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21 Sep 2017 20:23:01
You'll never walk alone is it?
A few poor results and people calling for Klopp to be sacked, incredible. Incredibly stupid if you ask me.

You all whined like babies in the summer when Coutinho wanted out as he felt he was too big for our club.
You all moaned and complained.
Now the very same people feel our club has outgrown the manager or he's unable to take us further or he's not as good as you thought.
Have you had a listen to yourselves before you type this bs?

You want silverware?
Oh wake up, it's not a magic trick.
We're lucky to be in the Champions league. That was a magic trick to get us there.

We have no God given right to win a cup or league, NONE.
We're not the leading club anymore, we're barely hanging onto being the 5th or 6th biggest club.
We haven't won a league in 27 plus years.
To explain that, Lovren was a baby when it last happened.

We might never win the league again who knows?! No club can guarantee anything anymore.
If you want a better chance of your club winning a title, start following Juventus or Bayern Munich.

So let's say Klopp is sacked, who comes in?
Stevie G?
You want to tarnish that legendary player's career too?
How long will you give him?

Kenny got us to 2 finals and was sacked.
Sure we finished well down the table but never in all my years have I seen us hit the post in one season.
Nor have I seen any other team do it either. What a way for him to sign off, sacked after one season.

Now we have Klopp, who make no mistake is world class and you want him gone too 5 league games in?!
Well you can walk alone folks because you are nothing short of a disgrace and a fraudster posing as a Liverpool "fan".

I expect it from other clubs about their managers, even from other club's supporters about our manager but not from our own trying to get our own sacked.

Well you can walk alone lads, walk on with spite in your hearts and find another club to "support", hang your heads!

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21 Sep 2017 20:35:39
Completely agree mate. The same fans will be wee thing in a few years when Klopp goes to Bayern Munich 🙄.

21 Sep 2017 20:42:03
Klopp is that much world class in 3 seasons he still cannot organise defenders. A pathetic post from someone settling for mediocrity. You are the prime example of a Liverpool supporter with no ambition whatsoever.

21 Sep 2017 20:43:41
Been away for a couple of weeks lads, much been happening? 🤔🤔🤔.

{Ed025's Note - not really sandon, klopp still getting pelters, the B team is not very good and your not winning the league...same old same old mate..

21 Sep 2017 21:06:11
Constructive criticism at its very best 😎.

21 Sep 2017 21:06:58
. and Everton in the bottom three.

{Ed025's Note - nice one tommy..

21 Sep 2017 21:07:33
The one the op is damn right what he is saying u need to give your head a shake before flapping your gums just to here your own voice.
You talk about no ambition is ambition sacking klopp for fat sam?
We are in it for the long run without sugardaddys, a young team that if al goes well will hopfully be together and win things together for a decade not just a quick fix for a cpl of seasons.
In true posters like you make me sick to my back teeth!

21 Sep 2017 21:08:50
isn't irish kev 1 entitled to his opinion that's what its all about different opinions so if klopp can't organise a defence why don't we just dump him and get PULIS in god that would be exciting.

21 Sep 2017 21:12:03
Yes MK at this rate he could well be hauling a big empty trophy cabinet with him, on the bottom of it "property of LFC".

Seriously tho. He needs to win a trophy this season or he will have the same record as Rodgers before he got the bullet. How would that make him any better? It doesnt!

Surely the roll of a manager is to assemble a team to win games and trophies and not just talk a good game?

For me, i just see people happy to make excuse after excuse but an empty trophy cabinet says it all for me.

Anyway, im bored now. We shall see at the end of the season, hopefully im wrong and i will be ecstatic if i am but i don't think i will be, sadly.

21 Sep 2017 21:17:41
The Irish

My humble suggestion is to put a tag line at the top ". Constructive Criticism" and everything will be fine!

21 Sep 2017 21:38:16
I think everybody wanted the defence sorting out.
We wanted the club to fix the leaking goals issue of last year.
But now we haven't sorted a damn thing, fans are getting a little bit annoyed with the de ja vu.
Like I said a few weeks ago, It's going to be the old battle for 4th place finish as per, no trophies though sadly, not with this squad.

21 Sep 2017 22:31:10
Ironic that your name is the one.
Are you sure it's the one?
When did Klopp come to LFC?
I'll answer it for you because you have an issue with numbers, October 2015.
That makes it less than 2 years still.
So change your name man and while you're at it, change your club I'd suggest.

21 Sep 2017 22:35:34
Why are you comparing Klopp and Rodgers?
Why not compare him to Woy while you're at it?
Do you seriously think we'll win a league title or more in the next decade?
Your expectations are crazy if so.
Fabio Capello could take us over in his prime and he would struggle with us and your expectations.

21 Sep 2017 22:39:10
Fowler9, Fans are getting annoyed, I understand that but calling for the chop is just ridiculous.
I'd take 4th place every year for the next 5 years if offered to me right now.
Maybe I'm not ambitious enough or maybe I'm realistic, the latter I would suggest.

21 Sep 2017 22:41:02
Yes redsteve lol. Let's get Pulis, Shawcross and Huth while we're at it mate.

21 Sep 2017 22:41:56
Nice one here's Jonny. Well said mate.

21 Sep 2017 22:50:24
Exactly MK.
They don't deserve the term "fans".
Need to come up with a new term for them.
I'll tell you one thing right now in all seriousness and all jokes aside.
Shanks would be turning in his grave God rest him if he knew the way these "fans" turned out 40 plus years after his time with us.
He made it what it was, these idiots are trying to strip it's soul away.
They don't own the club thankfully, but they think they do.
They'd run it into the ground given half a chance.
They don't understand true support, you'd think we were in the relegation zone .
Five games in, FIVE!
The fan base has been going this way for years, down hill.
These days I'm nearly ashamed to be a Liverpool supporter due to their behaviours.
Idiotic fools.

21 Sep 2017 22:56:02
Can I just ask what makes Klopp "world class"?

21 Sep 2017 23:16:20
Spot on, OIrish and MK. TheOne, enough of that stuff about people putting in well-thought out posts meaning that they are settling for mediocrity, just cos you disagree with them. That whole stuff is played out and stale cos you are no bigger fan than any of us here and don't think that OIrish, MK, myself and many others on here are not frustrated about the issues we have.

What we don't do is come on here and whine about it, slate the manager, call for his head as that is not productive. News Flash: We have been mediocre for over 2 decades in the PL and that is a fact. Or did we just become mediocre when Klopp arrived? We were on the cusp a few times of getting it done BUT we did not and did not kick on the season after. Klopp is trying to fix that and we can agree that he has stood in his own way at times and that is all on him. For me, he has taken us forward from where he found us and that much is clear. Can we do better? Yes. Is he trying his best to get the right players in? Yes and Ed01 has provided info of that. Now you can either choose to believe that and see the positives overall and hope for the best or keep wallowing in your "holier than thou or I have a right to moan" space. That is your choice BUT spare us the "you are rooting for mediocrity crap just cos someone uses some perspective in their post to describe the big picture. By the way, nothing is ever won or lost after 5 measly games in the PL. NOTHING! With that attitude, Poch should be out of a job by now as he can't win a game at home this season or ZZ should be off at RM as they are even worse than us in la Liga right now.

21 Sep 2017 23:26:13
Irish, I disagree. What did BR win while he was here for 3 years? Not even a cup cake. So why is Klopp suddenly a failure cos he did not win a trophy last season (as this season is NOT over)? People not ready to throw the baby out with the bath water after 5 measly games, does not mean they are making excuses for the manager as that is patently false. You may choose to do that and that is your right BUT stop calling other people what they are not just cos they disagree with you.

Ed01 gives us the info as to why Klopp does what he does and makes the choices he makes. Some are logical (agree or not) and others are just mistakes like the tapping up and the GK mess. If it was that easy to build a team, how come City and Utd who have spent over 400m in the last two seasons on players, haven't won the PL? Bottom line is no one knows the future and what Klopp will win or not win so the projecting of opinions as facts should stop. You are entitled to your opinion BUT not entitled to your own facts.

21 Sep 2017 23:27:03
This is one of the best posts I have read on here, well said.

22 Sep 2017 00:16:21
Sacking the manager will achieve nothing. Since there are no quality replacements available and it would compound the situation. That isn’t to say that we aren’t in crisis, because we are, we are shipping goals left right and centre, we’re soft in midfield and centre defence and there’s no answer to that on the horizon. It is hard to see where our next win is going to come from given our current form and Leicester, who saw us off easily in mid week are our next opponents. It’s not getting better any time soon.

22 Sep 2017 00:44:04
i agree 100% with the OP. These village idiots need to do one and find another club to 'support'. We are a work in progress and a damn exciting one.
We will have some bumps in the road but let's get behind the club and manager and at least try to push this team to its potential.
Have non of you realised that your petty bitching and moaning it's actually contributing to the problem? The players are petrified to make a mistake for fear of being hammered by these imbeciles which in turn leads to mistakes. Nobody is settling for mediocrity more than 'the one' as he's quite happy to knock down his own team because is his tiny mind he thinks he has all the answers. Absolute joke.
The players should feel invincible when they walk out at Anfield but instead they look nervous and apprehensive and that is down to brainless cretins that spend way too much time on football manager and think they can 'organise a defence' better than a man that's won 2 Bundesliga titles and whose Dortmund team was once considered the best side in Europe at a tiny fraction of the cost of most of his peers.
Klopp is a top, top manager. He didn't get his defensive targets this summer so we were always going to have a problem but it's down to recruitment not management and he's not willing to spend money on players that don't fit the mould. Bang on in my view.
One more point I'm sorry to go on but I'm getting wound up by these bottom feeders.
When Klopp arrived he went to great lengths to try to get the crowd onside. He thanked the fans for their support in the West Brom draw (and got ridiculed for all the wrong reasons) he even had a go at the fans when they were being negative on the side of the pitch and in his press conferences and it seemed we'd turned a corner. Now though I fear we have gone back to our old ways and like Klopp I think it is completely counter productive. But hey you keep on bitching and hammering the players every time we concede a goal or don't win a game because you know best.
Oh and 'The One' Klopp has been manager for 2 years with only 1 full season under his belt. Adding years to back up your feeble argument just shows you up to be a clueless troll.

22 Sep 2017 01:02:01
Let's all calm down. we actually have a team playing fairly well - creating this many chances doesn't come from no-where - but everyone knows, including Klopp, we need to fix the defense. I get frustrated too at the shambles at the back but the reality is the last 4 games have been annoying but hardly a disaster, and we need to see how the team is performing over time - not just a knee jerk reaction to a few sloppy goals.

If we manage to get top four this season it'll be the first time in a long time successive campaigns in a very very tough league, and then hopefully Gomez and TAA a year older, a couple of major signings in defence, and Keita coming in and we'll be stronger still.

Thats a lot more likely to lead to success than yet another change in manager and a roll of the dice with a new system, and a couple more years in transition!

22 Sep 2017 01:31:40
For all do the talk of people wanting klopps head I've not actually see manynif any, just people moaning about people calling for klopps head 🤔.

22 Sep 2017 07:05:07
Thanks Bingo and well said fella!

Thanks for your positive post Corleone.

Great post Ings n things - another extremely sensible post from you, love it.

SGRed, mate, I think you need to only look around.
The media is stirring it, the critics/ experts/ sharks are 100% circling.
Been a fan for a long, long time (a span of 5 different decades) - that doesn't make me a more knowledgeable or better fan, but I have learned to understand how to read between the lines as to what's underlying.
If we lose to United at home, wait for the boos.
It's so predictable it's insane.
Next you'll have boos when we dare to only draw a match or two, god forbid we lose a match.
Social Media whiners will be out in force as well as these critics/ experts/ sharks will circle even more aggressively.
They have to make a name for themselves don't you know, they have to sell papers, click bait Youtube experts need views etc. etc.
They get hungrier by the minute.
Rival fans chime in too posing as Liverpool fans, don't be so naive to think that doesn't happen, it does.
The list goes on.
Media frenzy and the man who can get big names for us is sacked, in comes Mark Hughes and we slip away into total obscurity with the Barcelona cast off players he brings in.
Sounds great eh?
I'll give that last part a skip.
And before you say "you're only guessing the future", take a look above at some of the posts about how Klopp won't win this or that or we won't finish in the top 4 - this is from other posters who are clairvoyant, please have a go at them for their future assessments/ predictions if you have a go at me.

Stand-United, nothing personal mate, but I don't need to justify Klopp to you or anyone, read Ings n things' post if you want to know.
Still don't think that?
No problem, but know he's our highest rated manager in a long time so that'll do me - he has actually proven himself and won trophies.
Klopp won trophies in more than one season, so for how many years did he use another man's squad when he helped to turn Dortmund into a top side?
(By the way, he has always shared in his successes with Buvac his assistant, whom he calls "the brain", so is he also to be written off now too? )
Rafa won with Houllier's squad in 2005 and 2006 then?

JohnBarnesleftpeg - are you living under a rock currently mate? Lol!
Do you read the posts on here/ elsewhere or just comment blindly like some of the other posters mate?

Mr. Dennis - thanks again for your positivity mate.
Remind me again to not seek your assurances if nuclear war comes to town - just keep on keeping on I guess :)

22 Sep 2017 08:00:52
Just telling it as it is. We’ve massive problems and we’ve not got the quality in vital areas of the pitch, none of our centre backs appear to be able to step up for various reasons and only Gomes escapes any real criticism because of his age and the fact he’s still coming back from major injuries, as for our soft underbelly in midfield, it just leaves our weak defence over exposed at the best of times. Tel me Kev? After the last few performances can you see anything being different against Leicester on Saturday, because with largely the same personel in defence and midfield I can’t.

22 Sep 2017 08:30:50
Ingsy, you beauty. That was awesome. It's high time someone gave these bottom feeders the business, big time.

OlIrish, I love your post as well as you have read the situation perfectly from a fan and media stand point.

SGRED, The media, trolls and fake fans are circling and trying to get Klopp sacked by putting pressure on him. Had this been Pep or Mou, would this be happening? NO. Poch at Spurs can't win a game at home in the PL BUT you don't see the media vultures circling do you? Same with Wenger. They spent a whole season protecting him where as his team have been dire for the last 6 months to 2 years. See how that works? The media hate Klopp and want him gone as they see him as a threat if ever he figured it out and makes us a force again so he has to be knee-capped before he gets going. See the Karius witch hunt if you don't believe me.

22 Sep 2017 08:50:15
Simply put Mr. Dennis - you're more than entitled to your opinion mate and I respect all opinions as long as they're not drama queen efforts.
Yes I believe we'll definitely get a result on Saturday.
I'd be supremely confident of a win if Mane was playing, but I still think we have enough to pull something out of the bag. We need our luck to turn at some point and it might well be tomorrow.
Eventually the defensive players will click, I obviously have no idea when but they can only improve can't they?!
When that happens, much like the end of last season, we'll see victories flowing again.
We need stability in defence and we need stability in the management.
If by the end of next season (2018/ 19) we have seen no improvement or at least 4th place again, Klopp will then probably leave. Not before then unless somebody, somewhere hits the panic button - I hope and pray genuinely that this doesn't happen. We need him more than he needs us, believe me on that.
He's a superstar in Germany, he could go back and have a multitude of offers from top to bottom. I know this because my brother lives there and I visit the place when I can.
It's impossible to compare it to somebody in the UK because you have nobody like him there.
Can't even remember the last English manager to win the PL off the top of my head and Klopp did it twice in the Bundesliga with Dortmund.



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