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03 Sep 2019 10:10:20
A Liverpool fan site has urged the Reds to sell Egypt striker Mohamed Salah, 27, in order to fund the purchase of 20-year-old France forward Kylian Mbappe from Paris St-Germain, Borussia Dortmund's Sancho or Germany midfielder Kai Havertz, 20, of Bayer Leverkusen. (Mirro

Anyhth8ng similar been on here?

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03 Sep 2019 12:40:10
Why will we sell a better player to buy lesser unfinished players who will likely demand higher wages?

03 Sep 2019 13:56:35
Just fan's who player a little too much fifa/ football manager, wouldn't pay it any notice.

Though the 'mbappe fund' lines always crack me up.

03 Sep 2019 14:00:17
Because Salah is greedy and doesn't pass.

Well apart from the 31 assist he has for us in 2 seasons and 6 games, which is more than the legendarily unselfish Firmino in the same period.

But I'm sure they're the only 31 passes he's made as a Liverpool player. It's ruining the dressing room harmony because Ian Wrong (see what I did there? ) said so.

03 Sep 2019 14:23:55
What does legendarily unselfish even mean mate? Bobby is clearly much less selfish than either Mo or Sadio. More assists doesn't mean he is less selfish. Even the assist he got yesterday against Burnley, he clearly didn't mean to give it to Bobby.
No need to put Bobby down to make Mo look better.
Apologies if you i misunderstood your post.

03 Sep 2019 16:42:43
Yes, you did misunderstand my post truered. I wasn't trying to put Bobby down at all.

I was just making the point Salah, who is characterised as selfish and greedy, has more assists than Bobby who (rightly) is not considered selfish or greedy by anybody. Maybe, just maybe, Salah is not quite as selfish and single minded in the pursuit of goals as is generally suggested?

And please don't try and tell me that the majority of his assists were accidental. That's just silly.

03 Sep 2019 17:59:41
Same thing with the Salah "diving". Yes, he's done it a couple of times, but it is nowhere as big a deal as it is made out to be. There is no consistency to it, unlike a certain captain in London or Manchester.

03 Sep 2019 18:21:26
Apologies for the misunderstanding Something Red. But i've never said or suggested majority of Mo's assists were accidental. My point was merely to show that Mo would rather score himself than look for a pass.
Its pretty obvious that Mo and Mane for that matter do have a selfish streak in them. Being a little selfish is why they get the goals and i have no problem with it.

04 Sep 2019 10:02:45
Salad is only being greedy of late because Sergio Aguero is banging them in every game. Makes sense. And Salah is listed as a midfielder. He’s not the main forward, Manè is. Hence Manè spitting his dummy at the lack of ball from Salah. I think we should sign Bobby Dazzler from Germany FC.

05 Sep 2019 00:55:14
Neymar also gets huge number of assists, it's not really a great barometer of selfishness. It's more a case of his decision making he's being judged on, choosing the harder option for the team to score is what he is being guilty of.



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