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13 Sep 2020 09:09:04
I hope all the people who pretend Mane and Firmino are better than Salah (basically because his agent spoke with Real Madrid) now give it up. He scores and creates more than either of them. With Messi and Ronaldo now operating at human levels, Salah is second to nobody in world football.

The people who genuinely think Mane is better fail to understand that he usually has much more space due to the opposition shifting across to put 3 men on Salah. Yesterday showed what happens when you try and mark Salah man to man. There is not a defender on the planet who can stop him 1 on 1 when he's at his best.

He is probably one of the quickest and strongest players on the ball i've ever seen (aside from videos of John Barnes) . Lots of players are strong when making the challenge or fast without the ball, but people bounce off Salah trying to stop him. I lost count of how many Leeds players ended up on the floor in his wake or just chasing shadows. By the time Leeds did put 3 men on Salah, it was too late as his confidence was so high he just rolled all of them effortlessly.

If there is one positive to take from yesterday, i hope it is that Salah has had a huge shot in the arm of pure confidence. He plays like this all year like he did in 2017/ 18 and he might just go that extra few and hit 50 goals this time as Milner took the penalties that season.

{Ed025's Note - bit of a salah fan then im guessing HMB?.. :)

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13 Sep 2020 09:40:34
This post is nonsense I’m sorry but just pure nonsense
3 men on salah what is that including the ref and linesmen as well?
We get your a salah fan but don’t talk rubbish about mane and firminho to support your nonsense
I’m not having that at all.

13 Sep 2020 09:43:55
To be honest HMB I see no value in denigrating one because of the other. I’m appreciative that we’ve two of the best forwards playing in European football playing for us. I do think Salah is underrated by a lot of pundits and supporters (a lot because some people still have their minds set on that short period at Chelsea, which he should never be judged on) . I would comment though I believe that a lot of the negative rubbish comes from people’s own unconscious bias against footballers from Africa, guarantee that if he was Brazilian or Argentinian those same critics wouldn’t make those remarks.

13 Sep 2020 09:54:44
Each of our front 3 players are unique in their own right. Its embarrassing to see LFC fans pitting them against each other.

13 Sep 2020 10:04:40
Absolutely Ed025. I love Mane and Bobby, but for the last 12-18 months Salah has been constantly bagged on here just because his agent talked with Madrid. Aside from the Salah stick though, people would say stuff like Bobby being more important to our team, or Mane being a better individual. I just don't buy it i'm afraid. A forwards goal is to score or create goals and whilst all 3 of our frontline do it to an elite level, Salah is consistently our highest scorer and the only players in the team who get near his creativity levels are Trent and Robbo. Salah is just different class. When he went went off injured in the Champions League Final you saw just how much Mane and Bobby benefit from the space his mere presence creates.

Mane and Firmino are awesome John. You'll have to point out where i said otherwise. Seriously pick out one line where i said either of them were bad players? Though i could search this site and find hundreds of comments saying Salah is over rated, or wasteful, or greedy, or arrogant, or ungrateful etc.

I'm just stating my opinion. Salah is and always has been the best of the 3 and he backs that up with goals and assists every single season without fail. He will do so again this season. He joined Liverpool 2 seasons after Bobby and 1 after Mane, and he has totally eclipsed them in the departments that matter, whilst still working just as hard for the team. He creates more chances and scores more goals than either of them, and he does it whilst being targeted by every team we play. That doesn't make Mane or Bobby bad players. Salah is up their with Messi, Lewandowski and Ronaldo though. Mane and Firmino for me are in the next bracket with Sterling, Neymar, Mbappe and Aguero.

We are lucky to have all of them but Bobby and Mane get the respect they deserve. Salah is constantly a scapegoat and you know that is true because you have been posting on here for many years. Opposition fans hate him because of his diving in his first season so they will always drag him down but our own fans have been doing it too and it is tiresome. He's the star player in our team and some people might only realise how good he is when he leaves.

13 Sep 2020 10:20:20
The response simply highlights my point. If someone posts on here saying Mane or Bobby are better nobody bats an eyelid. I'm not denigrating Mane or Bobby. I'm just the only person on this site in years to defend Salah.

In 3 seasons Salah averaged 31 goals and 13 assists. In 4 seasons Mane averaged 20 goals and 8 assists. In 5 seasons Bobby averaged 15 goals and 12 assists. So yeah, i am pitting them against each other (just like everyone has been doing ever since it came out that Salah's agent talked with Madrid) because for too long i've been biting my tongue whilst Liverpool "supporters" have been bagging Salah constantly and hiding it behind a thinly veiled curtain of love for the other 2 forwards.

I genuinely love all 3 of our forwards but i know from reading this site daily that many people have an anti-Salah agenda. I'd guess the people going straight on the defensive are those who have indulged in the Salah abuse and now they're trying to flip it back on me when i've not said anything negative about any of the 3.

13 Sep 2020 10:27:30
Salah and Mane are absolutely world class. Every club and fan in world football would love them to be a part of their club. For me Bobby needs to add more goals. Yes I totally appreciate what he brings to the team and I am not debating that. Bobby actually had more shots than Mané last season in the league and was in the top 10 of all players for shots in the league so I’m not buying the he’s not a natural striker line as regardless of him creating space he’s still not finishing his chances. Yesterday he had the ideal opportunity to get his tally off the mark in the 3rd minute when he was through on goal but chose to do a no look cut back which was the more difficult option. He even caught his own teammates by surprise. He had 2 half chances in the 2nd half as well when we outnumbered the Leeds player on the edge of their box and he failed to even get a shot off. I’m a big fan of Bobby but he is definitely untouchable when it comes to any form of criticism. I’d like nothing more than for him to get plenty of goals this season.

13 Sep 2020 10:47:04
I agree with you that Bobby needs to take his chances as his finishing hasn't been good enough the last year, even though the rest of his game has been world class. I think he will het back to his best soon. He just needs to be backed. Some people calling for him to be replaced should think about what they are saying.

Yesterday even though he was struggled to be involved in the play, he was busting a gut to close down the opposition and force them into mistakes. Even on his bad days he gives his all. Think it was Shankly had a quote "sure he misses a few, but he gets in the right place to miss them". That is Bobby right now, but when it clicks back into place for him, we'll see the goalscorer we know he can be. He scored 27 goals in the 17/ 18 season so he can finish for sure.

13 Sep 2020 10:47:37
Only person on this site in years to defend Salah. Bold claim that one mate lol.

13 Sep 2020 10:47:38
The marking on Salah seemed awful yesterday, he’s used to having 2 or 3 players on him at all times but he only seemed to have one player yesterday so that’s probably part of the reason he had such a good game.

13 Sep 2020 11:14:12
Well, slight exaggeration, JK23, to drive home my point 🤣 You've been on here a long time though. You will have seen what i have seen in terms of Salah taking pelters. It's wound me up for ages and after the reaction to my post i just thought i'd take the opportunity to blow off the steam!

Mikey1985, that's exactly what i mean mate. For a good 70 minutes yesterday, Leeds tried to mark him 1 on 1. Bobby and Mane had a lot less space than normal (but were still very unlucky not to both score in my opinion) because Bielsa either disrespected Salah or massively over estimated the ability of Dallas to cope with him. He was unlucky not to score more. On another day Salah comes away with 4 or 5 and Mane and Bobby have at least 1 each. Sharpness just wasn't quite there in front of goal but i'm sure it will be next Sunday. I'm buzzing for this season. I don't get the negativity.

13 Sep 2020 11:26:48
Ah we have fooled you. See we do this so opposition fans and mangers think salah is crap and don't man mark him and or bid for him.
But now with this appreciation post you have spilt tha beans HMB.
It worked yesterday and we had fooled the greatest manager in recent times.
But now with this post top news is that barcelona are looking at salah. You should know this site is watched by the elites of football for analysis and decisions. Please don't blow our cover.
Lets agree and keep the following sentiments-
Mane and bobby are bad players and salah is absolutely the worst how dare his agent shop him out at madrid.

13 Sep 2020 11:39:54
HMB I know mate I was giving you a little ribbing back 😂. I know what you mean though and I have seen it. I think Salah’s biggest problem was his first season. He set his own standards so high I think fans just get frustrated and shoot from the hip because it’s almost impossible for him to maintain those standards. Personally I wouldn’t replace Mo or Sadio with anyone currently in world football. These pair deserve their names in LFC folklore. When they do eventually move on for whatever reason it will be a very sad day in LFC fans lives.

13 Sep 2020 12:09:01
To be honest JK the only players in our team i'd even consider replacing are Wijnaldum and maybe Gomez. Every other player in our side is arguably one of the top 3 in the world for their position. But can you find a better centre back than Gomez at 23 years old? Probably not. Can you find a player fitter than Gini who never gets injured? Probably not.

We've got some side. I just thought Salah deserved some love too. It's become taboo for him to be your favourite player on this site. If my post was about Mane or Firmino the reaction would have been totally different for sure.

13 Sep 2020 12:40:33
HMB put it this way if I caught mo in bed with my wife I would offer him breakfast in bed and then tuck him in 😂. The man can do no wrong in my eyes. Along with Sadio.



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