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09 Aug 2017 13:20:10
imagine neymar has not signed for pgs. then if Barcelona offer 100 million pound for coutinho we grab it without hesitations. every team face loss of key player for large transfer fee. it is reality. but replacing the key player is the problem. last year coutinho player left wing. so salah easily replace him. but salah is able to full fill the desire? it is the matter. so just remove neymar effect. feel like it Barcelona gives us 100m and we buy salah for 40m. if there is no neymar effect everybody will say what a business. remember if we try to buy salah after neymar transfer then we need to spend at least 70.

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09 Aug 2017 13:50:27
Where your theory falls down is that we were always buying a winger this summer and Salah coming in has nothing to do with Coutinho being at the club, as the idea was to play them in the same team, not one be a replacement for the other.

09 Aug 2017 14:11:02
How is Salah a replacement for Coutinho? Klopp's plan was always to sign a winger and play Coutinho in midfield next season. If Coutinho leaves, we need a creative CM to replace him.
And is it so easy to forget we have European football next season? We need more players, not replacing one first teamer with another.

09 Aug 2017 14:13:31
I know this but question is before neymar transfer sell coutinho for 100m and get salah for is not a good business? I am 100 percent sure coutinho will leave. so accept the reality. I truly believe with or without coutinho attack is not our problem. problem is the defence. firmino is not too bad as cam compare to coutinho.

09 Aug 2017 14:24:07
I understand where you're coming from Frankly but for me Salah is an improvement on Pip as a left winger so in essence even if Pip does go we are a better team than last year IMO. I'd love him to stay and tear up defences from a deeper position but if he goes then so what? We are in good shape with or without him. I don't think he's ideally suited to a deeper role anyway as for me for all his brilliance he overhits passes a lot, slows the play down and drops too deep. Having said that I was looking forward to him having more time in the role because he has the ability to improve in the role and if he does he could be scary good. The general concensus is that if he doesn't go now then he'll go next season anyway so I'm over it. Let him go get as much as we can and get a proper midfielder or a proper striker in to replace him. Job done.

09 Aug 2017 14:42:22
OP, Salah was never here to replace Cou and the plan was to buy a left winger and drop Cou into CM. Brandt was the first option, then Keita Balde and then Salah. If you think we will be able to replace Cou efficiently this season with the transfer window as crazy as it is then, you are not paying attention. Every club is going to want to stick us for every penny of that Cou money for prolly a player who is inferior to Cou anyway as no player apart from Sanchez or Eriksen can replace him. That will be a disaster.

09 Aug 2017 15:26:40
And who will replace the Midfielder / Playmaker Coutinho? Salah was signed coz we never had a natural LW. Nothing to do with Coutinho as some here are spouting!
You do get this right Klopp has a reason to deploy Coutinho in the midfield inspite of having infinite CM's in the team! Do you?
That is the reason we will struggle without him in that midfield.

09 Aug 2017 15:43:37
Salah and Keita were 2 of the 4 auditions Klopp wanted in the summer. We are now discussing about the exit of a star player! I can't believe it. Klopp would have challenged for the title had he got both a Keita and VVD ( keeping Couts at the club ) Now that looks like another 4 years plus transition away!

09 Aug 2017 15:46:46

How are we in good shape without him? He contributed to 20 goals last season. It's like selling Sanchez and pretending oh well everything is right!

09 Aug 2017 16:42:05
Naby how many goals will Salah contribute to?

We won't be playing with 10 players just because Pip has gone!

Salah has scored 4 in preseason and could quite easily be involved in 20 plus goals this season.

Pip played as a make shift winger for most of the season, Salah is a proper winger with proper pace. He is far more dangerous than Pip in that position. Plus he will stretch packed defences with his pace in behind which Pip doesn't do.

The midfield will be exactly the same midfield that got us to fourth last season and looked unstoppable until we lost Mane's pace to the AFCON.

Plus if Pip goes we will strengthen further! I don't know what everyone's worried about.

{Ed025's Note - so your saying you wont miss couts?..pull the other one mate its got bells on..

09 Aug 2017 17:29:48
Are you saying Couts is a better left winger than Salah? I don't think he is.

Will we miss him? Of course he's a great player anyone would. All I'm saying is I think we've improved as a team with Salah as a winger instead of Couts.

We really don't know if we would be even better with Cuts in a deeper role and Salah on the wing because it's untested over a season but you'd hope we would be. In that sense we will miss him but we are certainly not in the proverbial like people on here are saying I actually think we will be a more balanced side with 2 proper wingers. Couts didn't play in midfield last season and we did ok.

09 Aug 2017 17:48:53
Couts wasn't just a static winger, he was coming deep to collect the ball and create chances for our forwards.

No 1 can replace couts in our team at the moment coz he's only our creative force from midfield.

Players like salah mane stu etc need couts to pick them where they can use their pace/ skill to hurt opposition.

09 Aug 2017 18:11:28
I disagree Kopite. Couts plays everything in front of defences he never runs in behind.

So when he plays up top it's easy for a packed defence to plug gaps because they are not looking over their shoulders everything is in front of them. Salah will go in behind making them turn and this will create gaps. Standard basic stuff mate.

That's why we didn't struggle so much to break teams down when Mane was on the pitch, get it coming from both sides and with decent full backs to overlap and it becomes much easier to pull defences about.

Don't get me wrong I love Couts he's a great player but we won't fall into the abyss without him. We will miss his moments of genius like the free kick against Arsenal at the Emirates that changed the game for us but hopefully Having Salah and Mane's pace with a proper left back and TAA's extra quality of delivery will more than make up for it.



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