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01 Jun 2017 20:47:08
Long time everyone.

Hope all is well.

VVD is or was very close to signing until FSG did there usual lo balling, offer one wage and try and change last minute, they need to be careful with this one, they have a guy desperate to play for Klopp, .

Thats all i have really for news other than the usual rumours, Salah is very much wanted, and the Ox is supposedly close.

Mendy wanted us but they offered a silly wage, looks like FSG will pay the transfer fee but again keep trying to pay lower wages than the others.



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02 Jun 2017 00:26:04
Great to see you back, Macca, you have very much been missed.

About Ox, do you know how advanced talks are? How much money we are willing to spend?

Also regarding Mendy, typical Liverpool negotiations. We really are the worst, most incompetent, team to negotiate with. Why would FSG be willing to pay what must be a lot of money for Mendy, only to lo ball the player at the very end on wages? I just don't get it. Both Van Dijk and Mendy might very well go elsewhere because of these childish antics and then what. we will over spend on transfers and wages to bring in a third or fourth choice player in that position, panic because they know they messed up.

If Liverpool are to challenge on all fronts then we need to be able to compromise on certain things. Wages, you can meet the player half way, but don't insult them.


02 Jun 2017 00:43:31
Welcome back Macca. I must admit, if VvD really wants to come to us, then the restructuring of his wage shouldn't make too much of a difference, should it unless he is money based and if that's the case, he can bugger off elsewhere? I remember God coming back for his second stint, when he allegedly said, he didn't care how much he was paid, he just wanted to play for the club again! Saying all that, we are just being our usual selves again and that needs to stop, if we really want these deals done!

02 Jun 2017 01:56:49
Great to see you back Macca, really hope we aren't shooting ourselves in the foot over wages, it feels all too familiar except instead of penny pinching over the transfer fee, its wages instead! Will be sad if we miss out on our main targets for all too familiar reasons.

Have you heard any news on Naby Keita by any chance? Would love us to pull that one off.

02 Jun 2017 02:06:11
Welcome back Macca - good news and colour and hopefully something is resolved around both. VVD and Salah would go 60% of the way to strengthening things.

Dissappointed in Sessegnon though as feels like he could be another Delle Ali, and we clearly have space in the squad for a young first teamer at LB (if he somehow fails to step up we would always have Milner or even Gomez that can play backup - risk would really be on him, not us) .

Main priority at LB though is a first teamer and sincerely hope we go for someone with real quality. Mendy, Gaya or Pereira (and can then play Milner at RB with TAA coming through) would do nicely thanks.

02 Jun 2017 02:14:24
It's been a while Macca, welcome back. Thanks for the information as always and while it's great that you cleared up couple of things, it certainly is disappointing FSG continue to not learn how to get deals done. If they want success, you need to be able to pay top price for it usually and they still have not learned it in 7 years it seems.

02 Jun 2017 05:46:57
Thanks Macca. VVD, Salah and Ox, for me that will be quite good.

02 Jun 2017 07:01:32
Really don't want the ox.

02 Jun 2017 07:20:09
Hi Macca, great to hear from you and hope the business is going well!

I think if we were able to pull of all those we'd have had a very good summer!

Finger crossed we can get a few done still notwithstanding the messing around.

02 Jun 2017 07:25:31
so the owners are holding liverpool back.

{Ed025's Note - FSG do not have unlimited funds im afraid grajac, holding you back is a bit harsh as i think they are doing their best and have paid off a lot of debt as well as improved the stadium and bought players, some supporters wont be happy unless liverpool are buying players for sqilllions of pounds and paying them ridiculous wages mate..

02 Jun 2017 07:26:30
always great to have you back.

02 Jun 2017 07:48:05
Cheers for the update/ returning Macca, always interesting to hear what you say.

Find it odd that we are lo balling players now - as has been mentioned by others our reputation isn't exactly glowing in the footballing world right now due to previous transgressions so why carry on with these sorts of stupid games? I mean I understand that we cannot pay out infinite wages but surely the best way to approach it is to be upfront with a player: 'this is what we are prepared to offer'. Carrying on like 'we'll give you this' - players agrees - 'actually no we'll give you lower, still going to sign though right? ' It's just phenomenally amateurish from the club - we clearly haven't learnt any lessons and are clearly falling into the same pattern of mistakes when it comes to negotiations. If we do not land our targets the blame will rest squarely on the shoulders of the owners/ negotiators.

02 Jun 2017 08:11:36
Know you are incredibly busy these days, really appreciate the update macca you total legend.

02 Jun 2017 08:52:49
Ps hope the new business Ed mentioned is doing well👍🏻.

02 Jun 2017 08:52:49

You won't hear this much on this page, but I completely agree mate. People have very short memories when it comes to what our owners have done for us so far. Yes they are not perfect, but to say they don't spend any money is ridiculous. We have cleared a lot of debt, expanded the stadium brilliantly with potentially more to come, brought in a world class manager who won't be cheap and with that, have led us back in to champions league football.

{Ed025's Note - your preaching to the converted there smp, there are 16 other teams in the league who would bite your arm off to be in liverpools position right now yet im hearing such doom and gloom, when FSG took over from the chuckle brothers administration was knocking at the door and as far as i can see everything they have done has been positive, your not chelsea or man city and lets be honest who would want to be?, liverpool is a proper club and has proper values so be proud of that mate..

02 Jun 2017 11:12:15
Absolutely spot on Ed025!

02 Jun 2017 13:37:52
I think there is a point to be made that whatever the faults of FSG are, they aren't a certain pair of crooks.

{Ed025's Note - your right there FMS..

02 Jun 2017 13:47:03
Absolutely spot on Ed025! +1.

02 Jun 2017 14:32:49
Seem to remember we did Excactly the same to a young Michael Laudrup many years ago.
Don't blame FSG. It's (unfortunatly) nothing new.



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