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01 Feb 2022 11:39:11
Spoke to someone who works for the club (normally pretty tight lipped) but they believe Liverpool are well in the running for Bellingham this summer and they think it will happen, they're also of the belief that Salah will go when his contract runs out next summer.
Not saying this will definitely happen but it's good to know there is genuine interest and belief from the club that Bellingham is within our reach. Salah is a tough one, I'd hate to see him go but he's 30 in the summer and giving him a 5 year megabucks contract has big risks and we could end up with him at 33 on the decline whilst earning mega bucks and being unable to move him on, similar to the Ozil/ Bale situations.


1.) 01 Feb 2022 12:01:17
are you saying salah to leave on a free, don't think so. if contract isn't agreed then salah will be sold this summer.

2.) 01 Feb 2022 12:06:34
Thanks for sharing mate. I don’t know why so don’t ask but something is telling me we will sign Bellingham. Just a gut feeling. He will have everyone and his dog after him but he seems level headed and will decide based on what’s best for his career as opposed to money. Anyways the first hurdle will be convincing Dortmund to sell this summer.

3.) 01 Feb 2022 12:06:54
His injury record is impeccable and he's gained form if anything. Give the guy a contract, he deserves one.

4.) 01 Feb 2022 12:05:18
I told that Gladys dinner lady not to say a word😡.

5.) 01 Feb 2022 12:28:15
But will They sell Bellingham this summer. If Haaland is going then maybe they keep Bellingham another season? Think it may be tough to see both leave this summer.

Salah looks like he will be fit for the next 3/ 4 years the way he looks after himself. Would love him to sign new contract.

More than anything would like Klopp to sign another contract extension.

6.) 01 Feb 2022 12:43:52
Don’t shoot the messenger I’m only passing on what someone inside the club told me (works with the players) . My guess is nobody really knows what the end game is with Salah, not even Salah or the men making the decisions for Liverpool. This is just what he thinks will happen.
With regards to Bellingham there will likely have been feelers put out and I believe he’s a Liverpool fan, obviously a long way to go but I thought the problem would have been money but obviously the club think something can be done.
As I have said, don’t quote me on this, if things were official I don’t think he would pass on the info as he’s normally tight lipped for obvious reasons, it’s more what he thinks will happen but being privy to more info than the man on the street, things can also change so quickly from one day to the next let alone 6/ 18 months.

7.) 01 Feb 2022 12:52:53
I don’t think the Salah situation would develop at all into an Ozil/ Bale situation.
Very different players.

If anything Salah is getting better. He’s scored as much this season already as he did in our title winning season. He’s on course to have his 2nd best goal scoring season but is also now adding assists to his game.
He’s rarely if ever injured, has a great attitude and is the consummate professional who looks after himself exceptionally well. It all points to him playing at a high level for several seasons yet.
It wouldn’t need to be a 5yr deal. It could be a 3/ 4yr deal with the potential for another at the end depending on circumstances. That would take him to 33/ 34.

8.) 01 Feb 2022 12:54:14
West Ham were after Raphina, who plays in the same position as Bowen, who plays in the same position as Mo.
Jurgen has been saying negotiations are going well.
Bellingham i can see happening. Mo leaving, less so.

9.) 01 Feb 2022 13:32:45
The situation with Bale and Ozil has a lot to do with clubs paying silly wages for a player who isn’t as good further down the line from when they signed the deal, if we sign Salah up to a 5 year deal it certainly has the potential to go that way, although I’d like to think both parties would deal with it in a better manner.
Ginger you say sign him to a 3/ 4 year deal with potential to increase, I imagine that’s exactly what Liverpool would want to do but Salah and his agent will be pushing for a deal as long as possible as his value will almost certainly decrease going forward.
I do agree that Salah could certainly be a different to the norm and he is arguably getting better and has adapted his game so he’s not as reliant on speed but I’m sure in Liverpools head they will be thinking in 4/ 5 years time will be be worthy of being the highest paid (or one of) in the league and going off history it’s likely he won’t be (not saying it’s impossible)

10.) 01 Feb 2022 13:38:06
Personally, I think it’s too soon to move for Bellingham, and at the price quoted it’s a lot for a player we don’t necessarily need right now. I think it would be remiss not to renew Salah’s contract. He’s good for another 4 years the shape he’s in. Personally I’d move on Firmino, Mane, Minamino, make a decision on which of Phillips and Gomez to sell, move Williams on, let Milner and Origi go on free transfers and bring in Bissouma, Carvalho and Alexander Isak, job done. Conor Bradley can cover right back.

11.) 01 Feb 2022 13:47:10
VVVV- I think Bellingham walks straight into our best 11 personally and is only going to get better, the sooner the better for me.

12.) 01 Feb 2022 13:57:03
I think as salah ages his role will change within the team anyway if he signs with us . Bellingham I would be a great addition but I can’t see us shelling out 100mill or what ever has been touted I’d expect him to stay at Dortmund another year and be summer 2023 he will be on the move.

13.) 01 Feb 2022 15:21:03
VVVV. Bellingham is young but he gets into our side. The guy is different gravy and future captain for me. Has the size, poise and ability to hack it with “the big boys”. well in my opinion anyways. He will only get better and has a mature head on his shoulders despite his age. As you’re aware Hendo is not getting any younger and he would be the perfect replacement. If there is a slither and I mean slither of hope of getting him this summer, you go all out.

14.) 01 Feb 2022 15:21:45
It’s one or the other isn’t it. If we sign Salah up on a new deal, there will be no Bellingham. If Salah is sold in the summer we will need a replacement that might be Bellingham.

15.) 01 Feb 2022 16:16:50
Why are they linked WarMachine?

16.) 01 Feb 2022 17:37:43
If you sell Salah you need to find 30 plus goals from somewhere. Not to Mention Salah’s assists. Signing Bellingham is not connected to Salah as they play totally different positions. I also think Rice going straight into our midfield now, Bellingham needs a little more time.

17.) 01 Feb 2022 20:03:22
money link - if we sign up Salah to a new contract I doubt we will have the funds for a massive signing which Bellingham would be. If we sell Salah and his wages then we might.

18.) 01 Feb 2022 21:10:06
How much do we guesstimate Bellingham's salary would be?
Combine that with Salah's if he signs, and that's a massive outlay on 2 players alone. Still, I think silly salaries are going to be unavoidable if FSG want to keep the club competing seriously for the top trophies. It comes with the territory nowadays.

19.) 01 Feb 2022 23:24:38
We'll have to get better "sponsorships" now won't we😉.

20.) 02 Feb 2022 00:47:18
I think we should wait 5 years before trying to sign Bellingham, then people could say we missed the opportunity to get him for a lot cheaper price in 2022.

21.) 02 Feb 2022 07:12:47
I can see Salah being our main striker if he stays. As above have said he is less reliant on his pace these days as he is not as rapid as he was when he first joined but his movement, positions and finishing our out of this world. That said Vardy is still very quick so why can’t Salah be the same? definitely try to keep him until end of career I would say.

22.) 02 Feb 2022 07:31:13
@Markp - we just saw a mini advert for what happens when Mo and Sadio move on in January - the goals didn’t stop. For me it’s more about creating opportunities to score. Controversial I know but I think we’d go ok without them.

I’d also say that Jota has his faults but he’d probably be our most natural finisher, having the best instinct for being in the right place at the right time.

23.) 02 Feb 2022 07:37:22
People talking about year 30 as if you die in a couple years time. If Salah is as advertised then it will be worth signing to him for 5 years even if he only gives you 3 years of peak. But it really comes down to what the club determine is value for their money over the duration. I would make the deal because I think Salah has the attitude and discipline to keep performing at a high level into his mid-30s. The best teams in the world all have guys in their 30s who are integral to their team.

24.) 02 Feb 2022 12:12:16
Tell me who, in 2/ 3 seasons time will have a better midfield 3 than Elliott, Jones and Bellingham, FSG need to get this done.

{Ed001's Note - Bellingham is a class player but he plays a similar role to Elliott and Jones. There would be no one there to protect the defence. I would still love us to get Bellingham, but I just would be worried about that as the midfield trio, much as I love all 3 players.}

25.) 02 Feb 2022 12:26:36
Tbh I think we should give Salah a new contract. Worst case scenario we offload him in a few years, similarly to what arsenal have done with Auba. Surely there would be a massive amount of clubs in the Middle East willing to sign him given his profile. Makes it a win win really. We get the best out of him for the next few years and can offload him if need to.

26.) 02 Feb 2022 14:34:47
Right Ed001 you can ONLY pick 2 from the 3 of Bellingham, Jones or Billy. So who are the 2?

{Ed001's Note - they are all different types of players mate, so you would want horses for courses. Bellingham would be a replacement for Henderson's role in the team.}

27.) 02 Feb 2022 14:43:49
Hi Ed001. Hasn't there been talk of Elliott as a potential false 9? So maybe we could have Morton, Jones, Bellingham, Carvalho, Elliott, Gordon lining up in 4-5 years. That would be pretty impressive if they all fulfil their potential!

Btw the fact that Ed002 hasn't (yet) said Liverpool won't be signing Bellingham fills me with enormous hope.

{Ed001's Note - that was seen as the position he would probably end up in long term before this season. He impressed so much in midfield I would say it would be better to leave him there though.}

28.) 02 Feb 2022 14:52:57
I love Bellingham but can’t see it happening if we sign this Carvalho kid. Let’s be honest, the owners won’t splash the money required and we need to prioritise a more defensive option in midfield to rotate with Fabinho who can also play the Hendo role as number 1 priority.

29.) 03 Feb 2022 09:48:43
FlashTheRed- a complete guess but I would imagine Bellingham would probably be middle of the pack with regards to wages, £100-150k a week. Henderson/ Milner/ Ox territory so his wages could just replace Milners if he retires or Ox if we get rid.
His transfer fee wouldn’t be as big of a hit with regards to FFP because of his age.

30.) 03 Feb 2022 12:57:48
Cobra, thanks for the intel and the subsequent comments. I personally hope that something can be sorted with Mo as I think he belongs in that rare group of players who could still be worth as much to the team at 35 as he was at 30.

I think he has the same approach (from the stories I have seen and his general personality) to fitness as Ronaldo (the 'newer' one not the original! ) . So I could definitely see him as a key first 11 member certainly 3-4 years hence if not 5 years hence.

An ideal summer for me would be to get Bellingham and keep Salah, fingers crossed it's possible.

31.) 03 Feb 2022 15:08:53
Zed- Yeah, i want us to extend Salahs contract but I can see why FSG are reluctant and the comparison with Ronaldo is a good one, however the stories you hear about Ronaldo is that he’s on another level of dedication to his body than any other player and to be fair his legs went to some extent quite a while ago and he was able to transform himself into a focal point/ almost target man, can Salah do the same? Hopefully so, I could see him as a central striker just obviously different to how Ronaldo plays.

32.) 03 Feb 2022 17:35:07
Good point about Ronaldo's legs, Cobra, but as you said Mo has still got that burst of pace, albeit he doesn't rely solely on it.

I have no idea about the negotiations but, say if Salah wanted a 5 year contract on £350k/ week, I don't see how a compromise couldn't be reached to offer than, but for years 4 and 5 have a base of say £200k/ week and then performance related after that.?

Probably too simplistic :-D.

33.) 04 Feb 2022 09:21:04
Mo’s on 200k a week now. He wants (reported) 400k

I’ve spoken to Carol Vorderman and she has said if Bobby and Milner were to leave that would save the club 320k a week.

Now Mo wants an extra 200 a week so if she takes the 200 away from the 320 it leaves the club with still 120 less than what they are currently paying now in wages.

She also said if we want a vowel that will be an extra 10k.

34.) 04 Feb 2022 13:12:40
Careful JK23, vowel movements at your age can be extremely unpleasant ;-)

35.) 04 Feb 2022 19:24:18
JK- All good until you need to replace Milner and Bobby.

36.) 05 Feb 2022 16:38:25
Diaz and Elliot are their replacements. Or even the young lad from Fulham we are after.

37.) 05 Feb 2022 16:39:01
Prefer to replace them two over replacing Salah mate.

38.) 06 Feb 2022 22:32:47
I hate the “who is going to replace Salah and score is 30 goals a season? ”. How do you know for sure that Salah is going to get 30 goals next season? Or that Jota isn’t? Or Diaz is not going to score 40 goals next season?
How many people thought Mo would score 30 goals on a season when we bought him?
I remember people thinking we were mad for paying £34m for him.



25 Aug 2021 15:55:18
Henderson has signed a new deal until 2024 apparently. Another bit of good news.


1.) 26 Aug 2021 05:13:20
Confirmed news? That's fantastic!



18 Sep 2020 15:13:42
Talk of Hoever going Wolves for £10m.


{Ed025's Note - sometimes you just have to suck these things up cobra.. :)

1.) 18 Sep 2020 15:32:29
Dreadful Ed!

{Ed025's Note - i dont think you should have any attachments to him LRG, although i think he would have made a decent sweeper mate.. :)

2.) 18 Sep 2020 15:35:33
Think that’s good business on our part.

3.) 18 Sep 2020 15:39:48
Hes nowhere near big and strong enough to play centre back and he's well down the pecking order at right back. Its much better for the lad to move on and build his career where he may have a chance.

4.) 18 Sep 2020 15:39:48
Boy, that came out of the blue. Michael Edwards is running the transfer market with his magic wand. With Neco and Sepp VDB, it is going to be limited for Ki-Jana who will need a year or two on loan. Sorry to see him leave but Michael Edward needs water to turn it to wine. Something has to go if we were to bring in Ismaila Sarr.

5.) 18 Sep 2020 15:48:37
Ed, I'd rather brush that joke under the carpet mate 😂.

6.) 18 Sep 2020 16:23:16
That sucks.

{Ed025's Note - yeah but hopefully his form will pick up now thunderbird.. :)

7.) 18 Sep 2020 18:01:15
Ed25 I think you should stop before this thread Dysonds into madness.

{Ed025's Note - nice one BP..



11 Nov 2019 16:19:17
Talk of Liverpool being in talks with Bournemouth for a deal for Ryan Fraser in January, would be a decent backup.


1.) 11 Nov 2019 16:43:01
Many Bournemouth fans feel he's gone a bit stale this season after playing well last (most assists in league I think) however this could be due to him running down his contract and clearly looking for a 'better' move.

2.) 11 Nov 2019 16:58:51
Can’t be any truth in us after Fraser Ed’s?

{Ed002's Note - It makes little sense to me if true. His contract runs out in the summer and there is interest from elsewhere so a move for him now, given that Bournemouth have so far not agreed a new deal, miight see some sort of deal including Harry Wilson. Whilst he has not performed as well as expected this season the capability is in there somewhere. Right now I am on the train heading for Heathrow so checking is not so easy.}

3.) 11 Nov 2019 17:19:18
No worries Ed mate appreciate your reply anyway keep us informed please.

4.) 11 Nov 2019 18:20:08
He’s better than Shaq and Wilson and is more fitting to Klopps style of play.

5.) 11 Nov 2019 21:14:44
Oh baby I hear the blues are calling.

6.) 12 Nov 2019 09:48:57
I thought we only sell to Bournemouth and buy from Southampton?

7.) 14 Nov 2019 15:41:18
Check the lads assist rate out it’s pretty impressive and maybe that’s what interests Klopp.



04 Jan 2019 14:30:41
The rumour seems to be Solanke going Brighton on a permanent deal, best for both parties imo.


1.) 04 Jan 2019 14:49:53
Ed2 if your around has the solanke fee been sorted? I mean have we settled his compensation fee.

{Ed002's Note - Yes it is all done.}




Cobra666's banter posts with other poster's replies to Cobra666's banter posts


01 Jul 2022 16:11:22
Salah has signed a new deal!




08 Jun 2022 20:01:43
To add to the surprise of Nunez it's looking like we are making a run at Jude Bellingham for this summer. Could be a huge summer for the club.


1.) 08 Jun 2022 20:27:08
Some bookies have us odds on to sign Nunez. Sky Bet have us as low 1/ 8.
Bellingham is very unlikely looking at the betting though.

2.) 08 Jun 2022 20:52:22
With Klopp’s contract extension, Carvalho, Ramsey and now Nunez looking likely. If we sign Bellingham, then what a transfer window that would be. Apparently we are trying to convince Dortmund to let Bellingham leave this summer instead of next. Whether they agree to that is a different matter.

3.) 08 Jun 2022 21:05:15
So we'll be spending close to £200 million in one window?
Does that not smell a bit fishy at all?
The mind boggles.

4.) 08 Jun 2022 21:08:14
I think you're all setting yourself up for a massive fall here.
I think it's a lot of money and we will have to put together some sort of payment plan that benfica are willing to accept.
This signing still seems far away for me.

5.) 08 Jun 2022 21:11:31
An old saying in football is "your only as good as ye last game", first time i have ever watched Bellingham last night, I was not impressed at all, is that the reason he went to a German club rather than the Prem.

6.) 08 Jun 2022 21:24:30
Bellingham is 19. 19 and he's a fantastic footballer. He'll definitely make it in in Premier league especially given age is on his side.
Any player also playing under Southgate I would never judge.

7.) 08 Jun 2022 22:06:47
I wonder if klopp has a kiddie from the youth to come in and cover for fabs. Would love to see that happen.



01 Feb 2022 07:53:33
It seems that everything was agreed but time ran out on the deal for Carvalho, really doesn't change much and the noises are that we can still agree the same deal that will go through in the summer but he will remain a Fulham player until then rather than it going through yesterday and being loaned back.
This will alleviate the risk to Liverpool of him potentially signing for a foreign club between now and the summer (or any club in the summer) and for Fulham it takes the risk away that he signs for a foreign club and they get a drastically reduced tribunal fee (250k? ) and also gets rid of the long delays before the tribunal fee would be set if we went down that route.


1.) 01 Feb 2022 09:08:08
OP, I thought so as well. The kid will be at LFC in the summer, IMO cos he is out of contract and clearly wants to come. Fulham are happy as well cos they prolly need him for a promotion push. Win-win, if you ask me.

{Ed077's Note - are you sure he "will be at Liverpool", Oli?

Before Mane signed for LFC, he went on a strike to try and force through a move to Man Utd. 12 months later he signed for their bitter rivals, LFC.

My point is things can change with time (and emergence of new/other opportunities.)

2.) 01 Feb 2022 09:19:35
I don't think that's the case. The player cannot sign a contract with Liverpool until the summer and whilst there could well be an 'agreement', there is nothing stopping a foreign club making him a contract offer now. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what the clubs agree, the ball is in the players court, and he can easily be persuaded I'm sure.

3.) 01 Feb 2022 10:16:51
This is what happens when you leave things to the last minute.

4.) 01 Feb 2022 10:42:54
Stuie_boy we can still agree a deal with Fulham and sign him via the conventional route. To my knowledge we could sign him today and he would become a Liverpool player when the window opens the same as any other player.
We cannot however deal directly with him/ his agent and sign a pre contract agreement with a fee to be set at a tribunal.

{Ed002's Note - Correct.}

5.) 01 Feb 2022 09:59:30
Thing is though ed077, United had moved on from Mane when he was available so we had a clear run, I think we’re not going to be dropping our interest in Carvalho. He wants to join us and if we retain our interest and make the offer again he’ll join us.

{Ed077's Note - I'm just saying things can change with time. For all I know, they may announce his signature today only...

6.) 01 Feb 2022 11:37:57
Hi eds. In response to cobras post, so we could buy him now and make sure we have him next season. So if we offered 10mill again. Done deal?

{Ed002's Note - Why would Liverpool pay £10M for an out of contract player?}

7.) 01 Feb 2022 11:16:11
ED77: that’s why getting it wrapped up asap would be good for everyone, for me nothing changes from yesterday to today other than he’s a Fulham player until the summer rather than a Liverpool player on loan at Fulham until the summer.

8.) 01 Feb 2022 12:34:17
Ed2: did we not have to pay just shy of £5m for Elliot with a sell on clause to be paid to Fulham if we sell him on, not 100% sure how the tribunal works but Carvalho has played more first team games and been more successful (not sure how much being younger/ older will affect the price? ) so the tribunal fee could be close to £10m?

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool were ordered to pay Fulham:
£1,200.000 Transfer Fee
£300,000 on signing a Professional Contract
£200,000 on contract renewal
£x after x first team games
£x after x first team games
£x after x first team games
£x on call up to senior England squad
The number of games to be played for payments to be made is likely to be 25, 50 and 100 based on passed experience. The total potentially payable is capped at £4.3M. To date £1.5M has been paid.
Fulham will gain 20% of any profit as a sell-on clause.}


10.) 01 Feb 2022 12:33:58
ED77, I agree with you that things can definitely change. I just think this deal has been postponed till the summer based on what we already know. Obviously, I could be wrong. We shall see.

{Ed077's Note - Transfers are never done until they are completed. Just think of the transfers of players like John Obi Mikel and Willian to Chelsea for examples.

But yeah he almost joined Liverpool last night but for the deadline. But then again the deadline was known to all for months...

11.) 01 Feb 2022 13:40:59
Cobra, that's a good point but my original point still is still valid if I am understanding correctly. Whilst we can agree with Fulham, that means nothing if we can't deal with the player and whilst things are good now, 6 months is a long time for a foreign club to come in and offer him the world.

12.) 01 Feb 2022 12:49:00
Ed well why agree that fee yesterday then and still loan him back. How much roughly would you say the compensation would be?

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea what fee the tribunal would agree. Liverpool can do something if they want but will need to agree with the other parties.}

13.) 01 Feb 2022 13:28:21
purely hypothetical question. Since FSG does not own any other football team, it will have to be Watford / Udinese. Does Udinese have the opportunity to sign Carvalho and then loan him to Watford to avoid tribunal fees?

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea what you are talking about. What has Watford got to do with it?}

14.) 01 Feb 2022 13:43:03
Ed2 thanks for the insight.

15.) 01 Feb 2022 14:44:51
C0ffan - Yes. Tottenham was accused of doing something similar (except Standard Liege weren't directly associated with Spurs I don't think) with Zeki Fryers. Ferguson accused Spurs of manipulation.

16.) 01 Feb 2022 17:35:34
Stuie- we could speak to and buy Carvalho with permission from Fulham we are just unable to sign him to a pre contract agreement to sign after his contract runs out.
It would be uncoventional but if we were willing to sign and loan him back yesterday then what would the difference be?

17.) 01 Feb 2022 18:42:56
Doesn't Watford and Udinese have the same owners?

{Ed002's Note - The relevance of which is what? I don't understand what Watford or Udinese have to do with this.}

18.) 01 Feb 2022 20:38:51
I think there is a difference though, the player now knows the deal didn't go through he has no loyalty to Liverpool. I'm sure he would ha e loved to have signed yesterday and I really do hope we get him, whilst my knowledge of him is very limited, he's tipped to do very well. However, I do now think he could well hold off whilst he waits to see what else comes to the table. Just trying to show another side to it, he could well be ready to join up in the summer!



31 May 2021 20:36:54
It seems the rumours for Daka are gathering pace, would be pretty happy with that signing.


1.) 31 May 2021 21:05:41
Just rumours it seems Cobra, nothing new here as Ed’s has explained mate.

2.) 31 May 2021 22:08:36
We need to start selling.

3.) 31 May 2021 23:05:56
We cannot afford Konate, Raphina and Daka in one window, not unless either Salah or Mane going.

4.) 01 Jun 2021 06:17:09
Im sure we could if we really wanted to. always somehow manage to pull a rabbit out the hat. As much knowledge as the eds have there is always a surprise that people didn't know about, including the eds!

5.) 01 Jun 2021 08:03:23
This time last season we were saying we couldn’t afford Thiago and that deal wouldn’t happen. Then Thiago arrived with a 40 mill Jota (regardless how you pay 40 mill is still 40 mill) . That’s the beauty of the game no one knows what will happen 100% of the time.

6.) 01 Jun 2021 09:06:13
Just rumors for now, IMO. We shall see.



21 Apr 2021 07:29:14
Are their many people around with billions to spend on a football club that won't want to maximise its earning power in a similar way to what FSG have just tried to do? Would this not put off potential owners?
I believe the Glazers and Utd is still the record football club purchase and Fenway and Liverpool also in the top 3 at was it roughly $300m? and the report came out last week valuing us at $4.1bn?
I worry we are going to end in with a situation like the Glazers at Utd and they just start bleeding the club dry financially and get more and more loans out against the club and also scale back squad and infrastructure investment. Or do you think there is a chance they'll just take a good profit and run?


1.) 21 Apr 2021 08:52:20
OP, I don't think that will happen. The Glazers have NO credit in the bank judging by some Utd fans I check up on via SM and compared to FSG, I think FSG had some, not a lot. Now with the ESL fiasco, whatever credit they had is near gone now and that is of their own doing.

How do they pick up the pieces? I have no idea but I don't think they are going to be bleeding money out of the club cos they would have done that already during the C.V.. They haven't and this is not the time for them to even think of doing that anytime soon.

{Ed077's Note - the Glazers have never had any credit in the bank with the Man Utd supporters right from get go. The only credit in the bank they have is the literal credit/debt they put 5he club under when acquiring MUFC.




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20 Jul 2022 19:55:25
Romano seems to just confirm signings that are pretty common knowledge.




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01 Jul 2022 15:54:43
Imo £15m is ridiculous but that’s what is being rumoured and it seems like there is a fair bit of interest so hopefully we can get close to that.




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01 Jul 2022 15:53:01
From what I saw of him at Preston he was worth a go ahead of Williams but obviously Klopp didn’t think so. Imo he would be a great signing for someone for a few mil.




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20 Jun 2022 19:11:07
Saka to replace Salah in 12 months time would be brilliant, the lads already a good player and he’s only 20, skys the limit for the lad imo.
Unfortunately I think it’s highly doubtful.




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16 Jun 2022 20:56:14
Naby has all the tools to be a top quality player but he lacks consistency, not just from game to game but during games. He also lacks the defensive attitude to spot danger before it happens (or just lazy in that aspect of his game) and his injury record has been awful at the club. If he was 21 coming off the back of his first season at the club I would be confident he could improve and fulfil his potential but he’s 27 and has played under Klopp for 4 years so I don’t hold out much hope unfortunately.





Cobra666's banter replies


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14 Mar 2022 08:37:31
His best season statistically was his first season with us so some might say he’s gone backwards at the club? haha.
I personally think he’s a better player now then he was when we first got him and I really hope he stays but I can see both sides of the coin with this one, he’s certainly in todays market worth £4-500k a week but that would be double our next highest earner and also giving a 30 year old a 5 year contract on huge wages is risky business no matter how good the player is.




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28 Feb 2022 10:53:56
WDW- I and friends spotted what seemed like negative body language from Mane during the celebrations, it was quite obvious. He also stepped aside when the main celebration and photos on the pitch took place. I have put this down to alcohol being sprayed but I thought they announced recently it would be non alcoholic drink in the bottles going forward?




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23 Feb 2022 15:46:07
Liveonsat is the site that shows what games are being played on what channels across the world.




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09 Feb 2022 15:45:56
Ed0666- I don’t think so, his contract runs out next year so there is a strong risk he leaves for free, but what do people think we can realistically get for him? £20m maybe? On his reported wage of approx £6m p/ a I don’t think it’s worth giving him a new contract with a view to selling him, he will know the score so doubt he will take a pay cut and imagine he will be quite happy to take a big payday at a desperate team next summer.


{Ed0666's Note - I’m sure this is one contract FSG would gladly run down 😂



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09 Feb 2022 06:28:00
Keita is a poor man’s Pogba which says it all, he will always drag some fans in as he clearly has the ability but he doesn’t have the aptitude to be consistent in a game let alone over a longer period of time, also massively injury prone.
I imagine the club are looking to get rid but will struggle to shift his wages, wouldn’t surprise me if he runs his contract down and leaves on a free.


{Ed0666's Note - do you think the club might offer him a contract to protect value?