target, 2 goals. Without that early goal, god knows how the game would have panned out.

7.) 02 Jun 2019 11:56:13
The game was garbage because of the heat and a three week break since the last game for both teams. We were apparently dreadful, but Spurs created nothing until the 70th minute. (A few pundits were going on in the build up about how their midfield was more creative than ours with Eriksen and Alli - didn't see that myself) The only reason they put any urgency into it at that point is because they were losing.

Honestly, if it hadn't been for the early penalty the game would've probably ended 0-0 and gone to pens with about 4 half chances between the two teams and a tempo reminiscent of a bunch of lads trying to have a five a side the morning after a pub crawl.

8.) 02 Jun 2019 13:09:57
Ed25, your bitterness and that of other rival fans is showing. Personally tho, I welcome such bitterness. Seriously, tho I like the OP, am of the opinion that after the first goal happening that early, dictated how we would play from then on.

A key part of Klopps ethos is to be able to control a game without actually having the ball that much. Meaning? If I control the areas you can pass the ball to, I am actually dictating to you what you can or CAN'T do when you have possession. This is where possession stats mean ABSOLUTELY nothing in this context. This is what we did to Spurs and it was brilliant, IMO

As a result, Klopp was fully aware of of the hot weather conditions hence, we played a more pragmatic approach (as if that is a surprise to anyone who has seen us play this season) in order to conserve energy for the rest of the 80 odd minutes left. We wanted to press Spurs and make them pass the ball into areas that either could not hurt us that much ( areas we could defend them better) OR into areas where we could press them, recover the ball and counter from there. That may have not have worked out well for the most part even tho, we had the more clear cut chances esp. the one from Milner that left Lloris motionless.

So IMO, we DID control the game and of course, Spurs had chances BUT they were what in basketball (having played it) we call "Low percentage shots" as in, low probability/ possibility of success as they were the ones Allison looked comfortable saving. So to those saying "LFC was there for the taking" are gravely mistaken. And to those esp. rival fans saying "it was a boring game", we of the Red persuasion are not interested in entertaining you in a CL final. We did not get to a CL final to entertain. We went there to win it. A final is ONLY there to be won and we did that after losing 3 previous ones under Klopp so as Bart Simpson would say, "Eat my shorts! #LetsTalkAboutSixBaby!

{Ed025's Note - you keep convincing yourself redwolf, you seem to be confusing purity of football with bitterness, i like to see the game played in the right spirit after all this is an entertainment industry, that yesterday was akin to being in tenko for us neutrals and i have been more than generous about my admiration for klopps style of play in the past, but you won and its the means to an end i suppose so i wont press you on it mate..

9.) 02 Jun 2019 13:19:31
Also, liverpool and spurs gave everuthing to try and win the league and finish 4th respectively. The semis took it out of both teams.

Bobby wasnt fit but as a brazillian he should be used to playing in such heat.

10.) 02 Jun 2019 13:36:22
Ed025 may be a blue, but he isn’t bitter, he says it how it is and pretty sure he congratulated us yesterday.

People would of expected an exciting game, but the heat, 3 week break and the nerves from both sets of players meant it was a drab affair for the neutral. I personally can accept that as the trophy is ours.

{Ed025's Note - i just wanted to let the rest of europe see the real liverpool WY, the dynamic high pressing hard working unit than ran city so close this season mate, they were a shadow of that yesterday and thats a shame..

11.) 02 Jun 2019 14:32:28
we were definitely there for the taking in that we weren't as accurate as usual. I'm not sure about controlling the game, but we certainly limited clear cut chances to long efforts etc

If we were spurs we would be feeling like we dominated play I think, so I get where they are coming from. which is good actually cos I think ya'll should listen to some of these comments from Spurs fans and players. ya know why? cos they sound like us when we lose lol.

12.) 02 Jun 2019 14:46:31
If we were there for the taking, why didn't they take us?

13.) 02 Jun 2019 15:20:54
Ed25, I convinced myself of absolutely nothing. I posted facts. The part of Klopp's ethos I mentioned, is what Klopp actually employed cos it is the way he coaches and has been coaching before he even arrived at LFC. I see you addressed none of that.

Also, we are not interested in playing a system that puts us in potential danger of losing a CL final just to appease the purist masses. That ship has sailed a while ago. The fact of the matter is that LFC play one of the best brands of football on the planet, plain and simple. We have NOTHING more to prove on this topic so the purists like yourself are going to have to get over that.

The next step was to do what it takes to win which is why Klopp made us more controlled and pragmatic side this season if required and the game last night in Klopp's eyes, required it. "I just wanted to let the rest of Europe see the real liverpool WY, the dynamic high pressing hard working unit. ". Oh please, LFC have been terrorizing teams in Europe since Klopp walked in the door so whoever wants that can always go back and watch our games. They can start with the Barcelona game at Anfield if they haven't already seen that. Cheers, mate.

{Ed025's Note - what can i can please some of the people some of the time redwolf...pleasing ED025 takes a lot more than just winning mate..

14.) 02 Jun 2019 17:31:27
Believe me chaps, it was roasting, absolutely roasting in the stadium, both sets for players tired even before the end of the first half!

{Ed001's Note - exactly mate. It was never going to be a classic.}

15.) 02 Jun 2019 21:25:22
Did mane and salah break their Ramadan fast? I'd imagine they needed water in that heat.

{Ed025's Note - they never ran very much har so probably not..

16.) 03 Jun 2019 00:44:04
It's simple. We would not have won that game if Mignolet or Karius had been in goal. Take your pick of possibles: butter fingers, misjudging crosses, misjudging set pieces, blocking shots into the path of onrushing players, bad positioning, bad distribution and letting the event get to your head, etc.




Sailor jerry's rumour replies


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15 Apr 2022 10:00:10
I honestly don’t understand the raving over Darwin Nunez.

Sailor jerry



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08 Apr 2022 20:22:47
Grind I hope Chelsea get awful owners and sell assets because Gallagher r would be quality under Klopp he’s suffer under tuchel.

Sailor jerry



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08 Apr 2022 20:21:57
We can do farrrr better dream singing is Bellingham or rice as a distant second. The club are doing very well at bringing in younger players to prepare for older ones leaving or retiring so I trust them but by Christ I’d rather don some boots myself than have Saul, I smoke but I show more passion at least.

Sailor jerry



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16 Mar 2022 08:08:29
Would love to sign gavi, think he’d turn into a quality player for us, whether it happens or not who k ow but doesn’t he have a rather low release clause?

Sailor jerry



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11 Mar 2022 13:34:17
People seem to be quick to forget how good joe Gomez is, lads not had much luck with injuries and game time but fully fit the lads very good and one of England’s best centre backs, not that says much. Feels a bit like folks on here are selling him down the river a bit.

Sailor jerry




Sailor jerry's banter replies


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22 May 2022 23:52:43
I don’t think it hurts I’m actually surprisingly happy, nobody gave us a chance the other month we pulled it back, picking up trophies for fun on the way, in the champions league final, most successful English team and the futures sparkling! Boss manager boss team, or sucks but we know next season we jsut need it eh ruthless and hopefully the referees are held accountable, we didn’t lose the title due to referees but in general they’ve been embarrassing, imagine Everton got relegated because of an apology. Next season we’ll do it.

Sailor jerry



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22 May 2022 23:50:03
I’d rather start number than keita, he doesn’t have the defensive nouse to deal with real madrids midfield. We’ve got a quality squad but Thiago really does add that but of ooffff to the team plus the fact the lads won it all and wanted to be here is a dream.

Sailor jerry



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21 May 2022 15:29:02
They’re a good side but waning, if we’re honest with ourselves it’s one we should be winning and I have full faith in us to do so. Trent v vincinius isn’t the worry it’s the midfield, we need Fabinho fit to play with Thiago and Henderson, keita can’t start he doesn’t have the discipline. If we both okay our game it’s a comfortable win for us. Diaz man of the match I think.

Sailor jerry



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19 May 2022 22:43:17
It’s baffling to me, if you don't think we’ll win fine sit in the corner and keep it to yourself. Leave the res rod us to dream a little longer. But when we do win, they’ll be the first to come out the woodwork with the ‘see I knew we’d win it I told you’.

Sailor jerry



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19 May 2022 22:42:06
Martin Tyler has been dreadful for years he’s boring and drones on. I hear him breathing down the mic far too often too.

Sailor jerry