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24 Jun 2017 10:37:03
This constant abuse of the statistic that Liverpool haven't ever struggled for goals under Klopp at times because they are X top scorers, is really getting ridiculous.

Klopp has managed us for 99 competitive games, and we have failed to score in 18 of those matches. Why is it acceptable to fail to break down the opposition every 1 in 5 games?

On top of that there have been another 30 games most of which were draws or losses where we only scored 1 goal.

So on top of 18 games where we failed, there are also 30 games where we struggled. In other words, in nearly half of our games under Klopp we have struggled to score.

We are one of the top scorers under Klopp because we have scored 4 or more goals on 16 occasions which accounts for 64 goals scored out of the 186 scored under Klopp. So over a third of the goals scored have come in less than a fifth of the games played. The problem there is that you don't need to win by a 3 or 4 goal margin so most of those goals are pretty worthless with regards to the point total.

There are too many times under Klopp where we cannot break down the opposition and that is papered over by the fact that if we get an early goal and the opposition try and fight back, we take them to pieces.

I am not saying we need an out and out striker in every game, but playing a false 9 against a bottom 8 team is a little bit conservative. I really hope the signing of Salah helps breaking teams down because like Mane he is a good poacher around the back post and picks up a lot of goals. As well as that Sturridge finally looks to be fit and will hopefully find some form. Who knows how good Solanke could be.

We may or may not need to sign a striker because we could potentially solve the issue with players now at the club, but denying there is an issue? That is part of the problem. 48 out of 99 games scoring 1 goal or less is not what title winners do. You will never completely eradicate conceding goals. We do definitely concede too many but there are just as many times where we don't score enough.

{Ed001's Note - sorry but you are abusing the stats as you have not looked at any of the others to make a comparison. How many teams score every game? How often do they score more than 1 goal? Etc etc. You have just posted up meaningless stats again.

We finished 4th, with a defence that fell to pieces on a regular occasions, not just costing us wins, but leading to draws and meaning we had to score 4 or more goals to get the win. You seem to have forgotten how often those games that we scored 3 or more in we conceded goals too.

Anyone with eyes can see the big problem is the defending, fix that and it changes everything, as teams can no longer just sit back expecting us to give up easy chances.}

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24 Jun 2017 10:49:18
Stats for prats (or possibly the other word beginning with a 't')

24 Jun 2017 11:00:05
Why don't you sit out the front of the club with your klopp out banner. Your a non believer.

24 Jun 2017 11:03:17
There are lies, damned lies and statistics.

24 Jun 2017 11:09:12
Exactly Ed001, it been the same for the past 4 years, even with Suarez and Studge we failed to win the league. Defense, defense, defense please Jurgen.

24 Jun 2017 11:11:15
We have a striker and that is Firmino. That's that. He is an unorthodox striker, but there is a chance that he would improve even further this year.
To be honest, I hate him in the wing position, I think he doesn't have the right skillset and becomes highly ineffective in that position. For me he has to be either a central striker or a secondary one, he excels when he has bodies around him.
If we fulfil the fans' wish and push for a "proper" striker, what would that mean for him? He is not a player for the bench.
I would rather stick with him and hope he makes the next step, he has it in him to be a 15-20 goal player, while making OTHERS to be equally prolific.

24 Jun 2017 11:36:18
Why not strive for a lethal, dynamic, exciting attack AND a very solid, Chelsea-like defence? Makes weekends a lot easier!

24 Jun 2017 11:53:37
The team is unbalanced. Great going forward, poor at the back. Anyone who disagrees has a rather strange view in my opinion.

24 Jun 2017 12:39:46
Hasnt James Milner never lost a game which he has scored in? Why not put him up front, so when he scores, we won't lose?

24 Jun 2017 12:39:49
MK, your post is laughable, containing a lot of half truths and statistical spin that has been royally debunked by the Ed and others. We failed to score in 18 games out of 99. Did you check the lineups in those games? Did you know if in many of these games where we had enough chances to score and the strikers fluffed their lines? I can keep going hence, your points are severely hollow.

And like Ed said, what team scores every game? So to you if we buy "insert striker name here", we will no longer struggle to score nor struggle to break teams down? Come on, man. Your posts are one of my favs to read on this forum but this one, is a nothing burger, I'm afraid.

We need to sort out our defence as that is where we are failing to fully take advantage of our goal-scoring ability to get more points and our useless stat of 18 points lost from from winning positions, should be what should bother you more than the baseless "we need a natural goalscorer" rhetoric many on here have been peddling with no real facts to support that claim.

24 Jun 2017 13:42:21
MK statistics prove nothing. 61% of all people know this.

24 Jun 2017 13:57:27
Statistics are only useful for reinforcing biases. Choose any argument and you can find statistics to back it up.
It is statistically possible to be the leagues top scorers and get relegated.

24 Jun 2017 14:23:39
get two new full backs, and we will have a 20 per cent better chance of winning the premiership .

24 Jun 2017 15:30:53
Have to go against the grain on this.
Regardless of other teams and how often they score, we have still struggled for goals at times.
8 goals in 3 games isn't much good if you stick 7 past an opponent and score 1 in the next two games but as long as the stats say 8 in 3 that's ok?
Why are people acting like buying a striker means we can't sort the defence out too? This is madness, we don't seem to be in a terrible financial state so why on earth can we not look to a striker and some defenders?
I felt there were parts of the season where Firmino wasn't an effective CF. excellent work rate, brilliant skills at times but he doesn't always carry the goal threat he should.

24 Jun 2017 17:08:47
Sod the defence. Just outscore everyone! Mo, Sadio and Bobby, Phil and Danny will be all over them all like a rash.

24 Jun 2017 19:54:35
Welsh, then work on improving Firmino's output in front of goal as I too, agree that he could do better with his touch and composure in front of goal cos what he offers, NO other CF bar maybe Suarez and Gab Jesus, can offer in terms of work rate, relentless pressing, guile, movement and ability to set his team mates up to score, all the things Klopp requires of his CF's. Klopp will not change his CF requirements just to placate those like yourself, calling for a top striker. That is a fact and people need to get over it and for some, get over themselves. It's not like we are starving for goals. Where we are starving is the silly goals we concede and the amount of points we have dropped from winning positions under Klopp (18 dropped last season) . That is where improvement is needed hence 2 FB's and a change in our defensive mentality should be worked on in preseason.

25 Jun 2017 03:19:08
Klopp plays attacking football with a style that does sometimes leave you more exposed at the back and susceptible to counter attacks.

Thar been said some od our defending was pathetic and has to be upgraded.

But I much prefer our style compared with the special one and his busses.



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