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05 Mar 2021 09:09:01
I have read the various comments on here for years, really enjoy the insight provided by the eds and would like to start by saying thanks to them. My take on the current situation is that we have been lucky to compete against City the past few seasons, Klopp has built such a well oiled machine that has managed to over achieve for a few seasons. Currently the machine is knackered, without Virgil at the back we have lost his balls over the top that used to put Salah or Mane through. We have tried to remedy that by playing Fab or Hendo back there. We then lose the cover they provide in midfield, how many times would they break up play, protecting the back 4 and covering for Trent and Robbo? Fab would also often drop back to form a back three when needed and helped us control games. So for me, our defence and midfield can no longer perform many of the duties it used to. Without this base we are now seeing reductions in the effectiveness of the full-backs, which in turn is starving our forwards. My take on Thiago was that he was brought in to help us in games where teams sat back and in Europe, ideally he would have been slowly integrated into a winning team, and would have had chance to show his quality, I think he is trying, I think he is class, but he is not Fab, he is not Hendo, and currently they are the two we need in midfield. This may all be picked apart as stating the obvious, or some of you that are particularly wounded this morning may think that by not having a go at this player or that player, that this post is not warranted. I just want to finish by highlighting what sets this club apart in my eyes, I feel that the support that the fans give this team is second to none, that the unity and traditions are unmatched. I for one can't not support those players that delivered us the title and Champions league. YNWA.

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05 Mar 2021 09:21:50
Well said, PB.
It took a huge effort to stop City last season but we did it easily.
This season combined with the injuries and CV is the hangover.
The Champions League and Premier League trophies will be remembered for longer than missing out on top four this season.
If you don't like hangovers don't come to the party.

{Ed077's Note - or just don't take alcohol.

05 Mar 2021 09:22:23
Good post mate. Yes everyone should never forget the success he has brought us. Not sure I agree with we over achieved, we spent the most in Europe for a season and broke the world record for a gk and defender. That was done with the aim of winning trophies and we did just that. I agree of course we need our better players back in there normal positions but we also need a refresh of young hungry players. Get back to heavy metal.

05 Mar 2021 09:52:01
We did not spend the most in Europe Mark. We sold our ‘best’ player to raise funds to buy a CB and GK.
Put that into perspective it’s like City needing Dias and Ake but to be able to sign them they have to sell De Bruyne. They have never been in that position. They can just keep building and building without having to weaken the team in other areas.
We’ve never had that luxury.

05 Mar 2021 10:23:25
I would like to ask what people and the eds make of the Ox, he seems to be well off it and struggles to make any impact at the minute. Do you think it's just a lack of minutes or have the injuries taken too much out of him? I personally hope he can come back and contribute long term but he seems to have lost that power and pace that set him apart from some of our other midfielders.

05 Mar 2021 10:42:13
Ox is one of many that is not cutting at the moment. Unfortunate because he’s been unlucky with injuries and looks like he gives a damn but just not reliable enough. I’m at a loss how our squad can go from looking so good and dangerous to so depleted. I can’t believe losing 2 admittedly big players to bad injuries has made the rest just crumble. With the exception of Salah everyone’s confidence seems to have been shot for months. I remember an interview Trent did months ago while we still top 4 and it had none of the positivity and optimism we’ve been accustomed to. I hope I’m wrong but I think there’s more going on behind the scenes we’re not aware of.

05 Mar 2021 12:04:21
Fair point, Ed077, but substitute alcohol for lemonade and staying up too late and up you might wake up feeling like you've just watched Crystal Palace v United.

{Ed077's Note - I thank my lucky stars that I couldn't watch the Palace vs Utd game. But even if I had managed to tune in I would have dozed off very quickly 😂😂

05 Mar 2021 11:46:09
I think when you look back at when we were really in form (so the season we came 2nd, and last year before C.V.) there were so many little partnerships that had us ticking, robbo and mane on the left in the final third, hendo and trent on the right supplying the front three, virgil and gomes having the legs to cover, with the injuries we have had this year, we have lost nearly all of that. Pundits etc say that every team has injuries, which is true, but I have never heard them give an example of a title winning team that lost there first choice centre back partnership and retained or challenged for the title the following year. When you think of the importance of Virgil, he scores what 5 to 8 goals from set pieces, probably keeps out 5-10 when defending from them too, chips in with 4 or 5 assists, you are looking at a 15 to 20 swing in goals with just him out.

05 Mar 2021 12:56:22
Cant believe fans would still defend this team. I have absolute faith in klopp but these group of players have been just not giving anything on the pitch.
I can't believe klopp trains this dross football in practice session.

{Ed077's Note - maybe they remember that these players won them the CL and their one and only PL? Maybe they know what YNWA actually stands for?}

05 Mar 2021 13:45:12
Jesus, some "fans" don't know how lucky they are. To suggest fans defending their team is unbelievable, is unbelievable. The worst outcome from our recent success is that we become entitled, moaning fans that expect to win every game.

05 Mar 2021 14:55:34
Yeah, Akrubbish. How dare people defend this team, one that have made their dreams (including mine and yours, esp) come true just cos they are having a bad time at thing? The nerve of them. You have a lot to learn about supporting your club come hell and high water, bro. Just saying.

05 Mar 2021 18:09:36
Not true BP courts only raised enough for VVD and Shaq. We then bought Keita, Fabs and Allison as I said we spent the most in Europe that season about £250m plus.



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