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02 Apr 2017 07:59:25
Has anyone seen Eds25. Any chance of a match review from your point of view?

{Ed025's Note - match review....everton never turned up against a mediocre liverpool side, we decided to try and kick the crap out of the opposition rather than play football and it backfired big time, barkley, lukaku and gueye never actually came to the party and even though we had a few youngsters thrown in its no excuse for such an inept performance, even joel had his worst game and the less said about williams the better, europe seems a long way off and that could be a blessing as this side is simply not good enough at the moment and we need to recruit some top quality in the summer if we want to dine at the top table next season. but we move on and hope things improve acered..

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02 Apr 2017 08:28:34
Thanks Ed25. I think when it comes to derby day Everton play the occasion and not the game.

{Ed025's Note - thats a fair assessment acered, if we played football against you then i think we would have a far better chance of a result which is the sad thing, ah well we move on and hopefully learn from it mate..

02 Apr 2017 09:07:16
Mediocre Liverpool side? Really Ed025? What does that make Neverton then? Merseyside's official pub team? EVen if your lot had turned up for the game, LFC would have hammered Everton regardless. Coutinho has more talent in his right foot than Everton's entire first team.

{Ed025's Note - mediocre is dead right im afraid IB, i have seen good liverpool sides over the years and one that includes players like mignolet, milner, can, clyne and lovren can only be described as that, yes everton were poor and we are no great shakes i admit, but if you think this is a good liverpool team then you need to get some 1980,s video,s out mate...or lay of the crack cocaine..

02 Apr 2017 09:25:19
Yes, but we also have players that are very highly rated and being tracked by some of the big clubs in Europe right now. Just because some players do not meet the grade does not make our team mediocre. Its still a decent side that will most likely finish in top4 in the world's most competitive league.
And I have no intention of watching any LFC games of the 1980s. Unlike a lot of LFc fans, I prefer to look towards the future than what the club was decades ago. Compared to most teams in the BPL, LFC are still a pretty formidable unit. Even the likes of Bayern, Real and Barcelona have their fair share of mediocre players in the squad.

{Ed025's Note - you do have some decent players IB, couts mane and lallana are excellent but im afraid the rest are very average..far be it from me to wake you up from this dream though mate as you sound like the typical fan who thinks their team are a lot better than they actually are..

02 Apr 2017 09:54:58
If mediocre can get us top4, then I'm ok withbthay for this year! Hoping.!

02 Apr 2017 10:22:57
Ouch! Mediocre? I wonder why you're known as the bitters? ;)

To be fair, I was a bit disappointed with Everton. I expected them to play that way but I kind of hoped they wouldn't. It is not the way i want to see the game played if I'm honest. Why can't we have a derby where two excellent football teams try and outplay each other?

Everton could've had at least 3 players sent off yesterday. Davies, Barkley and Williams definitely should've gone. It isn't getting the bad press because Mane jumped out the way but if his feet had been planted the force of that Davies scissor tackle could've broken both ankles!

He was so out of control he even caught Barkley on the follow through. Barkley was fortunate not to break Lovren's leg with that horror studs up and his late scissor tackle on Can really set the tone for the rest of the game when he walked away uncarded. Williams then stamped on Can and went in two footed deliberately catching Can right on top of the knee!

Disgusting tactics by a team who as Ed025 alluded to, currently don't deserve European football. Then you have trash like Keown and Shearer on Match of the Day justifying Koeman and his shocking behaviour by saying 'you get these tackles in a derby'. Yes and I'm sure you get low blows in a boxing match; still doesn't make them acceptable and the ref has bottled it yesterday.

Send Barkley off for that first tackle on Can and none of the other challenges happen. He let Everton play a brand of football that hasn't been seen in the top flight since the days of Tony Pulis' Stoke side! We were lucky to only lose Mane to injury to be honest.

I kind of feel as though Everton have come out yesterday looking for revenge on football after what happened to Seamus Coleman. Retrospective actions won't but really should be taken here.

02 Apr 2017 10:35:30
We are a mediocre side. didn't think I'd ever agree with a bitter but that side needs a lot of money spent in the summer. some of them just aren't good enough.

02 Apr 2017 10:41:47
I'm not having firmino is average, I'm sure you are a little upset about yesterday but you don't go unbeaten against the top 7 with 3 decent players.
It's like me pointing out when lukaku leaves in the summer you will have 1 decent player in Gana left.

02 Apr 2017 10:55:48
Den, he said mediocre players not decent. But C'mon ya'll so insecure?

Better things to focus on aye? Like mediocering our way to the top 4!?

Lets go!

02 Apr 2017 11:14:05
Abo, a team so mediocre they haven't lost to a side in the top 6! Get a grip. Yes we can improve ( notably keeper and a defender) - every team can but talent wise this team is easily top 4. Tactics and mindsets against 'lesser' teams is where our improvement is needed. Throwing a s*** load of money at the problem won't solve that. I heard people saying last week ' sell couts for 50 mil' and buy who? Who would come? How much would they cost? If couts were playing for Bayern they would be saying 'buy him for whatever it takes' . We have him and they'd rather sell him so we can throw the dice on a player unproven but with big potential.

02 Apr 2017 14:49:26
When did I call Phil mediocre? We are a mediocre side. didn't and the inconsistencies throughout our season prove that. we have some wonderful players in Phil, mane, firmino, lallana, but we have some iffy ones Clyne,lovren, mignolet, etc. we are doing Ok and I thank God we have klopp in charge, but that doesn't make us a great side.

yeah we have a good record against the top teams but a poor one against the rest. We can improve and we have to improve otherwise we will be left behind next season by the spenders. We are a mediocre side with some mediocre players.

02 Apr 2017 14:54:57
We do have some mediocre players as well some top class players. I can't even find one top player in Everton side.

02 Apr 2017 15:04:02
Sorry but I kind of agree with ed025 in a way but I think mediocre is a bit harsh. We may get top 4 but if we want to maintain that season after season and competing for the title then half of the team that played yesterday aren't good enough. Mignolet, Clyne, Lovren, Can, Milner is only a squad player, most if not all need replacing in the first eleven. Then you have Moreno, Klavan in the squad who need to go. Judgement is still out on Karius, Origi, Stewart and Ings.

Having followed LFC since the seventies I have to say it's one of the poorest LFC squads I have seen. Harsh considering yesterday's result and performance and the fact we're third but you only have to witness us without Mane to see how poor we are.

02 Apr 2017 15:09:21
I take exception to the Liverpool team being called mediocre. Are we a great team? No. Do we have issues?

All teams have them. Are we a very good team? Absolutely especially when we turn it on. We did not get to collect 26 out of 36 points from the top 7 teams in the PL by being mediocre and that is a fact. I agree we are inconsistent and not the finished article.

02 Apr 2017 21:32:10
Can has had a poor season. but I thought he was awesome yesterday. and in last 2-3 games started to look a lot better and a mile away from mediocre.
Migs. lovren. I'd agree
Milner is solid. just not a lb.

02 Apr 2017 22:09:56
Is this the same exact mediocre that the tops clubs in the premier league can't live with on match days. and that's not me saying Everton are a top team.

03 Apr 2017 14:22:45
The thing that I really can't understand about Everton was letting delefeou go. I remember watching him for the Barcelona youth teams and you could tell he was a cut above the rest in terms of ability. Always like watching him in the Prem and they ship him out on loan. He won Spain the game the other weekend.

It just something that i can't understand. Would happily have him at pool, Couts looked deadly against everton but would be interesting to see him in the centre again with runners either side.

{Ed001's Note - god no, he is a lazy get and won't try in training either. He is not good enough for our team anyway, not fit to lace Couts' boots.}



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