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16 Oct 2017 17:34:14
Hi eds 1
I was wondering if there had been a review after 10 game and I'd missed it.
We are now 13 games in and I would love to here your views on how you think we are doing and where you think we will finish.
As always thanks.

{Ed001's Note - I haven't done anything like that at all. I will try and get the time to do a review of how we are getting on, but we might be a few more than 13 into the season!}

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16 Oct 2017 18:46:33
I will do a quick review for you. 4/ 10 overall poor.

Defence that can't defend 3/ 10, although Moreno gets a 6/ 10.

Midfield 5/ 10 very limited and Gini has been shocking overall. He shouldn't get in the squad for away games.

Attack 4/ 10, Salah not bad 7/ 10 but needs far too many chances, Sturridge is done 1/ 10 and Firminho doesn't score enough, doesn't assist enough and he can't hold the ball up.

A change in formation is urgently needed, Mane when fit has to be centre forward.

16 Oct 2017 21:15:26
4/ 10 yet we're 2 points off 4th, come off it, your speaking rubbish mate.

16 Oct 2017 21:34:25
Why are we chasing 4th? We finished 4th last season and progress is to climb the ladder! We are sitting on 8th. Aren’t we? In fact we moved form 7th to 8th after outplaying UTD. We are not Arsenal!

16 Oct 2017 21:34:49
We are supposed to be trying to win the league not being happy to finsh 4th.

If we continue playing at the level we are now we will finish around 6th. I would say that's 4/ 10 or lower. You should set your sights a lot higher.

Who is the team deserves more than a 6/ 10? one or two maximum

5/ 10 or worse

16 Oct 2017 22:07:45
Harry I didn't say we are chasing 4th, of course we want to be higher, but in reality we won't be, not in my opinion. With this league it's a lot harder to do, you don;t seem to understand it mate do you.

We're 8 games in, we have 30 left a lot can change in that time, yet your already writing us off. All I see from you is posts slamming us down when we Haven't even done that bad, take Watford and Burnley out the mix, they won't be up there for long. Other 'top' teams will have bad periods and I fully believe we will have our good period, it happens every year to most teams, you can't be fantastic all season long, if you are then kudos but it's rare. Unless your in La Liga or Bundesliga, we're in the premier league, the most difficult league in the world.

Yes we are 8th, but I say it again, we're not far off top 4, top 4 will do me another season (and most people), what do you expect after such a transfer window? seriously? - I want improvements but that transfer window was a fail, we needed more, we didn't get it, it is what it is and we need to get on with it and support the team instead of slamming them constantly.

16 Oct 2017 22:41:38
I'm a critic but,
Henderson still strikes me as not 100% but if that's true fair play he's soldiering on
Gini hasn't been THAT bad, his work goes unappreciated,
Can has been excellent at times and awful at others I think he's trying that much to impress he slips up from time to time but he's trying.
Salah isn't a goal scorer, he's not a striker so why complain? Mignolet doesn't score enough! But JOKES aside salah has been excellent.
The key issues have been the goal keeper and then the silly defensive errors but in reality, we've missed mane and Coutinho for most of the season, clyne and lallana we've not always been great but we've done okay considering the circumstances.

16 Oct 2017 22:29:57
I'm sorry but I agree, we have won 3 out of 8 league games so far. Yes there is a long way to go and things could improve. But things could also stay the same or get worse. We can only judge on what we have seen so far and it's not been good enough.

17 Oct 2017 04:49:11
With the squad we have, 4th is the highest we could ask for. It was obvious when the transfer window shut, and its obvious now.

17 Oct 2017 06:14:21
“. With this league it's a lot harder to do, you don;t seem to understand it mate do you. ”

Do you think this will change next year? The reason we are in the trouble is due poor transfer window again you were fast to criticize posters who pointed out during the window!
You still clean we had an excellent window while you also claim 4th is the best we could look for this season!

On another note, What is Wijnaldum’s work that goes unnoticed? I would love to hear from anyone! Don’t say he is here to break the oppositions play! That’s utter crap then! When you play with 3 CM’s and you being the attacking one, what exactly is his role other than creating assists / goals / chances! He is a ghost who goes missing for a minimum 19 away games!

He is replaced by Kieta next summer already! If that doesn’t say anything then nothing will!

17 Oct 2017 06:17:34
With this league it's a lot harder to do, you don;t seem to understand it mate do you.

When you know this league is hard you shouldn’t drop points against teams who are inferior to you!

17 Oct 2017 07:31:21
Got to agree, the teams that succeed in this league understand you have to nail the weak teams and that every point really matters, it isn't Spain where you can pretty much predict the top 3 every season, any of 6 clubs could be in the top 3. So not turning up against the lower teams isn't good enough to be a consistent ECL team. People keep banging on about we beat Arsenal or Chelsea or the other big teams. Yes but we then go and lose/ draw the next half dozen against the weaker sides, while the team we beat will pick up 15-18 points against those sides. That is why we struggle for EPL. Personally I'd give up those big wins for consistent wins against the other teams, even just lots of 1-0s.



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