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24 May 2017 13:17:40
So the worst we feared has happened. 2 girls from the school my kids go to were caught in the Manchester attack. One; 14 dead, the other in hospital with multiple injuries. I so feel for the surviving girl, the families and the parents. How sensless. Sorry not Liverpool related I know.

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24 May 2017 14:09:29
It's absaloutly a disgrace these sick people need deporting if they have some sort of link to terrorism whether or not they plan on acting on it need deporting, I am no racist nor do I support something stupid like the edl but why should we share our own country with scumbags like thes who play they fear for there lives in there own country, let them be scared there it saves our own people been scared in there own country. Little kids been put through this ordeal who have no say in politics is shocking and these people don't even deserve oxygen.

24 May 2017 14:14:04
They had a minutes' silence at the game in Sydney tonight. Great to see the universal support for Manchester.

24 May 2017 15:03:26
Jamesy you are 100% right mate, these people should get no place to live anywhere in this world. In Islam it says killing one innocent life is equal to killing all humanity. In my view these people should get hanged no matter what.
Don't get me wrong Sharing country you know where these people are coming from. (Syriya, Iraq libiya etc.
Why becuz of these soo called peaceful westrens where they are destroying there countries for greed. People who have lost there families are coming as refuges to take any sort of revenge on innocent people like us.
If america and EU stop there acitivities there i bet there will be hardly any terorist threat in here. its all politics mate. Where all the truth get hidden from us.

24 May 2017 15:17:24
Jamsey, how do you deport someone who was born in this country, like this suicide bomber was.

24 May 2017 16:36:21
More no he was on The radar of mi5 he may have been British born but where his parents? This British born jihadi has just ruined 22 families in the name of Allah and all the other senseless killings of innocent people in other suicide bombings why are countries standing for it? Why do we have to stand strong and be scared to go to events fearing for our lives? These kids what have been killed have had no say in politics in this country or will ever have the opportunity too thanks too this bloke of they can't deport then detain them keep them out the way of innocent people because why should people fear going out in there own country and enjoying themselves.

24 May 2017 16:46:09
in Manchester we saw the worst of humanity but also the best in the locals who helped out in the midst of the carnage.
But maybe some of these angry thoughts should also be directed towards the current UK government who made a right mess of Libya, allowing extremism to take hold over there and also contributed greatly to the refugee crisis, that in turn allowed extremists to flood in from war zones?
maybe the current UK government should also be stopped from selling weapons to the Saudis who are then using them to bomb innocent civilians in Yemen? The same saudis who are known to supply terrorist organisations such as IS?
There is a reason why we are hated so much in certain parts of the world, one little sick f@ck he may have been, but without the support he obviously received in Libya them ideas would probably have stayed in his head.

{Ed025's Note - i dont care what his political or religious views were mikey, there is no excuse for what that bastard did mate..

24 May 2017 18:19:09
i agree ed. no excuse whatsoever justifies that.
My point is we should be aiming for peace, looking to build bridges and looking at our own governments actions around the world rather than blame the nearest immigrant.

24 May 2017 18:46:40
Yeah agree there ed025 mate, don't care what the excuse is. It isn't, and will never be good enough. for anyone to do something like that, is unspeakable. And such behavior needs to be eradicated by any HUMANE means necessary.

24 May 2017 19:19:17
There is no excuse nor explanation for reigning terror on innocent people. That is actually a very cowardly act.

24 May 2017 19:55:29
Hi Reds. First time poster on these pages, long time reader.

Firstly, it's commendable that people are trying to make sense of this heinous situation. Often, reason flies out of the window in times of such tragic sentiments.

Being a Muslim I can confirm that it is impossible to detect every last psychopath that is roaming our streets. Numerous studies into lives of terrorists have shown that they all had a pre-existing inclination towards violence and crime. When they are exposed to the global humanity crises, and when they perceive an absence of a legitimate outlet for their anger, they turn to hating "the system". These guys are dysfunctional community members who are isolated from other muslims or mosques because muslims shun their extreme tendencies. They are inspired by their anger and guided by tiny and highly fragmented terrorist groups via the web who believe they are at war with the west. In other words, their ideology is inconsequential - they are actually led by their personal psychological failings and an overwhelming anger towards some cause.

I believe the only way to stop them is to firstly address the cause of their anger and then try to reintegrate them into the society. Our government is led by amateurs who keep insisting that these psychos are ideology-driven. We continually refuse to acknowledge their valid grievances. We don't acknowledge the decimation we brought across the whole Muslim world since the Gulf war, and especially since the Afghan war. Worse-still we continue bombing civilians (just the US dropped 26,000 bombs last year, CIA does not share stats on civilian casualties but other sources suggest they are in hundreds of thousands) . We also continue to protect tyrant regimes like Saudis, Egyptians and Israelis. Our primary anti-terror initiative is Prevent which is a joke - all it does is misinforms the masses and turns dysfunctional characters into full-fledged haters of the west. And finally our media keeps printing tosh against muslims which inspires the next generation of terrorists to hating the west even more. All of the above will need to stop if our next generation is to enjoy the same peace that we usually enjoy. People like Blair need to be brought to justice, divisive forces like NewsCorp and other tabloids need to be curtailed. And we need to urgently withdraw from all military and diplomatic operations in the Muslim world.

Unfortunately none of the above will happen. But we should at least give it a go.


24 May 2017 19:57:57
Andy, I'm sure your kids will be devastated :- (. All the best to your family and to all the families/ friends of victims.

24 May 2017 20:31:09
The Manchester bomber was from. Manchester. He wasn't an immigrant Jani. This is not the place to debate his motives or the politics however.
It's the easiest thing to talk about immigrants and deportations after something like this.
None of this will bring the victims back or heal the hearts of the families - and this will do nothing to heal the hearts or mend the lives of victims of war in places like Syria and Libya. This is both a senseless slaughter of innocent lives and an attack on our values, values which include multiculturalism and tolerance. As football fans we appreciate diversity. Our Liverpool team features players from Brazil, Belgium (including of Congolese descent? ), Germany (of Turkish descent), England (including of Carribean descent), Cameroon, Croatia and Senegal. We've debated the merits of signing players of North African descent like Mahrez and Salah.
Manchester is a multicultural city, as all UK cities are, we have vibrant Chinese and Pakistani communities. The Curry mile is reknowned. It's part of what makes cities like Manchester and Liverpool vibrant places to live.

24 May 2017 20:37:55
Hammed, good post, Im with you.

24 May 2017 20:50:41
Agree, excellent post hammed, more sense and expertise in your post than I have seen in "news" for a long time.

24 May 2017 23:06:35
Hammed, very good post, but the bottom line, is that this is our country, and any potential bomber or bomb maker, should be removed, or evicted, sent back, our kids should feel safe going to a concert, their parents safe in the knowledge that their children will return home .

25 May 2017 07:12:55
Redforever, you're a potential bomber, as am i, should we be removed? A police state will not solve this problem.



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