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04 Jun 2017 11:35:37
Van dijk is an excellent player but there's no way in hell he's worth sixty million and 200k a week on wages and I hope most Liverpool fans would agree. Once we start justifying such transfers we'll turn into a soulless football club.
It's truly shocking the way football is going. Its a game created by the fans and yet everyone but the fans are reaping the benefits of soo much money in the English game especially.

It's ironic that the English game inherits the most money yet can't produce half decent players on a consistent basis. Why are academies producing next to nothing with so much money to invest in them?
Far less money in the game would force teams to produce from within and also change the culture. Rewarding youngsters for achieving nothing.

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04 Jun 2017 11:47:08
No player is worth £4m when you think that's probably more than the average nurse, fireman or armed forces earn in their career. Football lost its soul decades ago, it sold it to SkySports.
Fees will continue to rise, they are meaningless now as football at the highest level has totally divorced itself from the real world.

I will agree that we can get better value for money than a defender who's been injured for 6 months for £60m.

04 Jun 2017 12:15:22
Do you benefit from apple having move cash reserves than america. Turning over billions. Microsoft. Movie stars, they can get 5/ 20 mil per film. even a cut of the profits like sir mckellan with LOTR (20% off a billion) . music stars, or baseball, basketball, amrrican football even cricket players make a fine living.

Football has never really been a poor mans game, most footballers where on more than the average guy from about the 80's and its been thousands for like 25 years, move on. Its a joke. This is the game.

And then you all kick off because we won't pay x amount for a player and in the same breathe want evrryrhing for cheap.

Everywhere is expensive, this is our day an age not the past.

My house i rent is worth 130k, in 1999 it was worth 25k, then 2000 125k. The owner made a killing like but should i go the newspapers because i don't benefit.

Sorry for having a go. But give it a rest. This page is litered with crap about ruining the beautiful game.

You will all be fine with it all if we win the league.

04 Jun 2017 12:49:01
Let's all stop paying for bloody sky then and stream. They're robbing us not the other way around.

04 Jun 2017 12:35:51
The money has ruined the game. But unfortunately that's the world it is now. Our owners bought our club because they knew eventually they will probably make a killing when they sell it. I can't wait for this breakaway league, I hope Liverpool don't join it and we can see what football is about really.

{Ed025's Note - if you dont join it max you will be in the second tier of football though mate..

04 Jun 2017 12:36:04
If you can't spend then you could remain like Everton. All talking no success!

{Ed025's Note - times are a changing SC, everton will be dining at the top table this coming season my friend and i can hear all you moaning minnies saying.."i wish we were like everton buying top players its no wonder they are known as the peoples club"..

04 Jun 2017 12:58:31
You are a legend Ed025, Best thing happened to this page after ME! 😄😄.

{Ed025's Note - i must admit are my inspiration SC.. :)

04 Jun 2017 13:01:49
If you want to buy top players you have to spend top money All I am saying to the OP Ed025.

{Ed025's Note - i dont have a problem with that SC, a marquee signing is fine but to want 5 or 6 is unrealistic, there are have,s and have not,s in football and at the moment liverpool are a have not, you still have a very decent budget but certainly not a chelsea, man city or man united...still can do a lot of damage though if the budget is managed properly mate..

04 Jun 2017 13:15:22
Money is ruining aspects of the game but you could argue it has also had a positive impact in other ways. There is so much more football available now for people that WANT to watch games on tv. In terms of what players are worth. They're not just people they're viewed as assets to business and it's very much about profitability from the owners point of view and that will have an impact on how much they're willing to pay for a player.

{Ed025's Note - my problem is that players are losing touch with reality RDP and are losing touch with supporters who are still the bread and butter of the game, a lot of them see themselves like pop stars or A list actors with their £10m mansions and bimbo girlfriends, jealousy you might say...yes certainly, but also a fear that the game is losing its identity mate..

04 Jun 2017 13:38:12
Ed025 is great. Second Coming? Let's just say I hope the third coming is much better.

{Ed025's Note - at my age a first coming is difficult enough mate.. :)

04 Jun 2017 13:47:52
Ed25 i couldn't agree more, and the game has been going this way for a long time. I love LFC and the premiership is exciting but one thing i have noticed over the last 30 years is not only how money has ruined the game and like you said made players into pop stars, but also it is hard to find players with any character!

They all say the same, safe things in interviews. At least Gazza had a laugh! That is why when the world cup is on i always support the African teams, because they look like they are having fun and running at players, rather than worrying about making mistakes.

{Ed025's Note - your right gareth, a lot of them dont look as though they enjoy it!. half of them would not crack a smile if they seen a chair walk mate.. :)

04 Jun 2017 13:53:05
Absolute classic mate!

04 Jun 2017 14:02:23
Yeah spot on ed especially with the amount of money the younger players earn before they've even 'made it'. It's very difficult for the average supporter to comprehend the lifestyle and the fact that players can ask for more than 100k a week or whatever when most of us would love to be earning half that in a year! Thanks for the reply.

{Ed025's Note - no probs mate..

04 Jun 2017 14:53:19
Nothing to do with the term Marquee Ed025. We need atleast 5 positions to be upgraded and it's not us fans fault all of them are valued at £40's and £50's.
If you pass this window without signing those then all those would shoot up to £70 next summer.
No one is asking for marquee here. Salah will cost us close to £35 mill. The same player who went for less than £15 mill to Roma.

04 Jun 2017 15:09:21
Money doesn't ruin the game if your winning, just when others have movre than you and are succesful.

Your not mad that there's money in the game just we don't have as much as everyone else.

Honestly there wouldn't be a murmur if we had signed silva, mendy and vvd. Like nothing about the "beautiful game"

{Ed001's Note - that is just nonsense. Insultingly stupid nonsense.}

04 Jun 2017 15:38:37
You think any of these posters would be talkimg about money ruining the game if we had just signed.

Vvd for 60mil, bernardo for 60mil and mendy for 40mil?

Its only reamerged like it does every year because we lose out on targets because of a lack of it.

The eds are talking about other issues like the players attitudes. Well it doesn't really matter how much they have, just how they are educated with it, the standards clubs and importsnt people around them set.

Little examples are johnny depp captain loaded, going to childrens hospitals all over dressed as captain jack. John cena loaded, holds the record amount of wishes granted for the make a wish foundation.

Jermain defoe and little bradley.

Just because x player is rich doesn't make it about the money, its simple there a nob.

Ferdinand donating 500,000 thousand in toys to the children without christmas charity.

This money should enable greatness and enable people who want to be great be it.

Coutinho withoit breaking a sweat could go buy 50 kits and take them round to the familys of bereaved parents. Little things.

Rafas wife, best not miss her off, is part of a liverpool based charity that offers help to children who have lost there parents. Last august she helped take 20 children to disney paris.

Was the king richer than most during hillsborough? Attended every single funeral. To put it into context, that wasnt offered by ariana grande as recently as 2 weeks ago.

Dont let giving these guys money be the excuse for being heartless selfish toads.

{Ed025's Note - some great examples there supermane and it gives me a bit of hope because yes there are some players out there with big hearts, naismith at everton was fantastic and went well beyond the pail with his charity work and the same with sakho at liverpool even though i know hes not flavour of the month, you may think im being a bit biased here but "everton in the community do fantastic work for charities and things like the club donating £250,0000 to young bradly makes me very proud mate...there are good people out there but also players could do a lot more imo..

04 Jun 2017 16:47:48
Everton are the shining light of merseyside for charity work ed. Its not bias if its a fact.

The majority of clubs are a disgrace. They have this money and choose to do nothing with it. that's where the problem lies. Listen clubs and players do stuff but its not enough.

Another little one is the fact its regarded as a tradmark thay klopp makes the players applaud the fans and show there gratitude win or lose, Escially the away fans. How is that like down to klopp.

If you said to all the posters now you where doing a charity run and we all attended, do you just finish, get in your car and f off. I mean you might be a nod ed haha but the least you would do would be a thank you. A few high fives. Same as the kids hanging over the plagers tunnel, even for warm ups. noone ackowledges them, even klopp doesn't even give a nod

This is the hard part for me. Little bradley. Would anyone of cared or took notice if he wasnt ill. Why does it take a little baby boy to get sick to be noticed. These guys are heroes, the modern knights for us football fans. They put on there armour and go into battle and we are there every step of the way. Old, young, rich and poor.

People can call it dramatic, but that's the point, the footballers don't see it as what it is, and how much they mean to people and the wonderfuk position there in to trully help.

Listen noones asking for anything massive

Few ideas

Coutinho and barkley ring some schools and ask could thry attend at lunch and do a footy match.

Liverpool vacate 50 tickets permanetly for free and donate to all differebt groups, charitys, causes each week.

Turn up and do autopgraphs at the club shops in liverpool for free. Once a month.

Get in partnership with charities of childreb, support agencys. Offer apprentiships within the club. Start growing are own coaches, scouts, managers, directors.

Put more in place for academy players. they are not cannon fodder, put them into college and uni, as part of there contractual agreement. help protect them from career ending injuries or failing to make it. They don't care where they go afer they have been released.

Helo with the ones who willnever maake it. buy them a van and tools etc give them retainer with the club or offer them to the plaayers for work

Take 1 million a year and put it into our grassroots. They have to commit to the fa but go build them around liverpool in needy areas.

The importance of sport and in our country football is how much it unites us. It brings equality to all. When your in the kop do you give anf who is either wisd, above, below. esecially with all this brexit stuff. none of that atters on football day

Sorry for the rant.

{Ed025's Note - its not a rant at all supermane its benevolence, just on the young players thing our youngsters go to hospitals, old folks homes and schools as part of their curriculum where they help out on a regular basis, it gives them grounding as well as showing them how lucky they are, i would like to see all clubs do this and then hopefully the future players might have a bit more respect and become better human beings mate..

04 Jun 2017 17:09:14
Nail smasshed on the head ed. Said it for years

Listen im a support worker and have 3 young sons. I have already okayed it for my lads to come with me when there older on shifts and experience what hapoens in the world, what goes on. Get in touch with what they are. It is our duty to help our fellow man if there down. We are the lucky ones. Anyone of us in the flick of a switch could be in a different position.

11-16 olds in school shouls have to partake in a saturday day volunteer job as part of there curriculum. Within charites, homes, hospitals. It will make them more aware human beings and then when thr timed comes where there in any sort of position to helo, they now how important that can be. Even buying someone whose homeless a bottle of water. Visiting lonely elderly peoole and having a brew. Noones asking for your whole life to be dedicated to this but.

Be the change you want in the world.

{Ed025's Note - i think your a very decent human being mate..

04 Jun 2017 18:19:24
Some great ideas Supermane. First post of yours I've 100% agreed with!



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