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03 Jan 2018 13:31:58
If we are to lose Coutinho, Eds do you think it’s would be a good shout to ask for Umtiti as part of the deal and if so do you think Barcelona would sell him?


{Ed002's Note - (a) No and (b) Yes if they get the replacement they want - but he won't be moving to Liverpool.}

1.) 03 Jan 2018 19:49:00
I just want to say Phil Countinho is a fantastic player, saved our season few years ago when we signed him in JAN window i think.

Nothing wrong with a player wanting to move, I've done that in my working career always striving for a better job and better pay and conditions. and a footballers career doesn't span as much - nothing wrong with his desire.

Thanks for your service Phil if you go.

2.) 03 Jan 2018 23:00:56
But there's ways of doing it.

3.) 04 Jan 2018 00:33:40
I just hope we do a deal for next summer so Phil can put in a good run with us for top 4 and CL without the stress of worrying about his dream move knowing it's done. It's not in him to dog the second half of the season. I think it would be a great farewell for him with supporters and would cement his status with the club. I think if he goes in January some will hold it against him.

4.) 04 Jan 2018 12:31:10
Stay to summer, deep run in Champions League then take the big move. Both sets of fans will respect you.



24 Dec 2017 09:49:10
A year ago there were rumours that Liverpool were interested in Sessegnon (spelling? ) but Fulham were not interested to sell. Now I’m reading Spurs and Man U are battling it out for him. Eds. Have Liverpool dropped interest in him?


{Ed002's Note - Liverpool moved for someone else.}

1.) 24 Dec 2017 10:10:48
Just as well. The poor lad would have been ruined in our team this season.

{Ed025's Note - lighten up ron...its christmas mate!!!..

2.) 24 Dec 2017 10:25:16
😄 it’s not just sour grapes though ed, it’s true! Ed002 called it in the summer.
If he had come to our club 1) he wouldn’t have got much of a chance because Klopp favours Moreno 2) when he does play it’s usually 6 against 4 (and a “keeper”) and 3) the other defenders are oblivious to the basic principles of defending.
He made a smart choice IMO.

3.) 24 Dec 2017 13:35:42
I am as frustrated as everyone else by our defensive frailties but Klopp is still the right man to lead us and our team plays some of the best football in the league

It will all come good and we will get a proper keeper

And for Ron we will field a strong side against Everton in the cup and we will batter the living daylights out of them

Merry. Christmas to one and all.



01 May 2017 18:38:21
Just got a wave from Jurgen Klopp getting off the coach. It's a positive sign we're going to win well tonight.


1.) 01 May 2017 22:51:30
2 out of 3 ain't bad g1dgo "win and tonight"



03 Oct 2014 13:09:11

Any truth to the Sterling won't sign a new contract being reported or is it simply paper talk?

He has been the only positive I can take from our season so far. I do agree to some of the notes below that he has put too much pressure on himself to save the team. He needs to learn that he cannot fix everything by himself and play the simple ball sometimes so that the team can fix the problems.

That's the only coaching I give to my son so I'm out of advice now.


{Ed002's Note - I don't know what the press are saying but my understanding is that Real Madrid are still interested in him and is agent may well be told soon what sort of package and conditions they will be offering. Liverpool have made an offer and I would think they would want time to consider what is his best option going forward. I really don't see any big deal at this time.}

1.) He needs to work on his end product before he thinks he made it

2.) Im sure Stirling has the potential to play at Real but who would they put him in for? I think it would be a disaster for his career at this stage. Look at Rodwell at City, what's the point.

3.) 04 Oct 2014 10:12:41
Rodwell at city was an addition, Real want to replace Ronaldo and Sterling fits their bill perfect.
Young. Skillfull. that's an investment for the next 10 years.

4.) They better have at least 60 mill lying around for him so

5.) John, £60m? You are in dream land mate if you think we'd get that much. He is yet to sign a new deal and they are interested.

IF he leaves you will be disappointed if you're expecting that kind of money.

6.) Boom, I think Hazard will be Ronaldo replacement.

I agree Stirling would be a long term investment for RM but I don't see him getting lots of game time initially - not sure. I do think he has potential of being a top 3 best in World one day, but there is a lot of developing needed to get there, on and off the pitch.

Liverpool best place for him for next three years in my opinion.




g1dgo's banter posts with other poster's replies to g1dgo's banter posts


19 Sep 2020 13:30:49
Remember when we said Bobby would miss Lucas and the Brazilian connection? Well he now has Alisson, Fabs and another Portuguese speaking Jota. Samba boys!


1.) 19 Sep 2020 14:24:23
Don't forget Thiago who can also speak Portuguese.

2.) 19 Sep 2020 14:28:23
I assume Thiago speaks Portuguese as well.

3.) 19 Sep 2020 14:31:54
Patiluga the keeper an victor Matos the coach also.

4.) 19 Sep 2020 14:32:54
I think I read Thiago also speaks Portuguese - his parents are Brazilian.

5.) 19 Sep 2020 14:36:55
People might think this is a trivial point, but Spanish/ Portuguese speaking players do gravitate towards eachother off the pitch. I think it is as much a cultural thing as anything else. I remember seeing the photos of Coutinho, Lucas, Bobby and Moreno together at Christmas etc with their wives and kids.

Happiness away from the pitch is vital and as long as it never becomes a clique within the dressing room i think it's really healthy for these guys to have close friends within the squad who they can see away from the pitch too.

6.) 19 Sep 2020 14:53:57
Thiago must speak Spanish, Portuguese, German and English, perhaps Italian too? Next language to learn is Scouse!

7.) 19 Sep 2020 17:31:18
Thiago speaks more languages than Boris Johnson has illegitimate children.



25 Jul 2020 10:05:02
From one reds fan to another.

I’m in my 50’s. I remember the glory days. I’ve waited 30 years very impatiently. If you fast forward another 30 years and compare the likes of Mane to Souness’ comments now they will be chalk and cheese when discussing the trophy lifting day.

Why? Because mane, Gini, Naby. All took their mobile phones onto the stage. Why? What for? They missed out on an amazing moment. They will have their reasons so I cannot second guess.

I’ve just watched the Michael Jordan documentary. He was singled out as being so calm because he could live in the moment, the present.

Sadio my friend. You were missing out on being in the present by worrying about your phone.

I love Mane by the way. If you forced me to choose my favourite player he wins by a smidgen.


1.) 25 Jul 2020 10:55:58
Whilst I agree to an extent they may have missed out on some of it, they were live streaming on social media which allowed a lot of fans to experience the celebrations and see what went on from the players perspective, with the stadium being empty and sensible fans following the request to stay away, it gave supporters a chance to be involved in some way and for the players to share the moment with the fans.

2.) 25 Jul 2020 11:04:02
I was a bit worried about that too, but i think mane is a very quiet individual and could of been talking to family etc. I think they all have different ways of being in the moment.

But I’d agree regarding phones, It’s one of my biggest bug bares at stuff like concerts or matches. Never mind something as big as winning the title.
I think they feel a responsibility to put themselves out their for the fans and whilst it created great content I wish they just put them down that night and embraced it.

3.) 25 Jul 2020 11:06:21
Mane is probably me favourite too. I wouldn't worry about the phone thing it is what many people have got into the habbit of using. Maybe he was recording or facetiming his family/ friends. I wouldn't do it but its their day they can choose to celebrate as they want.

As Souness said he was drunk as soon as possible after winning the trophy, Mane won't be doing that.

4.) 25 Jul 2020 11:49:12
The lad used his phone to remember an amazing moment? I don’t see the issue, you can say ‘souness wouldn’t have’ vecause quite frankly we don't know. The lads doing no harm. Sometimes our fans seem to look for a reason to moan.

5.) 25 Jul 2020 12:19:36
Lol 30 years ago a mobile phone was the size of a team bus and didn't do an awful lot. 😆.

6.) 25 Jul 2020 12:22:07
Spot on, Sailor Jerry. IMO, Mane does not have an ill-willed bone in his body. The guy is super shy yet a complete lion on the pitch who takes no prisoners. Tho, it was not a good look in the moment BUT as you said, they guy has gone thru near impossible odds to be where he is and realize his dreams of playing football as a kid growing up in Bambali, Senegal so I can look past that moment, based on all the stuff we have come to know and love about him on and off the pitch.

7.) 25 Jul 2020 13:00:48
It's the sign of the times but it's not for me. I can never understand when I see people at games or even gigs more concerned about getting the event recorded than enjoying and basking in the moment.
Its social media and all that goes with it. I'm not a fan one bit but I appreciate its here to stay and it does have it's good uses when used correctly.

8.) 25 Jul 2020 13:35:47
Amazing moments will always be remembered tho. It's called television, been about for ages 😀.

9.) 25 Jul 2020 14:13:01
Sailor Jerry. I’ve deliberately waited a few days post celebration as it’s not intended to be a negative. Just an observation.

You’re right it being a moan but not about our club or players. More about modern society!

I’ve turned into my dad without realising how!

10.) 25 Jul 2020 16:26:24
IR like you, it is not something I would have done cos I'm old school like that but it is what it is, man.



12 Jul 2020 10:10:03
I’m curious to see other points of view but in my opinion Robertson was fouled at the end of the game. Whether it was in or out of the box is another issue.

Defender nips the ball but only about a metre. He then specifically in a separate action takes Robertson out with his trailing foot. My argument here is that at the point where he takes Robertson out the ball is now back in play and Robbo would have picked it up and been on goal.

I get that in full speed it’s hard to see but isn’t that what VAR is supposed to see?

I’m not moaning about the dropped points. We had enough chances but I would like more knowledgable people’s input. Foul or no foul?


1.) 12 Jul 2020 11:32:10
No foul for me, he won the ball.
However and it's one of them things I hate in football. If it's outside the box he probably gives the free kick because he's followed through and 'fouled' him. Either way for me no foul, the player has won the ball and that is that is that. Great decision by the ref.

2.) 12 Jul 2020 11:39:47
Exactly as you described.
The defender may have touched the ball, but he certainly didn’t take it away from Robertson who was clearly still running onto it as he was taken out.

3.) 12 Jul 2020 12:24:43
I thought he got the ball first when I saw it off the replay. Now many are saying that if it was outside the box or somewhere in midfield, it would have been a foul.

So with that logic in mind if it is a foul outside the box or anywhere else on the pitch then, it is a foul inside the box hence, penalty.

{Ed001's Note - doesn't matter if he gets the ball or not, he went through Robertson, the rules do not allow that.}

4.) 12 Jul 2020 12:36:11
There is not a single word in Law 12 (Fouls and Misconduct) about the tackler " touching the ball first". It is completely irrelevant. Fact.

5.) 12 Jul 2020 12:41:52
I was more concerned about the fact that Tarkowski Rugby tackled Salah and made no attempt to play the ball. If that's not a penalty then i don't know what Salah has to do short of being shot to actually get a decision. Sterling, Rashford, Kane, Vardy, Alli etc can all just fall over and get decision. Even Gerrard did. Maybe the FA and PGMOL needs to look at themselves as it's quite clear they discriminate against foreign players.

Mighy even be media driven. Foreign player goes down easy and its an "embarrassing dive". British player does it and its suddenly "well there is slight contact".

Robbo one for me is not a penalty. Defender has got the ball first and you can debate about follow through but for me that's only relevant if its dangerous or out of control which it wasn't.

6.) 12 Jul 2020 13:35:21
Penalty, clear as day. Went straight through the player. I thought that was one of the purposes of VAR, to correct clear mistakes by the referee.

7.) 12 Jul 2020 13:52:01
I stand corrected. Thanks, Ed01.

{Ed001's Note - welcome. Rules have changed in recent years and you are not allowed to go through a player, whether you get the ball first, afterwards or not at all.}

8.) 12 Jul 2020 14:14:34
Phil Bardsley got booked for a very similar challenge later on in the game albeit, his challenge was from behind.

9.) 12 Jul 2020 14:20:16
Ed01, hanks for the info. I did not know the rules on this have been changed over the years. Gudmonssen did go thru Robbo to get the ball hands down and hence, should have been a penalty. VAR did not even look at it to check if it was or not, which is what baffled me esp. with the rule in mind.

{Ed001's Note - they must have looked, they are instructed to look at everything. They were not going to change the decision though as when it has happened it has upset the refs on the pitch.}

10.) 12 Jul 2020 14:26:16
He did Xabi and Robbo was 100% foul also.

11.) 12 Jul 2020 14:41:18
The refereeing yesterday was very bad. Even for their goal, the alleged off-side was NOT off-side to begin with. If VAR is there not to upset the referees, they should just remove it. I prefer the people who use it be not so much cowardly.



12 Jul 2020 09:08:09
Delayed my post until today and I was a sore loser (of points) yesterday and wisely stayed quiet!

Looking at the positives i thought Jones and Williams have demonstrated they are now first team players. They need to be a little more savvy like not giving away cheap free kicks and a little more relaxed with the ball but they demonstrated for sure they are good enough for this Liverpool squad.

A little patience with their bedding in and getting first team experience and we will have saved ourselves a heck of a lot of money.


1.) 12 Jul 2020 12:34:30
Spot on, OP. The kids are alright IMO, and Jones is a gem and will improve immensely cos it seems like he knows the system inside out which is understandable cos he has been training with the first team for months now, I think.

Williams is ready to make that jump and you can tell he used to be a striker or winger cos his footwork, dribbling ability and step-overs are there for all to see.

I do think both need to bulk up a bit more to deal with the physical demands on their positions as well as defensively. Apart from that, these boys will save us money, for sure. '



11 Jul 2020 08:56:09
It is just me or has Oxlade-Chamberlaine never been close to recovering his form since his serious injury? He has been disappointing post project restart and to be frank, even in the earlier season I thought the press were overhyping him to the extent I didn’t recognise who they were describing I suspect just because he is English.

With these types of injuries when can we expect (if ever) a player to reach previous levels? I’ve always been a big fan of Ox but right now he isn’t close to being a starter.


1.) 11 Jul 2020 10:02:18
Ridiculous post imo
Support your players mate
And they will make you happen more often then not.

2.) 11 Jul 2020 10:22:40
With you there John.

3.) 11 Jul 2020 10:25:12
I don't think it's a ridiculous post. Ox has looked good against lesser opposition in the FA Cup or Champions League Group stages. In the league though, i think his best performances were against Bournemouth and West Ham who are both Championship standard teams deservedly in a relegation struggle.

It's just an honest assessment. Ox hasn't got back to his best yet. OP never said we should sell him or that he's a bad player. g1dgo merely expressed concern that Ox hasn't hit the heights he was at before his knee injury. I make him correct.

4.) 11 Jul 2020 10:45:36
It's been discussed on here many times before. With a serious ACL injury, and Ox had a somewhat complex one with other issues also, it takes at least a year to see if previous levels can be achieved again, if at all. Some never recover fully (remember Aquilani? ), and some do (Gomez and Ings) .

5.) 11 Jul 2020 10:56:33
People seem to forget his second leg performance against AM. stellar and possibly his best in a reds shirt.

6.) 11 Jul 2020 11:23:51
Completely right ArAy I think Ox did multiple other ligaments and his meniscus as well. This essentially is his recovery year g1dgo so we can only be postive that he's kept relatively injury free and has been getting good minutes so don't be too worried about his performances. Hopefully next season he can get back to his first year levels and we did get a glimpse of that against Atletico.

7.) 11 Jul 2020 12:06:59
Remember those goals ve genk? Absolute worlie one of them, the other was class too. He's been used a lot as an impact player and sub a lot this season and also up front. I'm not worried at all about the ox. Glad he's a Liverpool player.

Tbh, I think everyone has been a bit flat since the break, except maybe fabhino.

8.) 11 Jul 2020 12:37:46
I think ox will he fine, he can play multiple positions also which is useful. What I will say is although in the last he has had some of his best games on the right cm spot I would like to see him play on the left side (ginis) role, as I think this will free him up to make more runs centrally and take on more shots at goal, we often see gini getting chances in an around the box, and we have seen a lot of oxs goal, especially since he came back from injury come from a central or left of centre position. Such as the genk goal at the minute he always seems to wide right to create any real penetration and utilise his best assests.

9.) 11 Jul 2020 13:11:27
I don’t think it’s a ridiculous post mate. It’s not as if he is slaying the Ox just giving an observation of his opinion. Ox hasn’t been the same player since coming back from injury but that is expected. It doesn’t mean he won’t ever get back to being that player though. Ox versatility is a positive but I also think it’s his down fall. He’s not better than the front 3 or the midfield 3 (Hendo, Wiji and Fab) so he’s kind of left in limbo because he’s never going to displace them and he will get used to replace as and when.

10.) 11 Jul 2020 13:46:09
JJ and Salah, what is ridiculous about the OP's post, exactly? He only gave an opinion on Ox's performances since the restart and indeed, he has been struggling to get back into the groove he was on before the lockdown, IMO.

Is he still feeling the after-effects of his injury recovery? I don't think so cos he was at full pel for several games b4 and including vs AM in the CL at Anfield and had his best game for LFC that night. I just think like a lot of other players, he is finding it a bit difficult to get back into full fitness and performance levels due to the break and how long it was. Just my opinion.

11.) 11 Jul 2020 17:08:02
Johncrow and Salah. You have your view and I have my view. I don’t see how stating that a player isn’t performing to a level pre injury is deemed ridiculous by hey ho.




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06 Apr 2020 08:50:46
I am hoping Liverpool change their mind. I suspect they will due to the response they have received. We are in unprecedented and uncertain times. We are ALL making on the spot decisions and changing our mind regularly. Society has been given the opportunity to be more community minded. Let’s take advantage. That includes football fans. Let’s also get the rid of the hate which I think football justifies as banter. We have an opportunity.

Peace out.




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05 Apr 2020 12:21:28
Ed. I don’t agree with the furlough. You’re right that this is govt money that should be reserved for struggling companies. I’m just saying that I am going to judge the behaviour of the club at the end of crisis not during.


{Ed025's Note - companies like LFC should be setting the standards though g1, they are letting the employees down as well as the city mate, its very hard to justify..



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05 Apr 2020 10:29:13
I’m probably in the minority here but the use of words like disgraceful and shameful are in my opinion overboard. I wold have thought Liverpool are topping up the part that the govt won’t cover but not disclosing this to the press.

This is a global crisis. Why are football clubs immune? The majority of football clubs are fragile at best.

Let’s save the finger pointing for a point where normality resumes and we judge (if we must) on behaviour over a period of time.

It is a very stressful time for everyone. Let’s try and be kind, helpful and community minded. The main thing for me is that the staff are receiving their wages. End of.


{Ed025's Note - lets get this right g1, liverpool are a very rich and stable club and for them to use government money to prop up wages is indeed disgraceful, that payment is for firms who cannot afford to subsidise wages not a company who pay millons to players and top staff especially at this time mate, why not cut the playing staff wages to afford the lower paid staff their income?, you can make as many excuses as you want but i think we all know its wrong my friend..



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03 Apr 2020 08:47:30
Half a title would be a tit?




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23 Dec 2019 09:49:08
In a word, “why?! ”.





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29 Sep 2020 20:09:05
RedMeister. Wasn’t having a pop at Alisson. His left foot is weaker than his right. I’ve noticed that only recently. He is playing a sweeper keeper role so yeah he should be two footed ideally. But then again not the end of the world. A lot of players survive with one good foot. Imagine If Salah had a right foot!




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29 Sep 2020 15:48:18
There was a definite tactic yesterday to play Alisson more than normal so as to keep the ball.

I love Alisson but if he has one weakness it’s his left foot. Whenever he kicks with his left foot I do get a little nervous. Doesn’t get the full distance so maybe he goes short with it?




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26 Sep 2020 13:01:09
I saw his performance very different. He took a lot of touches and played it backwards or sideways. I felt that he slowed down opportunities to break which then gave time to Lincoln to reset.

I can see his technique and ability is there but I can see why Klopp is hesitant.

Compare how Thiago was always looking to move forward. It felt that Grujic was always looking to play backwards especially in the first half.

I am intending to have a go at him and if he puts a Liverpool shirt on I will support him but I just didn’t recognise the description Woolback gave.




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27 Aug 2020 18:21:31
One of them could have corona? They never announced who was the person from the Liverpool camp who was tested positive.




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15 Aug 2020 12:47:39
The rumour is doing the rounds across social media and press. Reality is unless you’ve actually seen the contract you won’t know if it’s personal or club triggered clause. Would be kind of funny if it’s true although there is a part of me that doesn’t want Coutinho to win the trophy.